Best Small Camper for Family of 4

Camping with a small family is fun when you are on summer vacation, and you want to go someplace where you can have hours of fun and enjoy the best of your time. These campers make life pretty fun as they are a motorhome that provides all the necessities of living in one place.

They either come cheap or high in price based on the features that they have to offer. In case you are searching for the best small camper for family of 4, then we might have an idea about which ones would be the best choice.

So if you want to consider the best campers for your family, here are some suggestions based on your living standards.

This list includes all types of campers, including cheap ones to the expensive ones that involve RVs as well as camper vans to provide you best experience if you have a small family.

So let’s see what the best picks that would provide you with the ultimate comfort are.

Here are our best proposals for the best motorhome and travel trailer for family of 4.

Name Weight Capacity
Dutchmen Aspen Trail 2260RBS 7600 lbs 4 – 5 people
Jayco Alante 31V 18000 lbs 4 – 6 people
Coachmen Leprechaun 260DS 14500 lbs 4 – 7 people
Thor Chateau 28A 14050 lbs 4 – 7 people
ModVans CV1 1,100 lbs 4 people
Airstream Flying Cloud 25FB 7,300 lbs 4 – 8 people
Coachmen Freelander 31MB 14,500 lbs 4 – 8 people

1. Dutchmen Aspen Trail 2260RBS

Dutchmen Aspen Trail Travel Trailer

The best camper for a small family is the Dutchman Aspen Trail which is an ideal mix of elegant and current reasonableness, complete for certain extraordinary features that you won’t find anywhere else.

Best Small Camper for Family of 4

One of the essential features of this camper is the consideration of an electric chimney, which is great for cold winter evenings. This chimney doesn’t produce a lot of warmth, but it makes a great scenery for cuddling with your spouse and watching a movie with your kids easily.


  • Length: 26 ft
  • Sleeps: 2 – 4
  • Freshwater: 52 gal
  • Gray Water: 42 gal
  • Black Water: 42 gal
  • Electric Fireplace
  • Enclosed Master Bedroom
  • Pass-Through Storage
  • Slide-Out Dinette and Refrigerator
  • Entertainment Center w/Pantry
  • Convertible Dinette Section

The Aspen Trail is a stylish trailer that has a lot of storerooms. To get to it, you need to pull out the theatre setup/chimney combo. This specific model has a lot of space to offer, about which you need to be certain. Make your decisions wisely about what to store and where to store. You get the entirety of your snacks prior to beginning the following film or show to enjoy a warm and soothing feel inside this camper in cold winters.

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As with the greater part of the best campers, this is best for a family of 5. Having a slide-out segment to expand the inside, there is also a dinette and full-size fridge that is hidden from the middle and placed on one side.

Dutchmen Aspen Trail Floorplan

2. Jayco Alante 31V

Jayco Alante 31V

Jayco produces great campers and travel trailers, and one of the best for a small family is Atlante 31V. This RV is bigger than most campers, but it has luxurious features and all the necessities that your family will need.

In case you have a good budget, and you want to add comfort and more space for your family to spend their time easily while traveling to places, then this is a good choice.

This is the best RV for a family of 4 because it has free showers and a good bathroom setting where 2 people can easily adjust for the toilet and one for taking a shower.


  • Length: 32′, 1″
  • Sleeps: 4 – 6
  • Freshwater: 72 gal
  • Gray Water: 40 gal
  • Black Water: 50 gal
  • Independent Shower
  • Outdoor Entertainment Center
  • Pass-Through Storage
  • Drop-Down Overhead Bunk
  • Enclosed Master Bedroom
  • 16-Foot Awning
  • Theater Sofa
  • Cockpit Table

The Alante camper gives a good drop-down overhead bunk. It allows your children to rest independently in case that they want to, which can be comforting and helpful for long travels. This best RV for a group of 4 likewise has a free shower, so the entire family doesn’t need to rely on others that somebody will wrap cleaning up to utilize the restroom.

There is an entertainment center in this camper RV, and when the climate gets more pleasant, you can bring everybody outside to play and eat along with enjoyment with the best class music. The windows on this camper are a good spot to enjoy the views outside while you are traveling to places.

Jayco Alante 31V Floorplan

3. Coachmen Leprechaun 260DS

Coachmen Leprechaun

Coachmen are offering Leprechaun 260DS. This is one of the best campers for a family of 4. It is smaller than fifth-wheel trailers or bulky travel trailers that offer luxurious features to your family.

The overhead bunk is consistently cool; however, the Coachman Leprechaun makes it considerably more engaging with a turn-mounted TV inside. Presently your children would love to spend their time in this coach and enjoy most of their time with the comfort and entertainment provided.


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  • Length: 27′, 5″
  • Sleeps: 6 – 8
  • Freshwater: 50 gal
  • Gray Water: 31 gal
  • Black Water: 31 gal
  • Overhead Bunk w/TV
  • Full-Size Refrigerator
  • Slide-Out Master Bedroom and Bath
  • Flip-Down Counter
  • Convertible Dinette
  • 18-foot Awning

There is more to offer in this camper where you get some cup holders and tidbits; they may never need to leave. Relax, however; the TV slides out, and everybody can enjoy while sitting on the couch with their comfort.

