8 Amazing Dispersed Camping Near Sedona, Arizona

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Sedona, with its massive red rock valleys, minarets, and miles of landscapes, is one of Arizona’s most magnificent travel locations.

This place has a lot of campgrounds and camping spots for travelers who can get here to rest and enjoy their trips in nature.

Walking is the best way to view and enjoy the valleys of Sedona and the surrounding area.

While hiking in Sedona, the travelers get to experience a lot of new things, and they can meet a lot of other campers in the area.

Sleeping in a tent with the relaxing murmur of an oak next to your head or under the stars close to red cliffs and high marshes is a great way to soak up the beauty of Sedona.

Dispersed Camping Near Sedona, Arizona
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If you want to learn about the best dispersed camping near Sedona to experience the natural beauty, then we have listed the best dispersed camping areas here.

What are the Best Dispersed Camping Near Sedona, Arizona?

1. Schnebly Hill Road

Schnebly Hill Road 153 Forest Road is the best dispersed campground near Sedona, Arizona.

It is one of Sedona’s most beautiful campgrounds, which offers amazing views of the Red Rock Valley.

The campsites are generally quiet and private, with pine trees providing shade. Schnebly Hill Road is somehow very rough and harsh to cruise through.

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Most vehicles, including RVs and trailers, can access the first or second mile on this spot.

The problem is the route that is exceedingly rough and rugged. You will find it east of Sedona, where you take I-17 west.

The large excavators and vehicles that have less ground clearance should arrive sooner and come to a halt at a distance of a mile or more.

The next few miles get narrower, but most two-wheel-drive vehicles can still navigate them (except ATVs and trailers).

Four-wheel drive RV is almost a need after roughly six miles as Schnebly Hill Vista is about a 6-mile drive away. This is, without a question, one of the most popular stops along the trip.

You will not be able to camp if you are not fully prepared.

It’s important to understand that camping is permitted only between I-17 (now FR 153) and the viewing spot. Within the first mile or so along the route, RVs and caravans should find a campsite.

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Those with SUVs or vehicles that are high off the ground can travel a few more miles for added seclusion.

Fewer people camp approximately five kilometers away due to the unevenness of the road. Remember that there is no service on this road.

2. Loy Butte Road

The next best dispersed camping ground near Sedona is the Loy Butte Road.

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While camping near this spot, be prepared for calm nights and gorgeous sights found on Forest Road 525.

The long, twisting dirt road begins about 16 kilometers outside of town. Isolated camps begin as soon as the highway is closed.

First, take Cottonwood State Route 89A east, and you will reach your spot In 15 minutes.

While these early areas are suitable for larger RVs and trailers, it is preferable to pick such a vehicle to camp there.

For greater privacy, better views, and calm highway noise, drive at least a few miles down this road.

Many of them will be wearing homemade stone rings along the Loy Butte Road.

These are unrestricted camping areas in this region, and you will find large gravel rings along with sand deposits that make up the stretches here.

Even if the early campgrounds become overcrowded, a 4- to 8-mile (or more) journey will almost certainly lead you to a quiet spot with breathtaking views of the surrounding red cliffs.

3. Pumphouse Wash Trailhead

Pumphouse Wash is another one of the famous camping area in northern Sedona.

Occupied setting up camp starts about a large portion of a mile from the side road. You need to camp here in an exceptional litter camp.

Along the 237th Forest Route (each an enormous dirt road), there are four separate camping areas with around 100 free campgrounds.

You can get to the space by driving north from Sedona along State 89A over Oak Creek Canyon. Later Oak Creek Vista, go 2 miles, and afterward, take a right on 237 Jungle Street.

All assigned dissipated camps have a little sign appearance in their area. High-quality stone pits are another sign. Here you will get wash siphons for all vehicles.

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It’s an incredible experience with all the side camps that are mostly full.

You will find it 19 miles from Sedona, Arizona.

There are vault toilets available here, but no freshwater will be found here.

There is also a busy crowd visiting each day for camping and staying the night.

4. Lawrence Crossing

Lawrence Crossing is a US precision security camp southwest of Sedona.

It is a great spot to find dispersed campgrounds. Conveniently located in Wet Beaver Creek, this is a great choice for those with small belongings or tents.

There’s no water on-site, but there are primary basement toilets and fireplace rings.

All camps here are very close to each other.

So if you are looking for privacy and seclusion, you will likely want to find a private camp.

However, Lawrence Crossing makes a great independent option in Sedona, and the Creek area is very interesting, which is why you will most likely find a lot of crowds here.

5. Angel Valley Road

Angel Valley Road is another spot to find the best dispersed ground right around State Route 89A.

Dispersed tents begin about half a mile along where there are a lot of unpaved roads.

You will find a moderate crowd here for camping. The road can be bumpy, but it is still suitable for most vehicles.

Many trailers do well on these roads, although the camping spot takes some time to reach.

6. Forest Service Road 535

Forest Service Road 535 is north of Sedona on Highway 89A.

To camp here, you have to pack both your luggage and all the camping gear before leaving.

If you prefer to camp here, respect the different camps around you and deal with the percentage of all junk.

This is a dry place, so you want to keep the water with you. Outside the motorway, camping on the street is allowed for kilometers.

This area often has lots of rubbish and noisy camps and parties, so it’s always best that you find a camp somewhere at the side of the dispersed campground.

Its distance from Sedona is about 27 miles, and there are no toilets and water on the way.

This place is overcrowded with all the campers around the place.

7. Forest Service Road 9845 B

Forest Service Road 9845B is an easy spot to get to the campgrounds near Sedona. It is found near the famous Loy Butte Road and Angel Valley, which have dispersed regions close to Sedona for camping.

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This setting up camp region is known to be, without a doubt, calmer than Loy Butte Road, but the roads are much worse to travel on.

You’ll have incredible admittance to Red Rock State Park from here, just as Sedona’s environmental beauty along the way.

It is best for you to use a 4×4 or at least a high-leeway vehicle to get through this track, given the street conditions.

To arrive at this campground, head west from Sedona along Highway 89A for around 8.5 miles. Turn south off the main highway on the country road inverse the Sedona Wetlands Preserve and wastewater treatment plant.

It will be about 9 miles from Sedona without any bathroom or water.

A moderate crowd can be found here.

8. Coffee Creek

This is an enormous, open region that can oblige many campers. Try not to expect any shade here, as this is certainly the desert.

Camping areas show up very quickly subsequent to turning onto FR 9571. To arrive, head south on 89A until Forest Service Rd 9571, not long before Page Springs Rd.

The Coffee Creek dispersed camp region is situated along Highway 89A southwest of Sedona, most of the way to Cottonwood, AZ.

This campground is all in or all out with swarms; generally, you can get some peach and rest here, while for other occasions, you’ll have a very disturbing neighborhood.

Quite a bit of that is reliant upon the season and whether or not you’re exploring the great outdoors toward the end of the week.

This spot is about 12 miles from Sedona, without any bathrooms and water facility.

You will find a moderate crowd here.

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This was discussed on best dispersed camping near Sedona, Arizona.

We have shared some good camping spots to find around this area where you and your family can have great weekend camping trips.


Are there any good camping spots near Sedona?

Yes, there are a few interesting spots which you can find to spend time with your family for the end-of-the-week trips. These are

  • Schnebly Hill Road
  • Coffee Creek
  • Pumphouse Wash
  • Forest Service Road 9845 B
  • Forest Service Road 535
  • Lawrence Crossing
  • Loy Butte Road

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