6 Amazing Class A RV Motorhome with Garage

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If you’re the kind of a person who is constantly up for an adventure, a Class A motorhome is among the most convenient ways to get around.

There’s plenty of living space in the front of these big multipurpose vehicles, and a garage in the back provides even more space to put to good use.

Class A motorhomes are the largest on the market, with some measuring up to 45 feet long. They have a smooth ride, a fantastic view, and many of the conveniences of home because they are built on a truck or bus chassis.

Some are outfitted with the kind of amenity you’d expect to find only in the homes of rock stars.

Class A RVs with garages also have a practical aspect. There is extra space for your off-road equipment and outdoor essentials, in addition to plenty of room for you and your family to travel and camp in comfort and luxury.

Based on your specific interests, bikes or ATVs, side-by-sides or go-carts, snowmobiles, or boats are some of the toys possible to accommodate.

Before looking at the options, we need to answer some questions. A Class A RV with a garage is large and complex, as well as a significant financial investment.

If you’re thinking about buying one, there is a lot to consider first:

Class A Motorhome’s Garage Space Capacity?

The width and length of the garage area are specified in the specifications. Is there enough room for all of the toys you wish to bring? Perhaps it’s too much, and all you need is a pair of dirt bikes. In that situation, you might mentally limit your search and focus on smaller variants.

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What is the Amount of Sleeping Space Available?

The main bedroom, as well as other mixed-use rooms, such as couches and dinettes that fold down to create sleeping chambers when needed, are prominent in Class A motorhomes featuring garages.

Do you have a large crew or only a few riders? This is very crucial to consider when deciding which type of RV is ideal for you.

What is the Maximum Weight Limit?

Another issue to consider is the amount of weight the Class A garage space’s strengthened floors may handle. All automakers list the maximum weight limit of every variant.

They often range in weight from 1,600 lbs to 2,500 lbs or more. As a result, be sure it’s strong enough to handle the job. On the other hand, you might not require something nearly so robust.

What Additional Storage Space does it Provide?

Class A RVs are acknowledged for having an abundance of storage space, particularly on the outside. It also means that larger water tanks will have more space. If you’re going to camp for an extended period of time, it becomes crucial.

This sort of RV may be exactly what you need if you have plenty of equipment and supplies (in addition to your toys) to bring along.

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However, having too much garage space can imply having insufficient storage space elsewhere and vice versa.

Let’s jump right into the best Class A motorhomes with a garage on the market.

Name Cargo Area Length Price
Thor Motor Coach Outlaw 38KB 10.17 ft $228,450
Thor Motor Coach Outlaw 38MB 10.17 ft $227,550
Winnebago Sightseer 11 ft $186,554
Newmar Canyon Star 10 ft $184,226
ShowHauler SHU 1376A-29 16 ft $375,000
Renegade Classic 11 ft $209,900

Thor Outlaw 38KBThor Motor Coach Outlaw 38KB
Thor Outlaw 38MBThor Motor Coach Outlaw 38MB
Winnebago SightseerWinnebago Sightseer
Newmar Canyon Star 3927Newmar Canyon Star
ShowHauler SHU 1376A-29ShowHauler SHU 1376A-29
Renegade ClassicRenegade Classic

What are the Best Class A Motorhome with Garage?

1. Thor Motor Coach Outlaw 38KB

Thor Outlaw 38KB

This gas-powered class A motorhome Thor Motor Coach Outlaw 38KB features two residential models with vast living rooms, both built on a robust Ford F-53 chassis.

The interior amenities in the 38KB model are high-glass cabinets, a drop-down zero-G entrance door, a snap-in deck system, and a garage tread plate featuring non-slip carpeting.

A portable filling station including pump and nozzle, as well as full basement pass-through storage, are included on the exterior.

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The Outlaw 38KB can accommodate up to eight guests. The garage features a drop-down ceiling bunk, leatherette couch bed, and additional two opposed leatherette jack-knife sofas that carry up to 1,800 lbs.

