5 Best Class A RV Brands and Manufacturers

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Class A RVs are big and luxurious RVs that are enormous coaches with all the basic necessities fitted into one place. These are motorized RVs that are built on the chassis of a commercial bus, and usually, they have gas or diesel engines.

You get extreme comfort at the solace of your living standard inside these RVs, where different manufacturers offer their best models for different prices.

People who are fond of Class A RVs often have to think about choosing the best of all the models because those who can afford these RVs can afford the best models in these categories.

There are different Class A RV Brands that are providing top-of-the-line RV models with extreme features and comfort in one place.

In case you are looking to find the best one for you, then we have a list of all of the best ones here.

Manufacturer Name Quality Rating
Coachmen 10/10
Forest River 9.7/10
Winnebago Industries 9.2/10
Tiffin Motorhomes 9/10
Newmar Motorhomes 8.9/10

Forest River Inc.Forest River
WinnebagoWinnebago Industries
Tiffin MotorhomesTiffin Motorhomes
NewmarNewmar Motorhomes

What are the Best Class A RV Brands?

1. Coachmen


Coachmen is a very well-known name due to the highest quality and most luxurious travel trailers and RVs produced in the entire world.

This manufacturer has a high number of customers and sales due to the finest quality RVs and good aftermarket services policies. The company is also producing the top Class A motorhomes for the customers that are being sold across the globe.

This manufacturer has its roots in the business for 50 years from what you can assume an excellent quality and perfection in each bit of the pieces placed on an RV. Of course, there are always some drawbacks or a few negative points in manufacturing by each company, but it is clear that nothing is perfect.

This brand is known as one of the best levels RV brands.

One of the best Class A RV by Coachmen is Coachmen Mirada

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Coachmen Mirada

Coachmen Mirada

The Mirada is the best Class A manufactured by Coachmen. This is a big motorhome that comes in with six floorplans to browse. The length is 30-feet, 7-inches can range to 36-feet, 10-inches, and GVWRs range from 20,500 pounds to 22,000 pounds.

This RV has good space to rest up to 6 individuals.


The construction of this RV highlights incorporates cruise control, delegated and overlaid fiberglass rooftop, fiberglass front and back cap, tempered steel wheel liners, and shine Gelcoat sidewalls.

Inside highlights include a strong surface kitchen ledge, premium flooring all through, brushed nickel equipment, cabinets, leaning back/turn pilot seats, solar protection seals, etc.

You get a 40-inch TV that is incredible for watching news or movies and a visionary couch that can fold into a bed.

Outside, this motorhome has wipers, back mud folds, a backup screen with side cameras, slide-out room canopies, power entrance folding steps, a full cellar with go-through capacity, power porch overhang, frameless colored windows with security glass, and outside Bluetooth.

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2. Forest River

Forest River Inc.

Forest River is among the top sellers of the RV models in each category, including different types of travel trailers. This manufacturer has spent years achieving excellence for a best-in-class motorhome for a user’s safety and comfort.

They are known for their RV quality, plan, and flexibility. They are presently one of the biggest RV makers in North America.

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They plan better RVs so you can partake in your outside activities while having fun in get-away instead of getting bored on your trips.

To guarantee their RV’s amazing features, they pick arbitrary units that go through thorough testing to guarantee there are no deformities in electrical, plumbing, LP framework, capacity, or mechanical defects left behind.

The best Class A RV by Forest River is the Forest River FR3. We can see what this model has inside.

Forest River FR3

Forest River FR3

The FR3 is a big and bulky motorhome by Forest River that comes in 4 distinctive floorplans with lengths going from 31-feet, 8-inches to 35-feet, 11-inches, and GVWRs going from 18,000 pounds and 20,500 pounds.

On normal, this RV can rest 7 individuals. However, some can rest up to 11.


The development highlights incorporate white precious stone pearl gel-coat sidewalls, a one-piece fiberglass rooftop, a fiberglass front cap, a steel front cockpit area, and vacuum security development.

