9 Excellent Class A RV with King Bed

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King size bed provides sufficient space for sleeping when you are living in an RV motorhome.

If you want to enjoy the best of your days with extreme comfort and luxury, you can have a class A motorhome with a king-size bed.

Class A motorhomes are huge, and they provide a good interior space which means your trips are not very exhausting because of the inside features like beds and couch for comfort.

If you are really keen on finding the best class A RV with a king size bed, then we have found some of the top class A motorhomes that deliver extra comfort with their extravagant features.

We have selected and listed down the best class A RV with king bed in this discussion so that you can read the review and learn some facts about that and choose one for yourself.

Name Number Of King Size Beds Max Sleeping Count Price
Thor Motor Coach Miramar 1 8 $193,350
Tiffin Allegro 45 OPP 1 8 $493,591
Holiday Rambler Vacationer 1 8 $190,354
Forest River Berkshire XLT 1 9 $345,000
Fleetwood Bounder 1 8 $190,354
American Coach American Eagle 1 6 $929,701
Entegra Coach Emblem 1 8 $199,943
Newmar Mountain Aire 1 6 $618,187
Coachmen Mirada 1 9 $115,000

Thor MiramarThor Motor Coach Miramar
Tiffin Open Road AllegroTiffin Allegro 45 OPP
Holiday Rambler Vacationer 35PHoliday Rambler Vacationer
Forest River Berkshire XLT Diesel 45A Class A MotorhomeForest River Berkshire XLT
Fleetwood BounderFleetwood Bounder
American Coach Eagle 45KAmerican Coach American Eagle
Entegra Coach EmblemEntegra Coach Emblem
Newmar Mountain AireNewmar Mountain Aire
Coachmen MiradaCoachmen Mirada

What are the Best Class A RV with King Bed?

1. Thor Motor Coach Miramar

Thor Miramar

The best class A RV with a king-size bed is the Thor Motor Coach Miramar. This is a luxurious choice with a lot of inside features to love. Fortunately, this RV has all that you would anticipate from an extravagance RV.

It has a king bed that is the ideal spot to rest after you have had a busy day. But this is for the basic model. When you get top of the line variant, you get a big king-size bed inside this RV.


With innovative floorplans and a smidgen of creativity, the RV offers you everything that you need for a living. The top-of-the-line model has a long lobby of the RV situated on the “primary level”.

Since this RV has a better than expected height, you can hope for something else than sufficient space for useful conveniences.

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The estimations of this king bed available in this motorhome are 72″ x 76″ which implies that you and your spouse will have a lot of space to loosen up. One of the beloved things to check about this Class A model is that there are a lot of different spots to rest.

In some cases, to compensate for having an enormous bed, you need to leave other normal spaces. But not with this Miramar model.

Alongside the king bed, you can find a huge couch just as a convertible eating seat.

This way, you can have a lot of visitors going along with you while you look for an experience out and about.

Thor Miramar

2. Tiffin Allegro 45 OPP

Tiffin Open Road Allegro

The Tiffin Allegro 45 OPP is another one of the most luxurious options available for your living. Assuming you are on the lookout for an extravagant style RV that additionally includes a lavish king bed, then you must choose this model to see things for yourself.

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The main thing regarding this Class A model is that it comes fitted with an extra-large adaptable padding sleeping pad. But you have the choice to move up to a power king bed.


It comes with a power king bed that allows you to handle the adjustment of the bed from either a remote or an application on your phone.

This is great in case you have parents who cannot move enough and use a simple remote to adjust the bed.

This permits you to change the style of the rear of the bed just as the solidness. This will assist with lifting your extra-large bed game to give you a comforting rest.

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The best part is that the settings can be changed for each side of the bed, which implies that you and your spouse can rest exactly the way that you like to.

This RV model is ideal for individuals who are going with a big family or with visitors. This is on the grounds that there are dependent upon six spots to rest inside this motorhome.

This is where the extra-large bed truly shines with regard to comfort. While this is one of the more costly models, it has all that you would anticipate from an extravagant RV motorhome model.

Tiffin Allegro 45 OPP

3. Holiday Rambler Vacationer

Holiday Rambler Vacationer 35P

The Vacationer by Holiday Rambler is a blend of luxury that you can take on your trips with family to experience wild nature in the most comfortable environment.

It can be your best partner for an off-network camping experience with its useful highlights like solar charging systems and a king bed to rest.


The Vacationer has four accessible trims that all have a king bed. Two of those models have the king bed that is situated at the extremely back of the RV with nothing behind it.

There is an extra restroom simply behind that back room where you’ll observe the king bed in the other two trims.

This RV has a takeout couch, a dinette that switches into a bed, and an over-the-cab bunk that drops down to offer dozing space.

These beds permit the Vacationer to rest up to eight individuals easily. This means you can have your group invited for a great fun trip to spend an amazing day together.

Holiday Rambler Vacationer 35P

4. Forest River Berkshire XLT

Forest River Berkshire XLT Diesel 45A Class A Motorhome

The next class A RV that we suggest is the Forest River Berkshire XLT. This motorhome is an extraordinary combination of extravagance and worth based on the comparison with another motorhome.

In every one of the four floorplans of the Berkshire XLT, the king bed is situated at the back of the RV not long before the bathroom.

This provides the washroom with an additional sensation of protection, which is great in an RV.

