8 Most Expensive and Luxury Class B RV

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When you consider all of the benefits that an RV provides, it’s no surprise that they’re becoming increasingly popular with every passing year.

Furthermore, if you’re planning on traveling in a luxury RV, be prepared to be astounded by the number of luxuries that can be crammed into a motorhome.

Luxury RVs are sometimes compared to yachts.

When it comes to luxury RVs, the class A RVs always take the lead over the others.

However, in this article, we will highlight some of the most popular Luxury Class B RVs.

Despite the fact that Class B RVs are substantially smaller in size, they are meant to be luxurious, and there are quite a few of them.

Obviously, as the level of luxury rises, so do the prices.

Nonetheless, these are ideal for folks who seek luxury without having to drive a huge 40-foot car.

They are usually shorter, roughly 20-25 feet in length, but they are filled with the kind of in-depth luxury that one would like.

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Name Chassis Price
Airstream Atlas Touring Coach Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 $276,106
Airstream Interstate 24GL Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 $190,447
Coach House Arriva Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 $163,785
Thor Motor Coach Gemini 24SX Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 $128,400
Winnebago Era 70A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 $173,709
Fleetwood Irok ProMaster 3500 $137,628
Coachmen Galleria Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 $137,628
Grech RV Strada-Ion Lounge Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 $229,980

Airstream AtlasAirstream Atlas Touring Coach
Airstream Interstate 24GTAirstream Interstate 24GL
Coach House ArrivaCoach House Arriva
Thor Motor Coach GeminiThor Motor Coach Gemini 24SX
Winnebago EraWinnebago Era 70A
Fleetwood RV Irok LoungeFleetwood Irok
Coachmen GalleriaCoachmen Galleria
Grech RV Strada-Ion LoungeGrech RV Strada-Ion Lounge


What are the Most Luxury Class B RV?

1. Airstream Atlas Touring Coach

Airstream Atlas

You go to the RV business that began it all when you desire luxury. Airstream understands what people desire and what luxury is.

They also have the know-how to mix the two to produce a fantastic Class B RV tailored to your needs.

To begin, Airstream chose a Mercedes-Benz Sprint van chassis to ensure that you got the convenient ride you expect from a luxury vehicle.

The 3.0-liter V6 turbo diesel engine offers excellent fuel economy as well.

With the motorized slide-out, you’ll have even more room to rest and appreciate your surroundings. Lane aid, a back plus side camera, airbags, collision avoidance support, and lane guiding are all standard precautionary measures.

Atlas also has superior Air ride suspension, which automatically adapts for rough rides, height variations, and wind resistance.

The bathroom is located near the back of the bus and is big with a domestic appearance and feel.

It has compartments for folded items as well as hanging closet storage.

You’ll never run out of water with a tankless water heater.

This luxurious car starts at slightly over $276,000 and goes up from there.

It comes with a smart Samsung LED TV that adds to the entertainment value of this on-the-go abode. And, guess what, when not being in use, it’s hidden away within the cabinet, saving you room.

Key Specifications

Height 10 feet 6 inches
Exterior Length 24 feet 9 inches
Exterior Width 7 feet 11 inches
Gross Weight 11,030 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity 20 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 31 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 27 Gallons
Price $276,106

Airstream Atlas Floor Plan

2. Airstream Interstate 24GL

Airstream Interstate 24GT

When it comes to elegance and luxury, this brand has you covered.

Its 170-inch wheelbase helps you obtain 18 miles a gallon, despite driving on another Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis.

The 3.0L V6 turbo diesel engine produces 188 HP, allowing you to climb steep terrain with ease.

Once you have it, you can easily transport 9 people. The inside has super leather chairs and two large-screen televisions.

Cup holders and all of the conveniences that contemporary technology offers make the driver comfortable on extended drives.

Many of the built-in capabilities may be controlled with your fingertip on a touchscreen electronic system.

It is equipped with a magnificent set of 9 ultra-leather seats. As soon as you go inside, the captain’s chairs make it evident that this is a high-end establishment.

The whole seating capacity includes the back couch and side seats.

It has two widescreen Samsung HD televisions that will keep all of the occupants of this luxury camper entertained.

