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The Tiffin Allegro is a motorhome with decent looks and exquisite features. This coach is good for a small family to live in. Allowing enough space on the inside, there are some options that you can add as extra in this motorhome. The company has managed to produce something with suitable cost and limited features for a decent family to enjoy their camping trips.

Having a boxy look for its shape, the Allegro Breeze is an impressive-looking coach. This class A motorhome has clean curves and looks beautiful on the outside, along with useful features on the inside. You get a jazzy color scheme and very interesting amenities from the company. There is a lot to discuss this RV in our review, alongside a few problems found with it.

Tiffin Allegro Breeze

Tiffin Allegro Breeze Features

There are various features inside Tiffin Allegro Breeze.

1. New Interior

The Breeze by Tiffin has some genuine consideration of features on the inside. According to a driver’s point of view, the clearest is an absolutely new dashboard. In addition to the fact that it features replaceable instruments, there are easy controls for everything. Discussing new instruments, the fuel check currently additionally has markings for generator use, so you will not run the gas tank dry.

The driver’s-side slide-out houses the liberal U-molded dinette and huge two-entryway refrigerator cooler, while the curbside slideout has a three-seat couch bed and the L-formed kitchen. The kitchen slides out to uncover an enormous front-oriented LED TV on the restroom divider, which is best seen from the turning skipper’s seats. Additionally, new is an all the more impressive Denso run cooling unit that is really planned in Melbourne and utilized in all Tiffin RVs.

The skippers’ seats are new and highlight better forming and inbuilt hassocks. There’s additionally new cowhide trim all through and a more extensive couch pad that outcomes in a more extensive bed, should you convey additional visitors (the Breeze can rest and convey six). In the living region are new floor tiles in addition to a recent fad security entryway to the restroom and room.

Obviously, there is a different TV screen in the room, and it opens down from the roof, over the sovereign measured island bed. The split washroom has a homegrown size-shaped fiberglass shower on the driver’s side, while across the walkway is the fundamental restroom work area with a latrine, vanity, and a lot of capacity. Talking about capacity, as though the colossal sum under the floor, the inside bristles with pantries, drawers, and closets.

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2. The Layout and Design

In numerous ways, inward design is genuinely customary. Directly at the front are the driver, and front seats, with the last option, put off somewhat to oblige the section entryway. Behind the cab, the slide-outs open on the two sides and are practically coordinating with a parlor in the forward half and kitchen things towards the back.

Squarely in the back is the room with an island bed, and among that and the front is a parted restroom, with shower workspace on the offside and a latrine desk area too. This is a big RV, to begin with, and it accompanies a slide-out on one or the other side. The Breeze is fitted with six storage receptacles.

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3. Room and Storage

There is enough room inside for everyone to sit comfortably. The island bed has windows on the two sides and a recognizable-looking bed head setup with side closets, bedside cupboards, and overhead storage spaces. Not exactly so natural is the huge metal box mounted on the roof that holds a crease-down flatscreen TV.

Lifting the bed base uncovers a liberal storage region under, which is mostly fitted with drawers. There’s no deficiency of pantry space here, that is without a doubt. General stockpiling in the parlor/eating/cab region is no issue, and there are overhead storage spaces, for what it’s worth, remembering for the slide-outs. Fitted over the driver’s region is a huge flatscreen TV, which can be seen effectively from the sideways parlors, however not such a great amount from the cab seats.

The Allegro Breeze accompanies every one of the treats like ducted warming and cooling, 600W of sun-powered chargers, a 3500W inverter/charger, a satellite dish, and a 5kVA generator. So it tends to be utilized for remote, independent living without a problem by any stretch of the imagination.

4. Kitchen

There is also a kitchen region, which is generally little for the size of the RV. On the nearside, the kitchen seat, which squeezes into the slide-out, has a calculated plan that considers a three-burner cooktop and, set at a point, a twin tub hardened steel sink sans drainer. The seat point takes into consideration an ostensible measure of seat working space yet adds extensive adaptability to the under-seat storage, which comes as six drawers and three cabinets.

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Assuming you needed a barbecue and additional broiler, however, a few drawers would be removed. Yet, for those that can manage without, a microwave is fitted in the space over the cooktop. Confronting the kitchen seat and all fitted conveniently into the slide-out on the contrary side is a two-entryway Waeco 215L cooler, alongside two pantries, one of which is slide-out storage space.

5. Washroom

The washroom desk areas on one or the other side of the Breeze are very open. The shower slow down has an adaptable hose shower, and in the workspace, on the contrary, side is both a latrine and a little vanity cabinet with a washbowl and upper and lower cabinets. Set on its own little platform, the latrine is a dark tank system, not a tape, so it has a lot more noteworthy limit but rather is somewhat harder to purge. Sliding entryways are fitted to one or the other side of the washroom region, so it tends to be cut off totally if necessary.

6. Dinette

The dinette table is not so amusing in this coach. It’s somewhat excessively thin, and when two people sit together to use the tablespace, it may not be very useful. It’s usable for a single person while the others can sit or lay around anyplace else in the wide-open motorhome.

Tiffin Allegro Breeze Floorplans

1. Tiffin Allegro Breeze 31 BR

Tiffin Allegro Breeze 31BR

The Allegro Breeze 31 BR is a class A motorhome with packed features all for all. This is the ultimate choice to gather your packs and burden up into this RV for a lavish experience. The private back room has a sovereign bed slide with end tables, a bank of drawers close to a TV, and a closet that is prepared to add a discretionary washer and dryer so you can have clean garments all through your whole outing. The full restroom has a shower with a seat to spruce up in every morning, and you can cook a few eggs on the three-burner cooktop then appreciate them at the corner dinette.

You could even change out the corner dinette for a discretionary dinette with the laptop. Close to the couch bed is a private fridge with four batteries and a TV with a discretionary chimney beneath it for the ideal loosening up evening inside, or you can head outside and watch a film on the outside TV. All of these Tiffin Motorhomes Allegro Breeze Class A diesel RVs are made to draw you nearer to your objective in solace.

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It has a diesel 340HP engine that will drive you anyplace while the smooth air ride suspension gives a deft ride, and the PowerGlide skeleton holds it together. You will have warm water on account of the Trauma gas ceaseless water warmer, and the AquaView ShowerMiser framework will save money on water utilization. There are three inside stylistic theme decisions, every one of which accompanies carefully assembled cabinetry and a designed wood sub-ground surface.

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The eight-venture, full-body paint framework accompanies premium grade paints that are fixed with three layers of a superclear coat that has bright insurance, just as an extra layer of superior execution film. Some different elements that will make your outing simpler incorporate a VIP wheel, tire pressure observing, versatile cruise control, crash alert, and an electronic soundness/programmed footing control, and more

Key Features

  • Sofa Bed
  • Exterior TV
  • Exterior Shower
  • Rear Private Bedroom
  • Pull-Out Pantry

2. Tiffin Allegro Breeze 33 BR

Tiffin Allegro Breeze 33 BR


Tiffin Allegro Breeze Problems

There are various problems in Tiffin Allegro Breeze, and they are listed below.

  • Some users have found steering issues with bad wheel control.
  • There are a lot of electrical issues with wiring and some features not working very well.
  • The batteries of the RV are not very solid for winters.


This was discussed on Tiffin Allegro Breeze with its versatile features. We also discussed some problems found with this class A motorhome, and we hope you find this review useful.


Is Tiffin Allegro Breeze a useful motorhome?

The Allegro Breeze is a spacious coach that can fit your family easily on the inside with enough room space for everyone to do their tasks. There are extra features that can be added later if you want to.

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