8 Excellent Small 5th Wheel Trailers

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5th wheel trailers are big and luxurious vehicles that provide ease for your journey or trips when you are going out on vacation with family or your friends.

These trailers can store a lot of equipment and things in their storage compartments, and they are loaded with luxurious features and technology for the ease of a user.

They are big and bulky, which are not suitable for every type of road; however, there are a few small models that can be a perfect fit in case you live in a place where there is more traffic.

Now we move to the list of best small 5th wheel trailers that you will find easily.

Name Weight Exterior Length
Palomino Puma 8,800 lbs 28 Feet
Scamp 19′ Deluxe 3,500 lbs 19 Feet
Forest River Rockwood Ultra Lite 7,950 lbs 34 Feet
Northwood Fox Mountain 235RLS 11,500 lbs 27 Feet
Winnebago Micro Minnie 2405RG 7,000 lbs 26 Feet
Chaparral Lite 25MKS 9,800 lbs 29 Feet
KZ Durango Half-Ton D230RKD 9,000 lbs 12 Feet
KZ Sportsmen 231RK 7,500 lbs 24 Feet

Palomino Puma Fifth Wheel Palomino Puma Fifth Wheel
Scamp 19' Fifth WheelScamp 19′ Deluxe Fifth Wheel
Forest River Rockwood Ultra LiteForest River Rockwood Ultra Lite Fifth Wheel
Northwood Fox Mountain 235RLSNorthwood Fox Mountain 235RLS
Winnebago Micro Minnie 2405RGWinnebago Micro Minnie 2405RG
Chaparral Lite 25MKSChaparral Lite 25MKS
KZ Durango Half-TonKZ Durango Half-Ton D230RKD
KZ Sportsmen 231RKKZ Sportsmen 231RK

What are the Best Small 5th Wheel Campers?

1. Palomino Puma

Palomino Puma Fifth Wheel
Credits: Cheyenne Camping Center

The Palomino Puma is the best choice in the category of small 5th wheel trailers. This is a great option because it is simple to tow. The Puma is half-ton towable, so it just requires to be attached to a vehicle and take off.

These rough constructed fifth wheels are effectively the best draw around.

Key Specifications

Exterior Length 27′ 4″
Exterior Height 12′ 2″
Exterior Width 96″
Hitch Weight 1128 lbs
GVWR 8800 lbs
UVW 6788 lbs
CCC 2012 lbs

With five unique floorplans to browse, remembering the biggest choice of bunk models for the business, you make certain to find the settings that are ideally suited for your next experience.

The Puma offers floorplan choices reasonable for each way of life, including couples model and bunk models, just as others for kitchen and appliances.

The Puma accompanies standard settings that cause you to feel like you are at ease. A portion of the inside features incorporates a TV Antenna with the booster and cable hook-up, stainless steel microwave, stainless steel residential refrigerator, WIFI prep, stereo-Bluetooth FM/CD/DVD, glass range cover, and an under-mount sink with cover.

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Outside it has an electric shade with an LED light strip, 2 outside speakers, an outside shower, and it comes pre-wired for a Solar System.

Palomino Puma Fifth Wheel Floorplan

2. Scamp 19′ Deluxe

Scamp 19' Fifth Wheel

Searching for happiness and comfort from a small fifth-wheel trailer will take you to explore an amazing option in all of the fifth wheels, which is the Scamp 19‘. This is a small fifth wheel that will fill your need for long trips and journeys without any complications.

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It is the biggest of the Scamp line yet one of the littlest fifth wheels you can purchase. It pulls effectively, and it has everything considerably more on the options but smaller with the size like most of the modest trailers.

Key Specifications

Length 19′
Vehicle Weight 3,500 lbs
Freshwater Tank Capacity 12 Gallons
Blackwater Tank Capacity 9.5 Gallons
Greywater Tank Capacity 21 Gallons

This camper might be small; however, it has all that you need, including space to rest four individuals. Highlighting a sovereign size bed in its space region, you’ll feel like you’re moving to heaven each time you head to bed.

The restroom isolates the space from the fundamental floor, giving you a more private dozing experience.

You’ll discover wood cupboards all through the camper, and in the kitchen, a two-burner propane oven fits well with the other kitchen appliances.

