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The Wolf Pup travel trailers and toy haulers by the Forest River brand are small, lightweight, and easy to tow trailers that you would want for weekend vacation fun. In case you want to get details on Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pup campers, then we have a complete guide for it. You will learn everything about Wolf Pup models and their exquisite features offered to the customers from this guide.

Forest River Wolf Pup Review

Cherokee Wolf Pup 18TO

Wolf Pup models are mostly available as travel trailers, but there is also a toy hauler trailer manufactured by the company. All of these trailers share almost the same features, but with different floorplans, with new designs that are different from one another. You will love realizing that the whole family is safe with its standard features like sturdy and fixed windows, a carbon monoxide indicator, LP gas identifier, smoke alarm, and security glass windows.

You will find a backup camera framework, theater setup, four stabilizer jacks, heat reflectivity from the coating, a 20,000 BTU heater, an outside shower with hot/cold water, and a power overhang. A portion of different highlights that will grab your attention is the sound system with inside/outside speakers, USB charging stations, a larger than average dinette with a removable table, and an enormous high-yield microwave.

Some standard safety features of this travel trailer series are:

  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • LP Gas Detector
  • Emergency Exit Windows
  • GFI Protective Outlet
  • Security Glass Windows
  • Smoke alarm

Forest River Wolf Pup Features

The Forest River Wolf Pup travel trailers have some of the most useful features provided by the company, and they are listed here.

1. Galley And Kitchen

The cookroom on this camper is available on the inside with one sidewall, with a two-burner flush-mount propane cooktop. There’s a more modest sink close to that in the squeezed layer ledge, and afterward, there is a prep space. You will see the cover on the sink made of a similar material as the ledge. There is cabinet space underneath the sink providing more space to keep your stuff.

2. More Windows

There are windows and all the glass that are truly open to the sunlight. This makes the space more brilliant and bright to look at. In any case, the all-glass section door has a window at the top that is slim shade constructed. The shade provides a beautiful look of the window when you lay on your bed inside.

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3. Dinette

The dinette inside this trailer highlights two knee-knocker table platform legs. The table can be folded down to make resting for one individual. This camper may appear to be legit in case you are having guests inside your camper or your friends for a limited time.

4. Control

Something the Cherokee line offers is a control board that includes every one of your controls in a straightforward manner. In any case, the system empowers you to utilize your cell phone to oversee a considerable lot of inside features through Lippert’s Total Control framework. It’s the best feature so far.

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Forest River Wolf Pup Floorplans

1. Forest River Wolf Pup 16BHS

Forest River Wolf Pup 16BHS

The 16BHS is a travel trailer model of Forest River Wolf Pup with a very good floorplan. You will get this lightweight floorplan model, which has the capacity to sleep about five grown-ups inside. You can get this trailer for a very reasonable price. Inside this trailer, there are cots ideally suited for your children on one side of the back part of the trailer. You can put a TV to keep the little ones engaged. A latrine and shower are accessible at the rear of the trailer of the Wolf Pup 16BHS.

This makes it helpful for each individual from the family to spruce up and go to the washroom even in the center of the evening. Close to the restroom is a kitchen in which you will clearly have to set up a ton of food to fulfill everybody’s hunger. Cooking will not be a problem when you have extensive counter space, a colossal sink, and a flush mount range with cover provided inside this trailer.

You can heat, barbecue, bubble, steam, or fry your food effortlessly. The Wolf Pup 16BHS has a microwave for warming food with the goal that everybody can appreciate hot suppers together at the dinette. There’s a storage room and private 2-entryway cooler to keep your food and preparing spots. Besides the regular power overhang and small-scale kitchen, the outside of the Forest River Wolf Pup Travel Trailer 16BHS additionally includes LED lighting and outside speakers of the sound system.

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You will also get MORryde stable advance and a standard leveling framework. There’s an external shower that you will get with hot and cold water so you can wash it before going somewhere.

2. Forest River Wolf Pup 16FQ

Forest River Wolf Pup 16FQ

The Cherokee Wolf Pup 16FQ is another floorplan travel trailer that has present-day styles and innovation with its five exceptional elements and features. It is made with a strong edge made conceivable by Power Gear outline technology and space saver rail plan. You will get a one-piece decked rooftop that is strong enough to hold weight. It has heat reflectivity to assist with keeping your insides cooler, particularly during the warm late spring months.

In 16FQ, you will find the kitchen outside with a little fridge and prep station where you can do some grillin’ while setting up camp. One more creative component of this trailer is the external area rack for storage with a carrying limit of 200lbs.

The insides highlight an advanced contemporary plan. The consistent ledge is like what you will find at private homes. The sink has a major round bowl, and you can put a cover on it so you can utilize it as additional room for your cooking arrangements.

Through the Cherokee Total Control App and Remote Control System, you can handle the shade, lighting, and sound system from your cell phone. The wood cabinetry, tongue, and wood-pressed wood flooring highlight the excellent insides. The Wolf Pup 16FQ utilizes cutting-edge innovation to offer definitive solace and accommodation to its clients.

3. Forest River Wolf Pup Toy Hauler 18RJB

Forest River Wolf Pup Toy Hauler 18RJB

There is a toy hauler model in the Cherokee Wolf Pup series called the 18RJB. With a Cargo Carrying Capacity of 1,564 lbs, it can carry all the weight of your gear and equipment when you go set up camp. At the point when you’re out with your journey to begin, you can find your resting spot inside this trailer as though you are right inside your home. It highlights current stylistic themes with its dark strong wood cupboards and entryways and excellent tongue and score Plywood flooring.

The Wolf Pup Toy Hauler 18RJB has trendy yet agreeable insides that will cause you to feel totally comfortable and relaxed. It has a strong structure that is pretty solid. It has a consistent material film with heat reflectivity to assist with keeping your camper cooler. It offers campers quality amusement with a sound system that has inside and outside speakers. There are additional TV mounts prepared both inside and outside the trailer. There are USB charging stations all around the trailer.

You will also get an advanced kitchen region wherein the oven accompanies a top-of-the-line treated glass cover and a dinette region. It is appointed as one of the most thrilling toy haulers in the RV business due to its development from its power overhang, Power Gear outline innovation, and space saver rail plan, to its utilization of genuine power outage glass, and more. It additionally includes the Cherokee select stable choice with larger than average area and Cherokee all-out control application and controller framework.

Genuinely, the company has your solace and security as a top priority when planning this toy hauler. With all of its features, it is a great option to consider that allows a good resting spot as well. You can lay on a comfortable sovereign bed that has an overhead bunk. With its additional package, there’s a useful latrine and shower for your washroom needs. You have an agreeable travel trailer and toy hauler in one, the Cherokee Wolf Pup 18RJB trailer.


This was Forest River Wolf Pup Review, in which we shared details for this travel trailer and also its toy hauler model. We also discussed the inside features along with some common floorplans in the article. For more, see the FAQ section.


Is Forest River a good camper?

According to the first class RV organizations review, the Forest River RVs are rated 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. The organization gives reasonable RVs to individuals hoping to take up the RV way of life; however, proprietors of Forest River RVs experience issues with assembling quality at times.

What is the littlest Forest River RV?

The Cherokee Wolf Pup might be the littlest of Forest River’s standard lightweight travel trailers, however, it’s surely isn’t lacking in solace, style, conveniences, and worth. Sufficiently little to be pulled by most minivans and little SUVs, this trailer is loaded with conveniences.

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