Where to Purchase RV Cabinets?

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Last Updated on March 23, 2022 by Ted Mosby

Are you considering replacing damaged parts of your RV? Are you going to remodel your RV? Do you want to know where to purchase RV cabinets? Keep on reading the post to find all the answers you are looking for!

Replacing RV cabinets means you are going to make a significant change in your beloved RV. This not only gives the space a cosmetic update but also allows you to extend the storage for kitchen utensils so that you can prepare food in a comfortable and spacious environment.

But how and where to find replacement RV cabinets?

Where to Purchase RV Cabinets?

Finding RV cabinets replacement is not a hard task that requires you to put in a lot of effort. You can easily find RV cabinets replacement at an RV dealership and home improvement warehouses.

If you have an RV with a curved ceiling, you can easily make a template to follow the curve and trim the cabinets back to make them fit perfectly.

But what if you are following a strict budget and cannot afford to purchase new RV cabinets?

Well, in that case, you have the option to browse auction sites, wrecking yards, or swap local sale pages to get cupboards that are still in good condition.

Wrecking yards are filled with damaged RVs; there is a high chance that you will find the exact RV cabinets replacement your RV needs.

Can you build your own cabinets?

Well, if you have some experience of woodworking, you have time, and you are confident that you can build RV replacement cabinets by yourself, then yes, you can do that by yourself.

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This will take your time, but you will be unable to save yourself some money as well.

But if you want to make things easier, you can visit a specialty workshop that excels in building custom units as per your requirements and your RV needs.

Another option that you have is to visit a home improvement store and buy re-made doors that will also help to make the process easier.

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How to Safely Remove Old Cabinets in an RV?

If you are a DIY RVier and want to remove the old cabinets of your RV by yourself, you should know that it is not like removing old cabinets from a residential kitchen.

You need only a few tools to safely remove cabinets.

Here are the tools that you are going to need,

Once you have these tools ready with you, follow the steps to safely remove old RV cabinets,

1. Empty Your RV

Firstly, before you start removing your RV cabinets, make sure to empty the RV. This will make the cabinets lighter and easy to remove. Make sure you have removed all the things inside your RV, or else they will get damaged once you start removing cabinets.

2. Locate the Screws

Once your RV is empty, and you have removed all your belongings, look for the mounting screws inside the cabinets. If you have an assistant, ask them to hold the cabinets while you are unfastening the screws with the help of a screw gun to prevent injuries.

3. Locate Retaining Screws

Once you have removed all the mounted screws, look for retaining screws and unfasten them with the help of a screw gun.

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4. Gently Pull the RV Cabinet

Once all the screws are unfastened, gently pull the RV cabinet from the wall to figure out whether there are any rivets still holding the cabinet. If you found any rivets, pull them out.

Now, with the help of your assistance, pull the RV cabinet to finish the RV cabinet removing process.

How to Find Studs?

You will need,

The best practice to secure your RV cabinets is to attach them with studs. To find studs, the stud finder is a great tool to have. It helps you to find the reinforcing braces inside the RV walls.

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It is worth mentioning that when installing new RV cabinets, do not mount them on the panels of the interior walls. Now follow the steps;

1. Mark the Locations

Once you have located the braces, mark them using a permanent marker. Then use the tape measure to move those measurements to the sides and back of the new RV cabinets.

2. Drill Holes

Once done, start drilling the holes about 10” apart through the lines that you have drawn on the cabinets.

How to Install Cabinets in RV?

Now, you are all set to install the new cabinets inside your RV. To do that, here are the steps;

1. Hold the Cabinets Accurately

Ask your assistant to hold the cabinet accurately on its desired location. Now, use the marker to mark through the holes in the side and back and adjacent surfaces of the RV. Repeat the same process for all the cabinets.

2. Drill Pilot Holes

Once you have marked the drilled holes, move the cabinet away and start drilling pilot holes in each marked point. Repeat the same process for all the cabinets you are going to install.

3. Place the Screws

Now, it’s time to place the screws. Note that you should use rounded head screws. It would be best to use wood screws for wooden braces and metal screws for metal braces. Now, start placing the screws firmly while your assistant keeps holding the cabinet. Once you have placed all the screws, ask your assistant to release the cabinet.

Best RV Cabinets

One of the best places to buy RV cabinets and furniture is Dave & LJ’s. The company excels in remodeling and creating custom RV cabinetry for quite some time now. They are committed to transforming an old-looking RV into a new one.

Regardless of whether you’re hunting for an entertainment center, TV cabinet, closets, RV kitchen cabinets, a desk, etc., they promise to deliver high-quality products at a reasonable cost.

Here are some of their products and services;

1. RV Bedrooms Storage Cabinets

RV Bedrooms Storage Cabinets

Do you want to create more storage in your RV bedroom? Look no further than Dave & LJ’s. They are experts in stretching and maximizing storage space in your RV bedroom.

They will install bedroom RV cabinets expertly and efficiently to make sure you get maximum storage space from the available space.

2. RV Kitchen Cabinets

RV Kitchen Cabinets

The RV kitchen is an essential part of an RV. You need extra storage to store kitchen appliances in such a way that allows you to cook delicious meals without feeling cramped for room.

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They are experts in creating custom RV kitchen cabinets. You will get top-quality material that is not only lightweight but also intended to run for years.

They can expertly modify or replace countertops with high-quality materials, such as vinyl, linoleum, Corian, etc.

3. RV Entertainment Center Cabinets

RV Entertainment Center Cabinets

It could be difficult to allocate a place for electronic equipment in your recreational vehicle. Regardless of whether you need book storage, an entertainment center, office equipment, or just a bit of additional storage, nobody can serve you better than Dave & LJ’s.

They will design perfect storage for all of your needs using high-quality materials. Needless to say that they are also capable of updating your old RV cabinets with a brand new ones.

Wrapping Up

Keeping your beloved RV at its peak condition means it will stay run for years without losing its charm. If you have a recreational vehicle and want to update its existing cabinets or remodel them entirely, this guide will help you.

Above, I’ve discussed where you can purchase RV cabinets and furniture.

Moreover, I’ve also highlighted how you can safely remove RV cabinets and the steps that are involved in installing new RV cabinets. For suggestions, feel free to contact us.


From where can I purchase used RV cabinets in good shape?

If you are considering purchasing used RV cabinets, you should locate an RV wrecking yard. There, you will find used RV cabinets in good condition that you can use to update your RV cabinets. Moreover, besides RV cabinets, these RV wreck yards are also a good source to find other RV furniture in good condition and at a reasonable cost.

Can I DIY RV cabinets?

If you have experience in woodworking and confidence, then yes, you can install your RV cabinets by yourself. However, it will take a considerable time if you have never done that before. To make the process simple, you can also hire a professional.

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