For seriously resting space, the table turns into a bed. You will just feel at home when you are using the trailer.

Scamp 19' Fifth Wheel Floorplan

3. Forest River Rockwood Ultra Lite

Forest River Rockwood Ultra Lite

The Rockwood ultra lite is one of the best small 5th wheel trailers that you can find for your family in order to live comfortably with all the space and features in one place. With twelve diverse floor plans, you make certain to get the ideal design for your next experience.

The Forest River Rockwood has completely prepared kitchens that incorporate a 22″ Gas Oven, a Microwave, and a recessed Cooktop and Oven w/Flush Mount Cover.

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Key Specifications

Exterior Length 28′ 5″
Exterior Height 13′ 1″
Hitch Weight 1295 lbs
UVW 7630 lbs
CCC 2065 lbs
Exterior Width 96″

It comes with an extra-huge double door two-way refrigerator, kitchen backsplash, flush mount stainless steel sink, and lift-off Faucet.

The Rockwood Ultra Lite is the ideal option for towing with an SUV or a vehicle powerful enough to apply the force and take you to your desired places.

Forest River Rockwood Ultra Lite Floorplan

4. Northwood Fox Mountain 235RLS

Northwood Fox Mountain 235RLS

This little fifth-wheel camper has all that you need in a home on wheels. With a one-piece aluminum outline development, four-season protection warmed holding tanks, and dump valves, you’ll have the option to take on nearly everything with Northwood Fox Mountain 235RLS.

This small fifth wheel incorporates an outside shower, a 45-watt sunlight-powered charger, one slide out, and more outside features.

Key Specifications

Vehicle Weight 12,000 lbs
Length 27′ 10″
Freshwater Tank 59 Gallon
Greywater Tank 42 Gallon
Blackwater Tank 36 Gallon

It has a pocketknife couch including accessories and equipment like TruRest Queen Mattress with a blanket, a corner dinette, strong surface kitchen ledges, and hardened steel equipment.

This little fifth-wheel camper has comparative features like other useful RVs. Furthermore, if the entirety of that wasn’t sufficient, it has a glass-walled area inside for adding beauty to the interior.

With 60 gallons of water and 3000lbs of payload limit with regards to adding solar panels and generators, this little fifth wheel would be appropriate for setting up camp in far-off places for more time.

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In contrast to the other trailers on this list, you’ll most likely need in excess of a half-ton truck to pull this trailer when it is loaded.

Northwood Fox Mountain 235RLS

5. Winnebago Micro Minnie 2405RG

Winnebago Micro Minnie 2405RG

Winnebago is a leading manufacturer of comfortable travel trailers and RVs that are being sold worldwide. The best small fifth wheel offered by Winnebago is the Micro Minnie 2405RG.

This is a useful trailer that has great outside parts, outside speakers, a power shade with LED lighting, and a lot more.

It is one of the top little fifth-wheel trailers available today, and it is available in three tones, white, platinum, and champagne, so you can drive in some style.

Key Specifications

Vehicle Weight 7,000 lbs
Length 26′ 9″
Freshwater Tank 31 Gallon
Greywater Tank 50 Gallon
Blackwater Tank 25 Gallon

Traveling inside this magnificent trailer, you’ll discover steel tools and appliances, including a flush mount three burner range with a glass top and broiler. You will also get a sovereign bed and the most open indoor living region.

In this little fifth-wheel trailer, you should keep in mind that it has an under 1,000 lbs payload limit, which isn’t much for long outings or full-time use.

Winnebago Micro Minnie 2405RG Floorplan

6. Chaparral Lite 25MKS

Chaparral Lite 25MKS

Chaparral Lite is also a small 5th wheel trailer because it packs all of its features in one place as a package. It is 29 feet in length which may not be the smallest option in this article, but it still is a small fifth wheel overall.

This RV trailer can be taken to any park and campsite without worrying about space.

Key Specifications

Vehicle Weight 9,800 lbs
Length 29′ 3″
Freshwater Tank 40 Gallon
Greywater Tank 33 Gallon
Blackwater Tank 33 Gallon

You get an awning with an LED light strip that helps you have a good time outside after the evening. With two slideouts, a kitchen storeroom, and sufficient storage all through this little fifth-wheel camper, you’ll be open to learning that there’s a spot for everything.

