6 Amazing 5th Wheel With Loft Bunkhouse

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Fifth wheel trailers can carry all the load and equipment that one needs for his journey and trips in a big motorhome.

The fifth wheel trailers require a lot of attention and care for the luxury and advanced features that they offer. There are some fifth-wheel trailers that come with a loft that makes them look even better and provides a better facility to the user in terms of living.

In case you are searching for the best 5th wheel with loft bunkhouse, then there are many.

In this discussion of the fifth wheel trailers, we have chosen to highlight the best fifth wheel with loft bunkhouse for a user to enjoy his time for the rest of his life and see what joy these trailers can bring them.

So let’s see which choices are the top picks.

Name Weight
Forest River Sandpiper 372LOK 15,962 lbs
Grand Design Reflection 367BHS 14,995 lbs
Forest River Sandpiper C-Class 3660MB 11,659 lbs
Keystone RV Sprinter 357FWLFT 11,280 lbs
Jayco North Point 377RLBH 14,255 lbs
Heartland Big Country 3850MB 13,884 lbs

Forest River Sandpiper 372LOKForest River Sandpiper 372LOK
Grand Design Reflection 367BHSGrand Design Reflection 367BHS
Forest River Sandpiper C-Class 3660MBForest River Sandpiper C-Class 3660MB
Keystone RV Sprinter 3341FWFLSKeystone RV Sprinter 357FWLFT
Jayco North Point Fifth Wheels ReviewJayco North Point 377RLBH
Heartland Big Country 3850MBHeartland Big Country 3850MB

What are the Best Fifth Wheel with Loft Bunkhouse?

1. Forest River Sandpiper 372LOK

Forest River Sandpiper 372LOK

For the family’s own circle, the 5th wheel that deserves to be on the top is Sandpiper 372LOK by the Forest River. It is the best 5th wheel with loft bunkhouse where you will experience the benefit of getting kitchens, an internal, and another outside area.

Almost immediately from the door is the second bedroom that can be without double problems like a lower. About this room is a cage that manages the sleeping area for 2 people.

In the mixed kitchen and the housing place, there can be an island with pending lightning accessories and an additional counter to make meal preparation work without problems.

You can enjoy this housing site with a center of Ocuid, fireplace, and theater seats. The details of the experts, the excellent quality, and the fashionable decoration included in each of the 372LOK of Sandpiper by the Forest River will undoubtedly surprise you.

The domestic windows were introduced at one point, so you can experience a link to the impressive environment of the doors from anywhere, and the built-in residential LED lighting will shine brightly and correctly to change the inside the day is passed.

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With the ceiling of 84 “, the curved steel devices and the mat that resist the places at home will be happy and proud to show your sandpiper to all its own family and friends’ circles.

Key Features

  • Outside kitchen.
  • Four slides
  • Updating the Premium Sound Bar
  • Two quarters
  • Loft
  • Island of cooking
  • Updating the lower luminaire
  • Double 15K BTU A / CS
  • 22 cu ft stainless steel fridge
  • 6-point automatic level system
  • Vacuum central update
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Forest River Sandpiper 372LOK Floorplan

2. Grand Design Reflection 367BHS

Grand Design Reflection 367BHS

The next option on this list is Reflection 367BHS which has a front room with a mattress slide, a comfortable and complete mixture comfortable, preparing for the elective washer and dry.

You can see a lot of great this with this 5th wheel trailer. The 2D room has a table to get some paintings in no public, a comfortable cloth, and a three-sofa with a top mattress of 64 “x 88” on it.

The massive cooking pantry is enough to buy all the favorite sandwiches of all the body parts, and the island of the kitchen will prepare your food and make it easily complicated, and there can be a 12 CU. Ft. Fridge to preserve your pastries and drink cold.

The location of the back housing has a triple bank. It is excellent for a daily nap, in addition to changing a more similar sleeping area, and the theater chair is a fine seat for the residents to observe a movie on the HDTV 40.

