8 Best Class A Motorhomes

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Class A motorhomes are usually bigger motorhomes than Class B and Class C motorhomes. These motorhomes are generally better than them in terms of features and the comfort that is provided inside.

There are lots of manufacturers that make top-notch RVs loaded with features, but some of them are extremely valuable, and they offer the best conveniences.

This article is all about the Best Class A Motorhomes that you can buy.

If you want to learn more about Class A motorhomes and the best options in the world with the latest and exquisite features, then here is a complete list of the best Class A motorhomes that you can buy from the market.

Name Chassis Name Price
Newmar Ventana 4326 Freightliner XC-Series $369,533
Coachmen Mirada Ford F53 $115,000
Tiffin Allegro Red 340 33AL Tiffin Powerglide $265,699
Winnebago Sunstar 35U Ford F53 $158,236
Winnebago Vista Ford F53 $150,662
Forest River FR3 Ford F53 $168,844
Tiffin Phaeton Freightliner XC-Series $492,929
Newmar Dutch Star Freightliner XC-Series $436,233

Newmar Ventana 4326Newmar Ventana 4326
Coachmen MiradaCoachmen Mirada
Tiffin Allegro REDTiffin Allegro Red 340 33AL
Winnebago SunstarWinnebago Sunstar 35U
Winnebago VistaWinnebago Vista
Forest River FR3Forest River FR3
Tiffin PhaetonTiffin Phaeton
Tiffin PhaetonNewmar Dutch Star

What are the Best Class A Motorhomes?

1. Newmar Ventana 4326

Newmar Ventana 4326

The best class A motorhome with the ultimate style is the Newmar Ventana 4326. It is one of the top models from 2021 that is built on a Freightliner chassis with a Cummins engine.

With an auto transmission, you can rely on this motorhome to travel flawlessly to your destinations.

It runs on diesel fuel which means that you will get good mileage from a 100 gallon fuel tank.


The Newmar Ventana is a strong RV with a stylish design that is jam-loaded with extravagance conveniences. For the people who love preparing suppers out and about, the full kitchen complete with a dishwasher will be everything they need.

Furnished with 105 gallons of freshwater limit, you can spend quite a while setting up camp without looking for a spot to get clean water.

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This class A RV is also furnished with a full restroom, including a shower, toilet, sink, and surprisingly a washer and dryer. Adding to the advantage of the RV is the sufficient front room space and underlying main room entertainment region.

Moreover, the RV is WiFi prepared, permitting you to remain connected with social media and internet services.

You can have a sleep in the extra-large bed, and the extra dozing spaces allow more sleeping spots for a number of individuals in the family.

The Newmar Ventana offers genuine extravagance intended for the people who need the solaces of home.

Newmar Ventana 4326

2. Coachmen Mirada

Coachmen Mirada

The Mirada is yet another best class A motorhome that comes in 6 floorplans for the users. The length is around 30-feet, 7-inches to 36-feet, and it has a GVWR of 20,500 pounds to 22,000 pounds.

The development of the RV by Coachmen highlights cruise control features, covered fiberglass rooftop, fiberglass front and back cap, hardened steel wheel liners, and serious shine Gelcoat sidewalls.


Inside highlights incorporate strong surface kitchen ledges, brushed nickel equipment, self-shutting metal roller cabinet guides, premium tile all through, leaning back/turn pilot seats, solar protection shades, and a 40-inch TV that is great for entertainment, and a couch stow away a-bed.

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Overall, this RV can rest up to 6 individuals with its resting space from the bed and couch.

Outside highlights incorporate back mud folds, power entrance double doorstep, full cellar with go-through capacity, power porch canopy, slide-out room shades, back-up screen with side cameras, and transparent windows with safety glass.

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You will also find outside Bluetooth, TV, and sound speakers with this motorhome.

Coachmen Mirada 35ES

3. Tiffin Allegro Red 340 33AL

Tiffin Allegro RED

Tiffin Allegro Red 340 is one of the very luxurious Class A RV that features the most innovative features with the latest technology. It is based on a Freightliner structure, known for its sturdiness and long haul quality.