The European-style bathroom, which includes a basin, bath, and toilet, allows you to travel in luxury.

The bathroom’s d├ęcor demonstrates the level of luxury it offers.

The USB charging stations then allow you to keep in touch with family and friends who are unable to accompany you on your journey.

The kitchen has fold-down tops for when you need more counter space.

For $190,000+, you can get everything and more. Airstream Interstate 24GL is undoubtedly one of the greatest class B recreational vehicles for full-time living.

Key Specifications

Height 9 feet 8 inches
Exterior Length 24 feet 6 inches
Exterior Width 6 feet 8 inches
Gross Weight 11,030 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity 26 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 27 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 13 Gallons
Price $190,447

Airstream Interstate 24GL

3. Coach House Arriva

Coach House Arriva

Additional comfort is what luxury means, and this Class B Motorhome offers it. You get two double beds that merge to make one king-size bed, as well as a private toilet and shower.

Then there’s a convection/microwave oven, a 6-cubic-foot refrigerator, and two HDTVs to keep you engaged as well as nourished.

You may also choose between cherry, teak, or maple interiors, which work in tandem with the 30,000 BTU heater and 15,000 BTU air conditioner to maintain your home at precisely the right temperature. A power awning ensures that you are protected from the sun.

All of this is constructed on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis for a pleasant, effortless ride that will make you feel like you’re on a cloud.

You’ll have to approach Coach House again to learn the exact pricing.

Arriva is the greatest choice for the money because of the cost and amenities you get.

Key Specifications

Height 9 feet 8 inches
Exterior Length 24 feet 2 inches
Exterior Width 6 feet 7 inches
Gross Weight 11,030 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity 31 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 20 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 13 Gallons
Price $163,785

Coach House Arriva V24 Floorplan

4. Thor Motor Coach Gemini 24SX

Thor Motor Coach Gemini

This motorhome, much like the rest of the luxurious class b motorhomes on this list, is built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis.

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It’s also equipped with a 188 HP V6 Turbo diesel engine.

Traveling in this gem is simple and safe, thanks to the automated 7-speed transmission.

Aside from the two rotatable chairs at the front, there are theatre seats and a 32″ television.

A 4″ television is located on the other side of the vehicle, allowing you to choose how you want to watch your favorite shows.

Finally, a built-in skylight adds to the romanticism by enabling the stars to shine through. The price range begins at $128,000 and goes up from there.

It comes with a three-way fridge as well as an Onana generator for times you don’t have access to campsite electricity.

Key Specifications

Height 10 feet 10 inches
Exterior Length 26 feet
Exterior Width 7 feet 6 inches
Gross Weight 11,030 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity 30 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 38 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 24.5 Gallons
Price $128,400

Thor Motor Coach Gemini 24SX

5. Winnebago Era 70A

Winnebago Era

Aside from the Mercedes Benz chassis and safety systems, ERA and comparable Class B RVs commonly feature windows.

This setup provides more than enough light for your kids to see where they’re going and for you to know where you’re heading.

Its size of around 24 x 6.5 feet provide you with plenty of living space.

There’s also an MBUX touchscreen multimedia infotainment system with WiFi to keep you connected and in charge of your drive.

Blackout window screens also allow you to sleep late after a night of enjoying movies on your 24-inch television.

This vehicle’s entry and exit are made secure and simple via a sliding door.

Winnebago Era 70A is another luxury Class B Motorhome you can buy with a base price of $173,000+.

Key Specifications

Height 9 feet 8 inches
Exterior Length 24 feet 3 inches
Exterior Width 6 feet 4 inches
Gross Weight 11,030 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity 25 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 26 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 08 Gallons
Price $173,709

Winnebago Era 70A

6. Fleetwood Irok

Fleetwood RV Irok Lounge

Fleetwood Irok is a smaller Class B with fewer amenities than the others on this list, but it still adds a touch of luxury to your camping trip.

A 280-horsepower V6 Pentastar engine powers the motorhome.

The automatic transmission has six gears to drive you along the route safely.

The retractable awning, exterior shower, window blinds, and other facilities provide you with all of the typical home conveniences.

Two couches allow you to comfortably sleep four people while also allowing your passengers to relax while you drive.

