7 Amazing Luxury Travel Trailers

Last Updated on March 16, 2022 by Ted Mosby

Do you want to own a high-end travel trailer with all the luxuries and comfort of your home? Do you want to feel the luxurious RV lifestyle, and don’t care about the budget?

This post is for you. Below you will find the best luxury travel trailers built with top-quality materials and offer high-end features.

There are multiple brands that manufacture luxury travel trailers to offer top-quality features and amenities that cannot be found in the standard low-class and low-priced trailers.

These high end travel trailers have a steep price tag. However, they offer you the amenities and features that perfectly justify the price you have paid.

Since there is a vast range of high-end travel trailers, picking the best one out of them can be an overwhelming task.

That is why I’ve rounded up a list of the best luxury travel trailers so that you get the one you are looking for.

Below I’ve briefly discussed each of them and their essential specs and features, so it will be easy for you to compare them before making a final decision. So, let’s get started!

Name Weight Price
Airstream Classic 33FB 8,261 lbs $199,500
The Land Ark Drake 21,000 lbs $150,000
Grand Design Reflection 7,692 lbs $78,373
Palomino Puma 9,072 lbs $40,900
Jayco Jay Flight Bungalow 40FBTS 11,090 lbs $58,247
ERV by Retreat Caravan and OzXCorp 6,523 lbs $113,000
Coachmen Northern Spirit 3379BH 8,400 lbs $39,634

Airstream Classic 33FBAirstream Classic 33FB
The Land Ark DrakeThe Land Ark Drake
Grand Design Reflection 312BHTSGrand Design Reflection
Palomino PumaPalomino Puma
Jayco Jay Flight Bungalow 40FBTSJayco Jay Flight Bungalow 40FBTS
ERV by Retreat Caravan and OzXCorpERV by Retreat Caravan and OzXCorp
Coachmen Spirit/Northern Spirit 3379BHCoachmen Spirit/Northern Spirit 3379BH

What are the Best High End Travel Trailers?

1. Airstream Classic 33FB

Airstream Classic 33FB

Airstream is one of the Best RV Brands and one of my all-time favorites as well. One of the best and high-end travel trailers manufactured by Airstream is Classic 33FB.

You will also find 30 feet trailers, as well as 33FB twin-bed trailers in the Airstream Classic series, but here I’ll mention the 33FB queen-sized bed trailer as the majority of travelers prefer large beds.

However, to own this luxury and high-end travel trailer, you will have to spend a serious amount of money. So, if the budget is not a problem for you and you want to get a trailer that offers you all the luxuries and comfort while traveling, I highly recommend you look at Airstream Classic 33FB.

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Now, let’s discuss why it is so pricey and what does it offer?

The first reason it has an enormous price tag is its luxurious wooden interior, including handcrafted elements and top-of-the-line appliances. At first, you might realize that there is nothing as an RV interior – but it’s much more premium-feeling than the majority of RVs available out there.

But what else does it offer aside from its premium crafted material?

The answer is simple – you will find everything inside it that you want to have while paying such a hefty price. At standard, the travel trailer is not much different from other cheaper and small travel trailer models, and the aspect that makes it stand out is it offers everything that is more convenient and functional.

For instance, let’s talk about its bathroom, which you can find even in other small and cheaper travel trailers –have a toilet, sink, shower, etc. But the things that you will not find in other travel trailers except 33FB include more than sufficient room, a heated towel bar, a heated shower floor, and more.

Except for its toilet, other notable features that you cannot find in other travel trailers except 33FB include a fully-equipped entertainment system along with a 60-inch LED TV, a 15,000 BTU air conditioning system, 9-cubic feet refrigerator, and up to five sleeping areas.

There are various other aspects that make it a high-end luxury travel trailer to have, and what I have mentioned so far is just a surface that I think would be enough to give you a precise understanding of what the Airstream Classic 33FB has to offer.

