10 Amazing RV With Washer And Dryer

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Washing your clothes may seem like a difficult task, and a person who has to do a lot of work on a daily basis doesn’t have enough time to keep washing his clothes.

Investing energy and cash at some campsite laundromat or running into town to track down a nearby laundromat can be a constant waste of time when you are in a hurry. Time off is valuable, and you need to be certain you can spend as a lot of it as possible not sitting in a laundromat.

In any case, the undeniable reality is that clothing and materials can get messy while traveling. Clothing is one of those inevitable issues that are faced by everyone. To reduce the effort and time of washing clothes, a person may think of getting an RV with washer and dryer.

Normally, most RVs or campers don’t have a washer/dryer introduced on them as standard.

While there are still some options by different manufacturers that have washers and dryers inside the RV, another possibility is that you can get to buy a washer/dryer combo when you purchase your RV.

Adding a washer/dryer can make life on the open street significantly more helpful in various ways. It can allow you to save a lot of time as well as cost when you are at your camping place.

You can do things on your own.

Name Washer/Dryer Location Price
Jayco Seneca Motorhome 37K Rear $319,193
Fleetwood Flair 35R Center $114,500
Forest River Berkshire XL 37A Rear $455,170
Forest River FR3 (30DS, 33DS, 34DS) Rear $190,692
Thor Motorcoach Magnitude RB34 Rear $169,701
Fleetwood Pace Arrow LXE Rear $192,000
Jayco Embark 37MB Rear $375,510
Forest River Sandpiper 378FB Front $49,995
Coachmen Catalina Destination Center $28,999
Host Campers Mammoth 11′ 6″ Front $79,000

Jayco SenecaJayco Seneca Motorhome 37K
Fleetwood Flair 35RFleetwood Flair 35R
Forest River Berkshire XLForest River Berkshire XL 37A
Forest River FR3Forest River FR3 (30DS, 33DS, 34DS)
Thor Motorcoach Magnitude RB34Thor Motorcoach Magnitude RB34
Fleetwood Pace Arrow LXEFleetwood Pace Arrow LXE
Jayco Embark 37MB Class A MotorhomeJayco Embark 37MB
Forest River Sandpiper 378FBForest River Sandpiper 378FB
Coachmen Catalina DestinationCoachmen Catalina Destination
Host Mammoth 11.6Host Campers Mammoth 11′ 6″

What is the Best RV with Washer and Dryer?

1. Jayco Seneca Motorhome 37K

Jayco Seneca

The Jayco Seneca motorhome is the best RV with washer and dryer for you. This is an upgraded experience for your travel trailer choice because of its genuine extravagance offering as time goes on.

The Seneca offers best-in-class features and benefits to the users overall.

You get a lot of features like raised board hardwood cupboards, an expandable L-formed couch, 1.5 restrooms, a standard fridge, recessed LED lighting, a jumbo bed, double forced air systems, and an external sitting place.

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The Seneca gives you all-around designated highlights that make it the ideal RV for any trips that you might take.

The Jayco Seneca 37K incorporates a washer/dryer alternative in a restroom wardrobe at the back of the RV.

This keeps your clothing aside from the restroom and living area and lets you do your laundry peacefully in one place.

Jayco Seneca Washer Dryer

Seneca 37K

2. Fleetwood Flair 35R

Fleetwood Flair 35R
Source: Holiday World

You also get a washer and dryer or a washer-dryer combo in the super lavish Fleetwood Flair. This 36-foot-long RV includes a good bed for sleeping, and the main room has a good area of 72″ by 74″.

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It has a drop-down bed in the front cab and a 68-inch pocketknife couch in the family room.

Notwithstanding the opportunity to do clothing from the comfort of your living area, there’s a 50-inch outside TV and a regular deck overhang for open-air relaxation.

This RV likewise includes a six-person resting limit and an 8,000-pound hitch rating for towing an optional vehicle behind you.

Fleetwood Flair 35R Floorplan

3. Forest River Berkshire XL 37A

Forest River Berkshire XL 37A

The next one on the list is Forest River Berkshire diesel RV. This is another type of RV with washer and dryer. In this motorhome, a two-piece washer and dryer come standard, and they conceal advantageously on the back divider. Altogether, it’s 38’10” long, and it highlights amazing seating for up to three individuals in the lounge.

