What is the Max RV Length in National and State Parks in USA?

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There are lots of states that allow camping in National and State Parks for tourists and travelers. But the problem in some cases is to find a parking spot for their RVs. Some parks don’t have any parking spaces, while some provide parking space only for small RVs.

There are some campgrounds and national parks that allow all types of RVs to enter. To make it easy for you, this guide explains everything.

Assuming you don’t know of the ideal length for public parks, you’ll need to pick an RV somewhere in the range of 25 and 30 feet in length. Most of the Nationals parks will allow RVs between those lengths, while there are some National Park camping areas that can accommodate RVs up to 19 feet in length.

You will, in any case, have countless choices assuming your RV is up to 25 feet because you will find a lot of national parks that will permit RVs with the greatest length of 27 feet.

RV Length Restrictions at Few National Parks

It’s ideal to have an RV or trailer that is about 25 and 30 feet long for setting up camp in the public parks. Notwithstanding, there is a great deal of National Park camping areas that have enough parking space to allow bigger RVs that are 40 feet in length to be parked at the spot. But there are RV length restrictions for bigger models at a few of the National parks that you must be aware of.

  • 35 feet for RVs, 27 feet for trailers for Mount Rainier National Park (WA)
  • 40 feet for Denali National Park (AK)
  • 40 feet for Rocky Mountain National Park (CO)
  • 45 feet for Everglades National Park (FL)
  • 40 feet for RVs, 35 feet for trailers for Great Smoky Mountains National Park (TN)
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max rv lengthAll National Park RV Length Limits

The numbers beneath show the greatest RV length permitted in every public park. The length is consolidated, which means the number recorded for every public park RV size limit considers a vehicle in addition to the RV size.

National Park Name RV Length Max Limit
Acadia National Park 35 feet
Arches National Park 30 feet
Badlands National Park 40 feet
Banff National Park 50 feet
Big Bend National Park 24 feet
Canyonlands National Park 28 feet
Death Valley National Park 25 feet
Denali National Park 40 feet
Everglade National Park 45 feet
Glacier National Park 45 feet
Grand Canyon National Park 50 feet
Grand Teton National Park 45 feet
Great Basin National Park 24 feet
Guadalupe Mountains National Park 35 feet
Jasper National Park 27 feet
Joshua Tree National Park 35 feet
Kings Canyon National Park NA
Lassen Volcanic National Park 40 feet
Mesa Verde National Park 46 feet
Mount Rainier National Park 35 feet
Olympic National Park 21 feet
Redwood National Park 28 feet
Rocky Mountain National Park 31 feet
Sequoia National Park 42 feet
Shenandoah National Park NA
Theodore Roosevelt National Park NA
Yellowstone National Park 50 feet
Yosemite National Park 40 feet
Zion National Park 19 feet

As a rule, your RV or camper ought to be somewhere in the range of 25 and 30 feet, most extreme, to be certain you can fit well into the National Park camping area and move around the camping area effortlessly.

A few National Parks can allow longer or bigger RVs and campers; however, campgrounds for greater vehicles might be restricted or inaccessible in most cases.

It’s critical to call the national park area or campground areas before you book your site to ensure you’ll fit along with your RV and still have a lot of space to enjoy in your camping area.

Which National Parks Should You Visit?

There are various national parks that you can visit in the United States very easily that don’t put too much pressure on RV length restrictions. The Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona has an amazing list of must-dos landscapes.

It draws guests the world over, and it can fit RVs up to 30 feet at two camping areas. One campsite on this spot even has 50 feet length space for bigger RVs.

You can consider visiting the beautiful Acadia National Park in Maine. This immaculate park has no limitations at all on RV length at any of its campsites. Yosemite National Park permits RVs at nine campsites. Home of notable wildlife like bears, buffalo, and wolves, Yellowstone is an irreplaceable asset. It’s incredible for your RV, as well, with a considerable lot of its campsites with space for 50 ft long campers.

One campsite can fit RV up to 40 feet in length. Different camping areas can deal with RVs up to 35 feet in length, and one campsite just takes RVs with a limit of 27-feet.

How to Measuring RV or Trailer for National Park Campgrounds?

It’s important to understand and know the length of your RV as well as the space available at the park or campground that you want to visit. You can start by checking the owner’s manual of your RV, which will indicate its length somewhere. This is normally packed in on an RV or hitch to guard on a trailer or fifth wheel.

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Make certain to quantify it yourself, but assuming you have added extra equipment like boxes or other stuff for camping or traveling purposes, this will change the weight of your RV. It’s a decent guideline to add a foot or two to your size for good measure to ensure you’ll have a lot of space to move around in your camping area. In case you have a bigger camper, you should not do this since it could rank your vehicle length to be more than allowed in some camping areas.


This was an informational guide on RV length restrictions and limitations in National and State Parks.

We have shared details on the RV length limitations at a few campgrounds, along with the specific requirements for RV length or sizes. For more, you can ask a question.


What’s the most extreme RV size for state and public parks?

The best suggested size RV for public parks is 29 feet, with this number remaining constant for most state parks also. The justification for this is that many state and public parks won’t permit campers that are longer than 30 feet.

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How long is excessively long for a travel trailer?

Some will say that anything over 30 feet is excessively long for a travel trailer. However, actually, the solution to whether a trailer is too extended lies on your tow vehicle. As a guideline, the longest trailer that your tow vehicle can pull is the one that doesn’t surpass 75% of the greatest load of your vehicle.

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