Best Travel Trailer with Rear Slide Out Bed

Travel trailers are available with a number of choices and options to go with. This makes them more flexible due to their various floorplans and layouts that are available for customers to choose from. Some include rear slideout beds, while some have bunkhouses. Each floorplan can have its own spark based on the arrangement of features.

Here are some of the Best Travel Trailers with Rear Slide Out Bed.

Name Weight
Keystone Outback Ultra-Lite 252URS 6125 lbs
Forest River Grey Wolf 19SM 4846 lbs
Forest River R-Pod 190 2900 lbs
Lance 1575 2650 lbs
KZ Escape E160RBT 2690 lbs
Jayco Jay Feather X213 4545 lbs
Forest River Flagstaff Shamrock 21RS 3659 lbs
Keystone Outback Ultra-Lite 21OURS 4811 lbs

Keystone Outback Ultra Lite 210URSKeystone Outback Ultra-Lite 252URS
Forest River Grey WolfForest River Grey Wolf 19SM
Forest River R-Pod 190Forest River R-Pod 190
LanceLance 1575
KZ Escape E160RBTKZ Escape E160RBT
Jayco Jay Feather Travel Trailer ReviewJayco Jay Feather X213
Forest River Flagstaff Shamrock 19Forest River Flagstaff Shamrock 21RS
Keystone Outback Ultra Lite 210URSKeystone Outback Ultra-Lite 21OURS

Best Travel Trailer with Rear Slide Out Bed

1. Keystone Outback Ultra-Lite 252URS

Keystone Outback Ultra Lite 210URS

The Outback ultra-lite 252URS is a travel trailer that comes with a rear slide out bed. This is a trailer that gives you the feature that you need. You get manual leveling jacks with this trailer, and the trailer weight is also idle which means it’s not very heavy and not very lightweight. With this trailer, Experience the advantage of in-floor warming, keeping you warm in any event when the temperature drops outside.


The 252 URS is fabricated with two slide-outs, one as an afterthought giving a dinette and a considerable 10 cubic foot fridge, and one more in the back, including a couch sleeper/theater seating and nightstands. The sovereign bed situated at the front of the trailer has an implicit pet spot for your pets. This space can also be used as an additional capacity.

You will see a washroom that has a strikingly extensive shower and porcelain foot flush latrine. You will also find security with its placement while getting light in through a lookout window. Fresh and dark water tank limits are 60 gallons, and dark water limit is 30 gallons in this trailer.

A secret storeroom, a microwave, and 3 cooktop burners make fun of your trip. The 40-50 inch superior quality TV and DVD player, in addition to a TV set up in the room, gives a great source of entertainment on the inside.

Outback Ultra-Lite 252URS

2. Forest River Grey Wolf 19SM

Forest River Grey Wolf

The Forest River Grey Wolf 19SM is a medium-sized travel trailer that offers the features you need. It can take care of an entire small family. It provides sleeping capacity for 7 people inside the camper, and there are features that you never want to miss in an RV camper.

In case you’re searching for a small RV that can rest the entire family while having a rear slideout bed, then it merits the spot.


You will find two Queen beds (one situated in the backsliding out), a couch, and a bunk over the front bed that permits you and 7 of your dearest companions and relatives to loosen up and rest serenely in your movement trailer. Capacity inside this trailer is above and beyond the backslide with a sovereign bed that includes an outer storage rack and overhead cupboards.

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You will also see a storeroom and a closet that gives you a very sizable amount of space to carry all that you want with you on your experience. The power shade makes space for outside entertainment regions for those radiant days when you need to enjoy open-air living space.

This trailer has 3 one of a kind bundles, and the company truly allows you to single out the elements that you need for your trailer, with highlights including a restroom lookout window, a gas/electric water radiator, open-air shower, and chimney is also accessible in those bundles.

Grey Wolf 19SM

3. Forest River R-Pod 190

Forest River R-Pod 190

When you want a little camper with a rear slide out bed, you may want to see Forest River R-Pod 190 that delivers some great room for living. It has a dry load of 2979 pounds. Since it estimates a little more than 20 feet long, it’s amazingly simple to tow, and observing a camping area would be more fun with it. You will find a lot of features with this one.


The U-molded dinette is situated in the back and structures the point of convergence of the living space, with the entertainment place on the confronting divider. A resting region with a sovereign measured bed and closet takes up home on the opposite end. The kitchen region is little yet useful, with a sink, cooler, and two-burner range.

Assuming you appreciate and enjoy your cooking in the open air as there’s an outside kitchen choice too. The restroom design isolates the shower and the latrine, so two individuals can utilize the area immediately altogether.

Forest River R-Pod 190 Floor plan

4. Lance 1575


Another small travel trailer with many useful conveniences such as a rear slide out bed is the Lance 1575. This RV camper comes with a dry load of 2775 pounds. This unit additionally has a more moderate feel, with an inside that is utilitarian rather than frilly. Assuming you’re a camping fan who absolutely needs a spot to work off the ground, this could be the ideal model for your camping needs.


A sovereign bed rules the sleeping region, which is found just to one side of the entry. The slide-out obliges a U-formed dinette, which gives the space to two additional individuals at the back. The convertible dinette provides a great sleeping space when used for little kids than grown-ups.

The kitchen incorporates a fridge and oven with a three-burner range. There is a shower accessible in the small washroom, isolated from the cabinet by a basic shade. This unit doesn’t give a bad experience, and it’s ideal for couples or little families who want to go camping in their useful camper.

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Lance 1575 Floorplan

5. KZ Escape E160RBT

KZ Escape E160RBT

The Escape trailer by KZ RV is one of the notable campers on this list. The E160RBT is one of the trailers that you will find to be very amusing. When you don’t need hard slideouts on the other travel trailers referenced in this discussion, this trailer will provide you with everything with its space and number of features to look at.


