5 Best 4 Season Travel Trailers

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Do you love the outdoors and an extreme camper that cannot wait until the winters are over so that you can take your trailer out? Are you that kind of traveler who wants to explore nature regardless of what the weather conditions are? Do you want to have a travel trailer that is beyond the best weather conditions? Do you want to travel all year round regardless of how harsh or how bitter the weather conditions are? 

If the reply is yes to all of that, I just have to say, you need nothing but a 4 season travel trailer.

When spending a serious amount of dollars to have the Best All Season Travel Trailer, you are expecting a 4 season camper, which is durable, dependable, and can accompany you wherever you go.

You may also have an expectation to stay warm in cold weather, cool in hot weather, and everything in between.

Unluckily, the majority of travel trailers don’t have a design for this kind of usage. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot have one that offers all of that you’re expecting from the best 4 season camper.

However, it isn’t as simple either as it sounds. There are some aspects that are must to taken into account before investing in a four season travel trailer.

This includes,

  • First of all, figure out the best and most trusted RV brands to narrow down your search.
  • Make sure you make the right purchase, research, research, and research because you’re going to make a significant investment. It would be great if you read other people’s reviews on the product you’re going to buy to gain a clearer idea.
  • Once you find the best 4 season travel trailer, check out its specs to make sure you can safely tow it with your existing vehicle and that it fulfills your traveling needs.

So, what are the best 4 season travel trailers are?

To make it easier for you, below, I’ve bucketed the best 4 season campers that you must consider if you want to stay comfortable throughout the summer and winter months and everything in between.

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So, let’s get started!

Name Weight Price
Jayco Redhawk 25R 14,500 lbs $89,000
Lance 1475 2,600 lbs $24,950
Keystone RV Montana 12,367 lbs $127,513
Forest River Arctic Wolf 11,525 lbs $71,900
Oliver Legacy Elite II 4,600 lbs $73,500

Jayco Redhawk 26XDJayco Redhawk 25R Class C
Lance 1475Lance 1475
Keystone MontanaKeystone RV Montana
Forest River Arctic WolfForest River Arctic Wolf
Oliver Legacy Elite II Oliver Legacy Elite II

What are the Best 4 Season Campers?

1. Jayco Redhawk 25R

Jayco Redhawk 26XD

Jayco being a powerhouse RV brand in the RV market offers a range of 4 season RV. The core aim of the brand is to provide products to their customers that they can trust. All of Jayco’s products are extremely functional and offer the best quality.

All of their hard work and extreme-level craftsmanship can be seen in their Redhawk 25R Class C motorhome. This is one of the best four-season motorhomes with multiple floorplans that you will find in the RV market.

The reason why I’ve highlighted at the top of my best 4 season campers list is Climate Shield Weather Protection System construction. With it, this 4 season motorhome ensures that it can handle the cold weather conditions while also eliminating the heat and humidity invasion during summer.

Moreover, built on a Ford frame and a V10 engine, this Class C 4 season motorhome is extremely durable and ensures its longevity. You can take it off the grid or drive it on rough terrains when you plan a hunting trip on public land.

Since it offers six different floorplans, so the features and amenities will depend on the floorplans you want to have.

If you are a smaller family or a couple, I would recommend going with its 25R, which would be your best pick.

Key Specifications

Height 11.5 feet
Exterior Length 28.6 feet
Exterior Width 8.33 feet
Gross Weight 14,500 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 47 gallons
Grey Water Capacity 41 gallons
Black Water Capacity 32 gallons
Price $89,000

Key Features

  • One-piece seamless fiberglass front cap.
  • 12V LED electric awning.
  • Rear backup camera with monitor.
  • Eight cubic feet refrigerator.
  • 32” LED HDTV.
  • A/C and cruise control.
  • Power windows and door locks.
  • Swivel driver/passenger seats.
  • Linoleum flooring.
  • Cable TV hookup.
  • 15,000 BTU ducted air conditioning.
  • 31,000 BTU furnace.
  • Foot flush toilet.
  • Spacious wardrobes.
  • Bunk beds.
  • Skylight shower.
  • It is one of the best 4-season motorhomes that is an excellent option for couples or smaller families.
  • The standard amenities and features that it has to offer are eye-popping.
  • It has spacious wardrobes and ample storage that allows you to bring all of your belongings with you.
  • It is exceptionally durable and ensures that it keeps you comfortable in both hot and cold weather conditions.
  • You can easily drive it on rough terrains or anywhere else you want.
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  • With a steep price tag, you may find it out of your budget.
  • Not for you if you’re a family of four or more.

