Best RV Camper With Porches or Patio Deck

Best RV with Porch

A big travel trailer or fifth-wheel trailer has sufficient space at the outside, which is sometimes converted into a porch or patio deck. Some manufacturers have made it very simple to add up patio decks in their fifth wheel or RV travel trailers to make the towable vehicles even more …

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How Much Does a Fifth Wheel Weigh?

How much does a fifth wheel weigh

The fifth wheel is wide and has big trailers that are really heavy in terms of weight. This is because they are loaded with features and extras that make life easier for campers and travelers. The weight can always vary for each fifth wheel model. You are probably wondering about …

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How Tall is a 5th Wheel Camper? (Fifth Wheel Height)

How tall is a 5th wheel camper

It’s important to understand the tallness or height of your ride when you own a fifth wheel. These rigs are big, and they require proper roads where they can be towed. You cannot use fifth wheels on streets or in the mid-city. The height of the fifth wheel matters in …

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Best 5th Wheel with 2 Full Bathrooms

Best 5th Wheel with 2 full bathrooms

People who love camping and spending their time on the grounds somewhere far off from the social community require a trailer or a fifth wheel that has all the accessories and equipment of use in one place. For such conditions, a large size 5th wheel fits well as a suitable …

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Best Rear Kitchen 5th Wheel Floorplans

Best Rear kitchen 5th wheel floorplans

5th wheel trailers have the features of a home that includes a living region room along with a kitchen and a bathroom. Some even have lofts and dining areas based upon their purpose of built. People who travel with their families to far-off places for days need to cook something …

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Biggest and Largest 5th Wheel On the Market

Biggest and Largest 5th wheel RV

Fifth wheel vehicles can serve a greater purpose in case you live in a place with wide and empty roads. These rigs will allow you to enjoy the best moments of your life with your family with their space and features. 5th wheel trailers are usually large and offer many …

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