10 Must See Dispersed Camping Near Zion National Park

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When all of the campgrounds are filled, or you want extra conveniences like hot showers, laundry facilities, WiFi, or a refreshing pool on hot summer days, which is why camping near Zion is a nice option.

Although free camps lack modern amenities, they are located in stunning wilderness settings.

This is why there are some fantastic camping options near Zion National Park that will grab your attention.

Outside of Zion, many camps are privately owned; however, there are a few free campers on the public territory.

We have shared a list of Dispersed Camping near Zion National Park where you can have a peaceful camp of your own and enjoy nature.

What are the Best Dispersed Camping Near Zion National Park?

1. Zion National Park South Entrance

The south access to Zion is the fundamental entry. With the town of Springdale just external the recreation area and the entirety of its housing and caf├ęs, it turns into a point of convergence for sightseers.

Close by also are the towns of La Verkin and Hurricane, which have every one of the conveniences anybody could want in a less “touristy” climate than Springdale-including a free dump/fill station at the LaVerkin Maverik station, supermarkets, and a Walmart. Obviously, St George is just a short drive further.

These close-by conveniences make the South Entrance far unrivaled for boondocking close to Zion National Park.

This region additionally offers setting up camp that is extremely near the recreation area, so you can invest significantly more energy climbing the path or partaking in the great sights that Zion is renowned for.

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2. Zion Canyon Campground and RV Resort

Zion Canyon Campground and RV Resort is the best camping area situated in the town of Springdale.

It is a private camping area in Zion Canyon. Regardless of whether you can’t get a waterway camping area, you can scramble down to the stream and partake in the cool, clear water.

The best camping areas neglect the Virgin River. The camping area is only a 10-minute stroll from Zion National Park’s passerby entrance.

Roosted on the banks of the Virgin River, Zion Canyon Campground has a blend of RVs and tent campers.

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Every campground has an outdoor table and a fire ring with a barbecue. Drinking water is accessible at shared water nozzles.

Conveniences at Zion Canyon Campground and RV Resort incorporate dishwashing stations with warm water, hot showers, a flush toilet, a pantry, wireless internet, and a pool.

A few incredible eateries and suppliers are found here too. Springdale’s free transport stops close to the campsite entrance.

It is open throughout the year, and it costs $44 per tent campground each night.

3. Zion River Resort

The next best location to find near Zion National Park is the Zion River Resort.

It is situated in the town of Virgin, and it has a blend of tent campers and RVs.

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Zion River Resort is an extraordinary decision assuming you’re willing to put your time to find the best location and views.

Tent camps are situated along the Virgin River, and every campground has an outdoor table and a fire ring for campers.

It is also home to famous climbs like The Subway, Northgate Peaks, and the West Rim Trail. Conveniences found at this spot incorporate hot showers, a flush toilet, and clothing.

Between March first and October 31, the camping area offers private transport, which costs about $7 per individual for a complete trip to Zion National Park.

It costs about $45 per tent campground each night at this spot.

4. Kolob Terrace Road Camping

The Kolob Terrace Road is a great spot for dispersed camping near Zion National Park. This area runs north from the town of Virgin.

It will take about 15 minutes outside the South Entrance to reach this spot.

This is likely the nearest free setting up camp to the recreation area where you will get the basic facilities for camping.

There are sufficient destinations along the road, yet the actual road can be harsh, and most campers over here are tent campers, van lifers, or tiny trailers.

Bigger RVs are not welcomed here, but you will find a moderate crowd at the spot.

5. Sheep Bridge Road Boondocking

Simply past Virgin on the south side of UT-9 is Sheep Bridge Road which is near Zion National Park. This road begins with some camp areas.

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However, later with regards to a mile, it returns to open BLM land.

There are huge loads of boondocking spots along this road and totally excellent vistas on which to camp.

This is an exceptionally famous boondocking region as it is extremely open and diverse to adjust the campers.

The actual road is very rough, which means you will need a durable and strong vehicle with good ground clearance to reach this spot.

Anyway, with destinations enormous enough for any RV, this is probably the best boondocking site close to Zion National Park.

6. Gooseberry Mesa

If you haven’t decided to pick your camping spot yet, then Gooseberry Mesa is a great spot that you should visit.

It is a well-known region for mountain trekking and dispersed setting up camp that is permitted at campgrounds where the view is very clear.

The Gooseberry Mesa is found around 45 miles (1.3-hour drive) from Zion’s South Entrance, and there are no conveniences like water, latrines, and other such facilities here.

To get to Gooseberry Mesa, you have to get 16 off Interstate 15, then, at that point, head east on State Route 9 to Hurricane City.

There you can get through Main Street by taking a right, then, at that point, take the primary left onto State Route 59.

Reach the Smithsonian Butte National Backcountry Byway by taking a left, and at 2.8 miles, turn left to head northwest 3.3 miles until you reach Gooseberry Trailhead.

7. Hi-Road Campground

Hi-Road Campground is an astounding choice to investigate East Zion.

Found right out the East Zion Entrance Station, it is a great campground to camp near this park.

There are campgrounds for the two RVs and tent-just campers. This is incredible in summer when temperatures in Zion Canyon and Springdale frequently top 100 F.

In spring and fall, be ready for crisp evenings.

Situated at almost 6,000 feet in rising, the campsite is a lot cooler than camping areas south of Zion National Park. Conveniences incorporate showers, clothing, and WiFi.

A little store across the road sells food and essential things that can be helpful on your trips.

8. Zion Crest Campground and RV Park

Zion Crest Campground and RV Park is an amazing spot that you would like to visit to see the magnificent camping areas that are found just 8 miles from Zion’s East Entrance.

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Found 600 feet higher than Hi-Road Campground, temperatures are significantly cooler at Zion Crest Campground, which is superb in summer, but cold in spring and fall.

The tent campgrounds are only a short drive away from some of East Zion’s best climbs, including Deertrap Mountain, Cable Mountain, and the East Rim Trail.

Conveniences incorporate hot showers, a hot tub, clothing, wifi, a pool, and a game room.

There is additionally an eatery and bar.

This camping area charges $30 for two individuals and $12 for each extra individual each night.

9. Flying Monkey Mesa Sites

Flying Monkey Mesa site is found a mile north of Virgin, along Mesa Road. It is an extremely wonderful site assuming you can get up there. More modest vehicles are suggested so that you don’t get stuck here at any point.

There are 2 camps here, although the subsequent site looks sufficiently huge to hold a couple of campers.

The country road to the campgrounds is on the right half of Mesa Rd and afterward scales back along Mesa Rd.

You will have a good time here as there are not many campers living in this area and no extra visitors will disturb you.

10. La Verkin Overlook Camping

The last dispersed camping near Zion National park that you can visit is La Verkin Overlook camp. Somewhat farther along UT-9 on the south side, there are dispersed spots which you can choose for camping.

The land here is some open and some private, so you really have to look for the ideal spot where you can camp.

You won’t have any facilities here, and you need to be fully prepared to camp here.


Here we have shared the information for all the camping spots to find near Zion National Park.

This makes it easier for the new RV campers to travel and stay for the nights in order to bring a whole new experience into their lives.

Each spot has its own pros and cons, which is why you can check more details about them individually.

For more, check the FAQ section.


Is there a dispersed camping site close to Zion National Park?

Dispersed campsites close to Zion National Park are ample because of the bounty of surrounding BLM lands. You can track down dispersed camp boondocking and free setting up camp only minutes from the entrance of the park.

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