Jayco Redhawk 26XD

2. Lance 1475

Lance is another great brand to start your search if you are looking to have the best 4 season travel trailer. The brand manufactures products that are extremely durable and will keep you comfortable even in extreme weather conditions.

Their Lance Four Seasons Certified option is equipped with advanced ducted heating and dual pane windows. The best thing about ducted heating is it has a winterizing valve and water heater bypass. Moreover, this four-season trailer is also armed with heated holding tanks and insulated hatch covers.

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The ducted heater system of these 4 season travel trailers is routed into each insulated holding tank. It means your trailer’s system, valves, and PEX lines will remain warm even in bitterly cold weather.

Furthermore, another advantage of their water heater system helps to drain the winter storage system extremely simple.

To make it more insulated, it is armed with hatch covers, which serve as an additional insulation layer. If your trailer is well insulated, it means it has the ability to withstand even extreme weather conditions to keep you comfortable inside.

Here are the main specifications of the Lance 1475 floorplan,

Key Specifications

Height 9.10 feet
Exterior Length 19.8 feet
Exterior Width 84 inches
Gross Weight 2,600 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 26 gallons
Grey Water Capacity 26 gallons
Black Water Capacity 26 gallons
Price $24,950

Key Features

  • Five cubic feet refrigerator.
  • Ducted heating system.
  • Marine toilet.
  • Queen bed with innerspring mattress.
  • LED reading lights.
  • 12V USB charging ports.
  • LED interior lighting.
  • Pre-wired TV antenna.
  • Keyless entry.
  • Slideout.
  • Twelve feet Power awning with LED lighting.
  • It is an excellent pick for smaller families or couples who are looking to have a four-season travel trailer with all the basic amenities at an affordable price range.
  • It is armed with a water heater system that makes the winterizing process a simple task.
  • It is incredibly insulated and also has an additional insulation layer of hatch covers.
  • It has the ability to withstand and keep you comfortable even in extreme weather conditions.
  • Not good for larger families.
  • I’ve seen reviews of Lance on RV Insider, where people were complaining about roof leakage.

Lance 1475

3. Keystone Montana

Keystone Montana

Keystone is a powerhouse RV brand in the RV industry; it keeps producing amazing travel trailers that are loved by RV enthusiasts and travelers.

The brand continues to expand its services by manufacturing high-quality campers and travel trailers while also emerging with other smaller manufacturers.

Keystone RV Montana is yet another best four season travel trailer manufactured by the brand that allows you to take our trailer out without thinking much about weather conditions and start exploring the beauty of nature.

This beast is armed with both a robust air conditioning system and an impressive heating system that makes it an outstanding pick for both seasons and everything in between.

If you’re going to camp for a longer period of time and looking to have a 4 season travel trailer with huge water storage capacity, look no further than Keystone RV Montana.

What makes it an exceptional pick for new RVers is its wide variety of floorplans. With 22 different floorplans, each of them offering a generous accommodation room, you’ll definitely find the perfect one for your traveling needs.

However, if you are tight on budget while still looking for a 4 season travel trailer, you should go with its 3120RL, which is the least expensive in its line. But if budget isn’t an issue, and you want something extraordinary, you have the option to check its 3740FK out.

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Keystone RV Montana features and sleeping capacities entirely depend on what you are going to have. However, the basic one in its line is spacious enough to provide ample living and storage room.

If you’re a fan of hunting trips or considering going for a base camp while also looking to have a four season travel trailer that you can take with you off the grid for an extended period of time, this 4 season trailer deserves a look at yours.

