6 Lightweight 5th Wheel Campers on the Market

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5th wheels are the longest and heaviest trailers that have a lot of things to offer to the users. These bulky machines are meant to have a lot of storage space and the latest features that cause them to have more weight and increase their price as well.

But ignoring the fact that there are mostly big and heavy 5th wheels in the market, there are few lightweight options, too, as compared to heavy ones.

In case you want to know about 5th wheels that are lightweight and have a lot of features, including some space and interior luxury with good body design, then we have got the best selection of options for you.

Now we move to the best lightweight 5th wheel on the market with a complete list of top options to choose from.

Name Weight (lbs)
Grand Design Reflection 303RLS 11,995 lbs
KZ Durango Half-Ton 5th Wheel 9,000 lbs
Open Range OF284RLS 13,702 lbs
Winnebago Minnie Plus 25RKS 9,995 lbs
KZ Sportsmen 303RL 10,000 lbs
Keystone Montana 3121RL 16,380 lbs

Grand Design Reflection 303RLSGrand Design Reflection 303RLS
KZ Durango Half-TonKZ Durango Half-Ton 5th Wheel
Open Range OF284RLSOpen Range OF284RLS
Winnebago Minnie Plus 25RKSWinnebago Minnie Plus 25RKS
KZ Sportsmen 303RLKZ Sportsmen 303RL
Keystone Montana 3121RLKeystone Montana 3121RL

What are the Best Lightweight 5th Wheel Campers?

1. Grand Design Reflection 303RLS

Grand Design Reflection 303RLS

The top selection as the best lightweight 5th wheel is the Grand Design Reflection 303RLS. This is a 5th wheel that has a sleeping capacity for four people, and it has three slides for entryways.

This 5th wheel is 9,832 pounds and 32 feet in length. With a hitch weight under 1800 lbs, this would be tight to tow with a 1/2 ton truck.

There is much to love about this lightweight 5th-wheel trailer starting from its front room which has a decent size bed and storage area on the inside for your ease and comfort.

Key Features

Length 32 Feet
Height 12 Feet
Sleeps 4
Slides 3
Dry Weight 9,832 lbs
Gross Weight 11,995 lbs
Freshwater Capacity 60 Gallons
Graywater Capacity 87 Gallons
Blackwater Capacity 47 Gallons
Heater 40,000 BTU

In the backspace of this 5th wheel, you will discover a kitchen that incorporates a sink, just like the one available in the back lounge room region.

In the lounge room, you can experience the theatre seating or a tri-overlap couch. The front room additionally includes a comfortable chimney and an enormous 40-inch TV.

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Reflection furnishes you with a streamlined front cap that gives a most extreme turn span. There is a docking station, and one-touch electric canopy with LED lights, LP fast interface that makes the setup easy, and enjoys your trips for fun.

With various compartments for your camp seats and different necessities, the Grand Design Reflections furnishes you with all that you need for a good setting up camp outing.

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Grand Design Reflection 303RLS

2. KZ Durango Half-Ton

KZ Durango Half-Ton

The Durango Half-Ton is a lightweight 5th wheel travel trailer that is ideal for you if you have a small family and you want a luxurious and small 5th wheel. This average-size trailer has firm quality, standard elements, and a lavish stylistic theme to catch your eye.

Key Specifications

Exterior Width 8.0′
Exterior Length 28′ 11″
Sleep Capacity 4
Exterior Height w/A/C 12′ 1″
GVWR 9000 lbs
Weight 7260 lbs

The Durango accompanies an under-mount stainless steel sink with sink cover and spigot with pulldown sprayer. The drop-in cooktop with a glass cover and broiler permits you to prepare your food and dinner at whatever point you need.

The Durango has got you covered with all the availability for you with the latest technology that should keep you connected. With seven diverse floor plans, you can arrange your family’s ideal experience. It comes under a two-year guarantee.

This big bulky trailer is the best fit as a lightweight 5th wheel option.