Key Specifications

Height 9.10 feet
Exterior Length 33 feet
Exterior Width 8.6 feet
Gross Weight 8,261 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 54 gallons
Grey Water Capacity 37 gallons
Black Water Capacity 39 gallons
Price $199,500

Key Features

  • 15,000 BTU air conditioning unit.
  • 50 Ampere electric service.
  • 60-inch smart HD projection TV.
  • 9-cubic feet two-way refrigerator.
  • One awning.
  • 3-cooktop burner.
  • Electric water heater.
  • It is built with premium materials that make it incredibly durable and aesthetically beautiful looking.
  • It includes all the top-of-the-line appliances that you can expect for such a hefty price that you are paying.
  • It has a spacious bathroom with a heated towel bar and a heated shower floor.
  • It also offers a fully equipped and functional entertainment system along with a 60-inch projection TV.
  • It is also equipped with a queen bed, a private bedroom, and a reclining sofa.
  • The feature that I think is missing in this luxurious travel trailer is a sliding glass door.
  • It also doesn’t have any slide-outs to increase a bit of space inside.

Airstream Classic 33FB

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2. The Land Ark Drake

The Land Ark Drake

The Land Ark Drake is more than just a camper, or you can say that it is a small house. The most significant aspect of this luxury and high-end travel trailer is its portability, which makes it extremely comfortable. With a steep price tag, this luxury travel trailer is another best pick for all of your outdoors and adventures.

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This high-end travel trailer can easily accommodate up to six people, and if you need to accommodate one more person, it has a sofa that you can convert to a sleeping bed. What gives its interior a more modern and sleek look is its corrugated metal siding that is maintenance-free.

Inside the travel trailer, you will find walls, floor, and shelving that are finished with white-washed pine and black metal fixtures that give it an ambiance and stylish industrial look. Moreover, the 10 feet ceiling will make the space even more considerable.

Furthermore, each of its 14 dual-pane tempered windows features custom cellular shades to maintain your privacy and provide a better ceiling, walls, and floor insulation. The Land Ark Drake offers two floorplans to choose from, which means you will have the option to pick the one according to your preferences to get a real home’s feelings.

The base-level includes a complete living area along with other luxurious living things, including a room that can be used either as a third sleeping area with a queen-sized bed or as an office. You will also see a full-size kitchen packed with everything that you need, including countertops, open shelving, LED lights, and cabinets and drawers.

All of its appliances are stainless steel and include a three-burner LP gas cooktop, ten-cubic feet refrigerator, wall-mounted vent, oven, and a modern sink. Coming to its living area, you will see an in-built sofa along with three storage drawers, in-built shelving, a 10 feet workspace and bar, and a storage area above the sofa that can be accessed by a ladder.

The bathroom is also luxurious and features a 30×60 inch bathtub and shower combo, in-built linen storage, a vanity with a lighted mirror, a vent fan, and a toilet. What’s more, there are also two lofts that can fit a king mattress and a queen mattress. You will see electric outlets, USB charging ports, custom railing, egress windows, and LED lighting along with dimmers in the loft areas.

All in all, The Land Ark Drake is one of the most luxurious and high-end travel trailers that you can own to make your camping more fun and memorable.

Key Specifications

Height 13.4 feet
Exterior Length 30 feet 
Exterior Width 8.5 feet
Gross Weight 21,000 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity NA
Grey Water Capacity NA
Black Water Capacity NA
Price $150,000

Key Features

  • Two floorplans to choose from.
  • Ten cubic feet refrigerator.
  • Three-burner LP gas cooktop.
  • Wall-mounted vent.
  • Stainless steel appliances.
  • In-built sofa with underneath storage.
  • Built-in shelving.
  • A king and a queen mattress lofts.
  • This high-end travel trailer is more like a small home instead of a camper.
  • It offers all the luxuries and comfort that you can dream of and perfectly justifies the price.
  • It offers more than enough storage space so that you can take all the stuff along with you to make your camping more fun.
  • It is durable, comfortable, and built with high-quality material.
  • It can only sleep four to six people, which means it is not meant for larger families.

3. Grand Design Reflection

Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS

Another luxury and high-end travel trailer are Grand Design Reflection. This travel trailer is armed with everything that you need for a luxurious living and convenient traveling when you are on a campsite or traveling on the road.

Beginning from its polished exterior, it features two power awnings that you can use to create extra outdoor space for living or use to protect your trailer against harsh weather conditions. You will also see LED lights and storage spaces that you can use to store your gear.

The interior of this luxury travel trailer comes equipped with multiple storage compartments, and you will see maple cabinets with fine woodworks that allow you to store all of your stuff without any hassle. In the bedroom area, you will see a queen bed along with a roomy and spacious wardrobe.

