5 Vintage and Retro Campers

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When you want vintage and retro-style RV campers, you can get confused between a lot of options present for you in the market.

This can be frustrating to find out which one is the best vintage and retro camper. There are lots of differences in each model of these campers, which offer different specialty features for the customers to make their living fun and easy.

Retro campers have old-school designs, and they bring a feeling of joy from the past to make everything look good and assume how everything was back in time.

These retro and vintage style campers are very much catchy to the eye in case you are in search to find out one for yourself, then we have made this guide to help you find your best vintage and retro campers.

So let’s see what our pick is for you.

Name Weight Price
Riverside White Water Retro 3,545 lbs $18,817
Winnebago Brave 11,000 lb $29,800
Happier Camper HC1 1,100 lbs $34,450
Riverside Retro Toy Hauler 3,760 lbs $26,900
Airstream Sport 2,860 lbs $47,900

Riverside White Water RetroRiverside White Water Retro
Winnebago BraveWinnebago Brave
Happier Camper HC1Happier Camper HC1
Riverside Retro Toy HaulerRiverside Retro Toy Hauler
Airstream SportAirstream Sport

What are the Best Vintage Retro Campers?

1. Riverside White Water Retro

Riverside White Water Retro

The top choice as the best recommendation from us is the Riverside White Water Retro. This is a beautiful and clean RV camper that you would want for your family.

It just gives you the vintage feel and helps you to understand what feeling the old times used to give. There are several models in this retro camper, and they all possess this beautiful design and layout to attract customers.

One of the best features is they are old school,


The Riverside Water Retro is the most loved model from the Riverside RV series. This Riverside RV takes present-day work on something else entirely. While it has that striking retro look, it is additionally loaded with highlights.

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An advanced White Water Retro is a very much idea and incredibly planned piece of a retro travel trailer.

One thing that clients like is that it has a Murphy bed that can be converted to a retro-red couch. It has a shower and latrine that are isolated, which is likely easier to access, and it has a roomy kitchen and full-size refrigerator.

It’s stacked with important present-day needs like a microwave, Bluetooth radio with inside and outside speakers, bench inside, USB ports, and considerably more.

It has exemplary interior looks that cause you to feel like you’ve ventured back on the schedule yet have the most recent necessities in one place.

Riverside White Water Retro

2. Winnebago Brave Class A Motorhome

Winnebago Brave

Winnebago has lots of trailer models for each category. They have also produced a Brave Class A motorhome that gives you the vintage and retro style feels with its looks and interior design.

It is an old RV that you cant get as new because it’s out of the production line now, but you can get a second hand from any user.

This is an amazing motorhome home to consider if you want the best vintage and retro-style RV camper.


The Brave class A RV is the same as other class A RVs from a few years back. Truth be told, it most likely doesn’t contrast altogether from more up-to-date class A RVs also, but clearly, it has more established features in it.

The Brave class A RV line has 3 floorplans to browse. The contrast by length and by some minor things like seat number, however, they offer similar settings of features.

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The more modest 27 feet 8 inch 26A floorplan has 3 seats, a dinette, and a couch bed toward the front. As a tradeoff, it has a confined backside with a 60 x 75-inch bed and a little restroom close to it.

The kitchen is exceptional because the trailer doesn’t have a lot of free space in it.

The 29 feet 4-inch 27B floorplan has 2 seats toward the front and a greater dinette in a slide-out. Besides, it has perceptibly more advantageous kitchen and room regions; however, the washroom is still tiny.

Also, the 32 feet 11-inch 31C floorplan has great components from the more modest floorplans like a large room and a lot of eating and kitchen region.

It additionally has separate shower and latrine compartments that are more helpful than the confined units in the more modest floorplans. This camper also has an outside kitchen with a fridge and storeroom.

The features of Winnebago Brave RV are pretty amazing because, from the outside, it has its points and shading plan. From the beginning, one may not be able to understand that this really is a fairly modern-day camping vehicle.

In it, you are getting anything you might have expected in an advanced RV to have.

  • Multiple floorplans to choose from.
  • Kitchen, dinette, sofa-bed.
  • Shower and latrine.
  • The bathroom is tiny.

3. Happier Camper HC1

Happier Camper HC1 Ultralight

The Happier Camper HC1 is another option to consider in the best vintage and retro style campers because it is all fiberglass camper with special retro styling.

It offers a high-level measure inside the system that allows you to utilize pre-planned 3D shapes to add usefulness to the inside.

The Happier Camper is designed for the youngsters with its cool styling. You can store a bicycle, an off-road bicycle, and surprisingly a kayak inside. The weight is very light that this camper can easily be towed with your SUV.

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There are a lot of features in this small camper. It has two committed living spaces, a washroom, and a kitchenette. It might resemble a retro camper; however, it has every one of the cutting-edge features you would like to see.

The look is suggestive of the canned ham campers. Assuming you need a camper with a gloomy and different look, it may be the ideal one for you.

It is a bigger, more agreeable camper that has an incorporated Adaptiv washroom and kitchenette. They are costly and not even close to the cost of a pre-owned retro camper; however, they are totally worth considering.

