8 Best Class A Motorhome Under 35 Feet

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Class A motorhomes have a feeling of attraction because they are beautiful to look at. Getting inside them gets even better because they are filled with amenities that you won’t expect from any other category of motorhomes.

The ideal size for these motorhomes is from 25 feet to 35 feet which is why we have listed down the Best Class A Motorhomes under 35 Feet.

Name Length Price
Thor Axis 24.1 25.5 ft $116,925
Winnebago Sunstar 31B 31.17 ft $152,367
Tiffin Allegro Breeze 33.5 ft $149,999
Coachmen Pursuit 27DS 28.75 ft $94,000
Newmar Bay Star Sport 29.92 ft $137,900
Forest River FR3 30DS 31.67 ft $139,999
Jayco Precept 29V 32.17 ft $149,498
Thor ACE 34.67 ft $171,750

Thor Axis 24.1Thor Axis 24.1
Winnebago SunstarWinnebago Sunstar 31B
Tiffin Allegro BreezeTiffin Allegro Breeze
Coachmen PursuitCoachmen Pursuit 27DS
Newmar Bay Star SportNewmar Bay Star Sport
Forest River FR3Forest River FR3 30DS
Jayco PreceptJayco Precept 29V
Thor ACEThor ACE

What are the Best Class A Motorhome Under 35 Feet?

1. Thor Axis 24.1

Thor Axis 24.1

The best option under 35 ft that you can get is the Thor Axis.

It is one of the lightweights of all the Class A motorhomes, and it’s an ideal choice for your journey too.

This is the reason it won’t be close to as hard to drive as the bigger RVs.

Thor records this as a Class A, and that is the thing that individuals will see at a look. The counter-contention to the case is that the skeleton is made for Class C RVs.


The Axis 24.1 may very well be the simplest of its group to drive not too far off.

Driving a Class A RV can be an unnerving encounter for a novice.

This is the reason this small motorhome fits very well for everyone to take around and enjoy their trips at campsites.

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Inside this motorhome, the couch bed is 5’8″, and the removable table is about 66% of that size.

The TV is 32″ and set in the typical recognize that is inverse the dinette.

This makes it easy for you to rest while watching your favorite programs and shows on the TV inside it.

Thor Axis 24.1

2. Winnebago Sunstar 31B

Winnebago Sunstar

Winnebago Sunstar 31B is another motorhome that is around 31 ft in length, and it’s an ideal class A motorhome for traveling.

The model can undoubtedly rest seven individuals because of the bunks, a couch bed, and the fundamental king bed.

The little kitchen limits passage space but doesn’t detract from the general roominess to an extreme.


There are a sizable closet and capacity region inverse the king bed, a superb spot for a likely TV.

The little storeroom, fridge, and extra storage region are inverse the kitchen, considering a simple feast setup. Notwithstanding, to get to the restroom, you want to stroll close to the bed or close to the lofts. This activity is regularly problematic during the evening.

Quite possibly, the most brilliant feature that makes the Winnebago Sunstar one of the most incredible Class A RVs is its furnishings.

The furniture inside this RV can undoubtedly change over into a resting space that is agreeable and ideal for practically any circumstance.

While this restricts the accessible floor space, it’s still simple enough to move around in when everybody’s sleeping.

The deliberately positioned USB ports make it simple to keep your cell phones and other hardware charged.

You can track down these outlets close to resting regions and the driving and traveler region.

Moreover, there’s the outside TV that makes it simple to watch the major event while you’re out on an extended trip.

Winnebago Sunstar 31B

3. Tiffin Allegro Breeze

Tiffin Allegro Breeze

The Tiffin Allegro Breeze‘s is a great choice to consider as a class A motorhome under 35 ft with its resting choices highlight, which adds a little couch bed and either a king or primary bed contingent upon your decision.

While this restricts the all-out regions for sleeping, the RV is sufficiently roomy to give space for six individuals because of its huge lounge region.

Probably the best component of the Tiffin Allegro Breeze is the extensive size of the living region. There’s a lot of room to stroll around or, in any event, get an additional seat or bedding.

The whole living region is splendid, making it ideal for any get-away. There’s an enormous closet close to the primary bed with a TV for anybody sitting down to see in solace.

For eating, there’s a little corner dinette close to the front and cooking devices close by.

Opposite the kitchen is the washroom, which incorporates a shower.

Furthermore, there’s the advanced dashboard and steering wheel with the controls that make driving the Tiffin Allegro a breeze.

Alongside this is the Powerglide case that makes the ride smooth and agreeable paying little heed to the distance.

The free front suspension guarantees that you have a safe and joyful trip.

Tiffin Allegro Breeze 31BR

4. Coachmen Pursuit 27DS

Coachmen Pursuit

The Coachmen Pursuit 27DS is also among the best class A motorhomes that have great inside space while having an ideal outside structure.

It can rest about six individuals inside, with the main bed being a king.

The remainder of the resting choices close to the front of the RV is effortlessly set up.

The dinette is sufficiently measured and appropriate for any feast you and your family get ready for.


Not at all like a large number of the other best Class A RVs, the kitchen region is insignificant.

This RV has an oven, microwave, and sink. There are little storerooms and extra room with the fridge situated inverse to the cooking region for simple access.

While the Coachmen Pursuit 27DS isn’t the most costly of any of the other RVs here, it actually offers many highlights.

For sleeping, there’s a manual drop-down front bunk that is great for youngsters.

Also, the cockpit floor is not difficult to clean in case that there’s any wreck when driving.

