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  • Lightweight
  • Smart Space
  • Tons of Options


  • Small Interiors
  • Expensive

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This post is intended to deliver information related to Forest River R-Pod, highlight R-Pod problems, and R-Pod reviews so that you get to know everything about Forest River R-Pod before buying it.

Forest River R-Pod travel trailer with a distinctive shape and design is a little, adorable, and super-cute camper that is made for unlimited camping possibilities.

This little beast is ultra-lightweight, making it easy to tow, which means you can take it almost anywhere you want.

If you are wondering about this tiny little camper and curious to know more about it before investing, this post is for you.

I’ll discuss everything about the Forest River R-Pod that you want to know. At the end of this article, I sincerely believe that you will get all the answers to your questions related to R-Pod, which will help you to determine whether you should invest in it or not.

Moreover, I’ll include Forest River RPod reviews and R-Pod problems at the end of this post to get a better understanding.

Forest River R-Pod Reviews

Forest River R-Pod

As I’ve already mentioned above, the R-Pod travel trailer is a compact, lightweight, and uniquely designed travel trailer by Forest River and is considered the lowest weight in its class. With an affordable price tag, it makes sure that everyone who loves the outdoors and traveling and is willing to have a travel trailer can afford it.

Regardless of its small size, R-Pod offers plenty of room while camping or traveling. In addition to its fuel efficiency due to its small size, it is an extremely easy to tow trailer that can be towed with a small SUV.

Because of its unique rounded shape and solid construction materials, it is considered a durable and dependable travel trailer.

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Forest River R-Pod Key Specifications

Height 9.58 ft
Exterior Length 19 ft
Exterior Width 8 ft
Gross Weight 2,714 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 30.0 gal
Grey Water Capacity 30.0 gal
Black Water Capacity 30.0 gal
Price $20,000

Forest River R-Pod Construction Materials

  • Azdel.
  • Fiberglass.
  • Thick Rubber
  • Aluminum Framing

What distinguishes Forest River R-Pod from other travel trailers of its line is the use of Azdel as its primary construction material. It is a mixture of fiberglass and polypropylene.

The reason for using Azdel in the construction of the Forest River R-Pod is to make sure that the product is strong, lightweight, quiet, odorless, weather-resistant, and environment-friendly.

Moreover, Azdel also can dump both sound and energy and provides far better insulation than wood. Since Azdel is weather and temperature resistant material and can dump sound and energy, it makes sure that R-Pod walls protect the interior from both hot and cold weather conditions while also dumping the sound when you are at a noisy campground.

Furthermore, the sidewalls of Forest River R-Pod are also water and rot-resistant. With aluminum framing around the RV opening, R-Pod has the best structural integrity in its class. It also features a torsion axle made with thick rubber cords and mount directly to the R-Pod frame to create suspension and resist torsion.

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It has a one-piece seamless fiberglass roof and automotive windows seals, which are weather-friendly and watertight.

Forest River R-Pod Standard Features

Forest River R-Pod is one of those few lightweight travel trailers that offer some eye-popping standard features, and probably the main reason why R-Pod is so popular.

Its chassis is a powder-coated steel frame that gives the trailer more strength and rigidity, while the stopping power comes from its auto-adjusting electric brakes. The trailer also comes standard with dual battery racks and aluminum wheel nitrogen-filled radial tires.

Moreover, you will also find LED exterior lights, a 120V exterior receptacle, TV and stereo antenna, 20 lbs LP tank, etc.

Some models of R-Pod have a wet bath while others come with a dry bath. Most traveler prefers having a wet bath though it occupies a bit more living space, which isn’t a big issue.

In addition to its Carefree Flooring, you will see residential-style cabinets and drawers with hardwood fronts and ball-bearing extensions. What will make you surprised are the appliances that it has and that is hard to find in any other travel trailer of the same size? It allows you to have either a gas or electric water heater with a 6-gallon storage capacity.

