Travel Trailers That Uses Azdel (Benefits and Problems)

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Travel trailers take a lot of time to manufacture because the companies have to make sure they are made with the best quality materials, and the material that is being used should be top-notch so that they won’t hear customers complaining.

The outside body and the interior are designed with different materials that add various features to the construction of multiple styles of RV trailers.

There are trailers that have plywood construction on the inside, and then there are some travel trailers with fiberglass material construction on the walls and several other materials.

Azdel is also a material that is used instead of plywood or luan in the construction of RV trailers to give them an interesting look and provide them with a resistant body to several factors.

What is Azdel?

Azdel is a composite board utilized by top travel trailer manufacturers. It is used for the interior designing of an RV trailer as an option in contrast to Luan or plywood material.

Azdel composite boards are not immune to spoiling, and fire and they are lighter than wood and give better protection in addition to other things. It makes a fantastic trailer divider on the inside as well as from the outside.

Azdel is a significant provider to the RV business. It was around 2006 that they started providing boards to travel trailer makers as a substitution for Luan or wood. Now the Azdel material is being used by most RV campers. This allows the vehicle to be very lightweight and easy to tow.

Not all models of specific producers above will utilize Azdel in their development of travel trailers. Sometimes, they are utilizing Azdel in certain pieces of their models and not really the dividers.

Here we have listed the best travel trailers that use Azdel.

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Name Sidewall Construction Price
Forest River R-Pod Azdel $38,446
Forest River Grand Surveyor Azdel $89,999
Coachmen Apex Ultra-Lite Azdel $44,227
nuCamp Avia Azdel $37,000

Best Travel Trailers that Use Azdel

As we have discussed what Azdel is and what does it, now it’s time to look at some of the best trailers that use Azdel. While you could go through every one of the trailers recorded below and track down the one that you like the best, we accomplished the difficult work for you by narrowing down the best Azdel Travel Trailers out there.

Every one of these trailers uses an Azdel interior and has huge loads of premium elements all through. Regardless of which trailer you go with, you’ll get an incredible choice.

1. Forest River R-Pod

Forest River R-Pod

The Forest River R-Pod is a lightweight camper trailer that can take a lot of load for traveling. This travel trailer achieves its lightweight plan with an Azdel sidewall framework and offers ten diverse floor plans for the customers from which they can select one of their own choices.

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The lightest floorplan just weighs 2,714 pounds.

In spite of the R-Pods being lightweight, it still has a full-sized kitchen complete with a 6-cubic foot refrigerator.

In case you’re truly hoping to take off the matrix, it accompanies all the essential prep work for solar panels, but it may increase the load of the trailer.

The Azdel interior makes it pretty much lightweight and easy to tow to several places.

Forest River R-Pod 190 Floor plan

2. Forest River Grand Surveyor

Grand Surveyor

Another travel trailer that uses Azdel is the Forest River Grand Surveyor. This is an amazing travel trailer having all the inside walls of Azdel, and the deck is made from Azdel too. This helps to reduce a lot of weight from the body of this travel trailer.

While it utilizes a lightweight development all through, the lightest Grand Surveyor actually weighs 5,540 pounds. That is for sure that this trailer is brimming with highlights, including a full-size 10-cubic foot fridge in its eight distinctive floor plans for the customers to choose from.

There is a private main room on each of the floorplan that implies you’ll never need to worry about safety and protection along with your comfort while choosing a Grand Surveyor floor plan.

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A portion of these floorplans has both an outside and inside the kitchen. These trailers are jam loaded with highlights, and for what you’re getting, they’re as yet lighter weight.

Grand Surveyor Floorplan

3. Coachmen Apex Ultra-Lite

Coachmen Apex Ultra-Lite

Coachmen Apex Ultra Lite is a luxurious travel trailer that is huge in size and offers amazing features for the customer’s satisfaction. It uses Azdel in its inside construction. The lightest model of this trailer is still very heavy at 6,500 pounds; however, that is not terrible for every one of the elements that they offer.

The weight is reduced due to Azdel construction on the inside. This trailer is lighter than most of its other models. The back divider is constructed well, and it has saved a lot of weight which favors the customer to save weight and load, which also affects fuel and efficiency.

There are 17 distinctive floor plans to browse, so as long as you have a truck that can pull these trailers, you will undoubtedly discover a choice that you like. They all have a full kitchen, a security camera for protection, and they also come with a shower or a wet bath.

They have floor plans with different beds and choices with extra outside storing racks for bigger gear.

Regardless you’re searching for; the Coachmen Apex UltraLite is the best travel trailer that uses Azdel.

Grand Surveyor Floorplan

4. nuCamp Avia

nuCamp Avia

nuCamp Avia travel trailer is also one of the trailers that use Azdel. It’s a good choice in travel trailers because it has Azdel composite sheets for the entirety of the sidewall development, which makes the whole trailer exceptionally strong and lightweight.

It comes with two separate TVs, from which one is in the main room and one in the kitchen. They can be viewed even from the living region.