You get a tri-overlap couch, a huge bed, delightful kitchen machines, and all that you need in your usual hangout spot. This even has an amusement area with an excellent TV and chimney.

You can now get your best choices in one place.

Chaparral Lite 25MKS Floorplan

7. KZ Durango Half-Ton D230RKD

KZ Durango Half-Ton

When you are out on the options, look at KZ Durango, which is also the best small 5th wheel travel trailer that people don’t talk about much. This small fifth-wheel camper can be towed by a half-ton truck.

The KZ Durango has a steel powder-covered edge and two slides to make this little trailer very useful.

There is an addition of LED open-air lighting, electric overhang, open-air speakers, and other entertainment sources. Include the pass-through capacity for all your setting up camp stuff and one of KZ’s accessible sunlight-based packages, and you could spend a decent long get-away setting up camp off-network in the wild.

Key Specifications

Vehicle Weigh 9,000 lbs
Length 26′ 9″
Freshwater Tank 55 Gallon
Greywater Tank 93 Gallon
Blackwater Tank 53 Gallon

With fresh and dark water tanks, this RV is appropriate for water and electric hookup bathrooms that don’t have sewer. These tanks can provide sufficient storage before unloading in the long term.

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You will get a lot of electric appliances that are useful in the kitchen, such as microwaves and others. There are wood stumble cupboards complete with a hardwood door.

The kitchen additionally has a beautiful sink with a draw-out sprayer. At the point when it’s bedtime, you can take a look at the sky through the skylight roof. There is also a lookout window for an outside view. You get to rest in your open bed with a cushioned headboard.

KZ Durango Half-Ton D230RKD

8. KZ Sportsmen 231RK

KZ Sportsmen 231RK

The last best small fifth wheel trailer on our list is the KZ Sportsmen 231RK. This is an excellent masterpiece that has a one-piece, consistent stroll on Tufflex roofing material. Other features are equipped in its beautiful interior layout.

It is a trailer with well-fabricated quality, which is better than the bigger models in this category.

Key Specifications

Vehicle Weight 7,500 lbs
Length 24′ 5″
Freshwater Tank 45 Gallon
Greywater Tank 85 Gallon
Blackwater Tank 53 Gallon

In the kitchen, you’ll get a standard 8 CU FT Gas/electric RV fridge with a cooktop that offers a recessed, three-burner, and a glass cover, alongside LED highlighted broiler handles.

It has a hardened steel under-mount sink with a skyscraper and pull-down pop sprayer.

While resting in the family room, you’ll either be all staked up on your comfortable couch or leaning back in the comfortable seats. You will get great comfort inside this small 5th wheel trailer, where you get extra room and cabinets for your dress and toiletry needs in one place.

In case you want a fifth-wheel trailer, then read about why you should get a small one and what benefit you get.

KZ Sportsmen 231RK Floorplan

Why Buy A Small 5th Wheel Trailer?

Small 5th wheel campers have a couple of significant advantages over other trailers, and these advantages stretch out to a list of benefits. The small fifth wheel is awesome and typically the most secure towing RV out and about. This is a result of the manner in which it associates with the tow vehicle.

The towing experience of these fifth wheels is much better and wipes out the requirement for weight dispersion and influence control that you need for pulling the trailers.

Fifth wheels can be a lot heavier compared with the tow vehicle and still be towed securely. There is an explanation that semi-trucks utilize a fifth-wheel for towing because they balance well with the weight and pull.


This was a discussion about small 5th wheel trailers where we have listed all the best small fifth wheel trailers for getting a better idea about which one is at the top and why.


Which is the best small fifth-wheel trailer?

The best small fifth wheel trailers in the market are,

What brand 5th Wheel is the best built?

Following are the best brands which make the best 5th wheels in the market.

  • Forest River Riverstone 39RKFB.
  • Keystone Montana 3741FK.
  • Winnebago Voyage V3436FL.
  • Crossroads RV Redwood 3901MB.
  • Grand Design Solitude 377MBS.
  • Jayco Eagle HT 25.5REOK.
  • Gulf Stream Sedona 28CBF.
  • KZ RV Venom V-Series V3413TK.

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