5 Amazing Truck Campers For 1/2 Ton Pickups

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Trucks campers are useful vehicles that can be used instead of big motorhomes or RVs. They are best for small families or groups of friends that can go to places for fun without worrying about the path and roads because these pickups are really well equipped with all the latest features.

Their mechanical power is very good, and hence they can bear much weight. Including all these capacities in one place can make these pickup trucks pretty heavy.

This is why we are discussing the best truck campers that are around half ton in weight and serve the best purpose as pickups with a camper on top of them.

Each of the options mentioned here possesses a special and unique ability for camping and off-roading; stay tuned to this article to know about each of the best models in the market today.

Name Weight Price
nuCamp Cirrus 670 1,685 lbs $42,995
Travel Lite 770R 1,385 lbs $12,580
Adventurer 80RB 1,762 lbs $21,245
Northstar Hardside Liberty 1,775 lbs $30,665
Alaskan 6.5 1,483 lbs $30,499

Cirrus 670nuCamp Cirrus 670
Travel Lite 770RTravel Lite 770R
Adventurer 80RBAdventurer 80RB
Northstar Hardside LibertyNorthstar Hardside Liberty
Alaskan 6.5Alaskan 6.5

What are the Best Truck Campers for 1/2 ton Pickups?

1. nuCamp Cirrus 670

Cirrus 670

The Cirrus 670 is one of the best options as a half-ton truck camper. You get a very stylish pickup that will make the fun of your trip easy. It has an aluminum and kisa board structure, making this one of the lightest truck campers you can discover.

The outside dividers are made with fiberglass sidewalls and azdel material.

Capacity on the inside is also not an issue as there is enough space for everyone. On account of the large storage compartment on one side of the outside, you can add all your extra accessories and goodies there.

The opposite side provides every one of the associations and propane, so you can undoubtedly get to your tape latrine.

Key Specifications

Floor Length 7 Feet 7 Inches
Dry weight 1700 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity 22 gallons
Grey Water Capacity 22 gallons
Black Water Capacity N/A

The Cirrus 670 comes outfitted with a kitchen, dinette, bed, and a restroom with an underlying tape latrine. In contrast to many truck campers, this even has a bath and shower.

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This is sufficient to cause you to feel like you’re living in an RV but a smaller one. The gas oven accompanies two burners, ideal for preparing dinners for your family.

The ventilation fan over the gas oven will ensure your truck camper will not begin smelling excessive, which is incredible since it consumes a similar space as your room. In case you need to go on rough terrain for some time, the three-way refrigerator and 7 enormous cupboards can store enough food for quite a long time.

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You get LED lights, speakers, and a 110v power outlet inside. For charging just before bed, there is a 12-volt outlet on one or the other side of the bed on this pickup truck camper.

  • Plenty of extra room
  • Good for a small family
  • Led lighting
  • Good kitchen and Tape latrine
  • No such cons

2. Travel Lite 770R

Travel Lite 770R

The Travel Lite 770R is another best truck camper as a half-ton truck camper that has some serious looks.

In case you’re just going for an end-of-the-week out with your spouse, it’ll be best for you. Since the Travel Lite 770R is very light, it’s viable to use with even a pickup having a small carrying capacity. That is on the grounds that this camper uses lightweight yet strong materials.

The finished outside is made with thick aluminum siding and can take on rough weather conditions or any impacts. It also has a fiberglass board. This makes your camper simple to set up and then pack it back again when it’s not in use.

The 770R has more energetic base tones to browse, and you can pick a Gelcoat outside for much greater solidness.

Key Specifications

Length 7 Feet 7 Inches
Dry weight 1,385 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity 9 gallons
Grey Water Capacity 5 gallons
Black Water Capacity NA

The inside is basic, yet in case you’re not having any problem with it, you’ll be totally happy on the inside as well. You’ll be warm in the mountains with its wooden ground surface.

It has a propane-terminated heater that can be handy in cold winters to keep you warm inside.

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You get a 20-pound propane tank, a two-burner cooktop, a 3-cubic-foot fridge, a 6-gallon water warmer, and a Cassette-style latrine. There is also a single-bunch 26-battery, and different advantages are quite dreary in this model. With extremely low weight, there’s nothing more you can request.

It may get useful as setting everything up with this camper is easy. It’s additionally the best spending on a pickup that goes all-in with a camper. This is one of the best truck campers with ½ ton pickups.

Travel Lite 770R Floorplan

  • A lot of features
  • Perfect for a couple
  • Lightweight body
  • Kitchen equipment and sleeping space
  • Small water holding tank

3. Adventurer 80RB

Adventurer 80RB

The Adventurer 80RB is a long truck camper that fits well with half-ton pickups. This truck camper is very much suitable for all types of pickups, and it provides all the useful necessities inside.

The Adventurer pop-up camper uses composite materials to keep the camper light yet sturdy, which is the way it fits well even on a half-ton truck.

The Adventurer’s fiberglass is polished, ideal for keeping this truck camper looking smooth. It looks small, but it is a long model giving you more space inside. Its similarity for short and long beds has its downsides, but when you utilize this for short-bed trucks, there might be a shade over the top of your half-ton pickup truck for good aerodynamics.