The RV is pre-wired to connect with a satellite dish or a Blu-ray DVD player, making family amusement simple when you’re on your holiday.

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There is an effective open station for charging your gadgets and an outer satellite TV jack.

The jumbo bed is a top choice following a lot of time driving.

Coachmen Pursuit 27DS

5. Newmar Bay Star Sport

Newmar Bay Star Sport

The next RV here is Bay Star Sport.

With this RV, you can get the sleeping region to slide out to give bigger space to stroll through and change in previously, then move to rest for a little while.

There’s a little closet for shirts inverse to the bed and a more modest region for a TV.

The main bed is found right at the rear of the RV.


The RV includes an agreeable dinette close to the cookroom and a 74″ couch.

The couch is effectively changed into a resting region that fits two grown-ups.

The absolute resting limit with respect to the RV is six individuals, with different spots, including the dinette seats.

It has a V8 engine which is the best feature that puts this RV as one of the most outstanding Class A RVs presently accessible.

The Newmar Bay Star Sport drives smoothly on account of the motor and its auto transmission. Moreover, cruise control helps your driving experience a lot.

The inside has numerous famous highlights, like the agreeable main bed with a smooth-top sleeping cushion.

Another great quality is the small cookroom that is as yet agreeable to cook with even in the restricted space.

Newmar Bay Star Sport 2903

6. Forest River FR3 30DS

Forest River FR3

The FR3 30DS is an RV that can rest up to seven individuals as it offers a jumbo bed, hideout couch, and other features like that.

The lounge chair and the primary bed are associated with slide-outs, with the dinette on a similar slide out as the couch.

This design makes the RV’s back end just about a genuine room, isolated from the kitchen’s feasting region.


The split restroom is great for any family as it makes everything seem to be easier.

As this is straightforwardly close to the open to the extra-large bed, it makes an ideal room assuming you’re voyaging alone or with your friends.

The three closets consider simple storage of any dresses with plentiful space to save.

The shower is inverse to the restroom that contains the latrine and sink. The three closets inverse to the main bed make it simple to get dressed after your morning schedule.

The fold-over stall dinette is a good spot to enjoy your supper. There’s an outside TV that is great for evening timeout or getting the major event while you’re enjoying your holiday.

Furthermore, in case that you want an additional resting region, you can change the hideout couch.

Forest River FR3 30DS

7. Jayco Precept 29V

Jayco Precept

Most little Class A’s RVs have slideouts to make extra space. The Jayco Precept 29V adopts an interesting layout in such a case.

This RV has a solitary slideout, yet it involves the whole length of the unit. The same is the case on the inside space as there are not many more open RVs of this size.

The inside of the Precept 29V is extremely productive and spacious.

Some features of this RV are


This RV includes a king bed, sizeable bathroom with tub, and a dropdown front-bed.

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You can get resting space for up to eight people. Generally speaking, this is an awesome and great RV. You will get all the basic features that you can find in a motorhome.

In any case, there are a few disadvantages.

In the first place, the kitchen is inadequate in cupboard space. Further, the means into the unit seriously cut into the floor space of the front living region.

If you want to avoid the trouble, you can go with the optional bundle that costs some extra but will provide all the necessities in one place.

Jayco Precept 29V

8. Thor ACE

Thor ACE

The A.C.E. is comparable RVs, contrasting basically in front-end layout and inside wraps up.

Anybody searching for a sportier unit ought to think about the A.C.E., while more conventional clients might lean toward the Windsport.

Regardless, the sub-30-foot floor plans of both are effective and extensive, which fit well as a Class A motorhome under 35 ft.


These incorporate a front drop-down bed, which is a savvy method for expanding the use of a small RV.

The essential thing to notice inside the more modest floor plans is the space while traveling, not the setup. At the point when the slide is in, these units turned out to be fairly confined and hard to explore.

This is just an issue in the case that you have visitors or guests, you may have a bit of a problem accommodating everyone. It merits considering these choices just in case.

In any case, the nature of Thor is on full showcase in the two models.

Thor ACE 30.2

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a 35 Feet Class A Motorhome

Following are the considerations to keep while getting a class A motorhome under 35 ft.

1. Quality

Quality is a major thing to consider and keep in mind. While choosing an RV for your family, you must ensure a top-quality product.

This necessity restricts the determination to RVs that can travel numerous miles with next to no issues or harm.

2. Floor Plan

Floorplans can serve you in different ways, and you need to choose according to your choice of interest. Furthermore, having a lot of sleeping choices is an unquestionable requirement assuming you’re arranging a family get-away.

An effectively built floor plan can feel pretty good regardless of where you are.

3. Driving

As you’ll probably drive for some time wherever you go in these RVs, having a vehicle that handles well and is also amazing to drive should be considered.

A smooth ride guarantees you’re not worn out before you’re at your objective.

4. Entertainment

A large number of the best Class A RVs have a couple of prebuilt areas for entertainment regions like an open-air TV and handily got-to USB ports for charging gadgets.

Moreover, a few choices have wires preset for satellite dishes or DVD players. You should be keeping all these things in mind.


This was a list of Best Class A Motorhomes under 35 feet. We listed the useful RV coaches for your camping needs.

For more, take a look at our FAQ section.


Who makes the best Class A RV?

Some of the top-level class A RVs Brands are

  • Thor
  • Tiffin
  • Forest River
  • Holiday Rambler
  • Entegra
  • Fleetwood
  • Winnebago
  • Newmar

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