Jayco White Hawk Travel Trailer Reviews 

Jayco White Hawk

$47,423 - $58,268





Interior Design







  • Versatile
  • Removable dinette
  • Excellent construction
  • Good livability
  • Ultra Lightweight


  • Minor electrical problems
  • Sink leaks

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Do you desire to go on a vacation or a road trip without having to give up the luxury of your home? Well, we have got your back covered. We are introducing to you the lightweight and luxury travel trailer called the Jayco White Hawk.

This travel trailer is like a dream coming true. With its excellent floor plan and multiple luxury features, it is considered one of the most brilliant cabins on wheels.

Not only does the remarkably astounding size to weight ratio it also has a range of specifications that would leave you in awe of it.

Jayco White Hawk Review

Jayco White Hawk Review

Jayco White Hawk is an ultra-super lightweight travel trailer. You don’t normally hear about the white hawk. More common trailers are the Jayco flight and eagles. But Whitehawk is super luxurious and lightweight.

It has a number of different features which makes it the number one choice. It is 38 feet long vehicle but still ways only around 8327 lbs.

It is a first-class vehicle that contains all features that one would desire of a cab. It is a couple’s biggest dream, to have all luxury under the roof of a cabin.

Jayco White Hawk Features

It has a lot of features that play their role in making it a comfortable living space.

1. Construction

The white hawk has a custom-manufactured frame called the Norco NextGen frame. It has been made using low alloy steel. It has the best strength-to-weight ratio. The walls are built with an exclusive process called “Stronghold UBL”.

2. Jaco Magnum Roof System

The roof system of the Jayco Whitehawk is known as the Magnum Truss Roof System. It is 50% more powerful than regular industry roofs. It uses two by two vertical studs which maximize its load capacity. On both sides of the vertical studs, Mel plates are also used to enhance the strength.

Upon rigorous testing, it has been proven that the roof system can bear 4500 pounds of weight.

3. Exterior Features

Jayco White hawk has brilliant exterior features ranging from the front of the camper to the very back.

There is a fully integrated A-frame that forms the body of the cabin. It has an aerodynamic design to help reduce air resistance. This allows for the increased mileage and stability of the trailer.

A lot of other exterior features include:

  • Rounded front profile
  • Diamond ring
  • Vacuum bonded walls
  • Outdoor kitchens with metal counters
  • Marine-grade exterior speakers
  • America made Dexter as Axels
  • 30-amp service
  • 4 stabilizer jacks
  • Solar panels
  • Aluminum rims
  • Galvanized steel wheel wells

4. Interior Features

The white hawk presence luxury throughout its interior. The design and the quality of construction of furniture as well as appliances is first class.

Some of the interior features include:


  • Bedroom facility with a queen-size bed
  • Electric lights LED


  • Hardwood cabinets
  • Plate bowl sink
  • High-rise pull-out faucets
  • Ball bearing drawers
  • Three burner cooktops
  • Decorative backsplash refrigerator
  • Gas panel
  • Microwaves

Living Area:

  • Roomy living area
  • Interior decor
  • Residential grade vinyl flooring
  • Heating and cooling systems

Jayco White Hawk Floorplans

1. Jayco White Hawk 24MBH

White Hawk 24MBH

The 28MBH has a spacious living area with a u-shaped dinette and OHC and a sofa opposite to this is the pantry, fridge and microwave.

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Towards the back/tail is the double bunk bed with an adjacent bath and toilet. Towards the other end of the long cabin is another sleeping space. It contains a 74″ queen bed with 2wards on each side.


Length  29.08′
Slides     1
MSRP   $47,423
Sleeps     8

 2. Jayco White Hawk 26RK

Jayco White Hawk 26RK

In this design, there is a U-dinette and opposite to it the refrigerator microwave and OHC are placed. To the right side of the dinette is a Jackknife sofa.

Instead of a double bunk bed as in 28 MBH, this one contains a ward and tub shower.


Length 31.17′
Slides       1
MSRP     $49,516
Sleeps          6

3. Jayco White Hawk 27RB

Jayco White Hawk 27RB Floorplans

The 27 B consists of double bunk beds with hinged lower bunk for storage.

It also has an exterior kitchen. The bedding is an 18-inch queen Serta mattress. There is also an entertainment center across from the sofa.


Length 32.67′
Slides   1
MSRP     $50,347
Sleeps   6

4. Jayco White Hawk 28RL

Jayco White Hawk 28RL

In this design, there is a living room model in the rear of the cabin. Pushback reclining chairs are placed in the living area.

There is a spacious kitchen along with a pantry. A queen-sized mattress is placed as the bedding. There is a pass-through storage system installed in 28RL.


Length    33.25’
Slides     1
MSRP $50,395
Sleeps 6

5. Jayco White Hawk 29BH

Jayco White Hawk 29BH

Similar to 28RL the floorplan consists of an area kitchen. It has a great seating space with a sofa dinette and two chairs.

A separate kitchen is installed with huge shells. The bedding is the standard 80-inch Queen Serta mattress. There is ample storage in the kitchen cabinets and countertops.


Length    34.58′
Slides     1
MSRP $51,467 
Sleeps 10

6. Jayco White Hawk 30FLS

White Hawk 30FLS

In this design, there is a living area with opposing slides. There is standard theatre seating with a TV placed at an optimal viewing angle. The counter space in the kitchen is huge. The kitchen also consists of a pantry storage area and an outside camp as well.


Length 36.83’
Slides 2
MSRP $54,376          
Sleeps 6

7. Jayco White Hawk 32BH

White Hawk 32BH

The floor plan for 32BH is one of the most unique designs. It contains a popular double slide bunkhouse model.

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The bedding is an 80″ Queen Serta mattress, but the bedroom is private. A separate bunk room with good sleeping and storage space is also present. There is a large outside kitchen and a pass-through storage system has been installed.


Length 38′   
Slides 2
MSRP $58,268
Sleeps 10

Jayco White Hawk Price

The Jayco Whitehawk 28RL starts at around $30,000 while Whitehawk 29BH starts at about $35,000

Jayco White Hawk Ratings

  • Quality: 10/10
  • Accommodations: 9/10
  • Livability: 8/10
  • Driving and towing: 7.5/10
  • Driving damage: 2/10
  • Exteriors: 6/10
  • Interiors: 8.5/10
  • Support: 9/10 
  • Repair: 7/10
  • Warranty: 6/10
  • Versatile trailer
  • Great for weekend trips
  • Convenient outdoor kitchen as well as an indoor kitchen
  • Removable dinette
  • Excellent construction
  • Good livability
  • Minor electrical problems
  • Sink leaks


All in all, it can be deduced that the Jayco Whitehawk is the best travel trailer. Is good for solo travel as well as for couples and families.

White Hawk’s brilliant interior, as well as exterior features and remarkable quality with additional support and sustainability, makes the vehicle a number one choice for vacation and travelling.


How tall is Jayco White Hawk?

Jayco White Hawk is 400inch/33.33ft tall.

Who makes White Hawk travel trailers?

White Hawk travel trailer is made by Jayco, inc which is a subsidiary of Thor Industries which is basically an American manufacturer of vacation vehicles.

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