5 Biggest and Largest 5th Wheel RV Campers On the Market

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Fifth wheel campers can serve a greater purpose in case you live in a place with wide and empty roads.

These rigs will allow you to enjoy the best moments of your life with your family with their space and features.

5th wheel RVs are usually large and offer many household amenities in a Class A garage. Suppose you like some outings or need a spacious caravan to accommodate a large family, which makes you wonder which might be the biggest and largest 5th wheel on the market.

So to make it easy for you, we have combined all the biggest and largest fifth wheel RV in one place.

Here are the largest and biggest 5th Wheel RV.

Name Weight Length Height
Cruiser Crossroads CR3771MD 12,324 lbs 41.92 ft 12.67 ft
Coachmen Chaparral 13,030 lbs 41.75 ft 12.5 ft
Keystone Fuzion 419 15,456 lbs 44 ft 13.42 ft
Keystone Montana 3731FL 13,375 lbs 39.67 ft 13.42 ft
Forest River Cedar Creek Silver Back Edition 35L FT-DSO 13,324 lbs 40.92 ft 13.42 ft

Cruiser Crossroads CR3771MDCruiser Crossroads CR3771MD
Coachmen ChaparralCoachmen Chaparral
Keystone Fuzion 419Keystone Fuzion 419
Keystone MontanaKeystone Montana 3731FL
Forest River Cedar Creek Silver Back Edition 35L FT-DSOForest River Cedar Creek Silver Back Edition 35L FT-DSO

What are the Largest and Biggest 5th Wheel RVs?

1. Cruiser Crossroads CR3771MD

Cruiser Crossroads CR3771MD

The Crossroads Cruiser is a big bulky fifth-wheel vehicle that comes with a space enough for a family of 6 to 8 people.

These are arguably one of the fun 5th wheel vehicles on the market and the ultimate desire of camping enthusiasts.

It’s like being in a real brick house while driving. The good thing about the Fifth Wheel is that it doesn’t cause much trouble with its maintenance.

The elegance of this cruiser has a 1 1/2 inch sidewall. However, the cruiser uses full-inch sidewalls, so it runs smoothly. These sidewalls provide 25% higher insulation and extend to the ground, where you will find a closed center area.

There are lots of features in these large and big fifth-wheel trailers.

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There are a lot of features to talk about with this fifth wheel. The length of the front compartment is spacious. There is a rotary dryer on the outside of the cruiser, but it is not always found on many RVs.

It’s still fiberglass, but it uses Phylon, which offers excellent overall performance. Another great thing about Cruiser is that you can find all your app switches in one place, and they are no longer distributed everywhere.

The door inside the bag is similar to what you see on a luxury bus. They lock magnetically and do not get in the way while you complete your stuff. Not only are these doors heavy, but they are also completely insulated.

It is unaffected whether the train is warm or not. A great feature of the cruiser is the rubber damper between the aluminum wheels. They keep the transmission elements lubricated and improve overall performance and service life.

All windows, except the backrest, can be opened to allow the breeze to pass through, providing excellent ventilation in the corridor. Because it uses a unique type of window seal, it does not leak.

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The interior is espresso designed. The sofa is made of memory foam and can be folded smoothly to create a seating area for children and guests. Armchairs are as comfortable as sofas and can be used as berths.

The dining area and the four chairs around it are loose uprights, which means they occupy much less space. The desk has extensions that allow you to expand the area. There is also an exclusive holder under the desk that can hold more items.

The role of the television is to make it visible anywhere in the living area. DVD players and stereos are built into Bluetooth, so you don’t have to stream anything like this. However, if you need to broadcast something, you have plenty of space.

The kitchen area is large and crowded, with drawers everywhere. The sink has a porcelain toilet with a shower. There is a medicine rack above the sink and a spacious shower. The bed has a garage range under the mattress.

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The bed is huge queen size, and it is very comfortable with a gel top. The mainboard is a bit dark due to the upper cupboard, but it’s ideal for those who want to sleep in the dark.

Cruiser Crossroads CR3771MD Floorplan

2. Coachmen Chaparral

Coachmen Chaparral

Another biggest and largest 5th wheel on the market is the Coachmen Chaparral. It has amazing features at a very reasonable cost.

This big fifth wheel comes with 13 floorplans according to a user’s choice inside a 33 feet length. There are different layouts to add. Chaparral comes with an Azdel composite facet panel.

In this way, there are obstacles under the fiberglass that allow vacuum bonding. Azdel is no longer 50% lighter, but it’s much more powerful than Luang, and it’s also great for leaks.

Chaparral has a colored white fiberglass sheet that doesn’t fade and looks the same for years. The bottom of the Chaparral is completely closed, making it weatherproof.

So if you need to extend your tent time, don’t worry. There are lots of other amazing features on Coachmen Chaparral, and most of them are listed below.


There aren’t many medium-profile fifth wheels with ladders, but Chaparral does. If you need to make highlights easier, or if you want to spend more time updating, you don’t want to remove the ladder from your garage.

The canopy is prepared with LED lighting strips and speakers. There is also a general-purpose TV stand, so you can watch it outdoors.

Chaparral has a large walk-through garage, and the RV is disconnected, so you don’t want to remove the battery. The aluminum bubble wrap on the top provides insulation.

The floor is made of 30 cm thick aluminum and is extremely sturdy and durable.

Wet bags are plastic moldings that are no longer disjointed and will not fill up with water. There are 10 liters of gasoline and an electric water heater.