It is very easy to tow because of its light body, and it has a 10′ awning that can give you a shade when you stop at a spot for cooking and having fun.

The style is pretty vintage, where you would love the interior woodwork and carpeting along with the frames and walls.

Happier Camper HC1 Colors

  • Compact and lightweight due to size.
  • Beautiful looks.
  • Kitchen and washroom included.
  •   It is expensive

4. Riverside Retro Toy Hauler

Riverside Retro Toy Hauler

Riverside Retro Toy Hauler is a very interesting camper that you would want to consider.

In their Retro toy hauler line, Riverside has followed a simple design and layout. Despite the fact that to be reasonable, the dark and orange shading plan on this camper doesn’t look as retro as the shading plan of the Retro travel trailer.

It is a retro camper with some old-school looks that you might wanna try once.


Dissimilar to the trailer line, the Retro toy hauler line has only 2 floorplans, so we can outline them more inside and out. To begin with, there is the more modest 820R floor plan. Estimating 20 feet 6 inches long, it isn’t excessively little; however, it’s a lot more modest than the other floorplan.

This floorplan weighs 3,760 pounds with dry weight and has 3,720 pounds of carrying capacity. You could subsequently expect that this toy hauler will actually want to convey whatever fits in it.

The bigger 827 floorplan measures 27 feet 4 inches long, so it most certainly has the edge as far as comfort and free room space available.

It has a lot of room in the compartment, which can be changed over to the resting and dozing region when nothing like extra equipment is stored inside. In addition, the restroom in this floorplan is a lot greater and more advantageous.

The more modest floorplan is apparently better as a toy hauler since the 827 floorplan has a carrying limit of 2,780 pounds, almost 1,000 pounds, not exactly like the more modest 820R floorplan.

In any case, when completely stacked, the 827 floorplan weighs not as much as other floorplans; this retro-style camper has its old-school looks and has an area for resting and sleeping.

The interior is beautifully decorated with an old touch, and there are lots of options for the individuals to pay extra and get additional advantages.

Riverside Retro Toy Hauler Floorplan

  • Multiple floorplans.
  • Various feature options.
  • Good carrying capacity for weight.
  • Vintage look.
  • Extra features cost additionally more.

5. Airstream Sport

Airstream Sport

When you cant decide which is the best vintage and retro style RV camper, have a look at the Airstream Sport travel trailer.

This is a trailer that has a shape that certainly looks retro. Usually, these trailers are very expensive than most of the other trailers, and the plan of Airstream RVs is entirely retro since it has been utilized via Airstream since basically the 60s.

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It has shading options that cause it to look decent and smooth with retro style in its significant strange blend. The metallic shading gives a smidgen of a crude appearance to this movement trailer too. So from the start, you are getting a wide range of feelings and affection with this trailer.

This doesn’t make the Sports travel trailer look awful. Instead, it looks more attractive.

Airstream travel trailers customarily have a very strange and eye-catching vibe in them when customers look at their material choices.

The energy can be detected in this trailer that makes you interested more and more in this camper. It depends on whether there are individuals out there who will bring to the table what this trailer has.

The Sports travel trailer line has two floorplans, which permits us to again pinpoint the vital contrasts between them.

We should start with the bigger 22FB floorplan. Estimating 21 feet 8 inches long, the 22FB floorplan offers better solace for an extra price on top of the less expensive floorplan’s sticker price.

The most surprising component in this floorplan is the large restroom that possesses the whole width of the RV’s back. This restroom most certainly isn’t the greatest available; however, it sure has a lot of space for resting.

In the living region, there is a lot of space for development.

The kitchen region additionally flaunts 2 sinks, a bigger 4.2 cubic feet fridge, a 2-burner cooktop, and a convection microwave. The 16 feet 4 inches long 16RB floorplan offers essentially similar features as its bigger version yet in a more minimized bundle.

The kitchen region has just one sink and a cooler, and the washroom isn’t a similar spacious one as in the 22FB.

Nonetheless, the 16RB floorplan still has 4-person sleeping space, just like 22FB. Furthermore, not to broaden our thoughts excessively, it is clear that the Airstream Sport go trailer line is by all accounts made for the individuals who are searching for quality in a more modest package.

If you are wondering How much does Airstream Sport Weigh? Then this trailer weighs around 3,500 lbs.

Airstream Sport 16RB Floorplan

  • Multiple floorplans with more options.
  • Kitchen and washroom included.
  • Extra space and customizable options in the living area.
  • Cool on the looks.
  • Expensive.


This was a discussion about the best vintage and retro campers, where we mentioned some of the best accessible choices.

In case you are interested in choosing one, choose any one of them to enjoy your best. Happy Camping. 


Which is the best vintage-style RV camper?

Some of the best vintage-style RV campers are

  • Happier Camper HC1
  • Airstream Sport
  • Riverside Retro Toy Hauler
  • Riverside White Water Retro

Can I get retro-style RV campers in use?

Most of the retro-style RV campers are not in production anymore, which is why in case you want to buy such a camper trailer, you might want to consider buying them in use from any seller who is looking forward to a customer.

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