One more extraordinary component of the Leprechaun is the flip-down ledge. Since counter space is important, you can stretch out the side close to the sink is essential.

You get direct access by strolling through the corridor to the main room or washroom, where you simply flip it down and get to any of these rooms. You get good air conditions and freshwater tanks along with a very comfortable ride.

Coachmen Leprechaun 260DS

4. Thor Chateau 28A

Thor Chateau 28A

When you want an extraordinary camper that will easily fit a family of 4 with all the necessities and comfort that your family needs, then Thor Chateau 28A is what you might wanna consider. One of the best components of the Thor Chateau 28A is that it does exclude any slide-out segments. While slide-outs can be convenient and offer additional room, they can be restricting your boondocking in a more tight spot.

This little RV for a group of 4 is finished with a decent look having more flexible and versatile necessities.


  • Length: 29′, 9″
  • Sleeps: 6
  • Freshwater: 40 gal
  • Gray Water: 22 gal
  • Black Water: 25 gal
  • Overhead Bunk w/Cup Holders
  • Independent Shower
  • Sofa (or Recliners)
  • Three-Burner Stove
  • Enclosed Master Bedroom
  • Swivel-Mounted TV
  • Six-Gallon Water Heater

In most of the floorplans offered in this camper, you will get an autonomous shower. This implies that the restroom and shower are not together, which can be quite helpful when going with your family somewhere.

This plan permits somebody to utilize the latrine while another person is showering, which can prove to be useful regularly, especially in case you’re bringing your kids along.

Thor Chateau 28A Floorplan

5. ModVans CV1


California-based ModVans are small campers for a small family in case your family doesn’t have high requirements for more necessities. This is a van that would just only provide you with some features that normally you will need to live a life.

It is always ready to change over from camper to traveler vehicle and work truck. It is built with removable, particular parts that let you change the format easily, and the CV1 utilizes the low-rooftop, medium-length Ford Transit body as its base.


  • Length: 18 ft
  • Sleeps: 2 – 4
  • Freshwater: 20 gal
  • Luxurious bed and sofa inside
  • Mounted LCD screen

It’s specially designed for families in light of the fact that they don’t require any washroom and kitchen space. This van only offers a living area with a second column of seats along with two master seats and a center seat.

5 people can easily travel in this van with safety belts. It dozes a family because of a removable ground floor bed introduced over the storage cupboards and an upper bed situated in the pop-up top.

ModVans Floorplan

6. Airstream Flying Cloud 25FB

Airstream Flying Cloud

If you would want a little smaller option than the other options we have mentioned on this list of best small campers for a family of 4, then Airstream Flying Cloud 25FB is a choice. Assuming you need all the more advanced and unique choices for a group of 4, you can’t turn out badly with an Airstream.

While the outside gives a straight streamlined design, you get a very colorful and stylish interior for comfort and rest spot.


  • Length: 25 f
  • Rests: 4 – 6
  • Freshwater: 37 gal
  • Gray Water: 35 gal
  • Black Water: 40 gal
  • Convertible Oven
  • Independent Shower and Bath
  • Enclosed Master Bedroom
  • Wall-Mounted TV
  • Convertible Dinette

Airstream Flying Cloud is somewhat humble inside because of its short edge. At only 25 feet in length, this is a small camper that would offer a lot of comfort and luxury to your family to enjoy long trips and tours easily. Notwithstanding, there’s still a lot of room for the whole family.

As you’ll see, every one of the best RVs for a group of 4 models consists of the main room. This is a great option to consider when going with youngsters. To the extent, there is a good sleeping space, the dinette changes over into a bed. The children can share the bed and can rest in an L shape to make it a bit more agreeable if it’s necessary.

Airstream Flying Cloud 25FB

7. Coachmen Freelander 31MB

Coachmen Freelander Class C RV

The Coachmen Freelander 31MB would be the last recommendation as all the best small campers for a family of 4 have been mentioned on this list. Some are pretty big as compared to a normal small camper, but when you consider all the necessary features for your family, size may increase. This camper has an overhead segment as a loft. Children can easily rest in that spot.


  • Length: 32′, 11″
  • Sleeps: 6 – 8
  • Freshwater: 50 gal
  • Gray Water: 32 gal
  • Black Water: 29 gal
  • Independent Shower
  • Outdoor Entertainment Center
  • Enclosed Master Bedroom w/Slide Out Closet
  • Slide-Out Dinette and Sofa
  • Overhead Bunk w/Child Safety Net
  • Full-Size Refrigerator

This is one of the options that would comfort your family, including your kids, because of the overhead bunk, on account of the consideration of a wellbeing net. There are lots of features on the inside, with a comforting area and space to provide safety and care for your family. It completes the requirement of the restroom, washroom, and kitchen in one place.

The Coachman Freelander accompanies an open-air theatre set up so the entire family can enjoy some quality time together without finding a seat at the dinette table.

Coachmen Freelander 31MB


This was a discussion about the best small campers for a family of 4. This discussion includes all the details for a small camper trailer that you can find for a small family. We listed their features and specifications along with multiple details and info about them.


Which is the best small camper to buy?

What is the best camper trailer?

  • Airstream Sport.
  • Jayco Hummingbird.
  • Coachmen Apex Nano 15T.
  • KZ Sportsmen Classic.
  • Dutchmen Aerolite.
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