Embellished in porcelain furnishings and a stainless steel sink, the bathroom offers plenty of headspaces, even to tall people, and also has a skylight shower. In the kitchen, you will see aesthetically beautiful graphite countertops.

The leather seats can be seen directly in front of the TV.

It also features an electric fireplace that will give you a homely feel and keep you comfortable.

It means regardless of the weather conditions outside, you can take it off the grid any time you want. Furthermore, it also features USB charging ports and a uniport control system, so that you can charge all of your electronics and stay equipped during your camping or outdoors.

This is yet another one of the best luxury and high-end travel trailers that will make you feel at home away from home.

Key Specifications

Height 11.67 feet
Exterior Length 32.7 feet
Exterior Width 8.5 feet
Gross Weight 7,692 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 60 gallons
Grey Water Capacity 75 gallons
Black Water Capacity 43 gallons
Price $78,373

Key Features

  • Tow power awnings with LED lights.
  • Maple cabinets with fine woodworks.
  • A queen-size bed.
  • A large wardrobe.
  • USB charging outlets.
  • Skylight shower.
  • Leather theatre seats.
  • Uniport control system.
  • It features a universal docking system that powers all the controls.
  • The refrigerator in the kitchen is huge and offers plenty of space.
  • It offers roomy cabinets, a spacious wardrobe, and a wide skylight shower.
  • It also has two power awnings that can be used to create more outdoor space or protect your trailer against rough weather conditions.
  • What I think is missing in this RV is a sliding glass door and a screened room. Moreover, it also doesn’t have any bunkhouse to accommodate more people.

Grand Design Reflection 367BHS Floorplan

4. Palomino Puma

Palomino Puma

When investing a huge amount of money while buying a trailer, you definitely want to have options so that you can pick the floorplan that is worth your hard-earned money.

In that case, Palomino Puma is one of those few luxuries and high-end travel trailers that offer a range of floorplans to choose from.

It has 43 different floorplans that are incredibly versatile. The features and amenities that it has to offer will be hard to find in any other luxury travel trailer in the same price range. Regardless of what floorplan you pick, all of its features remain the same.

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For instance, if you go with its Puma 32RKTS or Puma 27RLSS, you will see the same decorative kitchen backsplash, among other significant features. If you are after a luxury camper that also covers style and substance, there is nothing better than Palomino Puma.

What makes it premium is its four interior décor and a wide skylight shower. Moreover, a jackknife sofa and a nickel finish kitchen faucet offer more convenience by offering state-of-the-art amenities and features that you can use.

The sofa also offers storage underneath that you can use to store your stuff, as well as a pull-down center drink tray.

These features don’t end here, and what I have mentioned so far is just the surface, which I think would be enough to give you an idea of what this high-end travel trailer has to offer.

Here are its major specs and features;

Key Specifications

Height 11.75 ft.
Exterior Length 38.7 feet
Exterior Width 8 ft.
Gross Weight 9,072 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 51 gallons
Grey Water Capacity 67 gallons
Black Water Capacity 32 gallons
Price $40,900

Key Features

  • Numerous floorplans to choose from.
  • Decorative kitchen splashboard.
  • A wide skylight shower.
  • A jackknife sofa underneath storage and pull-down drink tray.
  • Four interior décor options.
  • A fully equipped and functional kitchen with stainless steel appliances.
  • 35,000 BTU furnace.
  • 13,500 BTU ducted AC unit.
  • Stereo with Bluetooth DVD/CD/FM player.
  • This is among those few luxuries and high-end travel trailers that offer you a range of floorplans to choose from so that you can get the one that worth your hard-earned money.
  • It offers all the luxury features and amenities that you can expect from a luxurious travel trailer.
  • It is one of the best luxury travel trailers at an affordable price and can comfortably sleep between four to ten people.
  • It doesn’t have bunk beds, which means you cannot maximize its sleeping capacity for more than six people.

Palomino Puma 253FBS Floorplan

5. Jayco Jay Flight Bungalow 40FBTS

Jayco Jay Flight Bungalow 40FBTS

Comparing Jayco Jay Flight Bungalow 40FBTS to Airstream travel trailers, it is not as luxurious, but it certainly offers plenty of other features who want to spend reasonable money to get a trailer with some luxuries.

