Forest River RV Reviews – Are They Any Good?

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Forest River is an RV manufacturing brand that delivers world-class and high-quality trailers and RVs for its customers. It started in 1996, and it has reached in the competition with the top competitors of the market by delivering very effective and useful vehicles. Founded by Peter Liegl in Elkhart, this RV brand doesn’t leave anything behind when it comes to manufacturing new design RVs.

This Indiana-based company grew quickly with its development over the years, and there are more than 8,000 employees working at the company to produce top-notch RV vehicles. The company is currently owned by Berkshire Hathaway Inc, which is Warren Buffet’s company. There is a lot to know about this company for which we are going to get in detail further in the article.

Forest River Inc.

About Forest River RV

The organization offers apparently interminable and consistently changing models of RVs, from little pop-ups for performances and couples to enormous fifth-wheel to fit for all types of uses by the customers. You can expect a small travel trailer to big bulky RVs from the company with the best quality in the business.

There are several models that provide great user satisfaction with the features and luxury. The organization is reasonably pleased that a first-time RV purchaser can begin with the organization’s miniature estimated R-Pod and, throughout the long term, move gradually dependent upon one of the organization’s leaders Class A models.

With a huge variety, a customer gets never leaving experience with the Forest River brand. Never timid about attempting another plan, new models are dispatched every now and again and vanish similarly as oftentimes in case deals are anything but a moment hit.

The organization has stayed in business for more than 20 years. Indeed, even before it was possessed by Berkshire Hathaway, it created some pleasant RVs in all classes and classifications.

One of the positive perspectives it has made it work is that organization aims to meet each RV need conceivable, which is the reason they have such countless various models and RVs in all RV classifications. They additionally attempt to meet each value point also. Their RVs go from small performance and couples models right to the enormous fifth-wheel trailers.

You will have enough of this organization to rely upon who you converse with. There are numerous cheerful Forest River RV dealers and, similarly as numerous unsatisfied clients. Before you get it, you should test the RV out and do a full investigation testing slide-outs, water tanks, and different frameworks to ensure you are content with the item before you drive it off the part.

So, things could be improved at the assembling plant. It appears there are issues with quality control on occasion. It is conceivable that a lot of consideration is being paid to the customer demand and needs that organization might have to reach all the top quality controls. Remember that individuals making the most deliveries will be the ones who have had an excessive number of issues.

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We go a little deeper in the Forest River RV review by parting every segment and then explaining what’s going on to give a better review for this RV manufacturing brand.

Forest River Build Quality

The build quality of Forest River RVs is one of the key aspects that a customer looks upon when getting an expensive recreational vehicle. If the quality of a vehicle is not good enough, the customer moves to another brand to choose comfort and safety. There are various competitors for Forest River in the RV market, such as Palomino, Jayco, Coachmen RV, and a lot more.

To stay in business and lead the market, Forest River has to provide the top quality material and construction for their RVs so that customers don’t get bogged down from their brand. Then, at that point, they are an exceptionally expanded organization claiming a lot more organizations in other sporting facilities. This expansive reach might have made significant progress excessively quickly as they are extended their models with diverse plans.

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What experiences the entirety of this extension and enhancement is assemble quality. That has been one of the significant grumblings we have found out with regards to this organization. Not exclusively does the organization utilize second-rate items to fabricate their parts, yet they don’t work effectively in gathering the RVs by the same token.

Their general survey score is around 3 1/2 stars, and in the reviews, there were not enough good ratings given by the customers to be around 4. That implies that their fabricate quality is better than expected, notwithstanding the issues they have had with unsatisfied clients. Also, there will consistently be issues that emerge every once in a while. Since nobody can develop an ideal RV or some other item, there will be imperfections in the models this organization produces.

Jayco Warranty

Assuming the best about the organization would make life in their RVs somewhat simpler, presumably that their quality control and building ability needs improving; however, it isn’t just about as terrible as certain individuals paint the image when they are managing to purchase an awful model.

Forest River Quality Levels

The quality levels can be based upon the models and the vehicles that the company has released over the years. This will rely upon who you converse with. There are many clients who are exceptionally happy with the quality of the vehicle from Class B, C, and A RVs, just as the fifth wheels, travel trailers as well as pop-ups.

They should accomplish something right, or they would not be one of the biggest RV producers on the planet. When we consider a list of best RVs in the world in any category, they do have a model in that category as always for the competition. This implies that they do realize how to build top-quality RVs, and so forth.

According to what a significant number of the clients have written in their reviews, it appears to be that those quality forms are not many and far in the middle. There are even some people who have rated the quality 1 out of 5. This is based on every user’s individual experience, so we can never say what’s right and what’s wrong unless a person tries it for himself.

You can expect that there might be an absence of value in their production for most of their items. That many individuals can’t be off-base. Then, at that point, some awful analysts have adjusted their perspectives when Forest River remains behind their items and resolves every one of the issues.

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Forest River Travel Trailer Reviews

Forest River produces good travel trailers for its customers, and there have been reviews about them too. One commentator was simply ready to pick or discover 3 travel trailers that they enjoyed that were made by Forest River. Those Travel trailers were the R-Pod, Salem Cruise Lite, and the Flagstaff E-Pro.

The quality of these trailers has been appraised by the reviewers, but there are still some defects that they found in the trailers. Some complained about awful bedding despite the fact that it came among some of the best options as travel trailers.

Then, at that point, a portion of the other Forest River models like the Rockford, the Wildwood, and Cherokee were given negative marks for a similar explanation. This shows how customers take the RV and how they perceive things for the quality and final output from a trailer. The grievance was the equivalent fundamentally through these Travel trailers; the nature of quality just was not there.

