Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer under 5,000 lbs

Travel trailers with bunkhouses are preferred campers because they provide additional space for sleeping, and they can easily accommodate about 1 or 2 people as an extra inside the camper. Such travel trailers have huge demand, and they may vary in their sizes. Some manufacturers provide heavyweight camper trailers, while others deliver lightweight bunkhouse travel trailers.

In case you want to be specific with the conditions to find out a lightweight bunkhouse travel trailer has an agreeable weight, then we have collected information on some trailers under 5000 lbs.

Bunkhouse travel trailers are well known on the grounds that they accompany cots. So in case you want one, you will have your own main room, and your children will have their own beds to utilize at whatever point they need to.

At the end of the day, in case you get a bunkhouse travel trailer, you won’t ever have to change over its sitting/feasting region into beds at whatever point your children need to rest or take a nap. Whatever is the size of your family or group, you would make certain to get a moderate-weight travel trailer that will advantageously address your issues.

Name Weight
Winnebago Hike H171DB 3340 lbs
Oliver Legacy Elite 3700 lbs
Venture RV Sonic Lite SL169VBH 3210 lbs
KZ Sportsmen Classic 181BH 3500 lbs
Airstream Sport 22FB 3634 lbs
Jayco Jay Feather 20BH 4300 lbs
Forest River R-Pod 193 3654 lbs

Winnebago HikeWinnebago Hike H171DB
Oliver Travel Trailers Legacy Elite IIOliver Legacy Elite
Venture RV Sonic LiteVenture RV Sonic Lite SL169VBH
KZ Sportsmen Classic 181BHKZ Sportsmen Classic 181BH
Airstream Bambi Sport 22FBAirstream Sport 22FB
Jayco Jay Feather Travel Trailer ReviewJayco Jay Feather 20BH
Forest River r-podForest River R-Pod 193

Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer under 5,000 lbs

1. Winnebago Hike H171DB

Winnebago Hike

Winnebago Hike H171DB is a lightweight bunkhouse model that is available under 5000 lbs. Over the years, the company transformed into a successful camper manufacturer, and the quality is also dependable. From the series of models accessible, their Hike H17DB sticks out and offers serious elements in the business.

In case you are not only just looking for a lightweight travel trailer, yet a little and conservative plan, then this would be the ideal fit. Regardless of the little inside, great thought was given to the plan to guarantee a wide space for sleeping 4 people on account of the presence of a Queen’s size bed and a dinette that can be switched over to a bed.

You would track down a washroom with a shower and an exceptional kitchen. The main component of this trailer is the solitary plan with no boundary for the room. You get loads of outside connections and links that guarantee you don’t leave any of your setting-up camp cog wheels behind.

  • Outer connection clears a path to take more pinion wheels
  • Small, reduced, and lightweight body
  • Maximum strength and durability
  • The room shares a typical space

Winnebago Hike H171DB

2. Oliver Legacy Elite

Oliver Travel Trailers Legacy Elite II

Oliver is a new RV manufacturer that delivers shaped fiberglass trailer called the Legacy Elite intended to give you solace, due to which you would not have any desire to leave this trailer. There are great features that can easily attract a customer. Oliver Legacy Elite is a little space lodge that will advantageously rest just 3 people. There is a standard bed and a little bed.

The two beds can be lifted to make a love seat, uncovering more space during the day. This trailer is stacked with standard highlights, including A/C, heater, treated steel microwave, double burner LP oven, Jensen theater setup, flush-mount, canopy, three fueled adjustment jacks, cooler, and more. Oliver Legacy Elite weighs about 3,700 lbs which makes it an ideal lightweight bunkhouse travel trailer under 5000 lbs.

  • The cleaned outside body has appealing looks
  • Small, reduced, and lightweight chassis
  • It can undoubtedly be towed around
  • Can just rest 3 people

Oliver Legacy Elite Floorplan

3. Venture RV Sonic Lite SL169VBH

Venture RV Sonic Lite

Venture RV Sonic Lite (SL169VBH) is a lightweight bunkhouse travel trailer under 5000 lbs that is furnished with important features required by a customer. In case you are searching for a bunkhouse travel trailer that is lightweight, sharp, and agreeable, you ought to firmly think about this camper. A few things stand apart with regards to this trailer. To begin with, it is all around planned and developed.

This is the justification for why it is not difficult to tow. And it is extremely lightweight in spite of being a bunkhouse travel trailer. So assuming you are searching for a trailer that is not difficult to pull and that will not altogether influence your gas mileage, you ought to unquestionably think about it. There is also an exceptional innovation that permits you to even out it effectively utilizing your cell phone.

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Since it is fitted with this innovation, you can even out it effectively at whatever point you need paying little mind to the light conditions. This camper is accessible in six other floor plan choices, and very few bunkhouse travel trailers have various floor plan choices. A portion of the floor plans incorporate bunks and keep in mind that others incorporate slide-outs.

  • There is a loft at the back
  • Bed sizes are big for good sleeping space
  • A nice set of washroom layout with useful features
  • There is no main room

Venture RV Sonic Lite SL169VBH

4. KZ Sportsmen Classic 181BH

KZ Sportsmen Classic 181BH

KZ Sportsmen Classic 181BH is a camper that provides a useful bunkhouse with the trailer. This bunkhouse travel trailer is essential for the organization’s Sportsmen Classic line of movement trailers, as its name recommends. This specific KZ Sportsmen Classic travel trailer model weighs only 2,840 pounds. This implies that it is very lightweight and can be pulled even by fair size SUVs.

