4 Best Class A RV Under 25 Feet

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Class A RVs are generally the longest and biggest in the class of RV motorhomes. These motorhomes have the most luxurious features, but they are also the most expensive ones.

But still, some manufacturers have made Class A RVs that come around 25 feet to accommodate a small family.

As no company has ever made a class A RV under 25 feet, we will be talking about some that are around 25 ft or more in length.

Below, we have shared different motorhomes that have modest sizes (under 25 Feet) in the Class A category. You can look at them in detail and see what they have to offer.

Name Chassis Price
Thor Motor Coach Axis Ford E350 $132,900
Winnebago Intent 26M Ford F-Series Super Duty $116,673
Jayco Alante 26X Ford F53 $129,991
Forest River FR3 30DS Ford F53 $159,995

Thor Motor Coach AxisThor Motor Coach Axis
Winnebago IntentWinnebago Intent 26M
Jayco Alante 26XJayco Alante 26X
Forest River FR3Forest River FR3 30DS

What are the Best Class A RV under 25 Feet?

1. Thor Motor Coach Axis

Thor Motor Coach Axis

The Thor Motor Coach Axis is viewed as the littlest of the Class A RVs. The makers have planned this RV vehicle to be more modest contrasted with different RVs to make it simple for the RV owners to take it camping.

The Thor Axis gives the solace of home when you go camping, and it offers everything that is required for a perfect weekend trip.


The RV is equipped with a 4G network, TV radio wire, Wi-Fi switch, and all such fundamental conveniences that you would regularly find in some other Class A RV.

The vehicle’s flexibility permits the owner to drive it anyplace, from parkways to dirt roads.

Outfitted with every one of the conveniences that you will find in a common home, the Thor Axis is a usual hangout spot.

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It has an assigned kitchen region, living region, and a room. There are different floorplans you could, indeed, browse.

The Thor Axis is a fun motorhome that is not difficult to drive and camp in easily.

It is intended to take you anyplace and is an extraordinary choice to consider in case you are planning to go out with family or friends.

The insides features include a cooktop, microwave, LED TV, Bluetooth device, and radio with outside speakers.

It is ideally suited for trips and for gaining experiences that you will esteem for a lifetime.

Thor Axis 24.1

2. Winnebago Intent 26M

Winnebago Intent

The next best class A RV under 25 feet that you will find with a modest length is Winnebago Intent 26M.

It offers heaps of highlights and fun in a small class A package.

Since it’s presently just accessible as a used model, it’s significantly more reasonable to choose because of less price.

What’s more, since not every person is on the lookout for a new RV, this could be an incredible choice for yourself as well as your family.

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The Winnebago Intent 26 is based on Ford’s F-series and has a powerful engine with 6-speed auto transmission.

It is developed of aluminum and fiberglass and has two slide-outs, or a full divider slide-out contingent upon the model picked.

Each has a 19-foot canopy, just as front and back power leveling jacks. At 80 gallons, the Intent’s fuel limit is immense for a small RV.

Furthermore, with a towing limit of 5,000 pounds, you can bring a decent estimated tow vehicle along on long-range get-aways.

All floor plans incorporate turn cab seats and a table equipped for acclimating to a few settings to give space for additional visitors and guests.

The inside of this motorhome has vinyl flooring, a three-burner oven and stove in the kitchen, and a medium-size electric/propane cooler.

The hardened steel double sink and storage space offers simple cooking and cleaning in the kitchen.

A 15,000 BTU AC system and a 30,000 BTU heater help to manage climate control very well in the RV.

The 6-gallon propane water radiator in this motorhome has an electronic start.

It has good resting space for five individuals, with a wide size king bed, a controlled space bed in the family room, and a convertible dinette.

The main room is situated in the back and has an accordion-style door and a regular closet.

The shower is an average size and sits across the corridor from the toilet close to the Master’s room.

This is an amazing Class A RV with King Bed.

Winnebago Intent 26M

3. Jayco Alante 26X

Jayco Alante 26X

The Jayco Atlante 26X is another modest size Class A motorhome based on the Ford chassis and powered by a 350 hp engine.

It is a good motorhome to consider because it offers some luxurious options with modest size and reasonable price.

The features are worth the money. You won’t be disappointed by Atlante 26X because the interior flooring and color matching is really attractive to make you feel at home.


The Alante 26X rests five and has two slide-outs. On one side of the RV, a back slide-out serves the main room, giving plentiful space to a wide bed.

The subsequent slide-out on the contrary side of the RV serves the center-positioned living room couch and dinette region, opening the living space extensively for resting and feasting.

Jayco’s restrictive legless dinette table is handily worked, and both the couch and dinette give extra sleeping spaces too.

A drop-down overhead bunk and theater seating is discretionary. The kitchen offers an 8 cubic foot double door fridge and a three burner cooktop with a broiler and microwave.

The wide sink adds to the cookroom’s comfort. Jayco’s Alante 26X offers a stunningly sizable shower in the full shower at the back of the RV.

