6 Best Extreme Cold Weather RVs for the Winters

Last Updated on May 15, 2022 by Ted Mosby

Are you a fan of camping and traveling in cold weather? Are you seeking help to get the best cold weather RV that can keep you warm even in extreme weather conditions?

Do you like the idea to carry your home with you wherever you go? Well, if the answer is yes, you should read the post to find out what will be the best extreme cold weather RV that you should have.

It is a hard task to find people who don’t like the idea of camping, outdoors, and traveling. However, it is also important to travel when you are fully equipped prepared with all the necessities that you are going to need to make the most out of your travel.

Without any preparation, you will not be able to achieve the goals that you are expecting, and it will be nothing more than wasting your time. Whenever we think about camping or traveling, the very first thing that crosses our minds is an RV. It serves you as your home when you are away from your home.

If you are traveling or camping in hot conditions, you can survive it even if you don’t prepare yourself much. It becomes a nearly impossible task to travel in cold conditions without having an appropriate RV.

Fortunately, some RVs are built and designed, keeping the colder conditions in mind. These RVs are meant to be carried out when the temperature is constantly getting colder.

Moreover, these vehicles are capable of fighting bravely with the freezing temperatures, icy winds, and snowy conditions and provide a warm and comfortable zone to their driver and passenger.

Whether you are living in a region where the weather conditions are bitterly cold, or just want to spend some time out in cold conditions in your RV, below are some of the best extreme cold weather RV.

So, let’s dive in to check their functionality, features, specifications, and what makes them best!

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Name RV Type Heater Type Price
Forest River Rockwood Windjammer 3008W Travel Trailer Automatic $35,000
Jayco Redhawk 26XD Class C RV Automatic $104,018
Keystone Montana Fifth Wheel Automatic $100,253
Heartland Landmark Arlington Fifth Wheel Automatic $110,059
Forest River Arctic Wolf Fifth Wheel Automatic $70,995
Keystone Raptor Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler Automatic $110,860

Windjammer 3008WForest River Rockwood Windjammer 3008W
Jayco Redhawk 26XDJayco Redhawk 26XD
Keystone MontanaKeystone Montana
Heartland Landmark ArlingtonHeartland Landmark Arlington
Forest River Arctic WolfForest River Arctic Wolf
Keystone RaptorKeystone Raptor

What are the Best Extreme Weather RV?

1. Forest River Rockwood Windjammer 3008W

Windjammer 3008W

Travel trailers are great alternatives for RV, not just because they are cheaper, but also because they are a great option for newbies who just want to get the experience of the RV lifestyle.

One Such option that beats all other travel trailers and is popular among campers and road adventurers is Forest River Rockwood Windjammer 3008W.

There are multiple reasons why Windjammer 3008W is so popular and one of the best insulated travel trailer. It is a great choice for people who love to get out and spend some time out with their family. It can easily accommodate up to five people, which means you will be able to spend some fun nights out with your family or friends.

Another reason that makes it popular is its built structure and design that is perfect for camping in cold weather conditions. With a total hitch load of almost 900 pounds, it is almost a second home for you.

The travel trailer is capable of keeping out the extremely cold weather conditions on the bay while providing a warm and comfortable environment inside.

Another great feature of Windjammer 3008W is it has the capacity to hold 45 gallons of fresh water, 75 gallons of greywater, and 45 gallons of black water. Some other incredible features include a wardrobe, Kitchenette equipped with gas cooktop, linen closet, and awning to keep the snow off.

What’s more, it also has an adjustable smart table that can be folded away and a king-size bed. The reason that makes it a great choice for snowy, cold, and extremely cold weather conditions is its insulation system for the entire trailer, electronically heated tanks, heated floor ducts, electronically heated sleeping places, and more.

Key Specifications

Height 11.33 ft
Exterior Length 34.58 ft
Exterior Width 8 ft
Gross Weight 7,482 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 45.0 gal
Grey Water Capacity 75.0 gal
Black Water Capacity 45.0 gal
Price $40,058


  • Best choice for extremely cold weather conditions because of its various traits.
  • A great option for campers who love cold weather outdoors.
  • Equipped with everything that you need to keep yourself warm.
  • Equipped with Kitchenette, wardrobe, and linen closet.
  • A perfect one for people who wants to enjoy cold weather months outside with their family.
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  • A considerably large size, which you need to put more effort to move it around and use it.