The mandatory Arctic 4-season protection package can be the camp all year with the excessive 35K BTU furnace and the lower heat and closed with circulating temperature.

The Gourmand kitchens have everything you want to create domestic cooked foods that include a deep chrome steel bowl and sit with a touch top pressure with an extraction spray to ease easily.

Underlight floors are approaching any dirty ventilation cover to acquire dust or particles, and an ordinary coupling station is a multifunction-heaved place with an EZ winter system.

Key Features

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  • Home design
  • Loft
  • Premium Choice Floors
  • Outdoor Shower
  • Step Storage
  • Rest Package, Ultimate Power Package
  • 4 Seasons Arctic Protection Package
  • Solar reflection package

Grand Design Reflection 367BHS Floorplan

3. Forest River Sandpiper C-Class 3660MB

Forest River Sandpiper C-Class 3660MB

Another best 5th wheel with loft from Forest River is the Sandpiper C-Class 3660MB.

This is a choice that is perfect for a couple or family. From the couch with the upper cabin, in addition to the Mapbox and cabinets, it can detach from the furniture and be more useful for sleeping the guests.

The cage offers an additional area for the garage or the sound asleep.

The kitchen offers you all the things that make you want to feed all people, like a vast island with hanging lights having a 17 cu. Ft. Fridge, pantries, and a coffee bar.

There are many seats in the furniture, such as a dining room, as well as there can be a 50′ flat display TV to watch and a home in addition to the ceiling fan for any temperature you are looking for.

It is made of the aluminum side walls attached to the laminated vacuum, the transparent rubber roof of the integrated layer, the isolation of the block foam, and the lower luminaire that provides the total safety of the security of decadence and erosion. And you can mainly recognize the course of access to more while bringing your internal and outdoor objects.

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A few additional features with the view consist of large view windows across the country, updated high poles doors and dress rails, a residential cooking faucet, a stainless steel package, and a lot of pluses.

Make your wish these days and start playing beauty to your back trip.

Key Features

  • Mid-Bunkhouse
  • Loft area
  • Great cooking island
  • Booth-Etette.
  • Tri-Fold Hide-a-Bed Sofa
  • Mini fridge outside the fridge

Forest River Sandpiper C-Class 3660MB Floorplan

4. Keystone RV Sprinter 357FWLFT

Keystone RV Sprinter 3341FWFLS

The Sprinter 357FwLFT is also one of the top and best fifth wheels with a bunkhouse.

This unit gives you a rear residence design, a second room with loft overload, and a leading staff teacher, plus many areas for a family to spend their time.

There is access to enter the central bedroom/den room directly. There is a sleeper couch next to the aspect wall of the street.

The opposite along the inside of the wall discovers the garage in your stuff. There is an upper cage with a place to stay of 60 “x 80” that children are positive, as it likes to give the use of the ladder with the front.

The stairs on your own through the equal access door can discover a sink through the front door on your left.

Inside you will see the benefit of a residential shower, toilet, and basin. There is also a linen cabinet on its towels and various tub products.

At the height of the runner, discover a large main bedroom with a residential latitude bed, a dust that is comfortable, along the diminishing aspect wall, and a front lap box on her clothes.

Similarly, there is a second closet with the front that operates a prepared area for a washer and dryer if you choose the devices. Back in access to the left and enter a spacious place of the back residence and kitchen.

The kitchen is closer to the door with a sliding-dining room and a theater chair in your time on the left.

Along the wall indoors, you can discover a counter peninsula with a large sink and garage. Along the aspect of the street, a moving series of 3 burners, a pantry, and a fridge can help you without preparing dinner and sandwiches for your family.

It feels good with the average enjoyment and 40″ HDTV.

