Forest River Wildcat Travel Trailers Reviews

Forest River Wildcat Travel Trailer

$30,000 - $40,000



Towing Capacity









  • Big and Roomy
  • Comfy Beds
  • Great Shower Construction
  • Heated Furnace
  • Large Sleep Room


  • Poor repair support
  • Wrong electrical construction in some RVs

Are you a traveler tired of looking for campers that meet your demands? Then you’re in luck because we’ve compiled a list of very innovative and brand-new trailers for you. These campers will give you the joy of traveling for a lifetime.

Forest River has brought you its Wildcat Travel campers. Wildcats are exclusively innovative designs with modern, high-tech installments and every other accommodation for a perfect family retreat. Wildcat campers come in various sizes similar to the nature of families.

Forest River Wildcat Travel Trailer Reviews

Forest River Wildcat

Forest River Wildcat travel trailers are extremely functional campers. They have a list of foolproof security system that is essential for almost everyone. The campers are equipped with brand-new tech systems which make them avid to the most possible extent.

Wildcat campers have one of the highest reviews in Forest River RV brands. Not only is the interior of the camper brilliantly made but the exterior is also well put. The whole camper as one really speaks for itself.

Forest River Wildcat Travel Trailer Features

As you know, before proceeding towards a purchase, you need to first get introduced to the RV you’re leaning towards. Every Wildcat camper has distinct features, but when you talk about Wildcat RVs as a whole, there are some excellent basics each RV possesses.

1. Friction Hinge Doors

Each Wildcat has an exclusive feature of friction hinge doors. Having a friction hinge door means you don’t have to worry about needing another person to hold the door in place every time you move any essentials inside the RV or vice versa.

The doors stay in the same position you open them until you close them manually. This is a much-needed feature considering how unsafe it is to have a frictionless door around when you have little children. Frictionless doors can also cause damage when you’ve got your hands full.

2. Maximum Insulation Package

Considering the possible turn of events in the weather, insulation properties are quite needed in an RV. If you can’t feel comfortable and safe inside an RV, it’s practically pointless.

The Wildcat campers have advanced insulation properties. These campers have not only insulation walls, but also a reflective roof. The electric fireplace just adds more to this detail. The electric fireplace is remote-controlled. You can easily tone it up and down to your wanted, optimum temperature.

3. Security Details

Every camper’s main worry is how secure is the environment he’s residing in. The Wildcat RV series have a very intelligent security system. Inside the RV, everything’s basically equipped with technology. Another technological aspect would be the security system.

There’s a smoke detector, gas leakage detector, fire extinguisher, Carbon Monoxide detector, and the biggest of all, escape windows in terms of a hazardous situation where you’ve locked yourself out.

4. Spare Parts

The most important feature that most RVs do not possess, is that there’s a space to carry spare parts. Spare parts can come in handy when there’s been any unwanted situation.

The spare parts include a tire. In case you blow a tire on the way you can always change it while traveling. There’s also a carrier for support.

5. Outdoor Speakers

One cool feature is that these RVs are equipped with all-weather outdoor speakers. The speakers can be used in any adapted environment. You won’t even have to worry about any damage being caused to the speakers because they can work in all types of weather.

Forest River Wildcat Travel Trailer Floorplans

Here is the list of interesting floorplans that have been top-reviewed by the customers:

1. Forest River Wildcat 247RKX

Wildcat 247RKX

The oldest floorplan of the Wildcat Travel Trailers can manage up to 2 to 4 people. There’s a master bedroom, which is just what a couple can ask for. The door is very narrow as the bathroom wall is attached to it. Outside the bathroom, there’s a very neatly designed lounge with two theatre seaters and a dinette parallel to it. Other than that, the kitchen is just by the rear-end of the RV, giving the cooks beautiful scenery to enjoy while creating yummy meals.


Hitch Height 680 lb.
UVW 6747 lb.
CCC 2733 lb.
Exterior length 30’11’’
Exterior height 11’5’’
Exterior Width 96’’
Freshwater Capacity 61 gal
Gray water Capacity 64 gal
Blackwater Capacity 32 gal
Awning scale 20’

2. Forest River Wildcat 262RSX

Wildcat 262RSX

The second floorplan Forest River offers you comprise a bathroom intact way to the lounge and the bedroom. The bedroom has enough space to move around the bed. The RV isn’t congested despite the unusual design.

There’s so much room in the lounge, even with the placement of two theatre seats, a huge, U-shaped dinette, and a corner kitchen with hardware countertops. The RV is just what any family could ask for. The windows give you a perfect outside view.


