How Much Does A 5th Wheel Cost?

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Fifth wheels are big bulky rigs that are meant to be towed behind a powerful vehicle. These trailers are accessible in various sizes and styles to suit pretty much any need.

They will quite often be exceptionally famous with the travelers who want to live their life in a luxurious style while having all the features inside of a trailer for a living.

RV explorers who need to live in extravagance while they’re out and about always prefer a Fifth-wheel when they have a long distance to cover and a huge family to accommodate.

These fifth wheels have different price tags, each with a difference based on the features they are offering. In short, fifth-wheel campers fit completely in the middle of the solaces of any big RV and the mobility of a trailer.

The basic cost of a fifth wheel is about $35,000. The cheapest fifth wheels can be had for just $20,000 while more high-end fifth wheels will cost up to $50,000. While the fifth-wheel value range fluctuates broadly by size, maker, and trim level, a normal ballpark expense for the luxury fifth-wheel trailer, as a rule, runs somewhere in the range of $70,000 and $100,000. But you can also consider buying the cheaper ones with fewer features.

Most extravagance fifth-wheel trailers cost more than $100,000, with some costing as much as $150,000. RV manufacturers make sure that a fifth wheel has all that a person ever needs.

In this way, they assemble the structures, axles, side dividers, and other utilitarian parts to make them entirely strong.

5th Wheel Truck Towing

Fifth Wheel Camper Costs with Examples

Fifth Wheel Campers Price
Keystone Montana $90,000
Redwood’s Redwood $95,000
Dutchmen Voltage $65,000
Grand Design’s Solitude $95,000
Grand Design’s Momentum $100,000
Jayco North Point $70,000
Forest River Wildcat $50,000
Jayco Pinnacle $85,000
Northwood Arctic Fox $55,000
Vanleigh Pinecrest $55,000
Heartland Landmark $100,000
Forest River Sierra $60,000
Heartland Big Country $70,000
Crossroads Volante $40,000
Winnebago Minnie Plus $43,000
Forest River Shasta Phoneix $50,000
Keystone Hideout $25,000
DRV Mobile Suites $150,000
Forest River Saber $52,000
Heartland Bighorn $75,000
Keystone RV Cougar $53,000

Factors That Affect 5th Wheel Cost

The cost of the fifth wheel is mostly based on the following aspects.

1. Size

The main element on which the cost of a fifth wheel can vary is the size of a fifth-wheel trailer. A fifth wheel, for the most part, begins at around 19 feet and can get a lot bigger from that point.

The size not only matters for the price but also for the features that are added inside. A fifth wheel can have slideouts incorporated into it that give it extra space despite the fact that it isn’t any longer.

One 25 foot camper without a slideout will have less space than a 22-foot fifth wheel with two slideouts. All else equivalent, a bigger camper will cost in excess of a smaller camper.

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2. Features

The number of features is also one thing that can make huge changes to the cost of a fifth-wheel trailer. 5th Wheel Campers with full restrooms and cooling systems quite often cost more than campers without a restroom.

These conveniences will add to the cost of the fifth wheel. You can purchase campers with electric hitches and an outside lighting system. You can even purchase fifth-wheel campers with the choice to add solar chargers to the rooftop because the latest features aren’t restricted to the inside of a camper.

3. Quality

The quality of a fifth wheel can have a huge impact on the price. The normal price range of a fifth wheel is around $20,000 to $50,000 based on its quality. The greatest variable here is generally the brand and the development quality of the fifth wheel.

For instance, a fiberglass fifth wheel costs more than its wooden rivals since it is lighter and more streamlined.

It isn’t only the nature of the outside that changes the cost. A few fifth wheels have many preferable inside tools over others. For instance, you can purchase fifth wheels with all the stainless steel machines and artificial stone ledges, which will add more to the quality and cost of a fifth wheel.

4. Time of the Year

Spring is the most well-known season for individuals to purchase campers, and it is additionally the most costly season to purchase campers.

The Winter season will, in general, be somewhat pricier than the Fall since individuals, some of the time, purchase campers as Christmas presents. Summer is the second costly, and Fall will, in general, be the most economical season to buy a fifth-wheel camper.

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5. Spot of Purchase

The cost of a fifth wheel can also vary based upon which dealer you use and from where you are getting it.

A few states have higher duties and more guidelines to manage. These states are more costly to purchase a camper in. This can change the cost of a fifth-wheel camper that you are getting for your family.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Fifth-Wheel

When you are making up your mind to get a new fifth wheel or either a used one, there are a few things that you will need to consider.

1. Length

The length of a fifth-wheel camper is the first thing that can vary the cost of the trailer. Having a huge length means it’s going to be bigger and more expensive. Small fifth wheels cost less and are reasonably priced for the features they offer inside. It’s ideal that you choose a fifth wheel based upon its size and the location where you are going to use it.

If you live in someplace with tighter roads and narrow streets, then you should consider buying a small fifth wheel at a much reasonable price. If you don’t have issues with parking space and have open roads in your area, then choose a fifth wheel in bigger length.

2. Weight

Weight can also put a difference in the price of a fifth wheel. There are sure Fifth-Wheels that are light to the point of being pulled by a half-ton truck, however not a great deal. Assuming you have a 15,000-pound camper, you will see that it may wind up weighing 17,000 in no time. The quality and also of other factors can put a huge difference on the overall price of a fifth wheel.

On the safe side, you should know the towing capacity of your vehicle and then make a decision for a fifth wheel accordingly. Your vehicle must be able to pull the camper that you are hoping to get.

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3. Water Tanks

The size of the water tanks is another consideration you should keep in mind while buying a fifth-wheel camper. You want to know how huge of a water tank you want for the kind of outings you are on.

Who will be in your camper with you, and what will you involve your camper for. There are three types of water tanks to be included in a fifth wheel, and each serves a different purpose.

  • Freshwater Tank

A freshwater tank is actually what it seems like. It is the place where the clean water is stored for drinking and washing the dishes as well as for your bathroom needs. This is the water in which users can take shower, wash dishes, clean up, and even drink it like clean water.

Your freshwater tank can be something around 70 gallons or so in a Fifth-Wheel, which can be really great for a couple of days trip with the family or seven days with a couple.

When purchasing your camper, you should know how big the size of your tank is. Assuming that you will require a greater one, it will be a bit more expensive.

  • Gray Water Tank

This is the place where your clean water follows. The water that runs down your sink, shower, and from your dishwasher goes straight into this tank. It is critical to know the limit of this tank. It is based on the number of people you have inside the fifth wheel.

  • Black Water Tank

The black water tank is the one that is meant to be used for a toilet. This will be your smallest tank. Assuming you have a family living in your trailer, this is one to know about.

Its recommended that you check for a bigger black water tank for your fifth wheel before you buy one for your home.


 This was a guide on the cost of a fifth wheel camper in which we have shared details on the varying cost of fifth wheels. For more, see FAQ.


What amount would it be advisable for you to pay for a fifth wheel?

The normal cost of a Fifth-Wheel will be in the $25,000 to $100,000 value range. There is a wide range of models that have various capacities and facilities, which can fluctuate the cost of the fifth wheel. The more conveniences and extravagances in a fifth wheel, the more noteworthy its cost is.

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