It comes standard with a big size stow-away bed that can be converted into a couch opposite the dinette with a lot of overhead storage for kitchen supplies.

Notwithstanding a lot of overhead storage, there’s a full storeroom, and an enormous dresser, along with a closet for extra apparel storage. There’s also a 32-inch TV in the main room and 43-inch TV in the dinette area.

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Forest River Berkshire XL 37A Washer Dryer

Forest River Berkshire XL 37A Floorplan

4. Forest River FR3 (30DS, 33DS, 34DS)

Forest River FR3

The FR3 by Forest River is a Class A RV that has good things to offer to the user. It has a family-accommodating living region with space, comfort, and styling like other Class A vehicles.

Three models of this trailer offer the alternative of a combo washer/dryer. The 30DS is estimated at 31 feet 8 inches long, the 33DS is 34 feet 10 inches, and the 34DS comes in at 35 feet 11 inches.

Each of the three models offers two slideouts and a king bed, and you also get a washer and a dryer with them. There are comfort highlights, including an extra-wide passage entryway with w/a deadbolt lock, Forest River Command Center, carbon monoxide and LP indicators, smoke alert, and fire extinguishers are also an option.

Forest River FR3 30DS Washer

Forest River FR3 30DS

5. Thor Motorcoach Magnitude RB34

Thor Motorcoach Magnitude RB34

The Magnitude RB34 is also one of the Class C motorhomes with a washer and dryer. You get a washer-dryer combo in your main room that makes it easy for you to do your laundry.

It has some truly flawless outside highlights for agreeable indoor-open air living region. There is an outside kitchen, and you also get a 32-inch TV for open-air amusement.

A 20-foot power awning that covers the kitchen and entertainment region with the goal that you don’t get wet while barbecuing or cooking out in the open.

You get 35’6″ outside length which can easily fit about eight individuals with an open bed, back ace bed, dinette bed, along with a wardrobe. It offers theatre seating so that you can relax off and there is a refrigerator to keep things cool.

Thor Motorcoach Magnitude RB34 Floorplan

6. Fleetwood Pace Arrow LXE

Fleetwood Pace Arrow LXE

Pace Arrow LXE can take your open street experiences to a higher level. This diesel RV offers private style living and loads of features that also include a washer/dryer combo for cleaning your clothes along with an auto style dashboard, best in class cabinetry, a two-burner cooktop, and a Hide-A-Loft drop-down bed, a fridge, and a lot more.

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You get a washer and dryer in three of the models that include the 37R, 38F, and 38K. It is up to the choice of the user to make the selection for a washer and dryer.

The 38N gives an option in contrast to a secret combo washer/dryer.

Fleetwood Pace Arrow LXE Washer Dryer

Fleetwood Pace Arrow LXE Floorplan

7. Jayco Embark 37MB

Jayco Embark 37MB Class A Motorhome

Jayco offers a washer and dryer and a lot more in its Embark 37MB motorhome. You get the comfort and luxury of your home in one place with this big bulky trailer. The Embark is a diesel RV with Cummins ISB turbocharged engine and free front suspension.

This model offers numerous quality elements, including tile floors, recessed LED lighting, and good seating arrangement.

It has strong surface ledges with a tempered steel sink, a private fridge with freezer and water distributor, a cooktop, and a 1.5 CU. Ft. microwave. There is also an addition of a jumbo bed, a 50″ LED HDTV with Blu-Ray, and outside entertainment for the owners.

The 37MB offers a washer/dryer package with a storeroom.

With 39BH and 39T2, both spot the washer/dryer wardrobe in the private main restroom at the back of the RV.

Jayco Embark 37MB Washer Dryer

Jayco Embark 37MB floorplan

8. Forest River Sandpiper 378FB

Forest River Sandpiper 378FB

The Forest River Sandpiper 378FB is a trailer that is made for a small family. It has enough storage and a resting place for a family of 4. You can get a considerable measure of living space.

The Sandpiper 378FB offers an extravagant main room, one-and-a-half restrooms, a kitchen and eating region, and a smooth lounge for entertainment. This trailer additionally includes an outside kitchen for open-air fun.

