Best Travel Trailers with King Beds

Want to get the highest luxury and comfort level while camping? You surely need a travel trailer with a king bed.

The only and the biggest reason why you plan a camping or road adventure trip with your family or friends is to have extreme fun and some memorable moments that stay with you forever.

However, having fun with your loved ones all day while camping requires you to have a good, peaceful sleep at night to keep yourself fresh and your mind clear. While you are at home, you have everything that comforts you, and one most important place in your bedroom that is equipped with a king-size bed where you can relax after a long busy day.

But while outdoors and camping, it is also important to have a travel trailer that should be equipped with everything that you are going to need on the way to keep yourself comfortable, so that you can enjoy those special moments to the fullest rather worrying about the stuff that you need, but you don’t have it with you.

To enjoy your outdoor time and have fun with close ones, having good sleep is important at night. And to sleep peacefully and comfortably, you will need a high-quality travel trailer with a king bed. If you have such a travel trailer, it is the highest luxury that you can have while away from your home.

Best Travel Trailer with King Bed

If you are looking for the Best Travel Trailer with a King Bed, here is the list that will make your trip memorable and more fun while offering you all the comfort that you can have while at home.

Here are the best travel trailers with king beds, 

  1. Keystone RV Cougar Half-Ton Series 29BHS
  2. Winnebago Voyage
  3. Jayco White Hawk
  4. Keystone Outback 313 RL
  5. Heartland North Trail 33RETS
Keystone Cougar 29BHSKeystone RV Cougar Half-Ton Series 29BHS
Winnebago VoyageWinnebago Voyage
Jayco White Hawk ReviewJayco White Hawk
Keystone OutbackKeystone Outback 313 RL
Heartland North TrailThe Heartland North Trail 33RETS

Best Travel Trailer with King Bed

1. Keystone RV Cougar Half-Ton Series 29BHS

Keystone Cougar 29BHS

Earlier, I have mentioned various products manufactured by none other than Keystone, which is a well-established and well-known brand in the RV market. People who want to have a comfort level like their home while traveling, there is nothing better than having a Keystone travel trailer with you.

Another extremely luxurious product of Keystone is Cougar Half-Ton Series 29BHS that is a king bed camper and a great option for families who love outdoors, traveling, road adventures, and camping since it is exclusively manufactured for those who travel with their large families or a large group of buddies.

People who travel with kids should consider Keystone Cougar 29BHS while looking for a luxurious travel trailer that is not only spacious but also has a master suite equipped with a king-size bed to have more privacy and some extra space for their kids.

Another thing that makes Keystone one of the best RV brands is they known that families want to spend money on the campers that offer durability and won’t rapidly depreciate. The biggest reason for this is people think about downsizing or reselling it after their kids are grown.

That is exactly what Keystone Cougar 29BHS offers. It is built with Keystone’s Tru-Fit slides, while also equipped with extremely durable RoadArmor suspension. It means no matter if you are new to RVs, you can tow them with ease even when you are traveling off roads and rough terrains.

It is equipped with all the amenities that a family wants to see in their second home that they can carry with them wherever they want while traveling. It is also a great option for large families since it has bunk sleeping spaces with double mattresses. To accommodate more passengers, it also has a tri-fold couch that you can use as an extra bed. All in all, it is a great travel trailer with a king bed that you can have.

Keystone Cougar 29BHS Specifications

  • Length: 34.08 ft.
  • Height: 11.33 ft.
  • Width: 8ft.
  • Dry weight: 7,008 lbs.
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rate: 8,800 lbs.
  • Hitch weight: 810 lbs.
  • Freshwater: 60 Gallons
  • Gray water: 60 Gallons
  • Blackwater: 30 Gallons
  • Body: Aluminum
  • Sidewalls: Fiberglass
  • A great deal for extra-large families or groups of friends.
  • Equipped with everything to comfort you while you are away from your home, including a spacious kitchen area, toilet, master suite with king-size bed, a mid-size refrigerator, and more.
  • Drive it on rough terrains or off roads without shortening of its life because of its durability.
  • Accommodate extra passengers with ease with a tri-folding sofa that can be transformed into a bunk bed along with other bunk sleeping spaces.
  • The only thing that might stop you from owning it is its hefty price tag. It can be the only reason that might force you to look for other options.

2. Winnebago Voyage

Winnebago Voyage

Another trustworthy brand that has manufactured some of the best travel trailers is Winnebago Voyage. It has been around for quite some time and loved by the majority of camper owners because of its amazing products. To make things more unique, the 2020 Voyage series travel trailer with a king bed is another outstanding RV that is a great deal while purchasing a luxury travel trailer.

You will have various wonderful features and options that are a perfect fit for you. I highly recommend it for long-term travelers who are traveling with their families. Having a Voyage RV with you on the road will give you a feel like you are carrying your home with you.

