Best Mid Size RV Motorhomes

RV motorhomes are generally available in all sizes and formats. The class B motorhomes are smaller in size than class A and class C. In case you’re considering what a medium-size motorhome is, you shouldn’t be confounded any more drawn out. Basically, an average size motorhome is an elective name for a Class C RV.

Most average size campers are based on a truck suspension, and you will see that in spite of the fact that they range in size, most fall somewhere in the range of 20 and 35 feet in length.

Many diverse Class C RVs available are recognizable as medium size campers due to their over-cab bunk or capacity include. These RVs are greater than a Class B yet more modest than a Class A RV. Dissimilar to a Class A, and you will probably see that your medium size camper isn’t as extravagant.

So this isn’t true with all Class C RVs, as relying upon the brand, there are some really sumptuous models accessible on the RV market.

Furthermore, fair size campers offer substantially more space than a Class B RV. More extra room, more roomy living facilities, greater kitchens, and each Class C are typically outfitted with a washroom.

In order to learn about some specific mid-size RV motorhomes, we have listed some of the best below.

Name Length Height
Winnebago Minnie Winnie 26T 27.08 ft 11 ft
Thor Chateau 24.08 ft 11 ft
Coachmen Galleria 24.25 ft 9.75 ft
Gulf Stream Conquest 24.08 ft 11.25 ft
Thor Motor Coach Four Winds 28Z 24 ft 11 ft
Thor Omni BT36 37.75 ft 12.58 ft
Dynamax Isata 3 24.58 ft 11.42 ft

Winnebago Minnie WinnieWinnebago Minnie Winnie 26T
Thor ChateauThor Chateau
Coachmen GalleriaCoachmen Galleria
Gulf Stream ConquestGulf Stream Conquest
Thor Motor Coach Four Winds 22BThor Motor Coach Four Winds 28Z
Thor Omni 4x4Thor Omni BT36
Dynamax Isata 3Dynamax Isata 3

1. Winnebago Minnie Winnie 26T

Winnebago Minnie Winnie

The Winnebago Minnie Winnie 26T is the ideal choice as a mid-size RV for long trips and fun rides. As the brand is notable in the RV market for some notable reasons, you will be happy with this motorhome.

This Mid Size Motorhome probably won’t be just about as sumptuous as different models in comparison, however, it is the most space-cognizant with one of the most amazing dozing convenience abilities.


The Minnie Winnie 26T has a twofold slide-out floorplan that can rest up to six individuals. It has a general length of 28 feet and 5 inches, is outfitted with a 7.8-liter engine and is based on a tough E450 Ford body.

The 26T has probably the best security and control included out of the multitude of models in the competition. Also, you won’t have to stress over going to tough paths on this RV because it can almost go to any path you want to go.

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Besides other amazing security highlights, it incorporates a driver observing framework, post-crash slowing down, pressure checking, path takeoff observing, and a multi-work touch screen. Frequently inside highlights are similarly just about as significant as security elements to RVers. This Class C RV has numerous advanced tools, conveniences, and devices that make it super alluring.

Inside the Minnie Winnie 26T, you will observe a 15000 BTU forced air system and a 30,000 BTU heater. These highlights, alongside the amazing development of the unit, will permit you to travel regardless of the period.

Moreover, a 6-gallon on-request water radiator, microwave, broiler, a twofold entryway 8 cubic foot cooler, and washroom containing a toilet and adaptable showerhead.

Winnebago Minnie Winnie 26T

2. Thor Chateau

Thor Chateau

Thor Chateau is a motorhome that comes in a modest size which is ideal as the best mid-size motorhome that has 10 floorplans under 25 feet. This is a very well-known RV model having a great 4.4 star rating as of now sets an extremely amazing initial feeling. This is additionally set by its various appearances in our different posts. People who own this motorhome are simply amazed at what they have in their hands.


