8 Must See Dispersed Camping Near Grand Canyon

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Grand Canyon is one of the well-known spots in America. Tourists from all over the world love to visit this place. It is, however, well-known for being a challenging and expensive location too.

Countless visitors have been inspired by the Grand Canyon over the years. Those who enjoy camping can visit this place and have another level of excitement to witness this spot.

This stunning terrain is one of America’s most popular and valued national parks.

dispersed camping grand canyon

In case you seek the best dispersed camping areas near Grand Canyon, then we have collected a list of campgrounds around this area that provide great space for campers and tourists around the world.

What are the Best Dispersed Camping Near Grand Canyon?

1. Coconino Rim Road

The Coconino Rim Road is the best dispersed camping spot that you can find near Grand Canyon.

You can get to the Coconino Rim Road camp region by one or the other way from Grand Canyon Village toward the west or from the town of Cameron toward the east.

Remember that there are no services here other than the vault toilet at the base of the Lookout Tower. You’ll need to come ready with as much food and water as possible because there are no shops or services around.

You can easily get to this camp region from inside Grand Canyon National Park. From a brief distance off of East Rim Drive, you’ll be impeccably situated to visit the Grandview Lookout Tower, climb the Grandview Trail, or take in any of the different sights along the South Rim to reach the spot.

It is about 15.5 miles from the South Entrance. The place is mostly busy with a lot of crowds.

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2. Marble View Dispersed Camping

The Marble View is a great setting space for dispersed camping. You will find some great views here at this location when you camp near Grand Canyon.

You’ll follow a Forest Service Road for more than 15 miles before reaching out of the forest to witness some great views and a vast campground.

The region can accommodate a family or group of five people. There are no services available at the Marble View spot, and you are separate from civilization here, so come ready.

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Despite the fact that you’re just 17 miles from the North Entrance Station to the Grand Canyon, the drive will take you around 1 hour, given the tight road to arrive here and camp for nights.

There are no bathrooms and water services here, so you have to be prepared, and there will be a moderate crowd swinging by each day in this beautiful location.

3. Point Sublime

On the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is a campground for beautiful locations called the Point Sublime.

In case you want to camp away from the world and don’t want to get disturbed by other campers, then this is an ideal spot for you because there are just two camping areas here.

You’ll have to get a Forest Service Access to camp here so that you can witness the most breathtaking perspectives.

The road here is very harsh, so you’ll require a 4WD vehicle with good ground clearance to arrive at the campground. Despite the fact that there is no water here, there is still an essential washroom for campers to utilize.

You just have to bring your own water or tissue with you.

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Those expecting to camp here are suggested to stay in touch with the North Rim Visitor Center. You can also share your experience and an easy way to get through these camp spots so that others can get benefit from it.

Its distance to North Rim Entrance Station is about 20 miles, and you may find a moderate crowd coming and leaving this spot every day.

4. Forest Service Road 302

Found only three miles from the South Entrance Station, Forest Service Road 302 offers extraordinary dispersed sites for camping where travelers can make a stop close to Grand Canyon National Park.

To reach this campground, you have to switch off of Highway 64 on the south end of Tusayan onto FR 302. Proceed until camping areas begin to show up, around a 1/4 mile from the expressway.

The road is acceptable for most vehicles. The place is mostly crowded.

Present on the edge of the town of Tusayan, you’ll appreciate simple admittance to services that can make your camping easier at nearby campgrounds. You will even have the option to stroll to the Grand Canyon transport service if you need it, just in case.

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There is a problem in setting up camp along with FR 302, and that is that you’ll find yourself to be under flight routes which means you will have to bear the noise of the planes and helicopters taking off all the time.

The good thing is that its distance is only 3 miles to Grand Canyon.

5. Forest Service Road 306

Forest Service Road 306 has a vast dispersed area for camping that is situated opposite Highway 64 from FR 688.

This is an extraordinary choice assuming you find that FR 688 is full, or then again assuming that you’re searching for a place where you are away from the crowd and can spend peaceful nights.

The way can be a bit tough, but still, most of the vehicles can ride through it. Its distance from Grand Canyon is 5.1 miles.

As with the vast majority of the area has dispersed camps close to the Grand Canyon, you will feel more disconnected from the world when you move more inside this area.

You’ll, in any case, make some simple memories heading into the camping spot from here.

There are no bathrooms, and you won’t find any water here to bring your own clean drinking water. There is not much crowd here to disturb your camping experience.

6. Long Jim Loop

Long Jim Loop is another good camping region that has a dispersed area for the travelers and campers that come to visit Grand Canyon.

It’s 1.4 miles away from the Grand Canyon and one of the best spots near it to camp for nights and days for a whole new experience.

This area has a busy crowd which means you will have company around this region as a lot of people will be camping here. The town of Tusayan is the southern door to the Grand Canyon which is also very close to this spot.

Despite the fact that you can get any possible moment supplies here, you’ll be able to resupply or fill up your necessary food and equipment from this area.

The road is acceptable for most vehicles, and a portion of the camps can accommodate a spot for bigger RVs.

Given the area of this campground, you should attempt to show up before all the spots are filled.

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There is no bathroom or freshwater facility here, so be prepared.

7. Forest Service Road 328

Forest Service Road 328 is one of the roadsides that can give access to a lot of camp regions near the Grand Canyon. It is found on the Grand Canyon’s South Entrance Station.

The road here is dusty, but acceptable for most vehicles.

As with a large portion of the dispersed camping areas close to the Grand Canyon, don’t expect any water or any kind of facilities along with FR 328.

It is about 1.3 miles from Grand Canyon which will give you spectacular views on the way.

You’ll switch west off of Highway 64 onto FR 328 and proceed for around 1/2 mile past the ‘No Camping’ signs before you start to see the campground.

It is good for campers with modest RV vehicles.

8. Forest Service Road 688

At 5.4 miles from Grand Canyon, Forest Service Road 688 is a region where you will get dispersed camping sites. The most famous camp region close to the Grand Canyon is this region, found only 10 miles south of Grand Canyon Village.

This is an awesome dispersed spot to camp, with around 20 campgrounds situated on a very much evaluated road. There is a huge crowd coming to this campground each year during camping season.

Despite the fact that there are no services here, you are a short drive from Grand Canyon Village, which has huge loads of conveniences. For those expecting to camp near Grand Canyon, FR 688 ought to be a great choice.

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This was information about the best dispersed camping near the Grand Canyon, in which a lot of great dispersed campgrounds have been listed for the ease of travelers and campers.

All these spots are a great addition to the camping list of those who have never been to such places before.


What is the distinction between Boondocking and dispersed camping?

Since boondocking includes setting up camp in a space with practically no utilities, it is consistently free. Nonetheless, scattered setting up camps can include remaining in public woods campsites with restricted resources and low expenses.

Will you Boondock in the national forest?

Boondocking or dispersed camping is permitted in all public forests, except for some. Most of them are usually free and available throughout the year for the campers to come and camp at any place they like.

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