Forest River Cherokee Arctic Wolf Reviews, Problems and Complaints

Forest River Cherokee Arctic Wolf






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  • Indoor & Outdoor Kitchen
  • Tons of Options
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive

Forest River is a well-known RV brand that produces a line of travel trailers, fifth wheel, and small campers. The customers who have had an experience with Forest River before know the quality that the company delivers with its best fifth wheel models. The Arctic Wolf is also among the best fifth wheel produced by Forest River that highlights a lot of useful features on the inside as well as on the outside.

Forest River Cherokee Arctic Wolf Reviews

Forest River Arctic Wolf

The Forest River Cherokee Arctic Wolf fifth wheel is a big unit that comes packed with the useful features found inside a home. These units are esteem-driven and incorporate extraordinary family conveniences. With the Cherokee Arctic Wolf, you’ll generally have the solace and accommodation you really want to simply partake in the excursion.

Some key highlights that will upgrade your experience are the top-tier high-proficiency heater, the high-limit electric chimney, the high-dissemination roof fan, the larger-than-average washroom loft fan for expanded wind current, and the consistent material layer with heat reflectivity.

You can get greater cooling with a high-productivity 11-cubic foot private fridge with a slide lock that will permit you to keep your transitory things cold with no additional problem. There is also a hand sanitizer station at the kitchen sink that will keep your hands liberated from microorganisms.

The movement detecting night light in the restroom and at the corridor steps will guarantee that you make some simple memories moving around in the center of the evening, and the washroom has a Nautilus-style shower with a retractable sprinkle-resistant entryway and a bay window for getting perfect. There are a lot of other features that come as standard in this fifth wheel, and they are listed below.

Standards Features

  • Individual Reading Lights at Bed
  • Night Stand Drawers
  • Full Walk Around space in Bedroom
  • Full-Width Front Bedroom Closet with Built In’s and Sliding Doors
  • Pleated Shades in Bedroom and Bunkroom
  • 60″ X 80″ Residential Queen-Sized Mattress
  • Motion Sensing Night Light in Bathroom
  • Motion Sensing Safety Light at Hall Steps
  • Pots and Pans Drawer Under Oven
  • Deluxe Tri-Fold Sofa Sleeper
  • Prepped for second Air Conditioner
  • Aluminum Rims
  • Full Under Bed Storage with Strut Lift Assist
  • Super-Stor” Bedroom Closet with Full Depth Hanging Space
  • Water Source and Sink for All Outside Kitchens

Now we know there are a lot of features to see inside the Forest River Arctic Wolf, which is why it’s better to explain the features to help you understand and learn more about this model.

1. Indoor & Outdoor Kitchen

There is a great inside and outside design of this fifth wheel. When the colder weather sets in, you can head inside and set up the entirety of your dinners in the kitchen which includes a twofold entryway private cooler with a 1000 watt power inverter and a stroll in the storage room. You can have every one of the extravagances of home when you decide on the tempered steel kitchen machine package. You get an external Shower with Hot and Cold Water and an Outside TV Bracket with Hookups.

2. 2 A/C Units

The Arctic Wolf accompanies a 5,200 BTU warming chimney, with choices for a 35,000 BTU heater and 15,000 BTU A/C system in the focal living region. In case that you like to keep your space considerably cooler, you can move up to have a second 15,000 BTU A/C unit introduced in the room, so you’ll never need to go through one more night in the hotness. The main room includes an enormous closet, end tables, a Comfort Power ace bed with a lift framework, and Evergreen bedding.

3. Outrageous Weather Packaging

In case that you have a doubt about climate and weather conditions, you’ll love the Extreme Weather Packaging choice, which incorporates:

  • Heated and Enclosed Underbelly
  • Insulated Upper Deck
  • Upgraded Arctic Insulation
  • Enhanced Fiberglass High Gloss Sidewalls
  • High Circulation Ceiling Fan
  • Quick Cool Fantastic Fan
  • Racetrack Ducted A/C

4. Interesting Layout

At whatever point you travel, the objective is to enjoy and feel the magnificence of the spots you visit. In this RV, the vitally living region permits you to partake in a 6′ 4″ slide with larger than average all-encompassing windows, which come furnished with dark-out roller conceals so you can have your security around evening time. This RV is additionally prepared for backup camera help, comes pre-wired for sunlight-powered chargers, and highlights a dark tank flush.

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Forest River Cherokee Arctic Wolf Floorplans

Some common floorplans of this fifth wheel will explain better use of these features.

1. Forest River Cherokee Arctic Wolf 251MK

Forest River Cherokee Arctic Wolf 251MK

The Arctic Wolf 251MK is a common model of this fifth wheel. You will have a decent night’s rest every night in this Arctic Wolf fifth wheel with the private sovereign measured bed. Inside the private front room, there is additionally a closet with a shower material above and a region prepared for a TV. The home seating with warmth and back rub is helpfully directly close to the 12V private cooler and enormous storage room so you can snatch your cherished beverage and tidbit while you sit before the chimney.

The very U-molded dinette isn’t just incredible for eating your suppers at, yet additionally for messing around and changing into a resting space as well. Each model is worked with lavish conveniences at a section level value point and is intended to be towed by light-duty trucks. From the 1X-designed wood SuperTruss rooftop structure that is completely walkable, the tongue-pressed wood floor decking, and the numerous outside and inside highlights that come standard, you will bond with any Arctic Wolf fifth wheel.

Key Features

  • Fireplace
  • Pass-Through Storage
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Super U-Shaped Dinette
  • Leash Latch Pet Safety Technology

2. Forest River Cherokee Arctic Wolf 291RL

Forest River Cherokee Arctic Wolf 291RL

Another common and huge fifth wheel model by Forest River is the Cherokee Arctic Wolf 291RL. You can get every day going ready for business in the wake of dozing on the private sovereign bed in the private front room. Whenever you have gotten clean in the full washroom, you can head to the kitchen region and get your cup of tea at the café. The kitchen island makes dinner preparation considerably simpler, and the detached table with seats is the ideal spot to partake in your suppers or play some games.

Each part of the Arctic Wolf has been intended to cause you to feel good, similar to the washroom that has a Nautilus-style shower with retractable sprinkle resistant entryway, a larger than average sink, ledge, a bay window, base cabinet, and medication cabinet, a movement detecting nightlight, and an outbuilding style entryway. Make every one of your excursions a party with the double zone Bluetooth sound system streamlined for USB streak drives, iPods, and other MP3 players.

Key Features

  • Kitchen Island
  • Ceiling Fan
  • 11-Cu. Ft. Private Refrigerator
  • Tri-Fold Sofa
  • Front Private Bedroom
  • Opposing Slides

Forest River Cherokee Arctic Wolf Problems and Complaints

There are also a few problems found by some customers. The complaints were shared on the web to discuss these problems.

  • Leak issues can occur because the build quality is cheap.
  • Problem with opening and closing of front doors.
  • Interior Trim pieces can come loose.
  • Rear axles bent for one customer’s case.


This was a discussion on Forest River Arctic Wolf. This review shared complete information on this fifth-wheel trailer along with its features and floorplans. For more, see the FAQ section.

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Is Arctic Wolf a good fifth wheel?

Arctic wolf is a useful and very good fifth-wheel trailer. It comes with various floorplans, and each of them has loads of features to offer to the owner. The company also provides customer care services alongside the fifth wheel.

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