Why Windjammer 3008W? 

It is entirely insulated and equipped with everything that you want to fully enjoy those cold and extremely cold nights out with your family.

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Forest River Rockwood Windjammer 3008W fp

2. Jayco Redhawk 26XD

Jayco Redhawk 26XD

Another popular and one of the best insulated RV is Redhawk 26XD by Jayco. This RV has some unique and wonderful features that you will be unable to find in most other travel trailers. If you are one of those people who love to spend cold nights out, you will love the Jayco Redhawk 26XD.

It is equipped with five floorplans that all are different, and built on the Ford chassis. It also includes a 13-foot awning, a spacious sleeping place with a queen-size bed, linen closets, and a refrigerator. For people who want more space to keep things organized, you will find sufficient enough space.

Since it has vast space, you will find some amazing features that you are going to fall in love with. These features include a two-seater sofa, fully equipped bathroom, queen-size bed, fully-equipped kitchen space that is equipped with upper shelves, racks, microwaves, sink, and countertops.

It is also equipped with a TV, linen closet, sufficient enough space that includes shelves, racks, cabinets, and more.

So what’s make it a perfect cold-weather RV is its auto-ignition 30-BTU furnace, 55 gallons fuel tank, and 6 gallons warm water heater. You will get a feeling of home comfort with a warm, comfortable environment inside even in extreme cold weather conditions.

Another feature that I like the most about it is its spacious space that can easily accommodate up to eight people. It means you can enjoy winter months out with your family and friends regardless of how bitterly cold the weather is.

Key Specifications

Height 11.5 ft
Exterior Length 26.67 ft
Exterior Width 8.33 ft
Gross Weight 14,500 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 42.5 gal
Grey Water Capacity 41.0 gal
Black Water Capacity 32.0 gal
Price $104,018
  • Equipped with a 32-inch TV.
  • Equipped with a sofa, kitchen appliances, and a fully-equipped bathroom.
  • A spacious sleeping space with up to eight persons with a queen-size bed.
  • Extra closet space, linen closets, racks, shelves, and cabinets.
  • A great option for cold, extremely cold, and snowy weather conditions since it is equipped with a large water heater system, and auto-ignition 30-BTU furnace.
  • You will need to pay a huge price to get all of these luxury services. However, it is justifiable for a beauty like this equipped with some amazing features.

Why Jayco Redhawk 26XD? 

For people who love camping in cold and snowy weather conditions with their large family or friends, it is a great choice with spacious space and all the luxury services. Equipped with a hot water system and 30-BTU furnace, it perfectly justifies its price.

Jayco Redhawk 26XD

3. Keystone Montana

Keystone Montana

Campers, road adventurers, and people who love traveling might have heard about Keystone Montana since it has been around for almost two decades. Even though it is not new in the market, it remains one of the biggest products for Keystone to generate impressive revenue.

The main reason it is still going strong is the manufacturer regularly introduces updated versions, not only for bitterly cold weather conditions but also for all the seasons.

It is believed that a Keystone employee has tested the camper by spending a year in an extremely coldest place like LaGrange, Indiana, where the temperature often drops below zero.

The experiment was a huge success with Montana still standing strong up to the horrible weather conditions, proving Keystone Montana an extreme weather conditions RV trailer.

It is equipped with a range of features that are capable of beating any kind of weather conditions. You won’t find such features in any other RV that can keep you warm inside while it is bitterly cold, icy winds, or extremely worst weather conditions outside.

This 5th wheel is a legend in itself, and it is needless to say that it flew through every test. The only thing that I don’t like about it is its price, which might be out of reach for new RV enthusiasts.

However, here are some of its features that perfectly justify its price tag.