The Outlaw Class A motorhome was created by Thor Motor Coach to meet all of your storage requirements, with features like lighting rotocast storage chambers as well as a basement pass-through store.

The huge, dedicated garage enables you to bring all of your outdoor gear, including bicycles, boats, and ATVs, without navigating around them while staying in the primary coach area.

For all your outdoor recreation, you’ll enjoy the garage’s drop-down Zero-G ramp entrance and snap-in patio setup, as well as the exterior 39-inch LED television to enjoy the big game.

Outlaw Garage

Key Specifications

Height 13 feet 3 inches
Exterior Length 39 feet 9 inches
Exterior Width 8 feet 5 inches
Gross Weight 26,000 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity 150 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 40 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 40 Gallons
Price $224,850

Thor Outlaw 38KB

2. Thor Motor Coach Outlaw 38MB

Thor Outlaw 38MB

The Thor Outlaw models are capable toy haulers that also happen to be stylish Class A RVs.

The sliding glass doors which isolate the main bedroom from the garage are the only feature that does not appear to be ideal.

These doors could be useful. However, they don’t provide a relatively similar level of privacy as the sleeping quarters, particularly if visitors or friends are using the garage’s back sleeper.

The Outlaw 38MB, like many other Class A vehicles, features a large cargo area for storage. Heavier items, such as camp chairs, can be stored in the garage, leaving the pass-through cargo bays free for traveling accessories and tools for your toys.

A fueling station is also located on the outside for refueling your toys. This frees up more area in the garage and reduces the risk of hauling fuel canisters.

There’s also a quick attach supplemental LP connection for a propane BBQ.

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The Onan 5500 generator gets its fuel from the vehicle’s fuel reservoir and produces power if you are boondocking.

The converter is also equipped with hard-wired spike safety when using shore power.

The tank capacities are one probable flaw. The enhanced capacity for boondocking is one of the toy hauler’s distinguishing features.

The Outlaws only offer 40 gallons of black and grey tanks, respectively. This appears to be contradicting the great sleeping space, which includes a queen over the cockpit, a foldable sofa as well as a kitchen dinette, a bedroom queen, and two further queens in the separate garage.

Key Specifications

Height 13 feet 3 inches
Exterior Length 39 feet 9 inches
Exterior Width 8 feet
Gross Weight 26,000 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity 100 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 40 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 40 Gallons
Price $227,550

Thor Outlaw 38MB

3. Winnebago Sightseer

Winnebago Sightseer

Because of the quality of production, this Winnebago Sightseer is among the motorhomes that we highly suggest.

It features an automated hydraulic leveling system and is built on a Ford chassis and engine.

Altogether, you can never go wrong with the comfort Winnebago brings to the table when you are looking for an RV, and it also has the possibility of transforming the area outside into a great boding space!

However, some RV owners have mentioned a disadvantage in terms of repairs after some wear and tear, which is unavoidable.

Some customers complained that the company’s repair support remained difficult to access. But if you still want the luxury and extras that this motorhome offers, and don’t mind having some work done by third-party RV shops, then the Sightseer is the way to go!

Key Specifications

Height 12 feet 5 inches
Exterior Length 34 feet 4 inches
Exterior Width 8 feet 5 inches
Gross Weight 22,000 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity 73 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 60 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 39 Gallons
Price $156,162

4. Newmar Canyon Star

Newmar Canyon Star 3927

“Can a Class A motorhome feature a garage and storage area while still having all the functions I need?” you might be wondering.

You’d better keep reading because you’re in for a treat! Our top choice will keep you on your toes for sure. The Canyon Star from Newmar screams worth!

Because this gorgeous RV is designed for heavy-duty use as well as utmost comfort, you’ll be targeting two birds with a single stone as one of the top-class A motorhomes on the market is on your mind now.