The features that make it a great pick for those who are planning to take extended trips while having all the comforts include a full-size refrigerator, master suite with a king-size bed for more privacy and peaceful sleep if you are traveling with kids, washer and dryer hookups, and more.

It comes with four different floorplans to pick from. But the thing that you will find in common does not matter what floorplans you choose, it all includes a master suite with a king-size bed. However, its wardrobes and nightstands are smaller than in a queen-size bed.

Worry not, it has plenty of storage space that you can use, which means they are still very spacious. The thing that warmed my hear is you will have numerous options for the layout to choose from. You can choose a table or a dinette with chairs for the dining area.

While for the living area, you have the option to opt for a sofa with an attached chaise or a tri-fold sofa with theater-style seating. Moreover, because of its highly customizable features, you will surely be going to establish a set up that is a perfect fit for your needs.

Coming to its kitchen, you will love its full-size refrigerator, ample prep space, and a three burner stove. The thing that you will find unusual there is a walk-in pantry that you might not be able to find in any other RV. It has various storage areas that you can find almost everywhere inside the RV to store your big or small stuff with ease.

On the outside, it is equipped with LED exterior and backup lights, which are great for enhancing safety. The bottom line is it is another great option if you are looking for a travel trailer with a king-size bed from a reliable and trustworthy RV brand.

Winnebago Voyage Specifications

  • Height: 11.5 ft.
  • Length: 27 ft.
  • Width: 8 ft.
  • Interior height: 7.42 ft.
  • Dry weight: 6,460 lbs.
  • GVWR: 10,400 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight: 660 lbs.
  • Freshwater: 50 Gallons
  • Gray water: 100 Gallons
  • Blackwater: 50 Gallons
  • Body: Aluminum
  • Sidewalls: Fiberglass
  • A great pick for smaller families or groups of friends.
  • It is equipped with every comfort that you want while traveling.
  • A whole lot of storage space that can be found almost everywhere to store all your stuff.
  • A fully equipped kitchen with a full-size refrigerator, triple burner stove, and a walk-in pantry.
  • Best for people who have small kids.
  • Best for people who have a limited budget.
  • The Master bedroom has small wardrobes compared to that in a queen-size bed.
  • Not for families that have five or more members.

3. Jayco White Hawk

Jayco White Hawk Review

Jayco White Hawk is another well-known brand in the RV market since it has manufactured some popular RV products that are loved by the majority of travelers. One of Jayco’s most popular trailer among travelers with small families is Jayco White Hawk 32KBS. The thing that makes it stand out is a lightweight travel trailer with a king-size bed. It is a great option for couples who want to own a lightweight with a king-size bed travel trailer. It has a floorplan that offers a modest-size master suite at the front with a king-size bed, including an electric fireplace and a relaxing window bench.

To accommodate extra passengers, equipped with a tri-fold sofa in the living area that you can use as a bed occasionally. It means it is not only a great pick for couples with two or three kids, but also for a medium family of up to 5 or 6 persons. However, we recommend it for people with up to 4 family members if you are traveling for a long period of time.

The most incredible thing that I liked the most about it is its entertainment place where it has a full-size TV and an electric fireplace. You can connect it to a generator to generate extra heat when the weather is bitterly cold outside. The bathroom is, however, a little small than the majority other fifth-wheel travel trailers, but it has enough space to not feel cramped.

Jayco White Hawk Specifications

  • Length: 28.17ft (338 inches)
  • Height: 8ft (96 inches)
  • Width: 8 ft (96 inches)
  • Dry weight: 8,412 lbs
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rate: 7,250 lbs
  • Hitch weight: 475 lbs
  • Freshwater: 42.0 gal
  • Gray water: 30.5 gal
  • Blackwater: 30.5 gal
  • Body: Aluminum
  • Sidewalls: Fiberglass
  • If you have a medium family consisting of up to five members or you are a couple and want to go on a road adventure, it is a great pick that you should consider.
  • Perfect for couples who are looking to own a lightweight but king-size bed travel trailer.
  • It is equipped with an electric fireplace, which means you can also travel in bitterly cold weather conditions.
  • To accommodate visitors or an extra passenger, you can transform its tri-fold sofa into a bunk bed.
  • Its entertainment area is extra spacious and roomy that is equipped with a full-size TV and an electric fireplace.
  • A fully equipped and functional kitchen.
  • Not a good option for families more than five members.
  • I found it a bit pricey. However, it justifies its price tag for some people through the features that it offers.

4. Keystone Outback 313 RL

Keystone Outback

I have seen a whole lot of Keystone RVs alongside the highways that clearly shows how popular they are among road adventurers. This is the second Keystone product I’m mentioning in my best travel trailers with king bed list, and the reason is simple, they are too good.