The Escape E160RBT has a tent bed that easily provides space for 2 sleepers. You get R-7 protection, 13,500 BTU cooling, and colored windows to keep your trailer at an agreeable temperature and the security of any place you choose to stop. Extra bundles and choices are accessible for the trailer to improve your living standards.

In case you would rather not add any additional items to the standard trailer, you still get an adequate number of highlights to see in this trailer when you travel in it. You will find 2 oven burners, a microwave, and an 8 cubic foot fridge that make for a utilitarian kitchen without the requirement for an excessive number of additional tools.

The off-networking bundle is provided by the company that has solar chargers, a 1,000-watt inverter, and additional space permitting you to take open road roads and forests. Additionally, there is a 7 CF cooler and remote-controlled camera framework which are helpful highlights to have.

KZ Escape E160RBT

6. Jayco Jay Feather X213

Jayco Jay Feather Travel Trailer Review

The Jay Feather X213 is one of the top-rated trailers among many others based on its features. This trailer provides a rear slideout bed for additional sleeping space, and you can even sit and take your time off in the room when you have to lay down for a while. This trailer has sleeping space for 9 people with its master bedroom, twin single lofts at the front of the trailer, and convertible sofa bed.


Within the X213, you get two main floorplan choices with a decent layout. The flow farmhouse or vintage washed, and solar prep and electrical prep are wired at the top, so you can keep your trailer charged throughout the day for your own augmentations and entertainment any way you would like.

The kitchen inside this trailer has an oven, fridge, microwave, and storeroom, and the open washroom incorporates a shower, sink, restroom, and medicine cabinet.

Jay Feather X213

7. Forest River Flagstaff Shamrock 21RS

Forest River Flagstaff Shamrock 19

The Shamrock 21RS is a travel trailer with a rear slideout bed having a back slide-out containing a square ‘Super Queen’ Bed. You get sleeping space for 6 people inside this travel trailer pretty easily because it is outfitted with two convertible couch beds and the main bed for providing all the solace. The amazing things to note about this camper are in numbers.


This fiberglass and aluminum trailer comes standard with a bay window and is pre-wired for telephone, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors, thermal and weather conditions, and satellite systems, just as fit with a propane alert to keep you and your family protected.

The inside stature of 6 feet 5 inches is enough for you to walk anywhere peacefully, in spite of the point that you may have tall members in your family. Overhead cupboards are situated all through the trailer and a closet next to the couch keeps everything coordinated.

The advantage of a heated sleeping cushion and 35,000 BTU ducted heater will keep you warm when it’s cold outside. The washroom is outfitted with a bath which is special for a trailer as conservative as the Shamrock 21S, just as the standard sink, medication cabinet, mirror, and latrine.

Forest River Flagstaff Shamrock 21RS

8. Keystone Outback Ultra-Lite 21OURS

Keystone Outback Ultra Lite 210URS

The 21OURS is an Outback trailer that is last on our list of the best travel trailers with a rear slideout bed. You get a vast space for 7 people for sleeping inside this camper. There are flip-down beds, a love seat sleeper, and its standard component of a slide-out bed at the rear of the camper. The slide-out on this trailer is made of a Norco interface-driven slide structure, with manual slide standard controls.


You get LCI power settling jacks and a power tongue lift that can be set easily. The slideout is decked out with USB ports and a TV hookup, so figuring out the entertainment area is fun and pretty clear in this camper.

You will see a 60-gallon freshwater tank, and 30 gallon gray and wastewater tanks. Sunlight-based prep that comes standard with the trailer can help you stay recharged during your long camping trips in the wild and recharge your energy systems.

Outback Ultra-Lite 21OURS

What Are Slide Outs?

Slide outs became famous when RV producers understood that there was a method for expanding a trailer without expanding its length. Basically, a slide-out is an extra room in the RV, but one that doesn’t have an entryway. Assuming you’re weighing up the choices accessible when purchasing a trailer, a slide-out is something that comes energetically suggested by numerous RV makers. While they are not the best thing as compared to other RV features, they can surely add usefulness to your trailer.

There are two distinct sorts of slide-out accessible: Hydraulic and electric. The hydraulic slideout is more intricate and utilizes a strengthening siphon or engine to broaden the slide-out, while electric ones run on the RV’s own power battery. Whichever form your trailer has, it ought to broaden and withdraw effectively, with no staying.

The normal slide-out will broaden 2 – 3 feet along the outside of your trailer, yet some are bigger that can include a bed in it. Clearly, the bigger the slide-out is, the more additional room you will get when it’s completely expanded. But there are some considerations to keep before choosing a trailer with a rear slideout bed.

Considerations to Choose Rear Slideout Bed Trailer

Prior to putting your preference into a trailer with a slide-out, remember what type of camping area you need to visit and which parking spaces you will have. While both the electric and hydraulic frameworks are genuinely simple to work, they do address one more part of the trailer that will require standard upkeep. A few purchasers conclude that the problem of a slide-out does not merit the extra space.

Also, you will need to ensure that you’re not using the slide-out to over-burden the trailer. The companies don’t commonly give the data regarding how much weight the slide-out can hold, so make sure to take guarantee that the rear slideout you have is not exceeding weight limits.


We have talked about the best travel trailers with rear slideout beds and their usefulness in them. Each trailer provides additional space for living and you can learn more from our RV website.


Are there any travel trailers with rear slideout beds?

Yes, there are several travel trailers with rear slideout beds like Forest River Flagstaff Shamrock, Jayco Jay Feather X213, and more.

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