Canyon Star is exactly what it says on the package! It’s built to take you on a journey as one of the greatest class A motorhomes available to many RVers!

It also uses diesel as a fuel source! This one-of-a-kind toy hauler is larger than conventional RVs, with a capacity of up to ten people.

But let’s not even get started on the coziness you’ll find on the inside! The main bedroom includes a very comfortable queen-size bed, and the motorhome has a sofa bed!

It’s ideal for the whole family in the RV!

When you think about it, it’s essentially a mobile hotel room with a garage to keep all the excitement! We’re assuring you, friends, it’s got everything you need, and the quality you’ll receive out of it is unbeatable!

However, no motorhome is flawless, and it does have one little flaw: the Canyon Star’s garage is a little steep for riding your gadgets in.

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The slope angle is more vertical because the hauler’s frame is higher than conventional motorhomes.

Loading a motorcycle or chopper can be big trouble, but installing a ramp extension can make loading and unloading your beloved adventure toys much easier!

Key Specifications

Height 12 feet 11 inches
Exterior Length 39 feet 11 inches
Exterior Width 8 feet 5 inches
Gross Weight 30,000 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity 75 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 60 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 40 Gallons
Price $239,372

Newmar Canyon Star 3927

5. ShowHauler SHU 1376A-29

ShowHauler SHU 1376A-29

The massive ShowHauler setup was custom manufactured in Indiana by a firm known for its meticulous craftsmanship and high-quality materials.

Having a weight capacity of 1,600 lbs, the big 35-footer, constructed on a Freightliner chassis, offers plenty of space for your goods.

High-end kitchen equipment, ample storage spaces, a stereo, and LED lighting may all be found on the inside.

Walls made of aluminum covering, granite countertops, as well as solid wood cupboards, shelves, and closets are all characteristics of Show Hauler’s design and devotion to quality.

The garage that ShowHauler comes with is actually the largest garage among all the motorhomes produced to date.

Key Specifications

Height 12 feet 6 inches
Exterior Length 36 feet 8 inches
Exterior Width 8 feet 4 inches
Gross Weight
Fresh Water Capacity
Grey Water Capacity
Black Water Capacity

ShowHauler SHU 1376A-29

6. Renegade Classic with Garage

Renegade Classic

The Renegade Classic comes in six different garage sizes, varying from six to eighteen ft. Another alternative is a hydraulic liftgate, which you may choose among four various chassis from Freightliner, Cummins, or Volvo.

In fact, Renegade motorhomes are fully adjustable to provide you with the ideal balance of garage and living space.

A basic 48-inch deep bed featuring a full-size mattress, four-point auto-leveling mechanism with hydraulics, power locking storing section doors, carpeted storing chambers, as well an LED side docking light set is among several Renegade Classic amenities.

Key Specifications

Height 13 feet 5 inches
Exterior Length 45 feet
Exterior Width 8 feet 4 inches
Gross Weight 58,000 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity 150 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 75 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 75 Gallons
Price $232,450

Renegade Classic floor plan


This article has tried to incorporate maximum information regarding the best Class A motorhomes with garages for you to have less confusion when it comes to opting for the most suitable Class A RV motorhome that can accommodate the needs of your entire family.

If you are looking for an adventurous trip, you might need to bring all of your favorite gadgets along.

A garage in your RV becomes compulsory to accommodate all of your gadgets.

We hope this article has been able to assist with the purpose mentioned.


What is the best Class A RV with a garage?

These are the best Class A RVs that come with a garage

  • Thor Outlaw
  • Winnebago Sightseer
  • Newmar Canyon Star
  • ShowHauler SHU 1376A-29
  • Renegade Classic with Garage

What RV has the largest garage?

The Showhauler RV with Garage comes in lengths ranging from 9 feet 6 inches to 12 feet, making it the RV with the biggest garage selections.

Showhauler’s RVs are also built on a robust truck chassis.

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