KZ Durango Half-Ton D230RKD

3. Open Range OF284RLS

Open Range OF284RLS

This Open Range OF284RLS is another lightweight 5th wheel on this list that gives you plenty of capacity to open the living experience.

The Open Range rests up to six individuals, and it comes as standard with three slide-outs. The camper is 32 feet in length and weighs 10,280 pounds.

You will get along with the warm feeling of Open Range that the manufacturers have put into this little 5th-wheel trailer. The front room includes an agreeable bed and a full washroom complete with an enormous fiberglass shower.

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All through the main room, you will find good storage and living space.

Key Specifications

Length 32 Feet
High 13 Feet
Sleeps 6
Slides 3
Dry Weight 10,280 lbs
Gross Weight 13,702 lbs
Freshwater Tank Capacity 85 Gallons
Graywater Tank Capacity 98 Gallons
Blackwater Tank Capacity 41 Gallons
Power Canopy 16 Feet

In the backspace of the Open Range, you will see the exquisite interior design all through with its open floor plan, including a feasting region, kitchen, and lounge.

The kitchen includes a huge area where you get the microwave and a fridge for keeping and making the food. In the lounge, you will discover theatre seating and a huge LED TV over the electric chimney.

It comes with double sheet windows, a camera, and licensed flush floor slides. The 5th wheel has four automatic sleep mode systems to improve your experience even more. The Open Range is prepared for compact solar chargers and has power canopies with LED lights.

The Open Range highlights stainless steel equipment inside, a motion-detecting light in the passage and room, a soundbar in the center, and an inside comfort entertainment light.

Open Range OF284RLS Floorplan

4. Winnebago Minnie Plus 25RKS

Winnebago Minnie Plus 25RKS

Winnebago Minnie Plus 25RKS is a lightweight 5th wheel that serves the purpose of giving you all that you need.

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The Winnebago Minnie Plus gives a sleeping space to a family of 4 people. It is 27 feet in length which would be viewed as a short 5th wheel. The dry load of the Minnie Plus is a simple 7,220 pounds. The Minnie Plus line is intended to be a 1/2 ton towable trailer.

Winnebago gives you all that you need. The main washroom, situated at the front of the 5th-wheel RV, includes a good estimated size bed and two closets.

The washroom includes an induction from the lobby just as a passage from the room.

Key Specifications

Length 27 feet
Height 12 feet
Sleeps 4
Dry Weight 7,220 pounds
Gross Weight 9,995 pounds
Freshwater Tank Capacity 50 Gallons
Graywater Tank Capacity 51 Gallons
Blackwater Tank Capacity 25 Gallons
Slides 1
Air Conditioning Power 15,000 BTU

At the back of the RV, you will get a huge L-shape kitchen, an entertainment area that incorporates an enormous HD TV, a dinette, and theatre seating. Also, there is a storeroom and cloth wardrobe in the lobby, which offers a lot of capacity.

This RV highlights front and back-controlled evening-out jacks and electric drum brakes. The power jack, rooftop stepping stool, and backup prep camera make it simple to use, attach and tow your Winnebago. For short 5th-wheel campers, Winnebago is viewed as among the best.

The Minnie Plus offers porch speakers, a lockable storage entryway, and a power awning with LED lights. Inside, you will get a theatre setup that has a USB port, Bluetooth abilities, DVD, and sound system. Winnebago offers a one-year guarantee on their Minnie Plus.

Winnebago Minnie Plus 25RKS Floorplan

5. KZ Sportsmen 303RL

KZ Sportsmen 303RL

KZ Sportsmen is also a lightweight trailer that made its name to our list of lightweight 5th wheel trailers.

This is the best 5th wheel for those who need a private encounter while setting up camp.

The Sportsmen 303RL gives a good space for six individuals on account of the two convertible beds. It has a weight of 10000 lbs when loaded and would most likely need a heavy truck to tow it along.