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Key Specifications

Length 8 Feet 4 Inches
Dry weight 1,762 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 15 gallons
Grey Water Capacity 6 gallons
Black Water Capacity 6 gallons

The insides of this truck camper are comfortable, and it looks beautiful with cherry cupboards and brushed stainless steel tools. You also get a small kitchenette and a dinette inside.

Furthermore, discussing size, the Adventurer short bed truck camper expanded its little inside space by consolidating the furniture area. You can change the dinette’s couch over to a bed, so you can rest serenely inside this truck camper.

You will get a 4 cubic foot fridge for keeping your food. You can even save some milk in here to go after, simply in case, you need to make something.

You also get a wet shower that can make you fresh for the day. Considering its little floor space, the Adventurer fits a ton of applications.

Adventurer 80RB Floorplan

  • Compact camper
  • Kitchen
  • Convertible dinette couch
  • Compatible with both short and long-bed trucks
  • Less storage

4. Northstar Hardside Liberty

Northstar Hardside Liberty

The Northstar Hardside Liberty is the amazing truck camper for half-ton pickups. There are incredible features in this camper. It has a lighter dry load than different campers at 1,775 pounds, so you don’t have to stress over similarity with the payload limit of most half-ton pickup trucks.

It is quite heavy than most of the other trailers, but still, it is a good option because of its features.

It implies you don’t need to strain your neck attempting to stroll around the camper. You get good headroom in this camper. The gas-filled warm, protected windows seal well and keep you warm around evening time.

In addition, the windows have an incredible screen and shade for protection, so you can have a goodnight’s sleep.

Key Specifications

Length 7 Feet
Dry Weight 1,775 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 20 gallons
Grey Water Capacity 13 gallons
Black Water Capacity 5 gallons

The inside may not be beautiful sight like different campers, but it’s still satisfactory. That is all you need in a camper like this one. The Liberty has all that you need in a camper, similar to a kitchenette with a two-burner gas oven and a sink.

This can assist you with cleaning up the dishes quickly so that you can rush to your bed for a good rest.

In any case, the most thrilling component of this camper is the two-deck dinette. With the twofold deck highlight with which you can easily fit four individuals inside the camper. S

o regardless of whether this camper is one of the lighter and more modest ones on the list, there’s a lot of room to save.

The Northstar Hardside Liberty is an extraordinary camper for a good experience with your loved ones. While it will not be the roomiest when topped off, it can still provide enough room for resting easily.

Northstar Liberty Floorplan

  • Twofold deck
  • Kitchenette and sink
  • Good water capacity
  • Fits around 4 individuals
  • Lightweight
  • Design is not so good

5. Alaskan 6.5

Alaskan 6.5

The Alaskan 6.5 is the last truck camper for half-ton pickups on our list. This is a powerful camper with a lot of room and novel utilities. The Alaskan camper is the latest in design and has the necessary components on the inside.

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This truck camper is additionally durable and strong in case of harsh conditions.

It has floorplans with extraordinary components that you can select according to your best interest. The white outsides appear as though you would consider it to be. It has a smooth look with bent corners while it has a lot of carrying capacity and a durable body.

You get enough room to fit well with your small family on the inside of this truck camper because it has got all that you need.

Key Specifications

Length 6 Feet 5 Inches
Dry weight 1,483 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 15 gallons
Grey Water Capacity NA
Black Water Capacity 4.1 gallons

There is a good sleeping place in this camper. It is a friendly, tasteful, and comfortable camper that can fit well with your camping needs. Dissimilar to others which can be utilitarian, the Alaskan’s plan makes setting up camp on your pickup the best experience possible.

The Alaskan has a cowhide dinette, maple cupboards, and wood roof boards to provide this camper with that additional charm.

You don’t need to stress over cooking outside in the cold in light of the fact that there’s a lot of cooking space in the kitchenette. It has two-burner ovens and a sink for preparing your meal.

In case you need a strong, rough camper with an agreeable interior design, the Alaskan 6.5 is a superb pick. The Alaskan resembles taking a piece of home for you, with how great and wonderful its inside features are.

Alaskan 6.5 Floorplan

  • Sturdy body frame
  • Unique features inside
  • Custom bed and a lot of options
  • Wide kitchenette
  • Heavy
  • Less water storage

What is a 1/2 Ton Truck Camper?

Half-ton truck campers are the pickups that weigh a lot because they have quite high working abilities, and they can be easily pushed to their limits to carry the weight of a camper on them no matter what the odds are.

They can squeeze into the truck’s bed and basically become an expansion of the vehicle. At the point when it’s set up, traveling becomes more fun.

You can go to far-off places that you would never take an RV, travel trailer, or fifth wheel. Truck campers are simple to use, so you can utilize your truck as a camper.

Like their bigger models on wheels, truck campers come in many floor plans, trim levels, and sizes. Furthermore, some are planned unequivocally for light-duty pickups.


This was a guide about the best truck campers for 1/2 pickups, and we listed some of the best choices according to different customer reviews.

We hope you find this camper guide useful for making a selection of the best camper.


What size travel trailer can a 1/2 ton truck pull?

A half-ton pickup has a lot of carrying capacity, and it is usually equipped with a powerful engine that has enough power to pull a 10000 pounds trailer easily. Some models can even pull bigger travel trailers without any problem, like a fifth wheel of a travel trailer.

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