It is also worth mentioning that 40FBTS is the only floorplan available, so you don’t have much to choose from. The reason for including it in my list of the best luxury and high-end travel trailers is I found it interesting.

With a length of up to 40.2 feet, this travel trailer is one of the longest travel trailers available out there. This also means that it offers a range of features that are enough to make you surprised.

The most important and most notable feature about this high-end travel trailer is it has two bathrooms.

One of its bathrooms includes a shower and a toilet while the other is a toilet compartment. This is only possible because it has more than enough free space. Another thing that makes 40FBTS stand out is its living area which features a convertible sofa and a big dinette.

You will see one of the largest residential-style refrigerators (18 cubic feet) and a central island in the kitchen. There is no need to highlight that this luxury and high-end RV has plenty of space in between.

However, regardless of all of these surprising features, the only thing that let it down is its whopping dry weight (11,090 lbs), which is significantly far greater than Airstream RVs.

This also means that you’ll have to buy a heavy vehicle first to tow it safely before buying this travel trailer. However, other than its weight, that shouldn’t be a problem; it is still one of the best luxury and high-end RV at a reasonable price that you can consider.

Key Specifications

Height 12.5 feet
Exterior Length 40.2 feet
Exterior Width 8.5 feet
Gross Weight 11,090 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 38 gallons
Grey Water Capacity 32 gallons
Black Water Capacity 39 gallons
Price $58,247

Key Features

  • 60-inch sliding glass door.
  • Two bathrooms.
  • 120V ceiling fan in both living and bedroom.
  • LED lighting outdoors.
  • Eighteen cubic feet refrigerator along with an ice maker.
  • Four-burner cooktop range.
  • A microwave and an oven.
  • Plenty of storage space.
  • It is one of the best picks if you are looking for a luxury and high-end travel trailer at an affordable price that can comfortably sleep up to 8 people.
  • It has two ceiling fans, while the living area has LED and inset lighting to keep you comfortable.
  • The kitchen is incredibly spacious and will make you feel like you are standing in your home kitchen.
  • It includes two bathrooms, and one of them features a pedal-flush toilet, a spacious shower, a toiletries cabinet, and an LED-backlit mirror.
  • It also has exterior speakers and a power awning that allows you to have more fun outside the trailer.
  • Since it is one of the longest travel trailers and has a whopping dry weight, you will need to buy a heavy truck first to pull it safely.

6. ERV by Retreat Caravan and OzXCorp

ERV by Retreat Caravan and OzXCorp

Do you want to own a gas-free camper to hit the road in style? Then you should check this one out. It is an extremely luxury and high-end RV that is armed with a 14.3kWh lithium battery and roof-mounted solar panels that make it run on the battery entirely.

This travel trailer has impressive off-road capabilities. Inside the travel trailer, you will see the interior that will make you feel like you are in a luxury hotel room instead of an RV. Another great aspect of ERV is it offers five different floorplans to choose from, which means you’ll have the choice to pick the best out of them.

All of its floorplans offer different placement for the lounge, dining area, kitchen, and bathroom. Moreover, you’ll also have the option to go for a floorplan with bunk beds, convertible lounge dinette, and convertible bedrooms to increase sleeping space if you want to accommodate more people.

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However, the thing that you will find similar in all of its floorplans is its full ensuite bathroom that includes a ceramic cassette toilet, shower, vanity, and a washing machine.

The core purpose of this travel trailer is to provide you with luxurious living and convenience with style.

You will also see subway tile backsplashes, padded three-piece bed head, acrylic cabinet doors, headrests in the lounge area, a bed with an inner-spring mattress, etc.

Moreover, this luxury and high-end RV also features in and outside LED lighting and a Bluetooth Fusion sound system to keep you entertained throughout your journey.

You will find a large kitchen as well, which includes a two-burner cooktop, a slide-out range hood, microwave, convection oven, grill, and a full-size fridge along with a freezer.

You can bring all of your gear without any hassle as it also has plenty of storage space, including under-the-bed storage and side cabinets in both bathroom and bedroom areas.

