8 Amazing Small RV With Bathroom

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Small RVs serve a great purpose to be used in the city area where you are surrounded by other vehicles and traffic.

These RVs are easy to take down narrow streets, and they are proved to be useful in badlands where the conditions are very tough for big motorhomes to endure.

These motorhomes have good ground clearance, and most of them are from the class B category.

While there are not as many features available in small motorhomes as they are available in big camper RVs, you can still get some important features in them that are living necessities.

A feature like a bathroom can be very handy in an RV, especially when you have to loosen up or relax.

This is the reason we are providing information about the best small RV with bathrooms in this discussion.

Name Length Bathroom Type
Airstream Interstate 19 19′ 5″ Wet Bath
Fleetwood Irok 21 ft Dry Bath
Winnebago Revel 19.58 ft Dry Bath
Pleasure-Way Plateau TS 22.75 ft Dry Bath
Thor Coach Gemini 23.5 ft Wet Bath
Leisure Travel Wonder 24.75 ft Dry Bath
Pleasure-Way Ascent TS 19.58 ft Wet Bath
Coachmen Cross Trek 24 ft Dry Bath

Airstream Interstate 19Airstream Interstate 19
Fleetwood RV Irok LoungeFleetwood Irok
Winnebago RevelWinnebago Revel
Pleasure Way Plateau TSPleasure-Way Plateau TS
Thor Motor Coach Gemini 23TEThor Coach Gemini
Leisure Vans Wonder MBLeisure Travel Wonder
Pleasure-Way Ascent TSPleasure-Way Ascent TS
Coachmen Cross Trek 22XGCoachmen Cross Trek

Types of Bathrooms in an RV

As we are discussing the small RV with a bathroom, you want to put your assumptions into viewpoint.

These RVs are minimal, and the way that they contain a toilet inside their layout is really important.

There are two kinds of bathrooms when checking out RVs with a bathroom: wet bath and dry bath.

1. Wet Baths

These kinds of RV washrooms are a different arrangement where the room has a toilet at the base, and the shower is essentially placed over its highest point.

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This permits you to shower in the standing situation close to the loo, or you can sit on the shut top for a sitting shower. The toilet, sink, and the whole bathroom get wet when you take a shower in such bathrooms.

2. Dry Baths

A dry bathroom implies the toilet is independent of the shower in an RV. This is a great idea, yet it implies you’ll leave the extra room and living region in your RV.

These bathrooms are easier to find in the small RV with a toilet and shower.

The Best Small RV With Bathrooms are

1. Airstream Interstate 19

Airstream Interstate 19

The Airstream Interstate 19 is your best choice as a small RV with a bathroom.

This small RV with shower and toilet generally covers your fundamental requirements yet, in addition, gives you highlights, for example, safety belts for four and an ample living region.

You can make road trips with your companions, cook lunch near the ocean and take your whole family set up camp.

Airstream pulled out all the stops with their restroom plan: the showerhead serves as a fixture, the mirror expands and turns, and there’s a waterproof tissue cover.

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The Mercedes Benz motor makes driving a breeze, and there are a significant number of elements in this motorhome that you wouldn’t expect in a normal vehicle.

Airstream Interstate 19 Bathroom

The bed has a press button control that helps it to straighten out and turn into a 66″ x 73″.

You will appreciate boiling water, a LED widescreen TV, and an open, adaptable restroom.

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The wet shower in this small Class B RV with shower and latrine incorporates a sink, implicit cleanser, conditioner, and body wash stations.

Airstream Interstate 19 Floorplan

2. Fleetwood Irok

Fleetwood RV Irok Lounge

Irok from Fleetwood is another small RV that will provide a complete bathroom for your camping necessities.

It is small but loaded with extravagance. This stylish Class B campervan brings an upscale hotel feel right to your camping area.

The Irok’s smooth inside incorporates a 24″ TV, stone ledges, and burl wood finishing. This rich RV is even little enough to stop in your standard-sized carport.