Key Specifications

Length 34 Feet
Height 12 Feet
Sleeps 6
Power Retractable Slides 3
Dry Weight 8,640 Pounds
Gross Weight 10,000 Pounds
Freshwater Tank Capacity 38 Gallons
Graywater Tank Capacity 53 Gallons
Blackwater Tank Capacity 53 Gallons
Heater 30,000 BTU

The main room is at the front of this 5th-wheel trailer and includes a sovereign bed and a lot of capacity for the entirety of your things.

The restroom is situated on the backside which also has a corner shower. In the fundamental living region, you will get a kitchen with a 42-inch dinette region. In the back of the camper, you will get a 70-inch couch and two nightstands.

The Sportsmen includes a front power evening out jack and a manual back evening out jack. The lounge area has a discretionary 30-inch chimney.

Opposite this place, you have agreeable center seating to rest and lay off for a while. Outside is a 13-foot overhang with go thorough storage area. There is additionally a discretionary 11-foot awning on this trailer.

KZ Sportsmen 303RL Floorplan

6. Keystone Montana 3121RL

Keystone Montana 3121RL

The last option as the best lightweight 5th wheel on the market in our list is the Keystone Montana 3121RL which is a luxurious and beautiful trailer to look at. Montana 3121RL rests up to four individuals and has three slides.

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The camper is 35 feet in length and weighs 12,000 pounds.

This camper is loaded with everything to guarantee you the perfect relaxing and happy experience you’re your trips and camping experience. The huge main room is situated at the front of the 5th wheel with a good storage area to store your goodies.

Key Specifications

Length 35 Feet
Height 13 Feet
Sleeps 4
Slides 3
Dry Weight 11,999 lbs
Gross Weight 16,380 lbs
Freshwater Tank Capacity 66 Gallons
Graywater Tank Capacity 88 Gallons
Blackwater Tank Capacity 49 Gallons
Heater 35,000 BTU

The back of this 5th-wheel trailer is loaded up with features in abundance, incorporating a kitchen with an 18 cubic foot private fridge, storage room, and compartments.

The camper offers a couch bed and a power theatre seating encompassing an enormous HDTV over the chimney for entertainment.

It has LED lights, various storage compartments, and an external shower. You also get a DVD/MP3/CD theatre setup, two LED TVs and marine-grade speakers.

Keystone Montana 3121RL Floorplan

Why Choose a Lightweight 5th Wheel Trailer?

With regards to putting your money into buying an RV, tracking down the best options from the market is the best option that can help you to understand everything about different 5th wheels from the list and make a selection of one.

Lightweight 5th-wheel trailers offer various advantages not found in other heavy trailers like bigger 5th-wheel trailers.

The principal advantage of a little and lightweight 5th wheel trailer is the size is more sensible while towing. When looking for a sporting vehicle, the primary thing you ought to consider is the mobility and length of the camper.

Numerous new drivers who are not familiar with RVs favor a little camper since they are scared of towing along camper.

The second advantage of a more modest 5th wheel is that it will fit well with camping needs and allow you to easily adjust to the place without worrying about parking and stuff. Most National Park camping areas have length limits for RVs.

One more advantage of a 5th wheel is capacity; on account of the split level plan, there is extra space in a 5th wheel than in a comparative model travel trailer. This is truly useful on longer trips when you use a lightweight 5th wheel that will save your fuel as well.


This was a detailed discussion about the best lightweight 5th wheel on the market where we mentioned the top models for you. All of them have the same purpose but with different styles.


What is the best 5th wheel for the money?
  • Coachmen Chaparral 5th Wheel.
  • Luxury Suites 5th Wheel DRV.
  • Coachmen Brookstone 5th Wheel.
  • Redwood 5th Wheel RV.
  • Forest River Wildcat Series.

What is the best quality RV 5th wheel?
  • KZ Durango Half-Ton.
  • Jayco North Point.
  • Heartland RV Landmark.
  • Grand Design Reflection.
  • Coachmen Chaparral.

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