There are some features to note on Thor Chateau. The outside body includes a Ford E-series frame that is really sturdy and stable with an electric balancing out framework and auto level jacks. The one-piece rooftop with a powered canopy, alongside discretionary outside TV and Wi-Fi router, makes it extraordinary in case you point on investing your energy using the entertainment.

It has a similarly considerable list of inside highlights as well, such as 22 diverse floor plans accessible, a One-piece fiberglass front cap, Three-point safety belts for the driver and traveler, Private vinyl flooring, and also High-sheen cabinetry with nickel finish. You will also get a leatherette dream dinette corner.

Thor Motor Coach Chateau 25V

3. Coachmen Galleria

Coachmen Galleria

The Galleria is one of the Class B RVs that will take the extravagance highlights to the next level as a mid-size RV motorhome for your camping needs. Each of 4 of its floorplans is barely short of 25 feet and has relatively little distinction between their floorplans.

For example, the Galleria 24FL and Galleria 24Q rest 2 individuals, are 24 feet in length, the main distinction being the design and the weight.


Are you tired of Googling and researching information regarding RVs?

Then Grab this easy-to-read illustrated eBook. This eBook will cut out all the confusion and give you straightforward information so that you can make an informed decision and you can save $$$$ and time with the information mentioned in this eBook.

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The Galleria model by Coachmen is made for small families or couples. This mid-size motorhome additionally costs very reasonable and still incorporates a ton of extravagance includes that you’d anticipate from a class B. The multi-work controlling wheel, reinforcement camper, crash detection pointer, front and side airbags, electronic controls, and high bar help are only a couple of its driving highlights.

Obviously, discussing the whole set could take a whole post all by itself. More or less, those searching for the best mid-size RV to consider for your living. There are about 4 distinctive floor plans accessible, and you will also find crash indicators. There is inside PVC vinyl divider tone and surface along with R-38 Reflective protection in the floor. You will get a hardwood growing table with cup holders. You will have different USB ports in the living region.

Coachmen Galleria Floorplan

4. Gulf Stream Conquest

Gulf Stream Conquest

The Conquest Class C Motorhome is also one of the mid-size motorhomes that offer space for about 6 people inside its layout. Assuming you’re adaptable then the Conquest Class C 6256 stretches the breaking point with ideal size at 25 feet and 1 inch and rests 7 individuals very easily. You will have the comfort and features that you need inside this RV.


According to highlights, the Gulf Stream Conquest’s inside is regal with their Roanoke light cherry cabinetry, inside textures, among other lavish-looking insides. Outwardly, it has cellar storage, welded aluminum outline, and a slideout room with a clincher on some chosen floorplans.

There is more as it has various astonishing choices to take it up an indent and make the Conquest a stunning little RV. You get 12 distinctive floor plans accessible, Roanoke light cherry cabinetry, 6 cubic feet two-way twofold entryway fridge, and an updated LED inside and outside lighting. There is also an addition of the roof light divider switch at the passage entryway and a span ducted EPDM elastic rooftop.

Gulf Stream Conquest Floorplan

5. Thor Motor Coach Four Winds 28Z

Thor Motor Coach Four Winds 22B

The Four Winds 28Z by Thor is an awesome motorhome. It is great assuming that you really want a medium size camper with an open inside layout for living space. This RV has a general length of 30 feet, a gross vehicle weight rating of 14,500 pounds, and an inside stature of 84-inches. Furthermore, it is based on a Ford E-Series undercarriage and is furnished with a 7.3 Triton V8 engine.


In case you’re searching for a Class C RV with various discretionary additional items, you ought to think about the Thor Four Winds 28Z. As it’s been said, opportunity starts with a choice. This RV gives a lot of choices that will permit you to attain the ideal medium-sized camper. This model can rest between six to seven individuals and has great outside storage capacities of up to 99.9 cubic feet.

A portion of the key mechanical elements the Four Winds 28Z includes is an HDMI box, a USB charging station, solar prep with a regulator, and Winegard ConnectT 2.0 WiFi and 4G hardware. Furthermore, some more inside highlights are convenient to have. This unit has an Onan 4,000 gas generator an overhauled recessed three plate gas oven and a cab over the dozing region.

