7 Amazing Class B RV with Twin Beds

Best Class B RV with Twin Beds

Class B RVs are a good choice if you want an RV that’s convenient to drive and has a lower price tag. Unlike their considerably bigger counterparts, Class A and Class C, Class B vans are around 16 to 22 feet long, similar to a typical family van. “Campervan” is …

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7 Best Class B RV for Full Time Living

Best Class B RV for Full Time Living

While many individuals fantasize about escaping town or the large city behind and embracing life on the open road, the transition to full-time RV living can be stressful. Along with the various factors to consider while preparing for a life in an RV, there is one crucial factor to consider: …

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5 Excellent Class B RV with Murphy Bed

Best Class B RV with Murphy Bed

For individuals who desire extra room without sacrificing a comfy bed, a Class B RV with murphy bed is a fabulous choice. You can set everything up in minutes, making it simple and handy to sleep throughout the day or night. You’re guaranteed to discover the proper size camper with …

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How Much Is A Class B RV? (Class B RV Cost with Examples)

How Much Does A Class B RV Cost

A Class B RV is a minivan or full-size van chassis which has been converted into a compact motorhome. It is also known as a minivan conversion, a camper van conversion, or simply a campervan. People with average heights can stand straight inside a Class B RV thanks to a …

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8 Most Expensive and Luxury Class B RV

Most Expensive and Luxury Class B RV

When you consider all of the benefits that an RV provides, it’s no surprise that they’re becoming increasingly popular with every passing year. Furthermore, if you’re planning on traveling in a luxury RV, be prepared to be astounded by the number of luxuries that can be crammed into a motorhome. …

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8 Amazing 4×4 Class B RV

Best 4×4 (4WD) Class B RV Motorhomes

Those who wish to travel off the road and embark on excursions that standard Class B RVs can’t go on would benefit from owning a 4WD RV. A standard Class B RV has only two wheels and isn’t suitable for off-road adventures. However, it doesn’t mean there aren’t a few …

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