8 Must See Dispersed Camping Near Olympic National Park

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Olympic National Park is a beautiful place where you can find many campgrounds. As you walk over the forest canopy, the lovely trees appear to talk to you.

The lush rainforests and moss-covered cliffs make up this stunning scenery.

This forest is home to a variety of plants and creatures that are found nowhere else on the planet.

Olympic National Park

In case you want to find dispersed camping near Olympic National Park, then we have some suggestions for you.

What are the Best Dispersed Camping Near Olympic National Park?

1. Minnie Peterson Campground

The Minnie Peterson Campground is the best spot near Olympic National Park to make your camps. The road to this campsite is accounted for to be somewhat close.

There are nine sites accessible, which are all back-in with a fire pit and table.

There are no hookups or admittance to water, but a pit toilet is accessible for the individuals who need it. In any case, you will find lots of views of the actual destinations that will accommodate the travelers.

Campers have a lot of trees giving security between neighbors. It’s allowed to camp at this camping area with a Discover Pass. Yearly Discover Passes can be bought for $35.

You will get services from Verizon and the AT&T network.

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This campsite gives a tranquil spot to call home as you investigate Olympic National Park. Families will probably feel good here.

While it is a dry camp, a pit toilet is helpful for those not having any desire to fill their blackwater tank or who are tent setting up camp. No reports of over-the-top rubbish in this area.

This might be the best free dispersed camp close to Olympic National Park.

2. Forest Road 29 South

Another fascinating spot near Olympic National Park to make your camp can be found on Forest Road 29 South. It is found in the Pacific Ranger District, in the northwest segment of the Forest.

Forest Road 29 is all around stuffed and simple to drive along for a few miles. Around 7-8 miles in, it gets rough and rutted.

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In the end, it gives a mountain climb and a four-wheel-drive becomes important. But, inside the initial 5-6 miles, you will track down many campsites to browse.

The south part of the road begins at the town of Forks and heads east, generally following the Calawah and Sitkum Rivers.

There are various scattered camping areas you can maneuver into, some huge enough for 40+ foot trailers while others little enough just for vans.

If you are towing a trailer, you might need to track down a spot inside the main mile of the road to rest. Then, at that point, you can drive further along the road to track down a site or potentially decide how far along the way you can go.

To find this campground, head east along Sitkum-Solduc Road and then go a mile in, go right on to Forest Road 29 (FS-29).

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Try not to camp anyplace until you arrive at a suitable spot. By then, you are currently inside the Olympic National Forest limits.

3. Beaver Lake Pullout

Beaver Lake is another place like in the Pacific Ranger District, in the super north-west area of the Forest. It’s found along State Highway 113, around four miles north of Sappho. You will be able to find camp spots here.

It’s a created campsite in view of the outdoor tables, but you won’t think that it is referenced on Forest’s site. All there is here is a 300-foot long pullout from the roadway, with outdoor tables at each end.

This can be a great hangout spot when you want to camp for a while with your group out in the forest. There are no camp expenses; it’s totally free, and it requires taking guidelines from the Forest services to ensure safety.

4. Bear Creek Campground

You can also make camp at the Bear Creek Campground. This place has a dispersed camping area situated along the Sol Duc River. It has 16 complete campgrounds for travelers. The environment is tranquil and intensely forested.

The serenity here is great; the shade settles on Bear Creek, a helpless decision for boondockers who depend on solar power. The river simply steps away, making this camping area famous among fishermen.

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RVs up to 30 feet are gladly welcomed, in spite of the fact that you can presumably crush in something marginally bigger.

Bear Creek Campground is about an hour from Port Angeles and only a little ways from Forks.

It’s strategically placed for investigating Cape Flattery, Lake Crescent, Shi Beach, and other famous attractions.

Vault latrines are accessible here with outdoor tables and fire rings.

There is no running water or trash bins.

5. Lyre River Campground

There is another amazing campsite found near the Lyre River in a rainforest area. This area is best for tent campers and those with more modest arrangements. Large RV travelers may think that it is hard to use this camping area.

The campsite is very much hidden and shaded, and it may give difficulties to those hoping to charge their stuff using solar panels. Campers will enjoy looking for fish in this area.

The singular destinations offer no power, water, or sewage, but water is accessible to fill your tank. Campers will track down a couple of vault toilets, assuming that they wish to utilize them and a garbage dumpster is accessible.

Campers also get network services of Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile here with a normal of 2 bars each. Signal strength may not be enough for working from a distance.

This is a great calm area that has a bigger number of conveniences than most free camping areas. Those dependent on solar power may not find this campground suitable to camp here.

The generators are permitted, though. Families will probably fondle open to setting camp here, and there are no reports of extreme junk.

6. Coppermine Bottom Campground

Coppermine Bottom Campground is a point near Olympic National Park but not as close as the other spots. Still, you will find it very interesting with the Clearwater River, mostly down Hoh Mainline Road.

It has 12 extensive camping areas. These points top off quickly, particularly in summer weeks by the end of the season.

Tents and RVs up to around 30 feet are gladly welcomed to this spot. Arriving at this campsite requires a 1.5-mile drive down a single-path rock road.

Coppermine Bottom has free setting up camp spots. It’s detached, quiet, and totally lovely. All things considered, it gets restricted daylight (not best for RVs with solar charging systems) and has helpless cell networks.

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It additionally gets very buggy throughout the late spring and sloppy during the downpours. Vault latrines are accessible. Each site has outdoor tables and fire rings.

There is no consumable water or trash bin facility here.

7. Campbell Tree Grove Campground

Campbell Tree Grove Campground is a free campsite found in the Forest’s Hood Canal Ranger District.

You will find it at a certain distance from Olympic National Park, where it is a delightful calm tropical jungle.

The Campbell Tree Grove is a remnant of old development which enlightens the particular elements of the Olympic National Forest.

It is found along Forest Road 2204, around 26 miles from the town of Humptulips. While it’s a long, rough drive-in, this camping area actually stays one of the most famous decisions free of charge setting up camp inside the Forest.

You can find this place at the crossing point of US-101 and Donkey Creek Road. You can head northwest on Donkey Creek Road and after 8.1 miles, take a left onto NF-2204. It’s one more 13.9 miles to the campsite.

8. Quinalt Ridge Road

The last best dispersed camping spot near Olympic National Park that we suggest is Quinalt Ridge Road.

Quinalt Ridge Road is great for little to medium estimated RVs, or trailers under 24 feet.

It’s another all-around involved street for boondocking with a few destinations to browse. In case you’re towing a trailer 24 feet or longer, it’s smart to unfasten elsewhere to examine this road for campground sites.

There are many spots accessible along this road. There are a couple of ideal campgrounds inside the initial 1/4 mile of this street.

In case those sites are taken, there are a few more up the road, but the roads turn out to be thinner.

These camps further up on the road are appropriate for vehicles, vans, pickup truck campers, and trailers under 20 feet.


The best dispersed camping near Olympic National Park can be experienced at various spots that we have listed above.

Each of the locations has great tent camping and living spots.

You can have some good quality time to enjoy the best days of life here.


What are the best spots for dispersed camping near Olympic National Park?
  • Rain Forest Resort Village.
  • Willaby Campground.
  • Elk Lake.
  • Pyrites Creek.
  • Enchanted Valley.
  • Olympic National Forest Coho Campground.
  • Falls Creek Campground.
  • Staircase Campground – Olympic National Park.

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