The Sandpiper’s washer/dryer setup is all around to fit in a storeroom in the restroom. This area is a superb choice since you don’t have the commotion of a washer/dryer framework running in the primary living area of the trailer.

Forest River Sandpiper 378FB washer dryer

Forest River Sandpiper 378FB Floorplan

9. Coachmen Catalina Destination

Coachmen Catalina Destination

The Catalina Destination Series trailer is among the very useful and most sold trailers by Coachmen. These trailer series give all that expected to appreciate features in one place. In case you want a washer and dryer inside, you will get it with this RV trailer.

With many floorplans to look over, you can choose which fits best according to your need for a washer and dryer and other features.

Both the 39MKTS and 39RLTS floorplan of this trailer offer a washer/dryer in storerooms between the restroom and main room regions. It is a good choice to keep the clothing line down in the fundamental living spaces of these models.

Coachmen Catalina Destination floorplan

10. Host Campers Mammoth 11′ 6″

Host Mammoth 11.5

Host Campers are small and very reluctant. These trailers give less space for a small family, but they can be useful in many terms. In case you want a washer and dryer in your trailer, then Mammoth absolutely is a cheap and best option for you.

You get a sovereign size bed along with cupboards with Shaker doors and a two-entryway 8 cu ft fridge.

There is a good three-burner cooktop range, a 24″ TV in the room, a restroom power vent, and an outside entertainment area with an outside shower.

The back slide-out offers three choices that involve a couch with overhead storage, a back closet, and a washer/dryer combo hookup with extra cupboards. You can use it as your daily driven trailer with all the basics on one spot.

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Host Campers Mammoth 11′ 6″ Washer

Types of  RV Washers and Dryers

Before we talk about the best travel trailers with washers and dryers, we should know how many types of them are available and what the difference is between each type of washer and dryer.

1. RV Stackable Washer/Dryers

Stackable washers and dryers for RVs are more modest and lighter forms than those utilized in many homes. They regularly handle 12-pound loads, and the two cycles can be run at the same time.

In case your RV has enough area inside, and you will do huge clothing loads while out and about, they are the favored decision.

2. RV Washer/Dryer Combos

Washer/Dryer Combos are one more well-known decision for those searching for a productive RV washer/dryer machine.

The combo utilizes a single drum for both the washing and drying cycles. These units can transform from the washing cycle to the drying cycle quickly with no contribution from the user.

3. Compact Washers

Compact and portable washers permit you to do your clothing in any place that you can approach. These washers can be used with a sink and a channel.

These versatile washers are ideal for people who don’t have the choice for a washer/dryer hookup in their RV, and little loads should be possible in less than 20 minutes.

4. Compact Dryers

This type of dryer, they have sensors that monitor how soggy your garments are and apply heat depending upon the situation. Many models are accessible with different warming and drying cycle alternatives.

5. Vented Washers and Dryers

Vented washers and dryers are those that utilize the air in the open to dry garments. These kinds of RV washers and dryers will require an air exhaust vent in your RV for proper washing and drying.

6. Non-Vented Washers and Dryers

Ventless RV washers/dryers heat the air inside the drum to dry the garments. You should know that they utilize a lot of water, and the drying cycle can consume most of the day.

If still, a non-vented washer/dryer is the thing that fits in your RV, they will, without a doubt, do the work.


This was a guide article about the best RV with a washer and dryer. We shared details of each of the different models by various companies offering different sized motorhomes with unique features.

All of them are special, and you can choose which one fits well with your family’s needs.


What is the smallest RV with washer and dryer?

The smallest RV with washer and dryer is the Keystone Montana High Country 295RL. This model permits the portion of a washer-dryer combo and has sufficient room for even two separate machines.

Would you be able to place a washer and dryer in a trailer?

First of all, you need to pick the right washer and dryer unit to ensure it’ll work for your RV. Introducing the washer and dryer in your RV may really be a lot simpler than you can think, as numerous RV models currently accompany a previous washer/dryer hookup concealed in a place or wardrobe.

Are the RV washer and dryer great?

The washer and dryer need proper care, some RVers, for the most part, avoid these sorts of RV washers and dryers. They will, in general, utilize a ton of water, and drying garments can consume a large portion of the day.

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