Key Features

  • Heating and Air Conditioning system.
  • 2033W solar array.
  • Foldable picnic table.
  • Exterior TV unit.
  • Outdoor shower.
  • A full-size fridge along with a freezer.
  • A two-burner cooktop.
  • LED lighting inside and out.
  • Bluetooth Fusion sound system.
  • It is one of the best and most luxurious travel trailers for people who don’t want to pay more than $1,00,000 but still want to feel the luxurious RV living.
  • It offers five different floorplans with different placements so that you can pick the one that perfectly fits your needs.
  • It offers almost everything that you can wish or expect from a luxurious travel trailer at such price.
  • It offers ample room so that you can bring all of your stuff with you while camping or traveling.
  • It has the capacity to sleep only four people, so it is not meant for larger families or a large group of travelers.

ERV by Retreat Caravan and OzXCorp

7. Coachmen Northern Spirit 3379BH

Coachmen Spirit/Northern Spirit 3379BH

Travelers and frequent campers who are looking for not only something compact and small but that offer all the luxury living and comfort of home as well, then, you should check out Coachmen Spirit/Northern Spirit travel trailers.

This is also an exceptional pick for those who are on a budget and want something less expensive but luxurious.

Coachmen Spirit/Northern Spirit offers various floorplans, and all of them offer different sizes and features. However, one of the largest and most comfortable floorplans that I have found is 3379BH, so I will highlight it here.

This travel trailer floorplan has a length of 36.11 feet. However, regardless of its huge size, it doesn’t offer as much space as some other high-end travel trailers on this list, but the aspect that makes 3379BH stand out is it offers convenience and comfort.

Inside this luxury and high-end travel trailer, you will see a tri-fold sofa lying in the rear, a flip-up bunk bed that measures 30×74, and another bunk that measures 42×74 as well. You will also find an outdoor kitchen in the rear, which means you don’t have to get in and out whenever you want to cook or eat something.

Another great aspect of 3379BH is it is lightweight and has a great towing ability. The Coachmen don’t mention this travel trailer’s exact weight, but I think it would be around 8,000 lbs, which is significantly lesser than some other luxury and high-end RVs that I have mentioned above.

Key Specifications

Height 11.3 feet
Exterior Length 36.11 feet
Exterior Width 8 feet
Gross Weight 8,400 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 49 gallons
Grey Water Capacity 33 gallons
Black Water Capacity 33 gallons
Price $39,634

Key Features

  • Outdoor kitchen.
  • Kitchen island.
  • Triple slides.
  • Theatre seats.
  • Fireplace.
  • Private bunkhouse.
  • Motion-activated floor lights.
  • 13,500 BTU Air conditioning unit.
  • LED TV.
  • Water heater.
  • This travel trailer is an exceptional unit for frequent travelers or campers who want all the comfort and luxuries of their home while traveling.
  • Regardless of its length, it is lightweight and easy to tow.
  • It offers two separate bunk beds that make it a perfect option for families and groups who are traveling together.
  • It offers some eye-catching features that are hard to find in any other travel trailer.
  • It doesn’t have a master bedroom closet and a reclining sofa.

Coachmen Northern Spirit 3379BH

Wrapping Up

When traveling or camping, you don’t have to compromise on comfort and convenience. There are travel trailers that make you feel at home away from home so that you can make your camping more memorable and fun.

If you are willing to have a luxury and high-end travel trailer and you are not on a budget, then I recommend you to consider investing in any of the above travel trailers.

All of these luxury travel trailers offer you something unique and special that you cannot find in other standard and cheap travel trailers.

Before investing in any of the above high-end RVs, you can compare their specs, features, and pros/cons to make sure you get exactly the one that you want.


What RV brand makes the best quality travel trailers?

There are various RV brands that manufacture the highest-quality travel trailers, including Winnebago, Jayco Jay, Forest River, Airstream, and Happier Camper.

What are some worst travel trailer brands to avoid?

 Some RV brands that you should avoid include Fleetwood, Gulfstream, Keystone, and Thor Hurricane.

What is the most expensive RV in the world?

I think the most expensive RV in the world is Marchi Mobile’s EleMMent Palazzo Superior with a price tag of $3 Million.

What season is best to buy a travel trailer?

Well, if you are on a budget and want to buy a travel trailer at an affordable cost, I recommend you wait until October.

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