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Sabre Fifth wheels are big trailers that require a very powerful SUV or truck to tow them. These fifth-wheel trailers have been equipped with the latest features so that customers get the best results when they pay the price for these rigs. There are extraordinary standard features with more noticeable sensibility in these models. Each model features the Cobalt package, which consolidates a PVC roof layer, a reverse camera system, an electric auto-jack, and impressively more.

These fifth wheels consolidate various excess features from the Deluxe Comfort Package. You will get some altogether different elements inside this fifth wheel that you cannot anticipate that other manufacturers would give. You will feel absolutely quiet cooking with the Black Diamond Package that consolidates a private refrigerator, a business-grade cook range with a glass cover, pots, and dish cupboard, as well as solid surface kitchen edges.

This Sabre Fifth Wheel review will discuss everything about these rigs, including their additional packages, alongside the features and floorplans that offer great comfort to the users.

Forest River Sabre Fifth Wheel Reviews

Forest River Sabre

At the point when you look at a Sabre fifth wheel, you may feel that this camper would have all those features that you must be looking forward to. There are great standard highlights with more prominent reasonableness in this model. Each model highlights the Cobalt bundle, which incorporates a PVC rooftop layer, a backup camera framework, an electric auto-jack framework, in addition to considerably more.

You will feel totally at ease cooking with the Black Diamond Package that incorporates an enormous private cooler, a business-grade cook range with a glass cover and pots and dish cabinet, in addition to Spring Blossom strong surface kitchen ledges. These fifth wheels incorporate numerous extravagance highlights from the Deluxe Comfort Package. You will get some very different features inside this fifth wheel that you cant expect other manufacturers to provide.

Second Bedroom

A second bedroom inside this fifth wheel is a pretty unique feature from other fifth-wheel trailers. When you need a room and still want to get isolated from the vitally living region, then the second bedroom is a great feature. This is one of the features of the Forest River Sabre 36BHQ floorplan. It includes a mid-bunk plan that will definitely provide a space for your child.

  • Folding couch
  • Wardrobe
  • Air vent for warming and cooling
  • Sliding animal door

Open Floorplan

If you look at the 38RDP fifth wheel floorplan of Forest River Sabre, you will be delighted with a great open floorplan with its vast space. The enormous family room and kitchen will be exactly the thing you have been searching for. The Sabre 36BHQ offers a comparable yet more modest open parlor and kitchen and still account for the bunkhouse. For several purposes, one of the greater reasons to love this fifth wheel is the windows that provide great lighting throughout the day.

  • Three-burner gas range with hood and vent
  • Oven
  • LED TV on shifting arm with capacity behind
  • Fireplace
  • Residential cooler
  • Microwave
  • Farmhouse sink with skyscraper spigot

Extra Room

You get a lot of space and room with this fifth wheel. That is another explanation why the Forest River Sabre fifth wheel sparks in its provisions. The pass-through capacity is big in these units, so you’ll have a lot of room for all that you need to bring. In the Sabre 36BHQ, there is a space over the subsequent room, which can be the room for your kid.

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Black Diamond Package

There is an additional package available with Sabre fifth wheels, which makes your trips even more fun. The Black Diamond Package has a kitchen that includes a 30″ microwave and top-of-the-line black opal tool highlights. There’s even a hand sanitizer station to assist with keeping everybody’s hands clean and sanitized.

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Key Features

  • Hand Sanitizer Station
  • Residential Style Farm Sink With Cover
  • Large Residential Fridge With 1000 watt Inverter
  • Lighted Pantry With Motion Sensors
  • Black Opal Appliance Accents
  • Led Accent Lighting Under Island Kitchen Countertop
  • 30″ Microwave
  • Commercial Grade Range With Glass Cover And Pots and Pan Drawer
  • Spring Blossom Solid Surface Kitchen Countertop

Deluxe Comfort Package

This bundle bases on your general solace in the RV. Each part of it was intended to furnish you with an exceptional residing experience any place you are. From the expert’s style, residential-style doors to the private size LED TV, and you will be happy to see what you get on your table.

Key Features

  • Bath bay window
  • Real wood lumber core cabinetry
  • Craftsmen style outbuilding entryway
  • Fireplace
  • Oversize slider windows
  • Porcelain stool with water stream help
  • Residential size LED TV
  • Driven sound system with roof-mounted subwoofer
  • Large collapsing passage help handle
  • LED lighting all through
  • Deluxe zebra day/night conceals (principle living region)
  • One control headquarters focus on Bluetooth

Cobalt Package

The Cobalt Package centers around more development conveniences and incorporates things like an updated climate control system and a warmed and constrained air underside so you can camp in a scope of environments.

Key Features

  • 50 Amp Detachable Marine Style Power Cord
  • Back-Up Camera System
  • 15000 Btu Dual Air Conditioner With Thermostat
  • Convenient Sewer Hose Storage
  • Adjustable Power Awning With Led Lighting
  • Friction Hinge Entry Door
  • 10 Gallon DSI Water Heater
  • 50 Amp Standard
  • Electric Auto-Leveling System
  • Aluminum Wheels With EZ Lube Hubs
  • Cellular Wi-Fi Prep With 4g LTE Connectivity
  • Exterior Tv Hookup With Co-Ax Connection To All TV’S

Forest River Sabre Floorplans

There are some commonly used floorplans of Sabre fifth wheels that have exquisite features inside.