Hitch Height 693 lb.
UVW 6918 lb.
CCC 2575 lb.
Exterior length 31’8’’
Exterior height 11’5’’
Exterior Width 96’’
Freshwater Capacity 61 gal
Gray water Capacity 64 gal
Blackwater Capacity 92 gal
Awning scale 19’

 3. Forest River Wildcat 266MEX

Wildcat 266MEX

Customizable dinette with attached theatre seats, a whole big spacious kitchen, a bathroom far off from the kitchen to protect modesty, and a huge master bedroom at the other end of the RV. What more do families want in a camper? This Wildcat camper is perfect and intricately designed. The avid interior makes you wish for nothing more but longer vacations.

Their woodware is glued into the RV, so there’s less to no chance of damage. The RV is perfect for a family that loves cozy spaces.  


Hitch Height 912 lb.
UVW 7079 lb.
CCC 2615 lb.
Exterior length 32’7’’
Exterior height 11’5’’
Exterior Width 96’’
Freshwater Capacity 61 gal
Graywater Capacity 74 gal
Blackwater Capacity 32 gal
Awning scale 20’

4. Forest River Wildcat 269DBX

Wildcat 269DBX

Full-sized bunks on one end and a master bedroom on the other. The whole RV is designed for bigger families that enjoy spending time together and want to get away from daily hectic routines. The design is exceptional. The interior of the RV is well-equipped with all the essentials.

There’s also the huge dinette and theatre seats not too far from the kitchen. The whole idea of the RV is very interesting. Possibilities of outside kitchen and shower are crucial for the children to enjoy in almost every weather. For possible friends getaway, you can easily rely on this RV.


Hitch Height 984 lb.
UVW 7339 lb.
CCC 2445 lb.
Exterior length 34’6’’
Exterior height 11’5’’
Exterior Width 96’’
Freshwater Capacity 61 gal
Graywater Capacity 75 gal
Blackwater Capacity 33 gal
Awning scale 17’

5. Forest River Wildcat 272MKX

Wildcat 272MKX

Is there a thing as too much space inside a small RV? Well, there’s the amazing 272MKX wildcat RV that is just perfect in all ways. Not only is the interior great but there are also various possible changes you can manually customize in the exterior.

There’s an extra pantry and wardrobe for storage. The master bedroom lies on one end of the vehicle while the kitchen is just in the middle with super counter space. The fireplace and entertainment center are in the kitchen as well just parallel to where the seating placement is. The whole RV speaks for its self in terms of how well-put it is all together.


Hitch Height 877 lb.
UVW 7665 lb.
CCC 2022 lb.
Exterior length 33’1’’
Exterior height 11’5’’
Exterior Width 96’’
Freshwater Capacity 61 gal
Gray water Capacity 74 gal
Blackwater Capacity 32 gal
Awning scale 20’

Forest River Wildcat Travel Trailers Price

If you go back to the Wildcat models from previous years or so, you will see that the prices were as low as $15,000-$20,000. But considering the newest and more innovative designs, the pricing can exceed up to almost $44,000-$59,000. The quality serves well with this kind of price.

Forest River Wildcat Travel Trailers Ratings

  • Quality: 10/10
  • Accommodations: 9/10
  • Driving and towing: 8/10
  • Damage while towing: 3/10
  • Design: 9.5/10
  • Livability: 8.5/10
  • Interior: 7.5/10
  • Exterior: 7/10
  • Big and roomy.
  • Loads of counter space.
  • Comfy beds.
  • Great shower construction.
  • LED lighting.
  • Heated furnace.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easier towing.
  • Large sleep room.

There are some things you should keenly consider before approaching the dealer:

  • Poor repair support.
  • Wrong electrical construction in some RVs.


There are some things that shall be practically observed rather than just seen, Wildcat campers are one of those. The campers are exceptional. They guarantee an enjoyable, relaxing retreat with your family.

Hence, to enjoy the perfect camping site, you must approach a perfect camper and for that purpose, Wildcat travel Trailers are the best possible choice.


1. Are wildcat travel trailers worth buying?

Some reviews on the internet may not be that accurate as the damage done could be a result of the poor dealership. But overall, wildcat campers are one of the best Forest River models out there to purchase.

2. What is the warranty of a Wildcat Travel Trailer by Forest River?

The warranty of most RVs is about 12 years but wildcat travel trailers promise you a warranty of up to 25 years with its intricate designs and other essential accommodations.

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