Key Features

  • Sleeping capacity for 8
  • 4 slides
  • Loft
  • 8 ft 4″ inch width
  • Length: 41 ft 1″
  • Height: 12 ft 6″
  • Dry weight: 11280 lbs
  • Freshwater capacity: 81 gallons
  • 78 gallons of greywater capacity
  • 44 gallons of black water capacity
  • 35000 BTU furnace
  • Double door refrigerator

Keystone Sprinter 357FWLFT Floorplan

5. Jayco North Point 377RLBH

Jayco North Point Fifth Wheels Review

Jayco offers the 5th wheel of its brand with North Point 377RLBH. This is a big fifth wheel that can get you a lot of additional features to add to your custom choices.

You can transfer all its own circle of family members with rooms on this fifth wheel. The capabilities of the front room are great with a queen mattress, a locker room on the front wall with an abbe, and a prepared area to consider the optional available washer and dryer with a 32 “TV.

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The second room can be. Use as a Lair, a workplace, or a visitor room with an air hose on a bunk bed that has a triptych bench under it and a table with a television.

The kitchen is covered in at-house capabilities as well as the island of the kitchen with a double basin and preparation for the dishwasher optionally available, the massive pantry, and a 21-foot fridge to preserve its fresh perishable.

You can even choose to make the optional available background TV available to the kitchen of the doors with electric awe of 17 people with LED lighting accessories to protect you.

These Jayco North Point 5th wheels offer snoozing areas and high prices to handle all sorts of groups and group sizes. It can have generations of own Circle of family members.

Key Features

  • Ceiling Ventilation in the living room
  • 21 cu. Foot. Residential fridge with investor
  • 39″ Tap TV at the loading location
  • There is no generator preparation
  • 12 gal DSI Water heater
  • Sanicon Pre-Wirida Download System
  • Backup and digital appearance digicam prep
  • Safety glass windows painted
  • Home page
  • Residential style pantry.
  • Two quarters
  • Island of cooking
  • Two sunscreens
  • Outside kitchen.

Jayco North Point 377RLBH Floorplans

6. Heartland Big Country 3850MB

Heartland Big Country 3850MB

The last best 5th wheel with loft bunkhouse on our list of the Big Country 3850MB by Heartland. This is a great choice for a family. The kitchen has a double door fridge, a series of 3 burners, and a counter with air tanks.

The island of the kitchen is off and offers an additional counter and a double sink. In the alternative aspect, a sliding room with 4 chairs and optionally available theater seats.

Along the back wall, you will discover a bank with the upper storage and will thank the tables in every aspect to complete the housing area. Inside, one aspect can be a slide and a cage above.

The turn and fold Sofa does it without useful problems as a second room. To the steps, a corridor can be learning with the right of access to the cage.

Next, the Aisle Tub appearance leads to a bath with a seat, toilet, basin, and linen cabinet, as well as entering the front bedroom with a sliding door. A corner case is prepared for a stackable washer and dryer.

Key Features

  • Sleeps: 8 people
  • Loft
  • 4 slides
  • Height: 13 ft 3″
  • Width: 8 ft
  • Length: 43 ft 6″
  • Weight: 16000 lbs
  • Three tanks for water
  • 40000 BTU furnace

Heartland Big Country 3850MB Floorplan


This was a discussion on the best fifth wheel with loft bunkhouse, and we shared information about all of them. For additional information, check out our site. Thank You. 


Which travel trailer have a loft?

Following is a list of some Travel Trailers that come with a loft,

  • Wildwood Lodge 42DL Trailer.
  • Jayco North Point 377RLBH.
  • Forest River Cedar Creek Cottage Trailer.
  • Coachmen RV Leprechaun 320 Camper.
  • Winnebago Minnie Winnie.
  • Holiday Rambler Admiral Class A Motorhome.
  • Forest River Cherokee Destination 39CA Trailer.
  • Bighorn Traveler 39MB.

What is the best-rated fifth wheel?

The best-rated fifth wheel is.

  • Grand Design Solitude.
  • Forest River Cardinal.
  • Keystone Laredo.

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