All About RV Paneling? (Full Guide)

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RV paneling can help the owner spruce up the RV with time. It’s possible that the panels of an RV can get dull over time, or sometimes they can get damaged due to surroundings or in an accident. In such cases, you may be wondering where to buy RV paneling because it’s not a common thing to occur which you will get an instant answer.

This is a long process, and you have to search a lot in order to get the right RV paneling for your RV model. Other than every one of the specialized parts of your RV, enhanced visualizations with RV paneling plays a part in the amount you enjoy utilizing your vehicle. Having the right frame paneling inside your RV can have a significant effect on you and your travel partner.

To get familiar with where to purchase your RV paneling and make your vehicle inside looks far better, continue reading this blog for a deep understanding of everything that is important. We give you the data you need to discover the item that is appropriate for yourself as well as your family.

RV Exterior Paneling

Where To Find RV Paneling Parts?

If you live in America, then you have a high possibility of finding a number of RV paneling suppliers and manufacturers. There are lots of manufacturers that are spread across the U.S., and you can even search on the web for them.

In case you are in Indiana, you might discover a lot of excess stores selling RV paneling at a less expensive rate than you can get it at your RV supplier or RV parts shop; Indiana is called the RV capital of the world, so your luck may shine at getting suitable priced parts there in case you want the right paneling for your RV.

A few organizations you can look at are Hanwha Azdel, Australian Laminators, and Alibaba has a rundown of Chinese paneling for the customers across the U.S. Some manufacturers that provide RV paneling parts at their best are Winnebago, Thor Motor Coach, and Jayco. These manufacturers have good quality supplies.

Different producers incorporate Coachmen, Keystone, Tiffin, American Coach, and Starcraft. The rundown for makers is extremely long, so it would require a deep search, but you can start with the best manufacturers, as mentioned above. Going into such vendors with an image or paneling shade to confirm your choice can make it a lot easier.

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RV Paneling Suppliers

There are a lot of RV parts organizations out there that put forward their efforts to provide RV paneling and frames in spite of the fact that we should say that a large number of the home improvement stores may just deliver a restricted stock. The rundown for RV framing providers is presumably comparably long, if not longer, as the rundown for RV producers.

RV Paneling is a significant piece of your RV. With regards to RV panels today, there are two fundamental sorts utilized: aluminum and fiberglass. Metal paneling sides were used in the old times, but they have been turned down for various reasons. You will not see an excessive number of RVs with metal frame sides now since they have been supplanted by other better alternatives.

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Aluminum and Fiberglass Paneling

The two basic materials for RV paneling are Aluminum and Fiberglass. Aluminum paneling and frame can be recognized over fiberglass paneling since it ordinarily has edges, though fiberglass is smooth. The greatest advantage of aluminum siding is cost.

Aluminum framing is ideally suited to interesting purchasers so they can figure out whether they appreciate possessing an RV. RVs with aluminum siding can be hotter because of the manner in which they are built. Aluminum RVs with aluminum siding can be a huge number of dollars more affordable than RVs with fiberglass siding.

The typical way an RV is assembled that has aluminum siding is with aluminum siding outwardly, a wood outline behind the paneling, protection, and afterward some open space. This space adds warmth to an RV that others with various siding panels don’t have. However, exactly when you believed that Aluminum paneling was certainly the best approach, there are a ton of different things that fiberglass offers that aluminum paneling doesn’t.

Fiberglass handles mileage obviously superior to aluminum paneling. For aluminum paneling, scratches and gouges are all-around normal. The fiberglass paneling is a lot lighter than the aluminum one. It also has better-streamlined features, which makes it a smoother ride as well as assists you with saving money on gas. When traversing country in your RV, saving money on gas can make your trip more pleasant.

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Issues With Fiberglass Paneling

With regards to fiberglass, you can have an issue that is called delamination. This is when air bubbles get in the middle of the siding and the internal divider that the fiberglass is joined to. This mileage incredibly influences the resale worth of your RV. So if or when you choose to attempt to sell your RV, it may not go for however much you need in case that you have aluminum paneling on your RV.

You can see delamination by searching for air pockets or rankles outwardly of your fiberglass panels. The most well-known reason for delamination is the dampness that gets in the middle of the external fiberglass layer and the internal divider that the framing is appended to. Notwithstanding delamination, breaks can create fiberglass and cause harm to the resale esteem.

Issues With Aluminum Paneling

The normal issue with aluminum siding is that it effectively draws in scratches, gouges, and dings. These can also be fixed; however, in case that you travel more, you will have a more prominent probability of more marks, dings, and scratches, which all RVs with aluminum panels will, in general, have a greater amount of than fiberglass panels does.

RV Surplus Paneling

There are lots of surplus vendors who handle frames and paneling in high quality as well as other RV parts also. Discovering the sort and shade of framing you need may not be simply troublesome. One organization is called RV Surplus parts, another is RV City Surplus in San Diego, and there is Factory RV Surplus, just as RVers Corner in Indiana.

Bontrager’s Surplus is another, as is Johnson Surplus and some more. It will not take long to find out a more drawn-out rundown of these vendors in your area. The ones we cited are only a hint of something larger, and who knows, you might discover other difficult to come by RV things at these spots also.

Cheap RV Paneling

There are also ways to get RV paneling at lower costs. You can find cheap RV paneling from the local stores nearby. They can be in terms of used products or those that don’t have resale value.

What you pay for the panels doesn’t always mean that you would get a bad or terrible part for a low price. More economical RV panels can be as great and last more than the more costly brands or sheets of framing. You simply must face the challenge.

A decent web search ought to furnish you with a rundown of surplus RV paneling sellers who handle that item by the loads. Discovering modest framing ought to be simple as there are a ton of sources that stock the item.

The possible issue will be in the case that you have a custom plan for paneling that was not made in big packages. In case that you like to stand apart from the group, it might cost you when it comes time to fix or supplant it. Coordinating with existing panels will be troublesome.

Find RV Paneling Nearby

You will need to put your effort and time in search of RV paneling providers and dealers nearby your location. It may be somewhere far from your location, or it is also possible that it is right next to your street. You just have to go with a thorough search for it.

You can ask experienced RVers where they got their paneling and the amount it is. Verbal exchange can perceive you a great deal of information about that dealer or organization that delivers the paneling. Additionally, you can utilize the web to assist you with tracking down a nearby RV parts vendor or even a country RV parts outlet.


This was a discussion on where to buy RV paneling, and we talked about RV panels that you can locate nearby you. We also discussed what type of panels are useful and are used by most of RVers.


Is aluminum paneling reliable to put on RV?

Aluminum paneling gives a longer lifetime to the panel, but it has a problem with scratches. You will see a lot of scratches over time in case you don’t take proper care of it.

Should I buy fiberglass paneling for my RV?

Fiberglass panels are lightweight, and they don’t cost much. They are a better option to choose for your RV.

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