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You can use electricity in a normal shower, but if many people take a shower one by one, you can add gasoline.

The wheels or rims are made of aluminum, so they won’t rust. Dexter Easyflex Suspension Tires provide a completely easy ride.

It is a smooth and comfortable fifth wheel that is big in size but sits well with all of its features.

Coachmen Chaparral 370FL

3. Keystone Fuzion 419

Keystone Fuzion 419

Keystone is another brand that makes large and big fifth-wheel trailers. One of the large and big fifth-wheel trailers on the market by Keystone is the Fuzion 419.

This is a big bulky trailer that has enough space to store a wide variety of toys and, in some cases, a fairly soft medium-sized sedan. Of course, if your car weighs more than 16,000 pounds, you’ll need a virtually sturdy tow truck to pull it down the street.

Once you’ve unfolded your toys, you can turn your storage space directly into a spacious second bedroom. It has its own entertainment center, sofa, and sleeping area.

This is a special way for young adults to hang out in their neighborhood without having to dominate the large lounge in the middle and close to the kitchen.

There are many more exciting features about this fifth wheel.


The master bedroom in Keystone Fuzion 419 fits easily in front of a five-wheeled toy carrier. This allows you to stay far away from the noise of the rear storage area without sacrificing comfortable living space.

The master bedroom has a queen-size mattress, as is known, but you can easily upgrade to a king-size. In addition to a portable bathroom with a bathtub and toilet, there is also a very attentive garage.

It has a dry weight of 13,646 lbs, GVWR 16,230 lbs, and a length of 44′. This makes it suitable to provide sleeping space for a family of 8 people.

You get 106 liters of total freshwater potential alongside a total medium water potential of up to 88 liters and a capacity of 44 liters of sewerage as a dark water tank.

This is simply a decent choice for long journeys.

Keystone Fuzion 419 Floorplan

4. Keystone Montana 3731FL

Keystone Montana

Keystone Montana is a beautifully designed fifth wheel by the company. It has been one of the top fifth wheels in the United States for the past 14 years.

You will get to see a lot of things why people love it. Montana is an image of luxury, quality, and reliability, and its era of declining parts is second to none in the market.

The windshield shell is a car-grade windshield that provides a number of features at the ground level and is visible inside the anteroom and bathroom. It has innovative tow bar holders that absorb vibrations from the street so you don’t feel bumps.

It has a reflective hook pattern that can be adjusted like a rearview mirror so you can see the back during backup.

This all makes it an amazing vehicle alongside many other features.


The best thing about this fifth wheel is that it is fully open and loose, which makes it easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner. Montana uses a 1-inch thick sidewall structure. Foam block insulation on the outside and gel-coated fiberglass on the inside.

Unlike other 5th wheels, it’s easy to create partitions, and it always looks extraordinary.

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The stairs are made of aluminum. It has four steps that can be adjusted to fit your foot length and won’t get dirty or wet, just as it’s very soft to pull. Montana has an electric canopy that can be opened with the push of a button.

In addition, find an external sound system that can synchronize with the inside of the radio.

With a magnetic latch for the TV, you can experience your favorite suggestions from the outside. This is where Montana leaves all opponents behind. The 6-factor hydraulic stage allows you to evaluate yourself regardless of tone or diploma.

The dining room tables and chairs are stylish, and all have a large garage area. There are chairs on the mattress, and the dining room can comfortably accommodate four people.

There is ample counter space, each near the equipment and near the sink. The secondary lip can be folded to provide a larger garage. There is a cutlery drawer on the side of the trash can, so you don’t have to be afraid of where to store your trash.

There is an easy-to-use 3-stage electric oven. There is an electric oven under the stove and a microwave on the second floor.

The faucet is a house with a stainless steel sink that can be very smooth to easy. The refrigerator is battery-powered and includes a 2800-watt converter that can run for 18 hours without plugging in.

Keystone Montana 3731FL

5. Forest River Cedar Creek Silver Back Edition 35L FT-DSO

Forest River Cedar Creek Silver Back Edition 35L FT-DSO

There is another biggest and largest 5th wheel on the market by Forest River called the Cedar Creek Silver Back Edition.

This 35L FT-DSO is a huge 40-foot long five-wheel trailer with an excellent attic stack room above the rear work area.

This is a special fifth wheel for family circles on tour who want to draw even when they are out.

The rear workspace can be used as a separate lounge or gaming room if desired. The cage is easily accessible to the back neighborhood via huge stairs.

Includes 2 double beds, linen closet, and TV. People who would love to go on camping trips would love this vehicle.

There great features of this fifth wheel are,


It consists of a spacious kitchen table, an island in the middle, and a large entertainment center with a fireplace.

It’s extraordinary to warm things up in a great summer without having to shake the main propane oven.

This is a special place for toddlers who need an area to download and watch movies or play video games in front of mattresses and lounges.

The essential lounge and kitchen are part of the continuous flow idea in the heart of the ship.

The Master Bedroom is in front of the 35LFT-DSO. In addition to its own entertainment center, it has a famous king-sized mattress. The large cloth sink also has a washer and dryer connection.

Forest River Cedar Creek Silver Back Edition 35L FT-DSO floorplan


This was a detailed discussion on the biggest and largest 5th wheel on the market.

For more related information, our website has covered it all.


Which is the largest 5th wheel on the market?

Following are the largest 5th wheel on the market,

  • Coachmen Chaparral
  • Crossroads Cruiser CR3771MD
  • Puma Unleashed 381FTB
  • Keystone Montana 3731FL

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