Key Features

  • Electric tank heaters.
  • Water lines in floors.
  • Electric fireplace embedded.
  • 15K BTU free-flow air conditioning.
  • Dual thermostat with remote sensor.
  • Auto-ignition 35,000 BTU furnace.
  • Double insulated layer with fiberglass sidewalls.
  • Heat ducts with foam core.
  • Heated low point drains for city water.
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Key Specifications

Height 13.33 ft
Exterior Length 35 ft
Exterior Width 8 ft
Gross Weight 12,056 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 66 Gal
Grey Water Capacity 88 Gal
Black Water Capacity 49 Gal
Price $100,253
  • You won’t find a better option other than Keystone Montana to stay in a comfortable, warm environment inside while the weather outside is bitterly cold, snowy, or extremely worst.
  • You will find all the luxury options that you are expecting from it.
  • Best for people who love camping with their family of up to four members.
  • Spacious storage space, fully-equipped kitchen, fully equipped bathroom, and master bedroom with curtains.
  • All the luxury options it contains will cost you a hefty price, which might be too expensive for some people who are new to RVs.

Why Keystone Montana? 

If you are looking for a legendary 5th wheel that combines all the qualities, such as efficiency, durability, luxurious experience, etc. there it is.

Keystone Montana 3731FL


4. Heartland Landmark Arlington

Heartland Landmark Arlington

Arlington with Yeti Extreme Cold package means you are going to purchase a beast and extreme arctic package that is available around. It is an optional package that you can have if you are serious about spending those cold nights out with your family and friends, regardless of how worst the weather conditions are outside.

It is not only one of the best cold weather trailers, but also a popular one for all season’s 5th wheel trailers. It is equipped with some of the most amazing home features that you will find extremely comfortable, and will offer you a home-like comfort experience.

Regardless of how often you take it out, some of its features will make sure that it keeps its pristine shape. There is nothing basic in this one of the best cold weather RV, and some of its features include Alumi-Guard awnings, a forty-inch TV, dishwasher, a bathroom fan, sliding room awning, and more.

Other additional features that you will find include;

  • Multi-plex lighting system.
  • High coffee table.
  • Power tilt bed.
  • Soft tables.
  • A 1,000 converter along with an 80 Ampere converter.
  • USB ports.
  • Reading lights system for bedroom.

Key Specifications

Height 13.25 ft
Exterior Length 42.67 ft
Exterior Width 8 ft
Gross Weight 15,168 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 80 Gal
Grey Water Capacity 84 Gal
Black Water Capacity 39 Gal
Price $110,059
  • Considering its Yeti Extreme package, it is seriously a great option for people who love camping regardless of how bitterly cold weather is.
  • It is also a great option for road adventurers, campers, and travelers to take it out regardless of what season it is.
  • Equipped with all the luxury features you are dreaming about.
  • Best for small families up to four persons.
  • If you are going to buy it without its Yeti package for camping in cold weather, you might be disappointed.
  • You will need to pay a hefty price to buy it with the Yeti package.

Why Heartland LM Arlington? 

Well, if you are serious about having some fun while camping with your family or friends, when the weather is icy, cold, or extremely cold outside, you should consider having a travel trailer that makes you and your family warm inside.

In this regard, you can’t ignore this beast, which will provide you with all the luxurious RV lifestyle options.

Heartland Landmark Arlington

5. Forest River Arctic Wolf

Forest River Arctic Wolf

Arctic Wolf by Forest River comes equipped with six floorplans to opt from, which means it is according to the requirements of all RV enthusiasts. It is not only another best-made cold weather camper but also can be used in any kind of weather.

The latest and the largest RV model of Forest River weighs 10,000 pounds, which also includes the hitch weight (1,452 pounds). If you are wondering how much does a travel trailer weigh and is this very heavy or lightweight then it’s completely subjective but 10,000 pounds for a winterized trailer is decent.

Generally, the total width of the Arctic Wolf is 35 ft., while the total height is 11 ft. Moreover, you can opt from its two packages that are Extreme Winter Weather Package and Arctic Package. For people who don’t mind camping in hot weather conditions, they can choose the Arctic Package.

While on the other hand, the extreme Weather Package is for those who love camping and traveling regardless of how worse the weather is. Having Arctic Wolf equipped with amazing Extreme Weather package functionalities, you will find a warm, comfortable environment inside when the weather outside is snowy or extremely cold since it is insulated entirely.

