5 Amazing 5th Wheel with 2 Full Bathrooms

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People who love camping and spending their time on the grounds somewhere far off from the social community require a trailer or a fifth wheel that has all the accessories and equipment of use in one place.

For such conditions, a large size 5th wheel fits well as a suitable option for camping. But in case it’s a large family that is going on camping, then they will require more space and an extra bedroom for living.

In such conditions, the need for a 5th wheel with 2 full bathrooms is raised. Because things can get pretty annoying if more people are living in a fifth wheel and there is only one bathroom to use, 5th wheels that have two bathrooms needs to be reasonably large.

Therefore, it is not easy to tow it with any vehicle. The bathroom looks ideal, but there are pros and cons to having a bathroom in the RV.

In addition to the amenities provided by each vehicle, the length of the fifth wheel may vary. Some RVs may have a full bath, while others may have a bath and half.

In this discussion, we have covered the best 5th wheel with 2 full bathrooms. You can take a look at them below.

Name Number Of Bathrooms Bathroom Location
Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen 356QB 2 Rear / Center
Jayco Eagle 347BHOK 2 Center
Grand Design Solitude S-Class 3950BH 2 Rear / Center
Coachmen Chaparral 367BH 2 Rear / Center
Keystone RV Avalanche 395BH 2 Rear / Center

Forest River Wildwood Heritage GlenForest River Wildwood Heritage Glen 356QB
Jayco Eagle HT Fifth Wheels ReviewJayco Eagle 347BHOK
Grand Design SolitudeGrand Design Solitude S-Class 3950BH
Coachmen ChaparralCoachmen Chaparral 367BH
Keystone RV AvalancheKeystone RV Avalanche 395BH

What are the Best 5th Wheel with 2 Full Bathrooms?

1. Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen 356QB

Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen

Starting off with the top choice, the Heritage Wildwood Glen 356QB is the best 5th wheel with 2 full bathrooms. You get a big bulky moving home on wheels with all that you will ever desire for a big family.

The back access in the second full restroom allows young people or friends to go quickly and leave to get out of the doors of fun.

Your adventures can be incredible, the trailers of Heritage Glen Wildwood, and 5 wheels. Residential interiors are welcoming and spacious, and luxury facilities will give you an adequate experience at home.

Outside has a high-definition image package, an updated isolation packet agreement, a PVC roof, a great length of carriages, heated/closed discharge valves and a part lower, and more.

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You can be able to bathe, after which you enter your living region directly to your bunk beds, where you also get a convertible bank mattress and slides that offer territory of masses to play.

You can have your personal Oasis on the other facet with the main package that has a King RV mattress slide, a full width, and a prepared area for a washer/dryer optionally available.

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The full bathroom is more effective because it is easily accessible from the living room. You can even use the banked inside area to place your shoes before leaving the doors, along with the way to make a meal in the kitchen/bar.

Inside the kitchen, there are even bigger amenities, and the fourth slide offers a fashionable dining room and a three-sofa.

There are extra-large windows placed on this trailer which give you the high-quality prospects of your area. You also get a solar panel installed on the ceiling that provides direct charging and power to various things inside.

Key Features

  • Panoramic windows
  • Outside kitchen/bar
  • Two complete bathrooms
  • Single rear entrance
  • Bunkhouse on foot
  • 50 “LED TV / Fireplace
  • Solar package mounted on a hundred-watt ceiling
  • 2nd 15k A / C in the room / requires 50 ampers of SVC option
  • Optional – FTRV Quality Guarantee / Camp Ready Pkg
  • Package of update options
  • VIP package

Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen 356QB

2. Jayco Eagle 347BHOK

Jayco Eagle HT Fifth Wheels Review

The Eagle 347BHOK by Jayco is another of the famous 5th wheel with 2 bathrooms. This is a 41 feet long fifth wheel that has a weight of 13,865 pounds.

It makes it one of all the bigger options, so it has one of the biggest roofing for eight to ten people. As a result, in addition, one of the expensive options with a bit high price.

This trailer is broken into 3 sections, the 2 rooms, and the kitchen. The kitchen is in the middle of half the trailer and has a single burner, an oven, a large island, a double door fridge, a large pantry, and many seats.

You can have all the bundles you want to create a meal as you go home. In the front part of the trailer, you can find several options.

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It has a queen-length mattress with a large area in the front. You must buy a TV with the trailer and with which it is involved in the package for your room. Also, you have your personal restroom with a bathroom.

In it, you can have enough area for all your toiletries. The second room is located in the facet a certain distance from the trailer. It has bunk beds for children and another restroom to use it. There is also a lot of garage with the room.


  • Length: 41″
  • Sleeping space for 10
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Great living region size
  • UVW of 12,865 pounds
  • Optional packages with additional benefits.

Jayco Eagle 347BHOK Floorplans

3. Grand Design Solitude S-Class 3950BH

Grand Design Solitude

One another great options that you would want to consider is the Grand Design Solitude S-Class 9350BH.

This big fifth wheel has 2 bathrooms and a complete living room space for a big family. With this, you can have the ease of access doors to multiple regions of the trailer, with completely unique back access directly in the second full restroom linked to the personal bunkhouse.

There is a lot to cover about your personal privacy with the bedroom frontal of the territory that is at the slide of the room that gives access to the queen mattress, or you have the choice of choosing a king mattress.