The inside highlights that this RV has to bring to the table are a front overhead bunk with a stepping stool, 4-inch LED TV, LED lighting all through, night sealed windows, ultra-cowhide fold-over dinette stall with comfort pads, brushed nickel equipment, and Shaw vinyl flooring.

Some outside highlights incorporate powerful headlights, LED blinkers, a side-swing front barbecue with bug safeguard, a go through backloading storage compartments, a power porch overhang with LED lighting, storage boxes, outside shower, slide-out room canopies, Quick Connect outside LP fitting, and an external entertainment system with TV and Marine-grade speakers.

3. Winnebago Industries


Winnebago is a very well-known name in the RV industry because of the top-quality RVs in all categories that they offer to the customers. You can expect some of the best RV models around from this manufacturer.

Winnebago has its offices in Oregon and Florida. They have been doing business since 1958 with the vision of being a confided forerunner in the outside business.

They have accomplished that objective, and you can’t turn out badly with a Winnebago RV. Winnebago offers a scope of Class A RVs, both diesel and gas options. The greater part of their models rests on at least 4 individuals. They plan the entirety of their Class A RV considering comfort.

They have premium choices for open floor plans and amazing motors intended to deal with the experience.

Their present model as the best Class A RV is the Winnebago Vista. It has a gas engine which gives good performance for your journey.

Winnebago Vista

Winnebago Vista

The Winnebago Vista is the best in Class A category by the manufacturer that comes in five distinctive floorplans with lengths going from 28-feet, 5-inches to 35-feet, and vehicle weight ratings going from 18,000 to 22,000 pounds.

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Overall, this RV provides enough suitable sleeping space for 5 individuals.


The development of this RV is made with hardened steel wheel liners, premium serious shine sidewall skin, and tempered steel wheel liners.

Inside highlights that truly make this RV stand apart incorporate a dinette greetings lo table with the area, Vinyl flooring, enormous 2-entryway fridge/cooler, three-burner glass top reach, colored windows, LED lights, power outage roller seals, USB chargers, enhanced computerized TV receiving wire framework and a OnePlace system screen.

Outside offers fueled deck overhang with LED lighting, section handle, lit storage compartments, side-pivoted capacity doors with paddle lock, patio light with inside switch, chain safety, and an amusement place with an HDTV that incorporates a far off and outside speakers for the ideal fun day experience.

4. Tiffin Motorhomes

Tiffin Motorhomes

Tiffin Motorhomes is another of the best manufacturers for Class A RVs. It is one of the reliable and comfortable RV brands with the Best Class A RV.

The organization was established in Alabama in 1941 that initially worked for assembling and outfitting a home. From that point forward, they have changed into making homes on wheels.

Their line of Class A RVs has different models, and Tiffin plans their Class A RVs in light of elegance and storage. Their base chassis is amazing to provide comfort, solidness, and sturdiness to deliver an amazing experience on the roads. What’s more, the inside feels like your usual hangout spot.

You can pick everything from the outside shading to the floor plan to the style alternatives. Their predominant workmanship genuinely sticks out, causing you to feel like your RV is really a home.

The current Class-A model accessible from Tiffin that is the best of all is the Phaeton. With every one of the alternatives and components, you will track down an ideal Class A RV in case you decide to choose Tiffin.

Tiffin Phaeton

Tiffin Phaeton

The Tiffin Phaeton is undoubtedly the best motorhome in the Class A category. It is presented in six distinctive floorplans with lengths going between 38-feet, 7-inches to 44-feet, 10-inches, and a vehicle weight rating going from 38,300 to 45,500 pounds.

The normal measure of individuals this RV can rest is 5.


The development of the Phaeton incorporates aluminum wheels, a one-piece dampness-safe shaped fiberglass rooftop cap, gel-coat fiberglass outside divider boards, and a huge colored one-piece windshield.