Keystone Outback 313 RL is another best travel trailer with a king bed that you can consider. The features that it offers are extremely luxurious, and if you have this one, you will feel like you are in a palace instead of a camper. In addition to the trailer’s master suite equipped with a king-size bed, it also has a fireplace in the living area to make you more comfortable and stay warm when the weather outside is cold. With a state of the art entertainment area that has theatre-seating style, it is a luxurious travel trailer that gives you all the comfort you want to make your traveling fun and memorable.

One of its other amazing features is its barn slider doors that not only save some space but also separate master suite bedrooms from the living area so that you can have a little bit more privacy when traveling with kids or other passengers. Moreover, the pantry also has a barn slider door. Its on-trend features are the biggest reason why I love Keystone Outback 313 RL.

Talking about its master suite bedroom, it is equipped with a large and spacious wardrobe that has sufficient space to place all of your most needed stuff. If you think you need more space, you can use its storage compartment or its pull-out storage tray. Another feature that makes me fall in love with it is its built-in pet kennel that is placed cleanly under the bed. Now, there is no excuse why you shouldn’t take your four-leg guest with you while traveling.

You will see various amazing features throughout the RV. Some additional features include large windows, hand-glazed ash cabinetry, a vaulted ceiling, and more. You also have the opportunity to pick its upgraded interior option.

In the kitchen, it is equipped with a deep sink that is easier to use than the majority of other trailer sinks. To make your kitchen lighter and brighter, it has a skylight over it to make it a more pleasant place to prepare food.

Some of its other major features include a stereo with DVD player that integrates with Bluetooth, outdoor speakers to have fun outside the camper, backup camera and satellite prep, manual slide backup, etc. my final words about Keystone Outback 313 RL is you will love each and everything that it offers to you to make you feel at home while on the road.

Keystone Outback 313 RL Specifications

  • Length: 54 ft
  • Height: 11 ft 4 in
  • Dry weight: 7745 lbs
  • Hitch weight: 945 lbs
  • Freshwater: 60 gal
  • Gray water:  76 gal
  • Blackwater: 38 gal
  • A spacious and roomy travel trailer for those who love luxury RV lifestyle when away from their home.
  • You will feel like you are living in a palace instead of a travel trailer while traveling.
  • Every inch of it offers something unique to make you happy and comfortable.
  • To make your kitchen lighter and brighter, it has a skylight so that you can cook in a pleasant place while enjoying the rain or sunlight.
  • A great option for people who wants to take their four-leg guest with them for outdoors since it has a pet kennel under the bed.
  • A hefty price tag that might stop you from getting it. However, it justifies its price quite nicely since it has some luxuries that you want in an RV.

5. Heartland North Trail 33RETS

Heartland North Trail

If you have a small family and want to travel with your better half, here is a perfect fit for you. Heartland North Trail is a great deal that you should consider to make your trip memorable and insanely fun. It offers all the luxuries and comforts that you dream of while traveling.

I highly recommend this travel trailer with a king bed for couples who want to spend some quality time outdoors. It is a travel trailer with a king-size bed at the front, along with an adjacent bathroom to give you a feel of a master suite. A living area is a spacious place that has a couch that you can convert into a hide-away bed occasionally when you need to accommodate an extra passenger.

The kitchen is also spacious and equipped with an extended counter, two basin sinks, triple stove burner, etc. The bathroom also has sufficient elbow space and equipped with a shower and sink, as well as a place that you can use to place toiletries.

All these features make it a good deal camper with a king bed that you should consider while buying one.

Heartland North Trail 33RETS Specifications

  • Freshwater: 52 Gallons
  • Gray water: 42 Gallons
  • Blackwater: 42 Gallons
  • It is an affordable king bed travel trailer<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> that offers some luxurious stuff as well.
  • It is a great deal for couples who love to spend some time together or those who have up to three kids.
  • It has a spacious kitchen and a bathroom.
  • The living is being considerably spacious that also has a couch that you can transform into a hide-away bed to accommodate a guest.
  • The bedroom is not that spacious, which means sleeping accommodation is a bit tight. It is not a good option if you have kids with you, and you are traveling in hot weather conditions when you need more elbow room.


Is there any lightweight king-size bed camper available in the market?

Yes, you can find a lightweight king-size bed RV with ease. However, if you are a couple or have a small family of up four members, I highly recommend taking a look at Jayco White Hawk camper.

What travel trailer has an electric fireplace to generate some heat inside the trailer while the weather outside is cold?

The majority of travel trailers are equipped with both heating and cooling systems. Some of the best and the latest models of RVs that have an electric fireplace include Jayco White Hawk and Keystone Outback 313 RL.

What brand RVs are best with a king-size bed?

Keystone is one of the most popular RV brands that have manufactured some amazing RVs with a king bed.

Final Thoughts

So, there are some best travel trailers with a king bed that I liked the most after comparing their features and functionality with other king-sized bed campers. I have briefly discussed their main features, as well as things that I didn’t like about them. You can compare them with each other to pick the one that is a perfect fit for you. If you need any assistance or have any queries regarding RVs with a king-size bed, do not hesitate to contact us.

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