It has a king-size bed in a private room, a shower with a bent antimicrobial shower drape, and a roof ducted AC system. You can select to have heated side view reflects, an electric settling framework, an external shower, a 32 inch TV on a turn stand, and a convection microwave.

Thor Four Winds 28Z

6. Thor Omni BT36

Thor Omni 4x4

One of the most imaginative medium-sized motorhomes available is the Omni BT36. It has industry-driving elements, extravagant decorations, and roomy conveniences. You will find great comfort with this model inside with its layout and plan. It’s longer than all of the campers on this list with 37 feet and 9 inches. This model has a gross vehicle weight rating of 22,000 pounds, inside tallness of 84 inches, and is based on a Ford F-600 suspension.


This motorhome has a 6.7-liter diesel engine. In contrast to other moderate-sized campers, this one element an extra-large bed in the private room and one and a half restrooms. The full restroom has an extensive 32 inch by 32-inch roomy shower, a latrine, and a sink. Besides, the cab-over bunk is ideally suited for visitors as it has a 59 inch by 80-inch sleeping cushion and a 39-inch LED TV.

This Class C is furnished with washer and dryer prep, which is normally an element just present in enormous RVs or Class A RVs. Moreover, voice approval correspondences and entertainment region is also a part of it. You have a quick camp multiplex wiring control framework outfitted with Bluetooth and a Winegard ConnectT WiFi extender with 4G capacities.

Also, a couple of different elements that make this model worth its costly price tag incorporate the tankless water warmer, twofold entryway private cooler, and Onan RV 6,000 diesel generator. The 100-watt solar charging framework and impact detection feature for safety highlights makes the Thor Omni BT36 very attractive.

Thor Omni BT36

7. Dynamax Isata 3

Dynamax Isata 3

One of the very useful and likable RV motorhomes is the Dynamax Isata 3, which is a mid-size motorhome for living. It has four floorplans, three of which are under 25 feet, and the fourth is simply over that cutoff. The three are very not the same as each other. For example, the Isata 3 24RB has a bunkhouse while the Isata 3 24FW doesn’t yet have a slide-out to expand the generally accessible space inside.


You will get the average fuel mileage from this RV in the range of 12 and 15 mpg. This eco-friendly camper has a bunch of highlights to discuss. With movable guiding segments to suit each driver’s necessities and included front airbags for safety, driving the Isata 3 means you are safe and sound inside.

At the point when you’re exploring nature, you’ll take an interest in the beautiful sight looks of the superior vinyl flooring, Italian cabinetry, cushioned vinyl roof, and simply the overall format of the RV.

Some more features to see in this RV are 4 distinctive floor plans, leatherette driver and passenger seats with swivel bases, and also tinted frameless windows. You can also get a Custom Full Body Paint Package and Italian Ultralight Poplar Cabinetry along with warm, reflective privacy curtains too.

Dynamax Isata 3 Floor Plan


We have discussed the best mid-size RV motorhome for living in which you can go through all of the models with different special features. Each of them has to offer something to the owner. For details, see our FAQ.


Which is the best quality RV?

Owners of RVs rate the Mercedes-Benz-based RV vehicles as the best in quality, with an extremely great score of 90.6%. Volkswagen is only behind with 90.5%, and Renault takes third with 87.6%.

Which is Better Class B or C RV?

Assuming that you’re searching for a smaller and more adaptable RV, the Class B RV is your most ideal decision. Assuming in any case, you’re searching for more solace and space while venturing to every part of Class C is the best approach.

Is there a contrast between an RV and a motorhome?

At the point when individuals allude to RVs (Recreational Vehicles), they normally mean either an engine vehicle or trailer outfitted with a portion of the conveniences of home. Motorhomes allude to mechanized units that normally have beds, a kitchen, restroom, and residing quarters while away from your decent home.

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