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An outside entertainment community offers a LED TV under a 13′ electric canopy adding to the open-air living region.

The inside living space has a divider-mounted 39″ TV.

A room TV is discretionary. Environment control highlights are common with a 15,000 BTU AC unit and a 30,000 BTU heater.

The Alante also has Onan 4000-watt generator too.

Jayco Alante 26X

4. Forest River FR3 30DS

Forest River FR3

The Forest River FR3 30DS is another class A motorhome under 25 feet with a small size based on Ford chassis.

It is a good RV with more towing capacity. It may be bigger than most of the RVs listed here, but it is still one of the smallest class A RV motorhomes that you will find easily in the market.

The body is made from pure aluminum with a fiberglass sidewall structure.

It has two slide-outs, a 16′ power-retractable shade with LED lights, and 4-point pressure-driven leveling jacks.


The RV has private vinyl flooring covering and a lot of inside features.

An easily measured dinette characterizes the living region and turns into a bed that is important for a resting limit of up to 8, alongside a drop-down power cot over the front seats, an extra-large master bed, and a convertible folding knife couch bed.

The main room is situated at the back of the RV and has a full sliding door.

The environment is controlled with double ducted cooling units in which the front A/C is included for good support during summers and a 35,000 BTU propane heater. High temp water drops via a six-gallon propane/electric water heater.

The kitchen has a four-door electric/propane RV refrigerator, a three-burner oven with a stove, and a private microwave.

The washroom on this motorhome is excellent that offers a porcelain toilet, a useful cabinet, and a genuinely big storeroom too.

You will get a jumbo bed at the back slide-out. This Class A RV is additionally best for families and couples who once in a while for long trips.

The additional space inside this RV motorhome allows more space for sleeping and resting.

In case you need a large number of similar elements, yet a somewhat more limited general length, search for this RV motorhome.

The 30DS also offers two TVs within and one in an external entertainment region.

Forest River FR3 30DS

Why purchase a 25 feet Class A RV?

25 feet overall is a huge length for normal RVs, but for class A, this is a very modest size. Class A motorhomes are not that small, and they start from sizes around 25 ft in length.

The size can only cause the difference in living space and the price being offered.

One of the smallest class A RV is Thor Axis which is an extraordinary choice in case you want to go a little above the value range.

Regardless of whether to go for class A RV or not, you should know why you are getting an RV motorhome for your trips.

1. Miles Per Gallons (MPG)

Having a longer RV provides you with an edge of having more space, greater room, and restroom, but it implies that you will be having fewer miles to the gallon due to more weight.

An extended or long RV motorhome implies more weight which converts into decreased miles per gallon.

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A class A RV on a normal gives under 10 mpg. So, claiming a somewhat smaller RV implies less weight and in this manner, better mpg.

A 25 feet Class A RV generally weighs between 10,000 lbs to 16,000 lbs. A great deal relies upon what highlights are stuffed and the general plan that is offered on the inside.

2. Simple to Handle

Having a smaller size means the RV will be very simple to handle. 25 feet sounds less when you contrast and 40 feet motorhomes with bulky size and weight.

With 25 feet, it is similarly more straightforward to pass through streets.

You don’t need to stress a lot over getting a parking space at the campsite as well. Small class A Motorhomes are simpler to drive as a result of the way that they are exceptionally short and give drive practically like a vehicle.

In case you intend to go for still more modest-sized RVs, you should consider the RVs we have listed in this discussion.

3. More Affordable

In case you contrast a Class A RV under 25 feet and other high profile RVs, it’s most certainly the cheapest.

A 25 feet RV additionally implies that the standard highlights are restricted; however, you are given a choice to add different elements, if essential.

In some cases, that is an ideal method for claiming an RV. You can generally choose different features as you want. This makes it less expensive.


This was a guide on the Best Class A RV under 25 feet in which we have mentioned some of the most modest-sized RV motorhomes in the Class A category.

Each of these RVs is listed here because they are almost 25 ft in length. But they do have very small sizes in contrast to most of the average class A motorhomes.

We hope you find this guide for Class A RV under 25 Feet helpful.


What is the smallest Class A diesel RV?

Tiffin Allegro Breeze is the smallest class A diesel RV. It is minimized from the outside but filled with extravagant features on the inside. Consistent with its name, this lively motorhome is not difficult to drive, taking care of more like a standard SUV than a regular RV.

The Tiffin Allegro Breeze is a top choice among different customers.

What are the more modest RVs?

Class B RVs are the smallest and very useful camper vans that are easy to handle as well. These are the littlest sort of RV and make the absolute best smaller RVs. There’s additionally Class B+, which are simply greater campervans.

They make it very simple and easy to use and control when you are out and about.

What is the smallest travel trailer with slide-outs?

Sportsmen Classic 151RB travel trailer is the smallest of them all. At only 17 feet, this is a small travel trailer with slide-outs. Luckily, in spite of its size, it actually offers adequate space to relax.

While the other trailers give you space to cook, the Sportsmen give you a spot to sit back on the couch.

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