Key Specifications

Height 13.3 feet
Exterior Length 35 feet
Exterior Width 8 feet
Gross Weight 12,367 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 66 gallons
Grey Water Capacity 88 gallons
Black Water Capacity 49 gallons
Price $127,513

Key Features

  • Slideouts: 3.
  • Power retractable Slideout.
  • Three-burner cooktop.
  • Overhead fan.
  • Full-size refrigerator.
  • Full-sliding master bedroom door.
  • Spacious bathroom.
  • 30,000 BTU air conditioning.
  • 26 feet two awnings.
  • Front/rear power leveling jack.
  • 9,000 BTU oven.
  • It is one of my favorite 4 season travel trailers armed with all the basic amenities and features you can expect.
  • It is a wise pick if you are planning a hunting trip or base camp for an extended period of time.
  • It has a massive water storage capacity that allows you to take it off the grid for days.
  • It has outstanding heating and air conditioning system that makes it a perfect trailer for all seasons.
  • Everything it has to offer looks so spacious and clean.
  • Although the travel trailer itself is great, their website is not working in some regions.
  • It is massive with a huge length, so you will need a spacious place to park it.
  • It is not fuel-efficient.

Keystone Montana 3121RL FLoorplan

4. Forest River Arctic Wolf

Forest River Arctic Wolf

It isn’t possible for me to not include Forest River on my list when talking about the best four-season RV. It is a titan in the RV market that manufactures extremely trendy products that are durable, trusted, dependable, and loved by RV enthusiasts.

If you are looking for a quality 4 season travel trailer built with extreme craftsmanship and outstanding materials, here is Forest River Arctic Wolf Explorer. It is a reliable and one of the most popular 4 season travel trailers you should look at.

Just like me, if you are also a fan of Forest River, chances are you will be familiar with or heard the name of their other product Cherokee. Well, Arctic and Cherokee share a lot of similarities, but what distinguishes them both from each other is the Arctic’s outstanding construction material and eye-popping features.

However, if you are considering making an investment in an Arctic floorplan, keep in mind that not all of its floorplans are armed with Elemental Protection Package.

This package helps with the insulation of the interior to eliminate heat or retain air condition. Moreover, the package also allows you to deal with humidity problems by reducing the vapor exchange, which is a lifesaver in extremely hot conditions.

Here are the specs of its 251MK floorplan,

Key Specifications

Height 12.11 feet
Exterior Length 29 feet
Exterior Width 96 inches
Gross Weight 11,525 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 49 gallons
Grey Water Capacity 35 gallons
Black Water Capacity 35 gallons
Price $71,900

Key Features

  • One Slideout.
  • 18 feet awning.
  • U-shaped dinette.
  • Three-burner cooktop.
  • Overhead fan.
  • Full-size refrigerator.
  • Spacious bathroom.
  • 15,000 BTU air conditioning.
  • 35,000 BTU heating system.
  • Outdoor/indoor speakers.
  • LED TV.
  • A wise pick for those who are planning to go for a hunting trip or base camp in extreme weather conditions.
  • It has an impressive heating and cooling system that makes it an all-season travel trailer.
  • It is great for smaller families of four to explore the areas regardless of outside weather conditions.
  • It offers excellent features and amenities that are spacious.
  • It is built with extreme craftsmanship and has an impressive layout.
  • It has various floorplans to pick from.
  • I’ve seen some reviews on RV Insider stating they are experiencing leakage issues.

Forest River Cherokee Arctic Wolf 291RL

5. Oliver Legacy Elite II 

Oliver Legacy Elite II 

Oliver is one more 4 season camper and exclusively designed for those who don’t want to wait for perfect weather to go on a road adventure. This best 4 season camper could be a wise pick for people who often travel in the winter and looking to have an all season camper that keeps them comfortable in extreme weather conditions.

There are extreme craftsmanship and resources in producing this beautiful creature that will accompany you in bitterly cold weather. They manufactured it with the keep in mind to make it fully insulated. To make this happen, Oliver features an insulated dual radiant barrier.