You can easily clean up for meals with a full bathroom with a lavatory, mirror, and sink. You can hook up to some amazing entertainment alternatives with the satellite television pre-wiring.

All of the necessary sensors are included in the basic equipment, as are heating and air conditioning.

Key Specifications

Height 9 feet 4 inches
Exterior Length 21 feet
Exterior Width 6 feet 9 inches
Gross Weight 9,350 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity 28 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 18 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 15 Gallons
Price $137,628

Fleetwood RV Irok Lounge Floorplan

7. Coachmen Galleria

Coachmen Galleria

The Coachmen Galleria is one of the high-end Class B RVs on our list of costly and luxurious RVs. It is based on the Mercedes Sprinter 3500 extended platform, which provides all of the elegance you desire. 

This RV is built with high-end materials. You get amenities that make you stay a lot more pleasant, and you won’t miss your house at all.

It has an Onan generator that can run your appliances while you aren’t hooked to shore power, making it an excellent choice for dry camping or boondocking.

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Handmade maple woodwork cupboards, cabinets, and personalized trim are available for storage.

There are four different floor layouts to pick from 24A, 24FL, 24Q, and 24T.

Every one of those floor plans includes an awning that may extend up to 13 feet, giving you a lot of additional living space.

It comes with all of the basic features that you’d expect from a class B RV.  WiFi ranger, R-15 insulation, high-rise kitchen faucets, studying lights, USB connections, floor reflecting insulation, and carpet mat are just a few of the features.

You may also include a variety of extra features. With this addition, the price would rise. Additional features comprise a 20,000 BTU air conditioner, VB Air suspension, a bike rack, and a side screen door.

Key Specifications

Height 9 feet 4 inches
Exterior Length 21 feet
Exterior Width 6 feet 9 inches
Gross Weight 9,350 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity 28 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 18 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 15 Gallons
Price $137,628

Coachmen Galleria Floorplan8. Grech RV Strada-Ion Lounge

Grech RV Strada-Ion Lounge

This bus will give you all the elegance and convenience you’ll need while being on the road, whether you’re visiting hills, coastlines, or friends! Upon arriving at your destination, there are 2 captain’s seats and two extra chairs just behind them, as well as a table to eat at.

When you arrange a vacation for the whole family to have a party at a major game, enjoy music at a festival, or see a club sport in some other city, you’ll discover five additional seatbelts in the back seat.

The motorized sofa bed can accommodate two people, and the separate enclosed wet bath has a window as well as a privacy shade.

The tiny kitchen, which features a farmhouse-style sink, a microwave/convection/air fryer hybrid, as well as a 2-burner induction cooktop, is ideal for preparing meals.

Grech RV’s relentless dedication to designing a beautiful and dependable coach with luxurious amenities as well as the highest level of standard equipment is reflected in the Strada-ion Class B diesel RVs.

An in-dash GPS, a rear backup camera, VB air suspension for the nicest and most comfortable ride imaginable, a bespoke fiberglass body package, and a hidden stainless steel utility station are just a few of the amenities.

Key Specifications

Height 9 feet 8 inches
Exterior Length 24 feet
Exterior Width 6 feet 8 inches
Gross Weight 9,350 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity 26 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 27 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 13 Gallons
Price $229,980

Grech RV Strada-Ion Lounge


In this article, the most expensive and luxury Class B RV Motorhomes have been enlisted and discussed so that you may conveniently choose the most expensive and luxury Class B RV that can accommodate the needs of your entire family.

We hope this article has been able to assist with the purpose mentioned.


What is the most expensive and luxury Class B RV?

These are the most expensive and luxury Class B RV motorhomes:

  • Grech RV Strada-Ion Lounge
  • Coachmen Galleria
  • Fleetwood Irok
  • Winnebago Era 70A
  • Thor Motor Coach Gemini 24SX
  • Coach House Arriva
  • Airstream Interstate 24GL
  • Atlas Touring Coach

Do Class B motorhomes hold their value?

According to CR’s research, Class B vehicles keep their worth better than other RVs. Another advantage of Class B vehicles is that they may be both functional and luxurious. Class B RVs are also the safest and easiest to drive of the three types of motorhomes.

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