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The Beginners Guide to Buying An RV

+ Everything You Need to Know About RV Life

We’ll be taking you through an introduction to RVs, their history, benefits, and the type of insurance you can expect to find when you buy one. We’ll guide you through the various types of RV as well as whether you are buying one to holiday in or as a new home and how that makes a difference. This will include examining the various structures of RVs as well as how to maintain and repair them - essential information even for RV veterans because you never know when you’re going to get caught short on the roadside.

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Life on the road is important, and that’s why we’ll go through every aspect - from the kind of food you should bring all the way to quick medical tips and tricks. We’ll examine camping arrangements and RV parks where you’ll be able to stay, the etiquette behind them, and common rules you can expect to see. But, importantly, we’ll also look at the downsides because everyone should be able to make a decision with all of the available information. I’m not here just to give you the positives, I’m here to give you the full picture of RV life.

What You Will Learn With This eBook

1.1 – The History of the RV

1.2 – What You Need to Know – Key Information and Pricing

1.3 – Benefits of Having an RV 

1.4 – Supply Checklist 

1.5 – Insuring Your RV 

1.6 – Types of RVs

2.1 – Can You Live in an RV?

2.2 – Should You Live or Holiday in Your RV?

2.3 – Living and Holidaying with Pets and Kids

3.1 – The Structure of an RV

3.2 – How an RV Works?

3.3 – Modifications for Your RV

4.1 – How to Maintain Your RV

4.2 – Winterizing Your RV

4.3 – Cleaning Your RV

5.1 – What to Keep in Mind When Buying an RV

5.2 – RV Secrets You Need to Know

5.3 – New or Used? Which RV is Right for You?

6.1 – Etiquette on the Road

6.2 – RV Driving Tips

6.3 – Crossing the Border

6.4 – Food, Entertainment, and Care on the Road

6.5 – Making Money While You Travel

6.6 – Packing Tips

7.1 – The Difference Between Parks and Campsites

7.2 – Types of Places You Can Stay

7.3 – Tips and Tricks for Staying in Parks and Campsites

7.4 – Safety and Security

8.1 – The Cost of RV Ownership

8.2 – Maintenance Costs

8.3 – Storage Costs

8.4 – Travel Limits

8.5 – Space Limitations

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What Our Readers Say?


I'm in love with this book! I've already read it once, and am reading it again. It has a lot of practical information that really helped me find the best RV in the market for my budget. The checklists included in the book itself are worth the price. Highly Recommended!

Mark K. Cain

Mansfield, Ohio


This book is a lifesaver. After reading it fully, it seems like I have gained 10 years worth of camping experience and became an expert on RVs and RV Life. Thank You Ted.

Robert Lancaster

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


I really enjoyed reading this book. It gave me complete understanding about RVs, Campsite and the drawbacks of RV Life. It's a high quality book. Must Have!

Ruth Stone

Harlingen, Texas


I have 15 years of experience camping and this book had some unique information and data that was new to me. Totally worth the money.

Philip Ford

Tempe, Arizona

The Beginners Guide to Buying An RV

Everything You Need to Know About RV Life

A Limited Time, SPECIAL OFFER!



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