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There are closets and an LED TV. The dinner can be prepared with full facilities that include a convection microwave, a pantry to store food in masses, and a lot more.

The user can relax on the outside with the 2 electric or internal sunscreens at the theater seats and a free dining room, even looking for a screen on the LED Smart TV from the comfort of his room.

With any Grand Design Solitude, you can experience full-time years or week-long trips over any season to the Tek-Tek package, which gives most of the additional features.

You get a thermal ceiling design, absolutely laminated walls, the mainland, the exceptional underground rail seal, and the isolated hood. Each is built with a large production of the enormous frame for an extra-long area and consists of a large railing design with reinforced anchors.

The interior gives electricity theater seats with warmth and Brook for maximum comfort.


  • Two complete bathrooms
  • Island of cooking
  • Outside kitchen
  • Single rear entrance
  • Private Bunkhouse.
  • Free-standing dining room
  • TPMS system
  • Smart TV
  • Entertainment region

Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen 356QB

4. Coachmen Chaparral 367BH

Coachmen Chaparral

The Coachmen Chaparral is found in almost every category of the best fifth wheels. The manufacturers leave no exceptions behind while designing their Chaparral models.

The 367BH is a model that comes with a spacious inside region. This is the best 5th wheel with 2 full bathrooms that makes it easier for big families to live and rest in this camper.

You will never get tired of this fifth wheel.

With the fifth wheel of Chaparral, you will love the look of the white gel shelter outside. The interior offers a cabinet, hardware, plus a current highest pressure and sink to wash and clean.

The structure of this RV consists of a framed soil structure of six layers, united and framed aluminum, vacuum links, and aluminum-estimated lateral walls with evidence of rot panels of the Azdel compound sidewall.

The people who are living inside this at the Bunkhouse will experience their full toilet with the second entrance/exit door and comfortable sleeping, both on the Triptych Bank under the lathe or on the top stack.

And the 2 slides open this area to play games and have fun. You can bring along with the residence with the additional friends from the second region.

The leading personal bedroom has a queen mattress and a slide box to keep your clothes clean and tidy. Talking about clothes, if you choose the washer and dryer optionally available for the second lap box, you can store soft clothes during your entire journey.

Preparing your food can be less difficult than ever on the island of the kitchen. You can also inhale a little clean air, even like feeding the food in the outside kitchen, even when others leave the electrical light.

There is also a weather-resistant shield so you can camp without problems in any climate. Other footstool’s ability to cover the suspension of the road weapon by means of air medium means the electrical outlets of the front shots and the rear stabilizing jacks, the air 360 HDTV radio/radio domains, plus the roof with solar panels.

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  • Two complete bathrooms
  • Double input
  • Private Bunkhouse.
  • A / C in the bedroom
  • 50-inch LED TV
  • Chaparral pkg of the average profile
  • Road service
  • Free stand table
  • Solids input
  • Weather-resistant shield

Coachmen Chaparral 367BH

5. Keystone RV Avalanche 395BH

Keystone RV Avalanche

The last option for the best 5th wheel with 2 bathrooms, is from the Keystone company for RV manufacturing. This company has a model called the Avalanche 395BH, which comes with 2 bathrooms and a spacious inside.

The model 395bh gives you a master suite and a toilet with a king mattress, a very garage with the mattress, and with an experience of extreme luxury with its features.

There is an entrance to the bathroom from the master suite. Young people or grandchildren can spend their time in the Loft spot bunk beds inside the camper.

The large open kitchen and housing location leave many campers collectively acquire to enjoy the 50′ TV by playing video games at the detachable table and standing by the island of the kitchen that takes on meals and talking about your day.

So In case you are an end, you want an additional housing room or your own circle of family members with young people in your personal environment in a room or have double bathrooms and a nap on one of the triple banks, this model is the ideal fit.

With any version of Keystone Avalanche, it will be a delight to experience the holiday spots with comfort and luxury.

It has an aerodynamic design, and the suspension is amazing for road grip and handling.

Once you arrive at your place, you can control various things just by playing with the centrally operational switches and meters.

The single contact electric tent with adjustable hands can provide sunshade, and you get tools in your RV for safety purposes.

Inside, the big frame in the interior offers many areas to move around and enjoy the views through the big panoramic home windows.


  • 18 Cu. Ft. Fridge
  • Two full bathrooms
  • Extra living room
  • A lot of interior space
  • Loft
  • 50″ LED TV
  • Kitchen Island

Keystone RV Avalanche 395BH


This was an informational and guide article on the best 5th wheel with 2 full bathrooms. We listed the top models with their comfort and luxury, along with two bathroom features for a family.


Which is the best fifth wheel with 2 bathrooms?

Following are some of the fifth wheel trailers with 2 bathrooms,

  • Forest River Cedar Creek Silverback 37MBH
  • Keystone Sprinter Limited 3570LFT
  • Keystone Cougar 368MBI
  • Dutchmen Astoria 3343BHF
  • Jayco Eagle 347 BOOK
  • Forest River Arctic Wolf 298LB
  • Keystone Campfire 32BH

Do any RVs have 2 bathrooms?

Manufacturers always have a model to fit every type of need from the customers. There are RVs that have 2 bathrooms. Some are even very luxurious and comfortable to enjoy. These motorcoaches and big RV trailers are filled with all the luxury feature that one would ever want.

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