 For new RV enthusiasts, they will find it hard to drive, especially when parking, turning, or making other maneuvers because of its huge weight.

Key Specifications

Height 11.83 ft
Exterior Length 30.33 ft
Exterior Width 35 ft
Gross Weight 10,000 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 49 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 84 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 42 Gallons
Price $70,995
  • It offers two packages that make it a great choice for all seasons. However, it is great if you choose it with the Extreme Weather package to enjoy those cold camping nights with your family fully.
  • It is equipped with all the options you want in an RV, Kitchenette, full-size refrigerator, sofa, and a fully-equipped bathroom.
  • With spacious storage space, you will also get a queen-size bed with up to six people sleeping place, which means it is also a great choice to enjoy winter camping with your family and friends.
  • It is also equipped with air conditioning prewiring, satellite prewiring, cable prewiring, etc.
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  • Huge size and weight will need pro skills to drive it around.

Why Arctic Wolf?

Feel the luxurious lifestyle of an RV with this beast. Kick-off for an insanely amazing camping trip with your family or friends without thinking much about extremely cold weather conditions.

6. Keystone Raptor

Keystone Raptor

Another one of the greatest cold weather 5th wheel toy hauler is Keystone Raptor. It is also entirely insulated, which makes it a great choice for all seasons as well.

Keystone Raptor is the second product of Keystone on my list and rightly so because of its amazing functionalities. Besides its standard features, it also offers something extra.

For people specifically looking for a camping trailer, Keystone Raptor is one that they must consider. When buying one of these beasts, you will have the option to choose an arctic package with some additional features.

It comes with eight different floorplans to choose from. All of these floorplans are the same in size but have different options.

It is also a great, extremely cold weather RV option that has the ability to keep you warm and snug while outside weather keeps getting worse. Equipped with the MaxFlo A/C unit will make sure you stay inside in a comfortably warm environment. A/C units are also a great asset for extremely cold weather conditions, as they run on a 15,000 BTU level.

You can opt for one of its eight floorplan options. All of them have a fully equipped kitchen space, a fully equipped bathroom, a queen-size bed with spacious sleeping space, and sufficient storage space as well.

You don’t need to worry about weather conditions since it has covered you all. Having a Keystone Raptor means you will be able to fully enjoy your road adventure, camping, and outdoors without worrying much about weather conditions.

Key Specifications

Height 13.17 ft
Exterior Length 39 ft
Exterior Width 8.33 ft
Gross Weight 31,546 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 106 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 82 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 44 Gallons
Price $110,860
  • It is yet another great option to enjoy winter camping with your family or friends.
  • It is equipped with every feature you are expecting from it.
  • A kitchen space, fully equipped bathroom, queen-size bed with a spacious sleeping place that can hold up to 7 people, makes it a great option for large family members or a large group of friends to kick off for a road adventure.
  • All the luxury features will provide you with a level of home comfort. You will feel like you are carrying your home with you wherever you go.
  • Equipped with a reading lights system in the bedroom area, so that you can read your favorite books on the road. 
  • I haven’t found any of its cons other than its large size and weight that will require you to drive it carefully.

Why Keystone Raptor? 

Since it is the second Keystone product in my best cold weather RV trailers list, I have found it one of the best and most durable trailers. Arguably, it is a great extreme weather condition RV trailer for people with up to eight family members who love camping, road adventures, and traveling, those who love having outdoor fun with their friends regardless of what are the weather conditions outside.

Keystone Raptor 356


What is the best insulated travel trailer that is insulated entirely and capable of standing in any weather situation?

My best pick for the best insulated travel trailer is Windjammer 3008W. It will provide you with a comfortably warm zone inside regardless of the weather conditions outside.

How much does an RV cost which is insulated and winterized?

It is a little expensive compared to regular RVs but it’s totally worth it. 


To make the most out of your outdoors, camping, and traveling, make sure you have prepared yourself for all the weather conditions and are equipped with all the necessary things before kicking off for an insanely joyful journey.

Above, I have listed some best cold weather RVs that you should consider before purchasing one. You can compare the pros and cons to pick the one that suits you.

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