The inside has a porcelain tile floor, a vacuum cleaner, a soundbar with a subwoofer, hand-made cabinetry, a tempered steel private cooler, LED lighting, tile flooring, and strong surface ledges with treated steel sink, and ultra-calfskin furniture.

This RV offers elements like a power porch and entryway awning and a discretionary rooftop-mounted deck overhang.

It gives flexibility in the environment where you want to set your camp. Different features given by this RV incorporate a backup camera, chrome twofold electric step, outside deck LED lighting, distance locking framework for section doors, and an outside level board TV that is good for the entertainment of kids.

5. Newmar Motorhomes


Newmar Motorhomes is one of the top brands as Class A motorhome manufacturers. They highly esteem making engine mentors you can call home. They’ve been doing business since 1968 and have created hand-made designs from that point forward.

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Their craftsmanship and the output by this manufacturer can’t be outperformed.

They have additionally carried out a scope of creative plans, including the Comfort Drive directing the system to guarantee a smooth and safe ride. Something else we believe is astonishing is that Newmar made the world’s first wheelchair open Class A RV.

Newmar has a larger number of models of Class A Motorhomes.

You have the choice of 4 diesel Class A options from this manufacturer, incorporating one with a front-end diesel motor and three gas options.

Although these aren’t considered to be their most luxurious and advanced RVs, you’ll, in any case, notice the Newmar individual touch on each model. With a scope of floor intends to browse, there is a Newmar Motorhome to fit most of your spending plans.

Newmar Dutch Star is one of the popular Class A motorhomes from Newmar.

Newmar Dutch Star

Newmar Dutch Star

The Newmar Dutch Star is the best Class A RV by the brand that comes in 13 diverse floorplans, including one that is wheelchair open.

The length is 37-feet, 11-inches that can range to 43-feet, 9-inches, and the GVWR range from 40,500 pounds to 52,500 pounds. Overall, this RV has good space to rest up to 5 individuals.


Some development highlights incorporate full-paint Masterpiece Finish with clearcoat finish and Diamond Shield Protection on the front cap, aluminum-outline sidewalls and rooftop, undercoating, fiberglass rooftop, coordinated drain rail, and a back defensive tow watch with tempered steel Newmar name pattern.

Some inside features incorporate power window seals, a front seat workstation, pull-out storage room racks, treated steel microwave with three-burner gas cooktop, warmed traveler and driver seats, drawers with full expansion, and tile flooring in the kitchen, washroom, room for the living region.

Outside highlights incorporate the capacity for storage compartment, help handle at entrance entryway, back hitch for towing a vehicle, tempered steel kickboard at the entrance door, chrome power door locks, keyless entry with touchpad, raised chrome outside mirrors, and automatic entry steps.


This was information on Best Class A RV Brands where we have listed the best in Class A category manufacturers. This included the best options like Forest River, Winnebago, and other manufacturers with their best models as well.


What brand of motorhome is the best?

Following are the best brands for motorhomes.

  • Airstream.
  • Tiffin.
  • Newmar.
  • Newell Coach.
  • Marchi Mobile.

What are the top 5 Class A motorhomes?

Here is the list of best Class A motorhomes. 

  • Coachmen Mirada.
  • Forest River FR3.
  • Tiffin Phaeton.
  • Winnebago Vista.
  • Newmar Dutch Star.

Who makes the most reliable motorhome brands?

The most reliable motorhomes brands are from,

  • Coachmen.
  • Newmar.
  • Winnebago.
  • Airstream.
  • Entegra.
  • Forest River.
  • Hymer.
  • Keystone.

What are the best Class A diesel motorhomes?

The Best Class A Diesel Motorhomes are 

Are Tiffin motorhomes reliable?

Tiffin Motorhomes has a great reputation for making one of the highest quality and most comfortable RV motorhomes. You can get the best quality RVs from this brand, unlike any other option.

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