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For the entirety of your bigger stuff, it has roomy storage. In addition, you get a full-working kitchen with a 3-way fridge and a surveillance camera for additional safety while at the same time traveling to places. It only has a single floor plan.

Other Travel Trailers That Use Azdel

Benefits of Azdel

Azdel provides many benefits with regard to composite boards. This material can easily bear outrageous temperature changes. It doesn’t make any difference in case it’s well below freezing around evening time and brimming with hotness for the duration of the day.

Azdel composite boards stay unaffected dissimilar to wood that can begin to self-destruct and shape under these conditions.

Azdel doesn’t face the ill effects of delamination since the material isn’t influenced by water. Not exclusively do you not need to stress over shape or delamination; however, formaldehyde and buildup issues are a relic of past times when you use Azdel composite boards.

They’re water-safe, which settles on them a fantastic decision for both indoor and outside applications. As another perk, you improve sound retention and double the protection of wood. This gives you a calmer ride and brings down your energy costs for both warming and cooling.

In addition to the fact that you get every one of these benefits, you get it while using an item that weighs half as much as wood. Thus, you’re improving performing items while altogether dropping the general load of your trailer. It’s super tough, and it will last more than ordinary wood boards.

  • Water-resistant
  • Free of formaldehyde, mold, and mildew
  • Half the weight of wood
  • Rot-resistant
  • Mold resistant
  • No delamination
  • Lighter than wood and 2x stronger than wood
  • They are impact and puncture-resistant
  • Temperature and humidity change tolerant
  • Handles changing temperature and humidity
  • Better sound absorption
  • Twice the insulation that wood provides

Azdel Problems

As we have seen the benefits that Azdel provides, now it’s time to discuss the common problems.

1. Expensive

Azdel is a very lightweight and long-lasting material, but it does cost more than luan and wood. The better the quality, the more price will be tagged. On top of this, it is more solid and will keep going with you for quite a while. The item additionally shields its clients from substantially more than compressed wood.

The item is amazingly costly. This is the reason individuals are as yet utilizing wood on their trailers. Despite the fact that it is assuming you have the spending plan to go for Azdel, you ought to do that. At the point when you bring the entirety of this into notice, you may ask why compressed wood has not currently been supplanted by Azdel.

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This is on the grounds that Azdel is typically utilized in boats to shield their body from getting any damage from the outside. The material is an immediate update from Luan and beats it under each and every condition.

2. Delamination

Delamination is a commonly occurring issue in travel trailers. It causes the wood to isolate from the fiberglass body of your trailer. It is a disturbing situation where customers get tired and sick of the problem as it’s very costly to repair.

Azdel generally forestalls this issue as delamination is practically difficult to stop. Regardless of whether you are utilizing Azdel on the outside of your vehicle, it will ultimately begin to delaminate.

The best path to prevent this thing from happening is to keep standard support over your vehicle. These incorporate cleaning up your travel trailer and clearing off any water that has been left on it from the downpour.

Additionally, make sure to store your travel trailer in an area where it doesn’t face the water. Besides this, a few customers may, in any case, begin to see delamination on their vehicles. Assuming this occurs, it is suggested that you buy a maintenance pack.

However, there are chances that your vehicle can get incredibly harmed without using the right tools. In case the inside of your vehicle additionally begins to decay, it will wind up setting you back much more than this. Once delamination occurs, it’s gonna cost you one way or another.

3. No Warranty

Azdel is an amazing material that should be used in vehicles, but the organization gives its clients no guarantee and warranty for the material. In case the item starts getting damaged or decaying, the clients should make up for it themselves.

Then, at that point, the organization will just give a discount of about 10%. This can be very baffling to manage. Thinking about this, in case you are somebody that lives in regions where the item can be purchased straightforwardly, then this is as yet a decent choice for you.


This was a discussion about the travel trailers that use Azdel, and we have shared information about some best travel trailers along with the benefits and problems of Azdel.

The details have been shared for customers’ ease, and for more details, they can contact Azdel manufacturers.


Which travel trailers are made with Azdel?

Following are the travel trailers that are made with Azdel.

  • Forest River – Flagstaff, Forester, Solera, Sunseeker, R-Pod, Rockwood.
  • Lance Campers.
  • Prime Time.
  • Coachmen – Brookstone, Chaparral.
  • Jayco – Hawk, and Jay Feather.
  • Nexus RV.
  • Adrenaline.

What is the most reliable travel trailer brand that uses Azdel?

Here is a list of the most reliable travel trailer brand that uses Azdel 

  • Winnebago Industries.
  • Lance.
  • Shasta.
  • Airstream.
  • Happier Camper.
  • Starcraft.
  • Grand Design RV.
  • Oliver.

What are the most common problems with travel trailers?

Following are the most commonly occurring problems with travel trailers.

  • Plumbing repairs where there is a burst in water lines and broken water pumps.
  • A lot of trailers have toilet issues that can even happen to the best latrines.
  • Trailer flat tire problems or blowouts.

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