1. Forest River Sabre 270RL

Forest River Sabre 270RL

The Sabre 270RL is a floorplan model that has a 13′ canopy outside the camper. There is a kitchen filled with appliances like a 10 cubic foot fridge to save your food and also some cabinets to put your tools and meal-making equipment. When you are prepared to make supper, you can set up the food on the middle island that has a private homestead sink to wash the veggies, and it also has a chimney to emit the smoke produced during cooking close to the U-shaped dinette. The dinette is very extensive and gives a better view of the outside to make you enjoy your dishes while sitting comfortably inside this fifth wheel.

These fifth wheels are sturdy and prepared to travel whenever of the year on account of highlights like the serious shine gel-coat front cap, the upkeep free rock solid PVC rooftop film, and the restricted air, warmed and encased door valves and underside. The Generation III electric auto-jack framework makes setting up simple and safe. With the Sabre Cobalt bundle, you will appreciate outside highlights like the general docking station, which incorporates a dark tank flush and an external shower, and the MOR/Ryde quad “Step Above” passage ventures for you to enter and leave the unit securely.

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The inside All-Inclusive bundle gives you a lot of amusement and lavish elements to cause you to feel totally at ease, similar to the Cinemax seating, the chimney with remote, and the twofold high-yield USB charging ports so you can remain connected to the whole time.

Key Features

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  • U-Shaped Dinette
  • Bedroom Wardrobe
  • Kitchen Island
  • Theatre Seating
  • Two Pantries

2. Forest River Saber 38RDP

Forest River Saber 38RDP

This Sabre 38RDP is another fifth wheel with a different back front room that makes certain to be a hit with everybody. You can decide to rest on both of the two tri-crease couches that can be changed into additional resting spaces or at the Cinemax seating with massage and back rub while you enjoy the comfortable chimney with a 55″ TV above it. The kitchen island won’t just make your dinner preparation more straightforward, yet it will make things simpler to clean on account of the ranch-style sink with a grand draw-down spigot.

There is a table where you can set all the things up with all of the flavorful food so everybody can undoubtedly snatch a few and afterward head to the unattached table with seats to serenely eat it there while checking out their lovely view through the all-encompassing slide windows. You will make up great trips with affordability because this model is not as heavy as compared to other fifth-wheel rides. The serious shine gel-coat front cap, the upkeep-free hardcore PVC rooftop layer, and the aerodynamic front warmed and encased entryway valves and underside cabinets are all part of this camper.

Key Features

  • Kitchen Island
  • Outdoor Gas Grill
  • Panoramic Windows
  • Front Private Bedroom
  • Two Kitchen Pantries
  • Pass-Through Storage

3. Forest River Sabre 37FLL

Forest River Sabre 37FLL

The Sabre 37FLL is a fifth wheel model having vital living region highlights with its two confronting sofas and afterward theater seats confronting a huge TV screen. There is a kitchen region, which includes a four-place dinette yet additionally a morning meal bar. There are a great deal of glass entryway cupboards here and a spot for an espresso creator or blender. Obviously, putting a blender on there would change the disposition from that morning meal bar to an appropriate bar.


You get an open main room where you also get the space for stacking a washer-dryer. You also get a reverse camera included as a feature of the Lippert OneControl framework. The framework allows you to control the vast majority of the elements around the RV with either a touch screen or an application. There is also a ten-gallon fast recovery water radiator.

There are a couple of more things they’ve added to the standard hardware list, including a huge 12-volt DC blower-based cooler. Then there are the zebra conceals. These are united dark and hazy shades that let you pick how much light to allow or simply open them totally and let the sun sparkle in.

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All things considered, this fifth wheel includes a warmed and encased underside belly and no floor vents. The Saber 37FLL additionally includes a Lippert Edge shade. The upside of this is that the overhang’s lights are at the external edge of the shade rather than along the body of the trailer.

4. Forest River Sabre 36BHQ

Forest River Sabre 36BHQ

The Sabre 36BHQ is another model fifth wheel by Forest River that has an enormous cushioned and totally confined bed in the main room. It would be an amazing spot to rest. There is a TV set up and tri-crease couch that functions admirably as a seating surface or converts into a bed for sleeping space. There are different cupboards to hold your extras.


This fifth wheel model has modest features that include a 30″ microwave, which is bigger than most of them found in other RVs. Refrigeration comes from a 12-volt 17-cubic-foot Everchill cooler. It highlights advanced temperature controls. It additionally includes a twofold/French-top entryway alongside a cabinet-style cooler with a second interior cabinet.

Then there are the zebra shades. These are grouped dark and-hazy shades that let you pick how much light to impede, or simply open them totally and let the sun sparkle in. And there are also no floor vents. Since the storm cellar is warmed to hold the tanks back from freezing, indeed, this fifth wheel includes a warmed and encased underside and no floor vents.

This additionally includes a Lippert Edge canopy. The upside of this is that the shade’s lights are at the external edge of the canopy rather than along the body of the trailer. That implies you can utilize the element of the canopy to raise and lower the lights.

You will find a backup or reverse camera previously introduced. It deals with the Lippert OneControl framework on your cell phone. The reinforcement camera video that you see is on a screen that is reasonable currently set up on your panel screen rather than requiring one more screen.

One more piece of innovation is something truly straightforward. The valve stem covers highlight a strain worked display that shows the tire and its filling pressure. In case it’s somewhat low, the cap will show yellow; assuming it’s actually low, it’ll show red.

Forest River Sabre Problems

A customer reviewed a basic problem found in the Sabre Fifth-wheel trailers. It’s about the wiring. The wiring can melt and it can cause serious damage to all the controls inside the RV.


This was Sabre Fifth Wheel review in which we have shared some common features and floorplans of Forest River Sabre fifth wheel. We hope the details and information were accurate and clear for you. For more, visit our review website for RVs.


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