This RV is huge, but driving it is really easy and comfortable with its suspension and smooth transmission.

Regardless of whether you are ascending a mountain go or cruising through town, the extravagant plan of this motorhome will make the fun of your trip.


With sufficient space for conveniences, the Tiffin Allegro Red highlights all that you want to feel at ease out and about.

The room inside this motorhome highlights day/night bed shades, permitting you to partake in a dark spot for resting regardless of where you park.

You can get entertainment from an underlying TV. The tile flooring all through the room and kitchen adds to the upscale feel of the space.

A stackable washer and dryer permit you to stay aware of clothing, and a jumbo bed with an adaptive padding sleeping pad gives solace following a busy day.

In the kitchen, you get a convection stove, glass cooktop, microwave, fridge, and dinette, making it simple to keep or store meal and cook it easily.

With regards to offering some of the best features, this Class A RV is the ideal fit for long drives for RVers who require the conveniences of home anyplace they go.

With its abundant space, this is an extraordinary pick for families who need to travel together. You would be surprised by what you experience driving this motorhome.

Tiffin Allegro Red 340 33AL

4. Winnebago Sunstar 35U

Winnebago Sunstar

Winnebago Sunstar 34U is the next best class A RV that we have selected. It is a sturdy RV that can endure long drives and rough terrains easily. You will have a lot of fun driving this RV that gives you the comfort you need.

At the point when the floor plan was being intended for conveniences on this motorhome, the solaces of the home were remembered for this Class A RV’s floor plan.


Inside, you will get a full restroom with a shower, toilet, and sink making it simple to tidy up following a tiring day. There is an addition of an extra-large bed in the main room that will guarantee you have a decent night’s rest.

At the front of the RV, two seats turn around to give additional seating when in camp. There is an extra bunk above this motorhome, where the cab leads into the residing space.

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There are also theater-style seats that are added with an underlying entertainment community and connecting dinette. Also, the RV includes a work area region and additional inside and outside storage choices.

For extreme comfort and a great travel experience, look no farther than Winnebago Sunstar 35 U. you can easily prepare a tasty dinner in the full kitchen, complete with a twofold sink, gas cooktop, big cupboards, microwave, stove, and a cooler.

Winnebago Sunstar 35U

5. Winnebago Vista

Winnebago Vista

The next motorhome on our list of the best small class A RV motorhomes is the Winnebago Vista.

We have listed it here because it comes in five distinctive floorplans with lengths of 28 feet, 5-inches for some models, and 35 feet for the most loaded models.

Inside highlights that truly make this RV stand apart incorporate a dinette table with capacity and storage, LED lights, Vinyl flooring, colored windows, power outage roller conceals, a huge 2-entryway cooler/cooler, and a three-burner glass top reach.

You will also get additional features like USB chargers, enhanced computerized TV receiving wire framework, and more such features.

The chassis of this RV is made with treated steel, gel-coated shine sidewall skin, and tempered steel structure.

This RV has an inside space to sleep about 5 individuals easily. Outside it offers fueled deck canopy with LED lighting, section help handle, lit storage compartments, side-pivoted doors with paddle hooks, and more.

You will get a living region and an entertainment area with an HDTV that incorporates remote and outside speakers for the ideal fun day or to watch the daily news.

Winnebago Vista 27PE

6. Forest River FR3

Forest River FR3

The FR3 is the next addition to this list that comes in 4 diverse floorplans with lengths going from 31 feet, 8-inches to 35 feet.

These class A motorhomes are very luxurious, and people love them for their decency.

The GVWR for FR3 is 18,000 pounds and 20,500 pounds. The development highlights incorporate a fiberglass front cap, white diamond rock guard, pearl gel-coat sidewalls, one-piece fiberglass rooftop, steel front cockpit area, and secure structure.


This is an RV motorhome that can rest 7 individuals, but some models can rest up to 11.

