How Tall is a 5th Wheel Camper? (Fifth Wheel Height)

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It’s important to understand the tallness or height of your ride when you own a fifth wheel. These rigs are big, and they require proper roads where they can be towed. You cannot use fifth wheels on streets or in the mid-city. The height of the fifth wheel matters in the sense that you will have to take it everywhere with your family.

This is an important discussion in case you are buying a fifth-wheel camper. First, you need to know about the heights and the tallness of a 5th wheel camper so that you know if it’s well and suitable for your area or not.

A fifth wheel is a full-fledged trailer with all the necessities of a home in one place. This type of trailer is to be towed with a strong truck. They can offer a lot in one place for long trips and entertainment. Based on this, people can adjust themselves in these trailers as living homes.

According to a study, the typical peak height or tallness for the fifth wheel is about 13 feet. The maximum height that a fifth-wheel trailer has is 13 feet 6 inches, and we have listed a lot of trailers with their heights in the section in this article. Tallness is measured from the ground to the best elements of the caravan.

Some are not as high as 13 feet, but in most cases, 13 feet seem to be the most common. In peak conditions, a camper with a fifth wheel on the peak cannot exceed 13 feet 6 inches.

Is it possible to measure the height of a 5th wheel trailer?

One of the most important things to do when considering to measure the height or tallness of a fifth wheel camper is to get the tire grade and actually the peak grade of the camper. Make sure the RV is on the ground floor, the tires are inflated according to the manufacturer’s specifications, and you’ve traveled miles on the trailer.

If you remove the strap, you will still need to straighten it again to make sure it is the correct number. Make sure you graduate from the floor to the best elements of RV. If you have an air conditioner or virtual antenna on your roof, rely on its peak.

How to measure the height of a 5th wheel camper?

When you are buying a 5th wheel for the first time, it is important that you must be aware of its height. There are some processes by which you can measure the height of a camper. This is important because we want to consider peak regulation when going under bridges and tunnels. This is no longer relevant and should not be considered explicitly when driving a car.

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5th Wheel Measurement

However, if you own a large fifth-wheel, peak regulations can affect your travel plans. The first factor to remember is that each must be level while the miles are not hooked and while the hooks are connected. Adding tracks and couplings can make your camper bigger. Fortunately, peak measurements are easy and can be finished with a grade fashion band.

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You can level the fifth-wheel camper by starting from the highest part of the roof until the tires touch the ground. Many start from the cabin, but you shouldn’t do that now as you can get ideas for status rooms that are no longer the real highlights of the caravan.

Also, if there is a roof extension, it must be included in the dimensions. In most cases, they can put your car on the prison ceiling, so look at them before they get in the way. Nails are usually not a big issue for these fifth wheels. The most convenient rush hour is an issue when touring areas that include many tunnels and bridges.

RV Height Clearance Tips

There are a few suggestions that may help you go through tunnels and bridges in case you have a big fifth wheel in your hands. You will have to keep the subsequent things in mind.

  • Each state is unique, whether it is at the top of a bridge or not.
  • Each interstate is unique in terms of accuracy at the top of the exposed bridge, some have extended signboard, and some currently don’t.
  • Interstate highway bridges are designed to clear industrial trailers (up to 13 feet 6 inches). However, some states may have specific requirements.
  • Drying can affect headspace.
  • Print the label from the caravan visor and attach it to the windshield for its height.
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Here are some basic fifth wheel measured heights for some of the most common models.

Model Height
Jayco North Point 13′ 5″
Jayco Pinnacle 13′ 6″
Forest River Riverstone 13′ 4″
Forest River Wildcat 12′ 6″
Flagstaff Classic 13′ 2″
Coachmen Brookstone 13′ 5″
Keystone Alpine 13′ 4″
Keystone Montana 13′ 4″
Dutchmen Astoria 12′ 5″
Grand Design Reflection 12′ 3″
Northwood Fox Mountain 12′ 9″
Northwood Arctic Fox 13′ 5″
Luxe Fifth Wheel 13′ 6″
Crossroads Cruiser 12′ 8″
Heartland RV Big Horn 13′ 3″
K-Z Durango 12′ 9″
Open Range Highlander 13′ 1″
Pacific Coachworks Sea Breeze 11′ 8″
Palomino Columbus 12′ 4″
Starcraft RV Telluride 12′ 5″

Acceptable Hitch Height

hitch height

Important details of the Fifth Wheel are its height and the hitch height of the trailers. Trucks are typically 5 to 7 feet high and can be used instead of raising or lowering. However, you don’t need a truck that is too expensive. This can make connecting fifth-wheel vehicles very difficult. Your fifth wheel must be horizontal as it will get caught on the hook. This prevents it from tilting to get stuck.

A minimum of 6-inch area overhang is required between the 5th wheel and the truck bed. To properly position the coupling on the correct peak, scale from the top of the track mattress to the ground. Then scale from the tow bar holder plate to the ground. Subtract the truck size from the trailer size to get the best coupling point.

Half Profile and Full Profile Height

The last thing to remember when looking at the highlights of the fifth wheel is the difference between a mid-profile trailer and a full-profile trailer. Medium profile trailers are usually shorter than full profile and have a curved top. Full profile trailers have a long, flat roof.

It can make a difference if you rate their highest level. In general, try to measure from the best point. The fifth wheel of the medium profile is aimed at being at the highest point of the curve. For a full profile fifth wheel, the roof dimensions should be the same everywhere on the top.

Preventing Damage From Height

Here are some tips to prevent damage when towing the fifth wheel,

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1. Slow under the Bridge

Its important to always be careful when going under the bridges. Power is not released slowly around the turnaround, especially when approaching the bridge. It may seem pretty, but it’s probably a completely narrow passage, and if you don’t care about the bridge clearance, you may damage your fifth wheel badly.

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2. Use a Route

There is always a separate route for big vehicles like the Fifth wheel. You should consider using only a route that can provide enough space around for your fifth wheel to take turns and easily adjust to the settings.

3. Take Precautionary Measures

Some bridges and bypasses are probably mismarked. Sometimes this clearance is probably due to the spoken part of the bridge. Staying away from what is within a foot of the average caravan peak is satisfying. Always be careful when proceeding.

4. Use RV GPS

Don’t forget to use GPS specially made for RVers to help you choose the incredible path. Routes that can be taken in GPS style have been developed for RVers. The route provides a lot of space for your caravan. However, you have to be careful, and now you don’t usually believe in GPS.


This was a discussion about how tall is a 5th wheel camper? We discussed various models of the fifth wheel and their height, along with other useful information in this discussion.


What is the height of most RVs?

The normal tallness of an RV is around 10 to 12 feet, yet remember that this will differ between the RV type. Class A RVs are typically 13′ to 14′ tall, while the more modest Class B RVs are, for the most part, around 8′ tall.

What are the dimensions of a fifth-wheel camper?

Most standard fifth-wheel trailers are somewhere in the range of 8 and 8.5 feet wide. 8 feet is the business standard, yet a portion of the bigger models require more space. Slide-outs, overhangs, and security hardware can expand this length; however, most states have laws that restrict trailers that are greater than 8.5 feet wide.

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