RV Slide Out is Crooked? and Other Slide Out Related Issues and Solutions

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Slideout in the RVs give an expandable side that also increases the inside space a little bit. RVs can be modified and shaped into different forms according to a user’s choice. Expanding an area requires alteration and labor work by a mechanic. These slideouts are usually self-expanding that work by an electrical switch.

The problem with these slideouts is that they can get crooked sometimes, and in most cases, they get out of their alignments. There are several other problems that can happen with these slideouts, which is why in this discussion, we are providing some quick fixes and easy solutions for fixing RV slideouts in order to make them work well.

RV Slide Out Crooked

How to Fix Crooked RV Slide Out?

It’s rare that such an issue may occur for an RV user. In case it does, every time the slip looks or feels distorted, it’s possible that the gears may be in the wrong direction, or there may be timing issues. You can fix bent slides from your RV with the right tools and user’s manual.

You can start by checking the battery and fuse. If everything is correct, replace the broken part. The RV parts can be purchased at the local store, but prices can vary significantly depending on the individual parts and model of your RV.

If you think some parts need to be repaired, or if you do not have the skills to replace parts, ask a specialist to repair the slides. The cost of repair service depends on the amount of work you need to do and the experience you need.

Common RV Slide Problems And Solutions

There are lots of slideout issues that can occur differently for users. Solving common problems is not too difficult. In some slideout cases, it may be necessary to spray a small amount of oil on the rails in order for the exhaust passages to work again. You may also only need a screwdriver or a small wrench to tighten nuts, bolts, and screws.

In addition, you can get rid of unwanted clutter. You can use a sealant with a sealant gun to close cracks, loose spots, or holes until you replace the defective seal. If you have a hydraulic arm, be careful when repairing it. Even if this is a common problem, you can ask a qualified hydraulic technician to handle the problem.

In case you want to test things on your own and fix the big RV slideout by yourself, which may be of a fifth wheel or a long travel trailer, then it’s possible that problem may be a headache for you. Most of the slideouts work on hydraulic stabilization systems, the configuration of which is fully adaptable, providing a lot of versatility. Since it is a mechanical part, it is no wonder that slide problems will occur in the future, and maintenance will be required.

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One of the most common slideout problems with RV is that the slides are not properly aligned, appear to be bent, are leaking, or it may not be functioning properly. Knowing only the slider marks is not always enough to find the best solution to the problem, but without going to a workshop, the performance of the parts makes the problem easier.

It can be detected, but first, you need to fully understand how the slider bar works so that the instructions at hand are very helpful. This could be a problem of battery or some bad securities, but basically, it will have to be repaired manually, or the parts need to be replaced. Fortunately, these pieces aren’t difficult to buy and are fairly easy to find in stores.

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Some editions may simply consist of basic material. Some of the tests you can do to avoid skid problems in the future are to regularly lubricate the mechanical parts to prevent the metal from rusting and to seal the potential for hydraulic pump rupture, damaging the entire RV. It is to prevent possible leaks and damage.

Fix Leaking RV Slideout

RV Slide Out Leaking

The hydraulic system that drives the RV may leak. It is a very common slideout problem and can be very frustrating if not resolved early. Check the hydraulic oil in the reservoir. Note that when the system is activated, that is, when the slider bar is disengaged, and the spirit feet are lowered, the liquid level in the reservoir is lowered.

If the slide is fully retracted and the leveling legs are upright, the level of hydraulic fluid should be high near the top of the reservoir. If the pump is working, but the slider keeps pulling in when the liquid level in the reservoir is low, there may be a leak. Follow the fuel line to determine where the leak is. The user manual also contains clear instructions on how to secure the hydraulic system.

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If you find a leak, contact a repair shop for repair or modify the component. The cost depends on whether the line needs replacement or repair and the amount of hydraulic fluid needed to refill. If there are no leaks, the valve actuator may be defective.

In such cases, the pump operates without pushing down the fluid. This can lead to bigger problems-pump cavitation if not addressed in time. You need to turn the drive by hand. You typically use a screwdriver or socket wrench to lock or unlock the drive. Valves are so delicate that this task should be performed with caution.

Fix Slideout Slider Makes Noise

In case the slider on the slideout is making awful noise that frustrates and spoils your mood, then you need to understand the reason why it is doing that. It may be due to these reasons.

  • The wrong lubricant used
  • Wear of slide mechanism
  • Fragments such as ice and snow on the slide
  • Misalignment monitoring
  • Too little lubrication

If the slider of the slideout is misaligned or the slip mechanism is worn, take the help of a professional by taking your RV to a garage or a repair shop for service. The cost depends on the degree of damage and the parts that need to be replaced. The RV user manual specifies the amount and amount of lubricant to apply to the slider.

Be sure to lubricate according to these instructions. If you camp during the winter, manually remove ice and snow from the slides. Pushing into the snow and forcing the car to do extra work will significantly shorten the life of the slider.

Fix Slideout Not Retracting

This is one of the other problems that commonly occur for RV users. The reason may be due to a problem with the control switch, or sometimes the things don’t go well with sufficient power to the pump motor for the slideout.

To fix this problem, you can begin by checking the control switch to be properly working. If the control switch and the car are moving, but the slider does not fit, check the retractor for damage and repair (or replace) it. Next, make sure that the pump motor is powered enough. If the control switch does not provide enough power to the pump, replace the switch.

You can replace the part as you only need to loosen the damaged part and replace it with a new one. Make sure the system is not turned on before replacing the valve. The cost of an RV retraction valve range can be high, depending on the particular RV model.

Fix Motor Failure in Slideout

Another reason that your slideout may not be working properly is the motor failure. This type of failure error can be due to an accident or due to the life of a motor that has been taken away by working for years. Sometimes, the motor may not work due to open electrical connections, short circuits, or circuit breakers. If you have multiple disk outputs powered by different motors, the circuit breaker may not apply if one of the motors shuts down. The way to avoid this situation is to test the motor.

To fix it, test the supply terminals with a multimeter to see if the correct amount of current is flowing through the motor. If you have real power, test the continuity and resistance of the motor terminals. If the resistance is higher than normal, or if there is no electrical continuity, the motor of the slideout may be burned out.

It needs to be washed away or replaced. RVs motor valves can cost run between $150 and $700 on average, along with the dependability of the seller, and shipping charges, if applicable. If you do not have the skills, you will need to ask a qualified electrician to replace the motor for slideout.


This was a discussion article on RV Slideout problems like it is crooked and other issues that a user commonly experiences.


Can I fix a crooked slideout in an RV?

A crooked slideout in an RV can be fixed if you know where the problem lies. Otherwise, you need to hire a professional who needs to get the work for replacement done for you.

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