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Another analyst said that you get what you paid for, alluding to the minimal expense and passage level status of the Salem and Wildwood models. The Flagstaff and Wildcat travel trailers are profoundly commended, as has been a portion of the Prime Time models Forest River produces.

With one of the biggest RV dealers networks in the United States, Forest River is a famous decision for some, frequently just because of their mind-boggling market immersion. The organization likewise has various auxiliary organizations under its extremely huge umbrella, bringing about numerous RV purchasers considering a Forest River item without using it.

You can check out some of our in-depth reviews of some RVs from Forest River,

Forest River Customer Service Review

Customer reviews tell a lot about a brand because the people who have used the vehicle can explain better what good things did they find the RV and what bad points they have encountered. And their lots of reviews about Forest River RVs on the web that creates a great debate among several users around the world.

Most of these reviews are expected from disappointed clients who find faults in their RVs and those who had a bad experience with their vehicle. They post a complete logical review on the web in the discussion where other people can interact and understand what goes wrong and what goes right with these vehicles.

It’s always a smart thought to go for the reviews first when you want to know about a brand and its products. There are lots of people complaining about Forest River RVs, and the sellers and representatives couldn’t satisfy their clients equally.

By and large, the reviews we read were negative. The reviews followed the experience of the owners, and they could have done without the way that the association probably wouldn’t have responded to them, responded promptly, or were supporting why it was not their weakness. The studies had the association charging the owners, which once in a while, the association may be right.

There are adequate people out there who may cause the mischief and subsequently shortcoming with the association. One issue that may be an affirmed stress for all Forest River RV owners is that it has been represented that the dealers don’t put enough effort to work on the new units. This can be a significant issue if you have taken your RV outside your dealer’s zone.

Expecting to be legitimate, then, that isn’t exceptional customer help and can cause a lot of issues for the RV owner, similarly as making them pay higher costs. Now and again, the RV can sit in a seller’s store for months without being fixed anyway, whereas the repairs ought to be made each month.

Forest River Complaints

Customers always complain about the things that they get because nothing is made perfect, and there have been a lot of issues found with the Forest River RV models. The basic reviews showed a lot of complaints being received from valuable clients over the years. Even if the company is among the best producers of top-quality RVs, there are still complaints about lots of reasons.

These reviews are not simply on the Forest Riverside of things. There are grumblings about the numerous sellers who are not doing adjustments or fixes without wasting much time. The reason that the dealer provides for their clients sometimes is that they are struggling to get parts. Assuming that is the situation, there is something exceptionally off-base at the Forest River base headquarters.

There are reports of poor workmanship, inability to respect guarantees. Additionally, it has been said that the organization doesn’t remain behind its item. The two greatest problems we have run over have been the lazy client care and the nature of the parts just as the form. There are lots of client care problems with the brand, and many appear to be genuine meats as they pay a huge load of cash for a Forest River RV, and what they receive consequently is short of what they expected or thought they purchased.

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Issues With Forest River Travel Trailers

The principal issue that comes subsequent to reading and reviewing that load of surveys is that Forest River attempts to assemble its trailers and RVs excessively quickly. They need to get the item to their clients that they go for speed prior to turning out to be acceptable. At Forest River, the work is found to be a bit slow.

Essentially, practically every one of the objections gives the actual proof one requirement to make those statements valid. A large portion of the reviewers calls attention to blemishes that might have been addressed sometime before the RV or Trailer left the shop. So, Forest River’s attention on speed makes them neglect these indispensable issues.

The issues raised by the clients are too long to even consider rehashing here too. A portion of the reviews are really long, and it would consume a lot of time to continue reading it in any case. There are a lot of changes required in these trailers made by the organization. One of the significant defects referenced by one owner was that the slide sections continued to break among different parts.

Which is The Best Forest River Travel Trailer?

There are various considerations in the best category for travel trailers. Forest River has Salem Cruise Lite as the Best Travel Trailer. This is because that trailer is fuel-efficient, and it has all the features that customers would expect to get from a good quality travel trailer. On a different survey of the main 10 trailers, Forest River Grey Wolf was the tenth on the rundown of 10.

Being more roomy, lightweight, and could be towed by a standard SUV, it has made its name among the top and best trailers by the organization. It was additionally worked with covered development materials that cut the load off and made the trailer simpler to tow. This specific model might have been listed among the best options to choose from several times.

In 2018 it won best of the show by RV News. This trailer made one more rundown also. It was a main 12, and the model put eighth. So it doe shave some valid statements. Then, at that point, the Forest River Rockwood Windjammer is also a trailer that provides safety for the customers, and it has great features as well.

It was fifth out of best 5; however, that is still acceptable. This trailer can rest up to 8 individuals and has bunches of room inside for everybody to move about. Additionally, this model should be entirely tough and accompanies a ton of provisions making it a pleasant usual hangout spot.


This was a detailed Forest River Review where we have highlighted the best models by this RV manufacturing brand as well as the complaints and problems with it. We have shared a detailed review of Forest River, and we hope you get the right information that you are looking for.


Is Forest River a good brand?

Forest River is the 5th best RV brand in the world. The company has made its name for famous and high-quality RV models and travel trailers for valuable customers over the past years.

What is the most reliable RV brand?

Some of the most reliable RV brands are listed below

  • Forest River.
  • Entegra.
  • Airstream.
  • Winnebago.
  • Coachmen.
  • Oliver Travel Trailers.

What are the worst RV brands?

Some of the worst RV brands are.

  • Winnebago.
  • Hurricane.
  • Coachmen.
  • Keystone.
  • Jayco.
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