In the upgraded models, swinging doors open up to the upscale wet shower.

This wet shower contains a hardened steel sink, a shower, and a porcelain latrine.

The Fleetwood Irok is ideally suited for people who need extravagance in a little bundle.

To truly take advantage of this RV, however, you need to think about a portion of the overhauls that are extraordinary to the Irok.

One of the coolest is the overhauled surveillance camera that gives you an unmistakable perspective on what’s going around your RV, even around evening time which will assist with guarding your RV.

There’s even a choice to add a bed lift to give you significantly more space inside.

Regardless of whether you really want the freedom having additional roof space can cause the camper to feel bigger.

Fleetwood RV Irok Lounge Bathroom

The bathroom isn’t without its issues, as this wet shower is a lot more modest than the competitive RVs in the category.

The other issue is overhead leeway in the washroom as well as through the apparatus, which includes a 6′ 1″ inside the roof.

Fleetwood RV Irok Lounge Floorplan

3. Winnebago Revel

Winnebago Revel

Revel is the next small RV with a bathroom to look at. With its 4WD and diesel super motor, nothing is forbidden with this small RV with a shower and bathroom.

The diesel heating framework implies that as long as you have diesel in your tank, you have warmth. The solar chargers on the rooftop come as standard, so you can truly get off the network and get your space to rest.

The attractive fly screen across the door is a genuine advancement that makes life simpler.

This small RV with a bathroom offers a 31″x26″ wet shower with an adaptable showerhead, shower drape, removable racks, removable clothesline, turning tape toilet, and controlled rooftop vent.

The greatest benefit of this model is the capacity toward the back. The bed lifts to the rooftop, permitting you to keep your bicycles or other cumbersome things toward the back while you’re out and about.

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Winnebago Revel 44E

4. Pleasure-Way Plateau TS

Pleasure Way Plateau TS

The Pleasure-Way Plateau TS is a small motorhome with a bathroom that is based on the Mercedes Benz chassis.

This RV has a lot bigger bathroom than you’d ordinarily hope to find in a Class B RV.

There are some great features to look at inside this RV, like the windows, which cause the camper to feel open and brilliant.

A board of windows is deliberately positioned along the traveler’s side flank so you might enjoy the perspective of your own camping area while cooking in the unit’s kitchen.

All-encompassing windows line the rear finish of the RV’s relaxing/feasting region, giving extra enlightening perspectives.

Similar to the case with most Class B’s, the restroom on this RV is a wet shower. Also, know that the whole bathroom is the shower, and it’s totally intended to get wet. In this enormous restroom, you’ll track down a toilet, a shower, and a vanity with storage.

The bathroom inside matches that of the remainder of the lodge to give the washroom a less muffled, plastic feel, which can be seen in numerous RV wet showers.

While the Pleasure-Way Plateau TS could be thought of as bigger for a Class B RV, it works really hard to use each inch. The installations and highlights all through the RV give it an advanced and clean feel.

Options like a profound 7-inch sink, wonderful recessed lights, and the 6-foot ledge accumulate across the whole RV to truly give the vibe of the home.

Pleasure-Way Plateau TS Floorplan

5. Thor Coach Gemini

Thor Motor Coach Gemini 23TE

The Gemini by Thor Motor Coach is the next motorhome that we have listed here, having a bathroom inside the layout for travelers.

The bathroom in this camper comes with a shower and toilet.

Driving this RV, you could undoubtedly think you were driving a standard extravagance vehicle as it has every one of the fancy features and ends.

There are two exceptional floors intended to browse, convertible rest to-seating choices, a gigantic retractable TV, and heaps of capacity all around.

With the additional length comes the capacity to expand the washroom, making a different shower space.

Formally classed as a B+, it’s not difficult to see the additional solace that is furnished in this little RV with a shower and toilet.

This AWD small RV with a washroom has an underlying bay window, getting a lot of normal light.