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It is also equipped with an electric, gas, or 12V power 3.7 cubic feet refrigerator and a recessed two-burner cooktop with a glass cover. If you are traveling in winters, it also features a 20,000 BTU furnace that will keep the trailer warm to keep you comfortable.

Furthermore, it also has a 55 Ampere converter and multiple USB charging ports so that all of your electronic devices remain charged while you’re on the road or camping.

Forest River R-Pod also offers pretty impressive safety features to make your traveling safe. It includes an LP detector, smoke detector, breakaway switch, deadbolt door lock, and a fire extinguisher.

Some other notable features include ELD interior lights, a 36-gallon water storage tank, a pet-friendly hook, and bowls.

If you think all of its above-mentioned standard features aren’t enough for you, R-Pod also offers optional features that you can order. These optional features include,

  • 13,500 BTU A/C.
  • Bike carrier.
  • Convection microwave.
  • Outdoor kitchen.
  • Power tongue jack.
  • Solar panels.
  • Bluetooth radio.
  • Seamless Kitchen countertops.

Forest River R-Pod Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons of R-Pod that I have found while researching and asking current owners. 

  • It is compact, lightweight, and easy to tow.
  • Thanks to its aerodynamic shape, it is fuel-efficient and offers better gas mileage.
  • Thanks to its Azdel sidewalls, you can take it out in both hot and cold weather conditions. The walls also have the ability to dump the noise when you are in a noisy campground.
  • It has 11 different floorplans that make it easy to find a perfect one.
  • The standard features of the Forest River R-Pod are pretty unique.
  • Since it has 11 floorplans, you can choose either a wet or a dry bath.
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  • Build quality is not as great as it should be.
  • Although it offers some great standard features, one important thing that is missing is the air conditioning system.
  • The refrigerator is pretty small.

Regardless of how good Forest River R-Pod looks on the Forest River website or at a dealership lot, the best and most reliable way to scrutinize it is to look at its owner’s reviews.

Here are the Forest River R-Pod reviews that I’ve found on various online platforms. I’ll state the negative R-Pod reviews first and then the positive ones. So, let’s read what they have to say;

Forest River R-Pod Problems

1. Forest River R-Pod Problem with Electric Box

A Forest River R-Pod review states, “the entryway electric box blew up and was hanging on the floor. However, an RV dealer re-fixed it with oversized screws that lasted for only one week and then came out again. When I tried to open the box to re-fix it by myself, I figured that the opening is too large, and the company scabbed in a trim piece to cover the opening, which shows the poor craftsmanship.”

2. Forest River R-Pod Problem with Underfloor cabinet lock

Another R-Pod review states, “underfloor storage cabinet lock is hard to operate with a key, and after trying multiple times, I stopped trying as I was afraid of breaking the key inside the lock.

3. Forest River R-Pod Problem with Cabinet Drawers

One of the owners in their Forest River R-Pod review said that the cabinet drawers are not closing correctly, and the only way to lock them properly is to pull them up to engage with latch.

4. Forest River R-Pod Problem: Water Leakage

Some R-Pod reviews state that they are concerned about water leakage as they have noticed the water near the refrigerator after pulling through a rainstorm.

5. Forest River R-Pod Problem with Awning

Some owners had complained about their R-Pod problem that they were unable to extend the awning to its full, which was, however, got fixed by the dealer later.

6. Forest River R-Pod Problem with Water Connections

Another R-Pod review reads,” Water connections are leaking, and joints are loose, especially under sink and commode connections.”

7. Forest River R-Pod Problem with Refrigerator

One of the R-Pod owners wasn’t happy about refrigerator material. Their R-Pod review read,” refrigerator is made of with cheap quality of plastic, and it takes a lot of time to start cooling.”

8. Forest River R-Pod Review: Problem with Storage Cabinet Doors

Yet another R-Pod owner stating their R-Pod problem wrote, “The quality of the interior is cheap. Storage doors are hard to open, and the material of the seats is not good enough.

