10 Amazing Dispersed Camping Near Yellowstone

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Yellowstone is a vast area that is filled with wildlife and a lot of land area that has forests, boulders, dry paths, and mountains.

You will find a lot of places here where you can set up your camp and live the night under the stars.

It should be mentioned that these free campsites are completely devoid of water. This indicates that there are no services available around this area.

You have a plot of land on which to pitch your car or tent, as well as a fire ring.

However, there is no picnic table and no toilet, and also there isn’t a tap, and there isn’t a garbage can.

You just have to boondock here at the dispersed camping near Yellowstone to experience dry camping.

Dispersed Camping Near Yellowstone
Credit: National Park Service

We have found some best dispersed camping near Yellowstone.

What are the Best Dispersed Camping Near Yellowstone?

1. The Grand Tetons

The Grand Tetons is a large mountain range near Yellowstone, but there is a national park within Grand Teton National Park.

The most famous and perhaps one of the most beautiful parks in the whole area is Jenny Lake.

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This is there for tents and small RVs where all the campers can come and enjoy.

It’s a good spot for class B RVers and campers trucks.

There is not much crowd here to deal with, and you will find a lot of places to take your photographs and some amazing memories with your family.

You can enjoy camping for free here.

2. Atherton Creek

Atherton Creek Park is another choice you have that is located in a beautiful area overlooking the lake.

It is also there for RVs and campers and is in the national forest opposite the national park.

So the cost of camping here is low, and there is usually very few security personnel in the area. So it ends up being a small community influence.

There are several logger-carrying centers around the park.

You can find your ideal spot and set up your camp. You won’t be disturbed by the crowd as there are limited or moderate campers around this area.

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3. Bear Country

The Bear Country is filled with grizzly bears and the mountain bears which live in and around Yellowstone.

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It is magnificent to live and camp close to these creatures, but we have an obligation to protect them. The human-bear relationship is frequently terrible for bears which is why it’s best that you don’t provoke them into your camp.

The primary thing to recall when setting up camp in a bear country is to keep your yard clean after you are done cooking.

All extra items like unused food and aromas water box, food and bowls, trash, sunscreen, antiperspirant, and other things ought to be put away in a bear pack so that they don’t smell it.

There might be a bear box found in certain parks or a vehicle. Find a suitable safe spot around this area and enjoy your camping.

4. Buffalo Bill State Park

Buffalo Bill State Park is the best dispersed camping ground located within an hour from Yellowstone Lake.

This campground is a popular camping destination for tent and RV campers. Every evening, the sunset paints the vast terrain in pinks and oranges.

This tranquil state park is located on the shore of Buffalo Bill Reservoir, where you can swim, fish, or boat.

Despite the fact that the state park’s campgrounds have a reservation system, it is less popular than Yellowstone.

You can also phone the park to find out your location before boarding, and you can also get a few services here.

This camp includes all of the amenities found in a national park, such as showers and running water.

5. National Forest Campgrounds

National Forest Campgrounds are preserved and protected camping sites where travelers can make a stop.

The camps can be found throughout the National Forests that surround Yellowstone National Park.

However, these camps are more basic than national and state parks, so be prepared for the challenges.

The majority of them do not have RV access. Also, keep in mind that even sporadic populations in national forests can be replenished.

If camping isn’t an option, you’ll have to think about other choices.

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The camping website has information about drinking water and restrooms.

There are dozens of camps that you will find here, and the crowd here is busy, which means you have to make your decision on time in order to stay here.

6. Mammoth Campground

Mammoth Campground is another spot to find near the Yellowstone area.

Mammoth Hot Springs is located in Yellowstone National Park.

The only camp in the park that is open all year for the visitors. The Boiling River is within walking distance, and there is much wildlife in the vicinity.

There is also fishing, hiking, and a mammoth breed nearby.

You will get services like a total of 85 tents or non-electric motorhomes here.

For the bathroom, you will get toilet paper, a water basin, and drinking water as well.

You can make your reservations online here or by making a call to this camping spot.

7. South Entrance

In the high season, the south entrance is particularly popular and can get very crowded.

The entry is located on the north side of the Tetons and at the southernmost point of Yellowstone, which explains the high crowd traffic in this area.

Most tourists aim to visit both national parks at the same time; therefore, staying in a central location will allow you to do so.

This free camp on the Yellowstone Route is ideal since it is close to Highway 191, which leads to Yellowstone and Teton National Parks.

You will certainly not be able to access the Internet from any of these free sites.

The south entrance provides a number of free lodging alternatives, which is great because the region is always crowded.

The Headwaters Lodge is the most popular place to stay. There is ample parking space for 50 RVs to stay overnight.

8. Norris Campground

At Norris Hot Springs Camp, you are going to meet a lot of wildlife like buffaloes around you anytime.

These are paid camps, and they are a bit pricey.

The first two places are suited not only for American Buffalo but also for RVs and tents. But that’s fine; they’re only there to unwind and grab the tasty camp prices.

In the camp, fire is permitted, which means you can cook your food and enjoy a bonfire as well.

With bathrooms, water, picnic tables, and fire pits, tall pine trees give plenty of shade in this area.

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The Norris Geyser Basin is available here, too. With ranger programs, hiking tours, and museums all within walking distance, you’ll be sure to make new friends.

There is a restroom where pets are permitted. In a nutshell, it’s everything you’ll need for a fantastic camping weekend.

9. Tower Fall Campground

On the north side of the Dunraven Trail, you will get the Tower Fall Campground, which is an amazing campground. You can lie down in your tent and watch the Yellowstone River fall.

This peaceful location, free of generators, is suitable for visitors seeking comfort and a wide range of amenities.

This is a fantastic location because it has water, toilets, fireplaces, and picnic tables.

To find the wolves, enter the Lamar Valley, or leap ten miles to Mount Washburn for an exciting day. With all of the beauty and activities available near Tower Fall, it’s no surprise that this first-come, first-served campground is a favorite among seasoned Yellowstone visitors.

In the camp, fire is permitted. There is a restroom where pets are permitted. There is also water to drink, and you get a picnic table available here too.

10. Indian Creek Campground

This little first priority location, located at the foot of the Galatian Range, not only offers spectacular views of Electric Peak but also day treks to Shipper Rock and Bighorn Pass.

It’s near Yellowstone, and if you thought it was difficult to “go off the beaten path” in a national park, come to Indian Creek Camp and reconsider.

The reviews on this site are fantastic.

You wish to return from the night sky for an awesome shot with an evening fire.

Shower trays, fireplaces, and picnic tables are all provided, so all you need is a hammock and your favorite beverage.

In the camp, fire is permitted, and there is a restroom where pets are permitted.

There is a picnic table available here too.


This was a guide on dispersed camping near Yellowstone area where you can camp along with your friends or family.

There are a lot of dispersed camping lands in this region for your ease.


Is there BLM land close to Yellowstone?

The Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone tracks right through the Shoshone National Forest. It goes through the great Clarks Fork Canyon into BLM-regulated public terrains. The unmatched scene and sporting freedoms make an extraordinary encounter on this spot. Visitors can put most of their camps here.

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