The inside highlights that this RV has to offer are a power front overhead bunk with a stepping stool, 4-inch LED TV, LED lighting over the roof, nightshade window, ultra-calfskin fold-over dinette stall with comfort pads, brushed nickel equipment, and private vinyl flooring.

A few outside highlights incorporate high and low beam headlights, LED blinkers, barbecue with bug safeguard, storage boxes with channels, go-through capacity storage compartments, power porch canopy with LED lighting, Quick Connect outside LP fitting, outside shower slide-out room overhangs, and an external entertainment community with TV and Marine-grade speakers.

Forest River FR3 25DS

7. Tiffin Phaeton

Tiffin Phaeton

The Tiffin Phaeton is another consideration to keep in mind when you are searching for the best Class A motorhomes.

It has six diverse floorplans with lengths running between 38 feet, 7-inches to 44 feet, 10-inches, and GVWR of 38,320 to 45,600 pounds.

The normal number of individuals that this RV can easily rest inside is 5.


The development of the Phaeton incorporates aluminum wheels, gel-coat fiberglass outside divider boards, a one-piece dampness-safe formed fiberglass rooftop cap, and a huge colored one-piece windshield.

The inside has a porcelain tile floor, tile flooring, a focal vacuum cleaner, LED lighting, a soundbar with subwoofer, a treated steel private cooler, handmade cabinetry, strong surface ledges with hardened steel sink, and also calfskin furniture.

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This motorhome offer elements, for example, power-deck and door canopies and a discretionary rooftop-mounted porch canopy that give flexibility in the shade you are setting up camp.

Different highlights given by this motorhome incorporate chrome double electric step, outside porch LED lighting, a backup camera, a remote locking system for section doors, and an outside TV that is incredible for your favorite shows.

Tiffin Phaeton 44 OH

8. Newmar Dutch Star

Newmar Dutch Star 4369

The last class A motorhome on our list is Newmar Dutch Star. It’s one of the very well-known class A RVs due to its roomy interior that is filled with features that you may have never seen before.

There are various floorplans being offered inside this RV.

The smallest of them is the Dutch Star 3717 floorplan which comes 37 feet in length. You will find the biggest one at 43 feet.


The Dutch Star 4311 is one of the best ones in all of them because it has more features.

You will find amazing 3 slideouts on each floorplan, which makes it a pretty extensive option to consider.

The people who are into modifying and upgrading their RV to the furthest reaches can look at this model for better upgradability and flexibility.

It has a significant number of redesigns and extensions.

When you find the huge number of elements in the Dutch Star, it’s difficult not to look at this RV afterward.

From the Polar Pak R19 protection on the rooftop to Bermuda-coated maple hardwood cupboards, the look, and solidness of the Dutch Star have won many hearts, and it’s one of the best RVs in the class A category for couples that can live a happy life inside this luxurious motorhome.

The main features of this RV incorporate a Treated steel entry door, 15 diverse floor plans, a Back hitch for towing vehicles, an amazing sturdy chassis and frame, and Polar Pak R19 secure protection on the rooftop, and a Girard G2000 power side canopy with wind sensor.

You will also get a controller and LED lights.

Newmar Dutch Star 4369


This was all about the best class A motorhomes that you can find today.

All of these luxurious RVs have their unique design and features for different types of RVers so that they can have fun accordingly.

For more details, see FAQ.


What are the best class A RV brands?

Following are some best class A RV brands.

  • Tiffin Motorhomes
  • Jayco
  • Coachmen
  • Monaco Coach
  • Nexus RV

What is the most reliable Class A RV?

The most reliable class A RV are.

  • Forest River Berkshire XLT 45CA
  • Fleetwood Discovery 36Q
  • Winnebago Forza 38D
  • Tiffin Allegro Red 38KA
  • Entegra Cornerstone 45Y
  • Holiday Rambler Vacationer 35P
  • Thor Challenger 37DS
  • Newmar Kountry Star 4011

What sort of RV is the most straightforward to drive?

A Class B RV rules with regards to simplicity of driving. Class B RVs are the simplest to drive since they want to drive a van. Sometimes, RVers have even felt they drive like a standard vehicle.

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