While the way that this movement trailer can be pulled by a moderate size SUV is noteworthy, there is also a feature that it allows, which is a free and inventive cell phone application called the KZ RV application. The application incorporates a few tasks to let you set up the trailer satisfactorily for long excursions. It additionally has updates and service data/highlights to inform you about trailer health.

It is the most incredible in the KZ Sportsmen Classic line of trailers. This is on the grounds that it is incredibly utilitarian. In case you like this specific model, then, at that point, you will like it much more when you hear that it can serenely rest six individuals. This lightweight bunkhouse travel trailer has a weight of fewer than 5000 lbs which means you don’t have to worry about fuel consumption as well.

  • Huge main room for living
  • Smart features and auto-detection
  • Couple of bunks in the trailer
  • A foldable dinette
  • Price is high

KZ Sportsmen Classic 181BH Floorplan

5. Airstream Sport 22FB

Airstream Bambi Sport 22FB

Airstream Sport 22FB is a luxurious and one of the most amazing bunkhouses travel trailers you would find on the lookout. This is a lightweight model that comes under 5000 lbs. The brand is perhaps the most seasoned producer since the 1930s. Throughout the long term, they have continued improving and planning profoundly aggressive travel trailers.

The principal perceptible element is then smoothed out and cleaned outside. It isn’t just with regards to the outside within. It’s similarly pretty much as noteworthy as the outside. With proficient utilization of room, this lodge is all around planned with a clean restroom, a main room or bedroom, kitchen space, and a dinette which serves as a relaxing space and further changes into additional dozing space.

Airstream Sport 22FB weighs 4,500 lbs and will helpfully rest 3 people. You can make obscure open-air space on account of the retractable canopy. It is packed with highlights that will make your setting up camp excursion beneficial.

  • Full inside temperature control
  • Maximum dependability and solidness
  • Airstream bent aluminum configuration
  • A huge separate space for security
  • There are no adequate extra rooms

Airstream Bambi Sport 22FB Floorplan

6. Jayco Jay Feather 20BH

Jayco Jay Feather Travel Trailer Review

The Jay Feather travel trailer comes with a bunkhouse that would provide you with the space you need. It is a travel trailer that has a weight of fewer than 5000 lbs, making it suitable to tow with good-sized SUVs. When you love your trailer and want it to be open while not managing weight, then, at that point, you will have no preferable choice over this.

The inside is stunning and gives everything to make your van life significant. It has a completely utilitarian washroom, with heaps of space for sleeping. It includes a big front bed in addition to another back bed for you and your family. The couch gives space for resting and laying off for a while.

The Jay Feather weighs 4,950 lbs which makes it a travel trailer under 5000 lbs of weight, but it’s not the best as most of the others on our list.

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  • Can rest up to 5 people
  • Interior is all around separated for protection and feels very much like a home
  • Sufficient space and space for exercises
  • Quality guarantee on the item and design
  • Though lightweight, but massive
  • It is costly

Jayco Jay Feather 20BH Floorplans

7. Forest River R-Pod 193

Forest River r-pod

The R-Pod 193 is a travel trailer that weighs very less than 5000 lbs. It’s a great choice to pick for your trips. Assuming you have a huge family, then, at that point, this is an incredible choice that you ought to consider taking into consideration. The Forest River includes a Murphy Queen’s bed that folds into the divider to uncover a lounge chair.

You will also be able to get a bunk mounted in an encased room, so you can have security. The R-Pod 193 will rest 5 people, which is a great thing for such a travel trailer. You have all that all stuffed to give you solace and relaxation after the day’s exercises with this camper, and you will also find a full restroom in this bunkhouse, just as an extremely useful kitchen and feasting set.

  • It can rest 5 people and surprisingly more
  • It is reasonable
  • Sufficient space for indoor exercises
  • Optimum solace is ensured
  • Limited on features

Forest River R-Pod 193

Things to Consider Before Choosing

There are a few choices to consider while choosing a lightweight bunkhouse travel trailer under 3500 lbs.

1. Size of trailer

Size is feasible to get a suitable trailer with adequate inside space, but it should be lightweight. Everything relies upon what materials it is worked with and what highlights are available. You ought to concur with yourself, assuming you need an enormous or a little trailer. Both of them accompany their benefits and drawbacks.

For a little trailer, you would have more travel features to investigate and furthermore can move your direction effectively to your destination. Then again, a bigger unit offers more space for indoor exercises and would rest more people.

2. Capacity of trailer

A trailer’s capacity to provide sleeping space for the individuals inside also matters a lot. This is known by the number of people the trailer can rest. Assuming you have a family of more people, you ought to go for the choice that would oblige the size of your family. In any case, you should realize that the bigger the size of your family, the bigger the trailer.

In any case, some little units rest a larger number of people than the huge ones. These units have a few elements, for example, convertible eating and sofa sets. So, there are some bunkhouse models that also provide more space.

3. Extra Features

The bunkhouse travel trailers having diverse features can be more attractive. These highlights are there to give you extravagance and solace. Help yourself out by contrasting highlights. It is practically proven that the more the highlights, the more costly it will be.


This was a guide on the best lightweight bunkhouse travel trailer under 5000 lbs. This list includes all the important bunkhouse trailers with less weight. For further details, check our FAQ.


What is the lightest camper with bunk beds?

The camper with the lightest weight, including bunk beds, are

  • Shasta Oasis 18BH
  • Coachmen Clipper 17BHS
  • Forest River Wildwood X-Lite FSX
  • Lance 2185
  • KZ Sportsmen Classic
  • Grey Wolf 26DBH Bunkhouse
  • Livin Lite Camplite CL16BHB

What is the highest-rated lightweight travel trailer?

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