9. Forest River R-Pod Review: Freshwater Tank

Another R-Pod review reads, “If you fill the fresh water tank with 300-pound water, the travel trailer will sway away when towing on rough terrain.”

10.  Forest River R-Pod Review: Brakes Problem

Here is one more R-Pod review discussing their R-Pod problem, states “brakes are not working when towing with an F-150 properly. Forest River representatives don’t have an answer, and they don’t return calls.”

11.  Forest River R-Pod Review: Warranty Process

The warranty process is a bit complicated, and it takes a lot of time to get your warranty work covered as per another R-Pod review.

So these were some negative R-Pod reviews that I’ve collected from various online platforms. However, there are various other Forest River R-Pod reviews by owners who are pretty happy and satisfied with their R-Pod. Here are some of the positive R-Pod reviews.

R-Pod Reviews from Happy Owners

1. Forest River R-Pod Review: Ample Room and Amenities

Most of the R-Pod reviews from multiple owners state they are happy with the ample room and impressive amenities R-Pod offers.

2. Forest River R-Pod Review: Easy Towing and Unique Design

Some R-Pod reviews by owners praised their R-Pod trailer’s unique and aerodynamic design, stating it is fuel-efficient. Moreover, it is easy for two with standard SUVs or trucks.

3. Forest River R-Pod Reviews: Aluminum Framing

I’ve seen plenty of Forest River R-Pod reviews by multiple R-Pod owners appreciating its aluminum framing.

4. Forest River R-Pod Reviews: Storage Capacity

There were some Forest River R-Pod reviews by owners admiring R-Pod’s storage capacity, which allows them to take almost all their belongings along with them when traveling or camping.

5. Forest River R-Pod Reviews: Azdel Sidewalls

Most of the R-Pod owners stated in their R-Pod reviews that they are happy and satisfied with the Azdel sidewalls of their R-Pod that makes it weather-resistant, and they can take it out in any weather conditions.

These review’s are compiled after interviewing a lot of R-Pod Trailer current owners. These are not our own reviews.

Forest River Customer Support

Forest River offers you an easy way to contact a customer service representative. You can reach out to them by using their helpline numbers or sending them a mail at their mailing address. But if you prefer contacting Forest River online, they also have an online portal where you can live chat with a Forest River representative.

Below, I’ve listed their complete contact details that you can use to satisfy your queries.

Forest River Customer Helpline: (574) 537 8016.

Forest River Official Website:

Forest River Email Address:

Forest River Mailing Address: Forest River Inc. PO Box 3030, Elkhart, Indiana 46515-3030, USA.

Forest River R-Pod Reviews and Problems Summary

So that is all about Forest River R-Pod. I’m sure that I’ve discussed everything related to R-Pod in detail. I’ve also included the R-Pod reviews and problems that I’ve collected from various sources to provide you with a comprehensive and unbiased R-Pod review.

About Forest River

Forest River Inc.

Forest River is a powerhouse RV brand and has been around over the last two decades. The brand’s core aim is to produce products that help people explore nature and make their camping more fun and memorable.

The company also excels in manufacturing commercial trucks, cargo trailers, buses, and pontoons. It is considered one of the largest RV brands in North America, making a range of RVs, such as Class A and C motorhomes, fifth-wheel trailers, toy haulers, and travel trailers.

The brand manufactures 22 lines of travel trailers. Some of the extremely popular Forest River travel trailers include Rockwood, Flagstaff, Cherokee Cedar Creek, No Boundaries, Riverstone, R-Pod, and Wildwood.

However, the line that I’m going to highlight here is Forest River R-Pod. I’ll highlight all the ins and outs of this uniquely shaped travel trailer. So, let’s get started!


Do R-Pod travel trailers have leakage issues?

Frankly yes, some R-Pod owners, while writing an R-Pod review, state they noticed the joints are loose and water leaks on the kitchen sink, and commode.

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