You’ll also find euro-style cupboard entryways, nickel-finish equipment, and private vinyl flooring.

Thor Motor Coach Gemini 23TE Floor Plan

6. Leisure Travel Wonder

Leisure Vans Wonder MB

Leisure Travel Wonder is the next RV on our list loaded with some amazing features.

There are 4 plans to browse, and each has been cunningly thought out for the full person who jumps through time.

There’s a lot of headroom, extra closets, and living space. All floorplans include a twofold bed, kitchen, toilet, dinette, entertainment setup, and turn front seats.

On the rooftop, there’s a lot of room to mount solar chargers, so you can produce a lot of energy to control your cherished functions.

Generally speaking, the Wonder should be one of the most mind-blowing small RVs with a shower and toilet now available.

You have the choice to pick between having a back relax, back twin bed, front twin bed, or a Murphy bed.

There are a lot of upholstery and divider lining choices. For such an RV, this form is truly adaptable.

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The front twin beds and the Murphy bed floor plans include a wet washroom, while the other two have a dry shower.

Leisure Vans Wonder MB

7. Pleasure-Way Ascent TS

Pleasure-Way Ascent TS

The Ascent TS is a small motorhome at 19′ 5″ the total length. So assuming you’re searching for probably a small RV with a bathroom, you can consider this as an option.

Based on Mercedes Benz, this RV incorporates a considerable lot of similar highlights as the bigger models, however, in more modest structures.

You actually get an enormous sink with a separable private style aspect and a ledge expansion.

It’s loaded with every one of the things that makes this camper incredible.

That incorporates an adaptive padding bed that is really agreeable and an extremely astute turntable toward the rear of the cab.

This motorhome also includes a wet shower behind the driver’s side seat. The bathroom has a warm overlay that matches the remainder of the RV.

The wet showers feel very good when you want to get fresh and feel like you are using a genuine washroom in your home.

Pleasure-Way Ascent TS is truly in good shape when they reliably add some life to their small bathrooms.

Pleasure-Way Ascent TS Floorplan

8. Coachmen Cross Trek

Coachmen Cross Trek 22XG

The Coachmen Cross Trek is the last small RV that we will recommend to you.

It is a bit bigger than most of the campers on the list, but with 25′ 1″, it is still a small RV with a bathroom.

It includes a small shower on one side of the RV with a toilet across the corridor in a somewhat interesting plan.

The shower is bigger than you’d expect, and by putting it on one side of the RV separate from the toilet, they wind up utilizing the space somewhat more proficiently.

This RV has a totally huge capacity limit in the back of the RV for storing your stuff and luggage.

There’s quite much room there that you could get innovative and transform this into 2 room RV.

In any case, this special element includes some significant pitfalls considering the enormously settled bed.

That implies you’re not going to have a lot of space to move around or sit up in bed, and you will not have a room in the manner that different RVs may.


This was a guide on the Best Small RV with a bathroom in which we have listed the top RV in modest sizes to facilitate you with the best features.

Each of them is useful in its own way while offering a long number of features.

For more, see our FAQ.


What is the smallest campervan with a bathroom and toilet?
  • Winnebago Revel
  • Fleetwood Irok
  • Sportsmobile Mercedes-Benz Sprinter EB
  • Airstream Interstate
  • Carado Banff
  • Winnebago Travato
  • OGA Vans (eco-friendly build)
  • Coachmen Beyond

What is the smallest Class B RV with a bathroom?

The Winnebago Revel is one of the modest and smallest RV motorhomes that you can get with a size of 19.5 feet. This RV motorhome has all the features for your long trips, including kitchen tools and a bathroom setup with all essentials.

What is the smallest RV with a bathroom?
  • Airstream Interstate 19
  • Winnebago Revel
  • Thor Coach Gemini
  • Coachmen Nova
  • Pleasure-Way Plateau TS
  • Leisure Travel Wonder

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