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There are a lot of spots to rest in this RV, with space for up to 10 individuals.

Forest River Berkshire XLT 45CA

5. Fleetwood Bounder

Fleetwood Bounder

Fleetwood Bounder is another option available for you, with each of the four floorplans available offering an extra-large bed for extreme comfort. On two of the four trims, the king bed is at the extremely back of the RV.

On the other two, a small bathroom and washer/dryer combo is at the back, with the king bed being next to it. With every one of that two floorplans, there are two full bathrooms, a shower, and more.

Notwithstanding the king bed, the Bounder has a bunch of cots, a couch bed, and a dinette stall that can be switched into a bed.

This allows a good sleeping space inside this RV for about 8 people.


Fleetwood Bounder 36F

6. American Coach American Eagle

American Coach Eagle 45K

The American Eagle is one of the latest RV models that delivers great comfort and features for full-time living.

An extra-large bed comes standard on the American Eagle and is situated towards the rear of the camper, not long before the washroom.

The manner in which the room isolates the rest of the RV from the big restroom causes it to feel very spacious for lots of travelers to live easily.

This camper has a takeout wide-size sleeper couch that permits space for four individuals to rest when you add it to the king bed of the RV.

The sleeping space is sufficient for everyone to rest and stay for a peaceful night.

American Coach Eagle 45K Floorplan

7. Entegra Coach Emblem

Entegra Coach Emblem

The Entegra Coach Emblem is a class A RV with a standard bed providing space for sleeping in every one of the three accessible trims.

The Emblem can rest up to six individuals with the extra couch stowaway bed, and a loft over the cab.

You can track down the Emblem’s king bed toward the backside of the RV, either before the restroom or soon after the washroom, contingent upon the floorplan you pick.

You have the choice to trade the tuck-away bed for either a 120-inch leaning-back couch or a couch with theater seats.

The king-size bed is available in this class A motorhome for full-time living.

Entegra Coach Emblem 36U

8. Newmar Mountain Aire

Newmar Mountain Aire

Newmar is an amazing brand, and the Mountain Aire is one of their RVs that is offering inside space with a king-size bed.

Out of the seven different floor designs that Newmar offers for their Mountain Aire model, each of the seven has king beds. That, yet they have completely situated close to the rear of the RV, with just either a restroom or wardrobe and clothing region behind them.

The Mountain Aire can rest up to five individuals with the extra couch and stow-away bed.

The king bed is in its own room with a dresser, TV, and extra storage spaces. With this RV, you will have enough space to accommodate a few guests.

Newmar Mountain Aire Floorplan

9. Coachmen Mirada

Coachmen Mirada

The last class A motorhome that we will suggest with a king-size bed is the Mirada by Coachman RVs.

It is an RV that gives adequate room and extravagance elements to cause you to feel at ease in this camper.

An extra-large bed is standard on each of the five potential trims of the Mirada. You will get the king bed in the Mirada in the exceptionally back of the camper, among highlights like his and her storeroom and layered cupboards.

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Notwithstanding the extra-large bed, the Mirada has a wide-size couch bed, a dinette table that switches into a bed, and a drop-down loft over the cab.

With all this, the Mirada can rest up to eight individuals easily, and everyone can be in comfort inside this RV.

Coachmen Mirada 35ES

What is King Size Bed?

King Size Bed

You might not have any with regards to an extra-large bed which is the reason you can look further into it here. The size of a normal family king bedding is 76 inches long by 80 inches wide.

Similarly, the king beddings in RVs are marginally more modest than the standard family size. For instance, the king sleeping bed on the American Coach Eagle can be different than a Fleetwood Bounder.

This is undeniably more modest than the standard size yet a lot bigger than a wide size sleeping bed. You can get it in different sizes, but all of them are extremely comfortable.

You will get some absolute best advantages of having a king bed while living in an RV. It is critical to recollect that not every person purchases an RV only for summer trips.

Certain individuals decide to reside full-time in an RV rather than a more conventional house. There are various purposes behind this. Mostly, it is for work, yet commonly it is only an individual inclination.

In this way, regardless of whether you are searching for a consistent fun experience or simply focusing on a full-time cut-back life, an extra-large bed like a king bed is the best approach.

This is perhaps the most effective way to divert your RV from moving home to a spot that you are eager to call your own. Since you are living out and about doesn’t imply that you can’t do as such with solace.

One thing that you can do is track down inventive ways of getting some quality family time in. This is the reason you can choose luxury features like a king-size bed.

Having a king bed while going out and about is an incredible method for proceeding with the practice of family evenings. You will be having a good time together and resting inside the RV in a warm, comfortable bed to reduce your stress.

If you are interested then check out Best Class C Motorhome with King Beds or Best Travel Trailers with King Size Beds


This was a roundup of the best class A RV with king beds in which we have shared information for some amazing class A RVs offering a king bed in their floorplans.

For more, see our FAQ.


Do RVs have extra-large beds?

Most makers of these bigger RVs offer floorplans with King-sized beds. Remember that RV sleeping cushions come in unexpected sizes in comparison to private beddings.

This implies your RV King bed will, in any case, be marginally more modest than the one you have at home.

Would you be able to get an extra-large bed in a Class C RV?

It would be genuinely hard for you to purchase a Class C RV in the past that had a king bed. Luckily, circumstances are different now, and a couple of Class C RVs have king-size beds installed.

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