How to Remodel 5th Wheel Travel Trailer (5th Wheel Remodeling)

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Last Updated on December 12, 2020 by Ted Mosby

Having a 5th wheel trailer is convenient since you can drag your home-on-wheels anywhere you go. However, when living in a 5th wheel or considering to live in it might mean you have to remodel or renovate the 5th wheel travel trailer.

5th wheel remodeling to live in it is totally a DIY project. Making your 5th wheel look more adorable and keeping yourself more comfortable in it, RVers love pulling off 5th wheel remodel projects. If you want to know how to remodel a 5th wheel travel trailer and looking for some 5th wheel remodeling ideas, you have come to the right place.

How to Remodel 5th Wheel Travel Trailer

Below, I have outlined some great tips for 5th wheel remodeling along with some best 5th-wheel travel trailer remodeling photos.

So, how to remodel a 5th-wheel travel trailer?

All about 5th Wheel Remodeling or Renovation

First of all, let’s discuss how to remodel a 5th wheel travel trailer!

For most people, remodeling a travel trailer means entirely gutting and rebuilding a trailer. However, it is not true at all. How much you do is entirely depends on you. So, let’s learn about the essential parts of a 5th wheel trailer before pulling off the 5th-wheel remodeling project.

1. Remodeling 5th Wheel Walls and Ceiling

5th wheel travel trailer walls and ceiling are the essential part of a travel trailer, and they can be pretty drab. That is why many RVers start with walls and ceilings when considering a 5th wheel renovation. If your camper has a wallpaper, removing it alone will make a significant difference. Similarly, removing your trailer’s light fixtures can also affect pretty significantly.

However, if you have a lot of free time and ready to take on a more significant project, you may also want to give your entire camper a new paint job. If so, make sure to use a primer before painting your travel trailer.

2. Remodeling 5th Wheel Floors

Are you considering to improve your 5th wheel trailer floor’s look? If so, keep in mind that it is a massive, time-consuming project. So, make sure you have enough time to complete it. However, what I recommend is floating vinyl.

The most significant benefit of vinyl is incredibly easy to clean and keeps the dirt away. At the same time, the floating flooring is lovely since it is a totally DIY project and extremely easy to install regardless of whether you are new or a pro. Moreover, since it is floating instead of gluing, it will not be affected when your trailer is in motion.

3. Remodeling 5th Wheel Cabinets

If you’re considering changing the looks of your trailer cabinets, one of the best ways to achieve that is by replacing the hardware. If your trailer cabinets have older hardware, it can look very old and not so eye-catching.

That is why replacing the older hardware with something new and attractive will bring considerable improvement. However, if the hardware is fine, but it still looks so outdated, giving it a paint job will make it look clean.  If they still look bad then replace your cabinets

4. Remodeling 5th Wheel Furniture

When considering the renovation of a 5th wheel travel trailer, the very first that strikes the mind is its furniture. Most RVers want changing out the furniture of their trailer because of the wear and tear, or it is damaged by the sun.

However, giving preference to a table and chairs over dinettes is an ideal option for giving it a new look. When you have decided to change out the furniture of your trailer, make sure to measure the space precisely. Considering the small living spaces of trailers, it is essential and an easy task. Without precise measurement, you will end up with something that will not fit inside your trailer.

Once you have taken an accurate measurement, you can buy the furniture from wherever you want – Buying furniture from an RV store is not necessary at all.

But, what will be the cost of a 5th wheel renovation?

5th Wheel Renovation Cost

Since not every RVer like us can afford to spend money more than their budget, that is why most people worry about the cost when considering to remodel their 5th wheel trailer. Moreover, worrying about cost also make sense since not most RVers live in their RV, so justifying the renovation cost is challenging.

However, still, if you are living in your 5th wheel trailer, you don’t want to spend a tremendous amount just to give your vehicle a new look. But don’t worry, renovating the 5th  wheel or travel trailer doesn’t cost you much, and you may end up saving a considerable cost if you consider the below stated tips.

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1. Supplies

When renovating the 5th wheel, you may want to purchase supplies that are necessary to have, like paint, flooring, etc. Purchasing these supplies from a store will cost you much, but if you buy these from a place where scraps and leftovers are sold, you will save a lot of your hard-earned dollars.

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Besides other supplies required for renovation, you can also find paint at cheap cost at hardware stores (Hardware stores have paint that is accidentally mixed with a wrong color that they want to sell at cheap rates).

2. Furniture and Décor

Buying brand new furniture and décor for your 5th wheel renovation will cost you a lot. So, it’s a nice idea to check out local thrift stores or garage sales. Although making a purchase from such places will require more work, but you will save hundreds of dollars.

3. RV Specific Parts

For DIY 5th wheel renovation, if you need some RV specific parts, visiting an RV salvage yard is a great idea. You will end up picking a great variety of used parts, saving yourself a large amount of money.

Best 5th Wheel Remodeling or Renovating Ideas

Choosing the color scheme is essential when remodeling a 5th wheel interior. Although it is possible to spruce up the inside of your trailer with accents like throw pillows, curtains, etc., changing the entire color scheme will considerably contribute to the trailer’s makeover.

Generally, all type of RVs come with a brown color scheme, and when you look inside the camper, you may notice something like this,


This is because the manufacturers want to create an environment entirely different from a car interior. So, the designers use wood or materials resembling wood to give a feel of a home. Sometimes it is excellent, but other times the overall effect looks so dated.

That is why more and more RV manufacturers are now introducing different color schemes, such as gray and black.

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1. 5th Wheel Kitchen Renovation

Here is what the 5th-wheel kitchen looked like before the renovation,

Kitchen Renovation

As in the above photo, the layout of the kitchen is not very functional—the upper cabinets making everything feel cramped and bulky. The cabinets are not in good shape, so the new cabinets are a must.

Kitchen Renovation 2

The panty had a single door opening towards the kitchen area. Since the cabinet’s bottom half is housing the furnace and a water tank, there is not much storage space.

Now, see what the RV kitchen looks like after remodeling;

I have simplified the cabinet layout and added open shelving to create a bright and airy feel while also maximizing the space and functionality.

Since I have also removed the existing cabinets and replaced them with pre-assembled cabinets.

Kitchen Renovation 4

Moreover, I have also added some modern bronze pulls to give cabinets a finished look.

Kitchen Renovation 7

After I have ripped out the pre-existed bulky overhead cabinets, I thought open shelving looks more appealing. The open shelves are both incredibly appealing to the eyes and functional, while also open up space.

Kitchen Remodel 6

2. Dining Area

The below dining space paired with bold wallpaper and neutral seats looks so elegant and casual. At the back of the dinette booth, shiplap style planks are added that make the place look so clean and not messy. Anybody would love to eat lunch there.

Kitchen Renovation 9

Here are some other 5th-wheel dining area renovation ideas;

Kitchen Renovation 8

Kitchen Remodel 10

3. Bathroom

In any RV type, the bathroom is usually a very compact and small space. Below, a 5th-wheel owner swapped out the sink basin, hardware, and sink basin, and added the trim pieces for the cabinets.

Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel


That is all about how to remodel a 5th wheel travel trailer. I sincerely believe that the above piece of the post will help you to renovate your trailer. For any suggestions and queries, do not hesitate to leave a comment below.


Can I renovate my 5th wheel by DIY?

Renovation of a 5th wheel trailer is entirely a DIY project, and you can do it if you have enough time.

How to save cost when remodeling the 5th wheel trailer?

Buying new furniture, décor, and other necessary supplies to remodel your 5th wheel trailer costs a lot. However, buying these things from a place where scraps and leftovers are sold will cost you significantly less.

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