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This dual radiant barrier has been prepared with reflective aluminum foil on every side of the polyethylene bubble center.

To keep you more comfortable in the winters, they have made sure that your all season camper heats up instantly by installing a high-quality 11,000 BTU ducted furnace. This furnace balances the heat and then distributes it all inside the camper.

On the other end, if you often travel in hot weather conditions, the camper is armed with a Dometic Penguin II air conditioning system that can be found mounted with a roof. Moreover, it also features a MaxxAir Fan Deluxe.

All of this means regardless of how hard weather conditions are outside, you will stay cool and comfortable inside your 4 season camper.

What’s more, Oliver is also equipped with dual pane windows, which makes you even more comfortable when traveling in cold weather conditions, as they serve as an additional layer of insulation. Here are the specs of Oliver Legacy Elite II;

Key Specifications

Height 8.6 feet
Exterior Length 23.6 feet
Exterior Width 7 feet
Gross Weight 4,600 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 32.5 gallons
Grey Water Capacity 35.5 gallons
Black Water Capacity 18.5 gallons
Price $73,500

Key Features

  • Double hull fiberglass shell.
  • 16 feet retractable awning.
  • Dining and dinette.
  • Bathroom with Molded vanity and toilet.
  • Full wardrobe with lights.
  • EZ winterizing system.
  • Overhead LED lights.
  • Reading lights.
  • 120V receptacles.
  • 11,000 BTU Dometic air conditioning system.
  • Water heater.
  • Stainless steel microwave.
  • 3.8 cubic feet Norcold Three-way refrigerator.
  • It is a wise pick if you want to travel all year round regardless of the weather conditions.
  • It has an impressive cooling and heating system that will keep you comfortable even in extreme weather conditions.
  • It is an excellent option for smaller families who love hunting trips, camping, and traveling.
  • It is armed with all the basic amenities and some additional eye-popping features.
  • It is not for larger families.
  • It has a small refrigerator, which means you cannot store much food.
  • It is not a good choice if you are traveling for an extended period of time as the water capacity is not so great.

Oliver Legacy Elite Floorplan

Wrapping Up

There are extreme outdoor and camping lovers who don’t care about whether and never wait for a perfect time to take their trailer out to find an adventure.

If you are also of those and looking for an all weather travel trailer that can keep you comfortable regardless of what the weather conditions are outside, you should take a look at the best 4 season travel trailers that I have mentioned above.

All of these 4 season travel trailers have something unique to offer. I’ve also highlighted each of their major specs, features, and pros/cons that you should take a look at before investing your hard-earned money.


What do you mean by a four season travel trailer?

A four-season travel trailer means a camper or trailer that lets you travel or camp in any weather conditions while keeping you comfortable inside. A good 4-season travel trailer should be insulated properly and have both air conditioning and heating systems installed.

What should you have in your trailer to travel in summer comfortably?

If you want to keep yourself comfortable in summer while traveling in a camper, you should install an air conditioning system.

What are some best four-season travel trailers to choose from to travel in extreme weather conditions?

Some of the trusted and best 4 season travel trailers include Keystone RV Montana, Jayco Redhawk 25R, and Forest River Arctic Wolf Explorer. All of these 4 season trailers are manufactured by trusted RV brands, so you should consider having a look at them before buying one.

What is the best travel trailer camper for cold weather traveling?

If you often travel in cold weather conditions and looking for a suitable travel trailer, you should check Jayco Redhawk 26XD, Heartland Bighorn, Keystone Raptor, and Lance 4 Seasons Travel Trailer.

Which trailer has the best insulation to protect you from extreme weather conditions?

Some best and high-insulated travel trailers include Livin’ Lite Camplite, Northwood Arctic Fox, Lance 4 Seasons Travel Trailer, and Northwood Snow River Travel Trailer.

Can I live in a camper or a travel trailer in the winter?

Yes, it is possible to live in a travel trailer even in the winter. But to do that, you have to add some winter accessories to your travel trailer.

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