Can I Use My Home Dish Receiver in my RV?

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Last Updated on November 9, 2020 by Ted Mosby

Don’t you just love making an open highway as your home when traveling in your RV? Don’t you just want to watch your favorite movie, TV show, or game when traveling? If you have answered yes, TV service is a must to have in your RV.

Things will get more simple if you already have a satellite TV in your home, as you can get it in your recreational vehicle as well. But, to access satellite TV requires you to have a special type of dish.

Regardless of whether you are looking for DirecTV, DISH Network, or any other satellite service, you will need a satellite antenna. However, you will have plenty of options, including KING VQ4500, Dome Antenna, etc. but you should also know that these antennas are quite pricy for which you will be required to pay for a monthly subscription to get cable access.

can i use my home dish receiver in my rv

Moreover, you should also consult with your DirecTV, Satellite TV, or DISH Network operator to get more details about whether or not you can add the service to your RV.

Can I Use Home Dish Receiver in my RV?

Yes and No. If you’ve already subscribed to Dish, DirecTV, Viasat, etc. you should know that you cannot use this subscription to your RV, but you may add on the mobile satellite package. The reason behind this is the home satellite; whether it is a TV plan or satellite internet, it uses the dish for scanning the sky to connect to a satellite. While for your home, the process is straightforward because it doesn’t move.

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However, there are some satellite providers who offer add-ons that allow you to bring your home satellite TV or internet with you. But, still, you have to buy a satellite dish for your RV.

Types of Satellite Antenna for Your RV and What to Choose?

If you are considering to get satellite TV in your RV, you can go for a portable or mounted antenna. Although these antennas can also be used for the internet, they come with additional options, such as Wifi extenders and hotspots. Moreover, the price of these antennas caries depending on the options you want. Here is what I recommend;

  • If you’re living full time in the RV, you should choose a mounted antenna and a backup cellular hotspot for internet service.
  • If you travel in your RV more frequently and go to populated areas, I recommend having a portable antenna as the best option. Having a portable antenna along with a Wifi extender means you will be able to connect to public Wifi networks.

What Should You Get for your RV? Dish Satellite or DirecTV?

If you are considering having a satellite TV service for your RV, you can choose between DISH Satellite or DirecTV. However, you should know that DISH is more cost-efficient than DirecTV, and the reason is DISH cannot be compared to DirecTV when it comes to sports coverage. With DISH, you will not be able to access channels like NFL Sunday Ticket.

How to Use Dish Satellite on your RV?

If you wish to use Dish Satellite TV on your RV, you are in luck. You can easily bring your TV programming with you in your recreational vehicle. The satellite TV offers a Dish Outdoors package that comes with four different Dish Antennas along with Wally HD receivers. You will be able to pick the best-suited package or add a Dish outdoor package to your existing account.

As I have already stated, you cannot use your home satellite TV on your RV, but add an RV package to your home plan. Dish outdoors option allows you to add to your existing plan, and if you don’t have one, you can always buy one.

When considering to have DISH Network for RV, you should also know that in addition to satellite antenna, they also offer an array of accessories. These accessories include a cellular signal range extender, DISH HD satellite receiver, and more.

Wrapping Up

That is all. If you love watching sports, TV shows, movies, news channels, etc. but also love traveling in your RV, you should consider having a DirecTV or DISH TV to your recreational vehicle to make it truly amazing. You will love watching your favorite games, shows, and movies while traveling on an open highway. Above, I have listed everything related to whether or not you can use a home DISH receiver in your RV. If you’ve any queries, do not hesitate to leave a comment below.


Is it possible to use the DISH receiver in two locations simultaneously?

 No, it is not possible to run the DISH receiver in two locations simultaneously. You can only use it in one location. However, you can move the receiver around to get service there.

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What service is better? DISH or DirecTV?

DirecTV is far better than DISH TV. Having DirecTV service, you will get more channel coverage than DISH TV, but it is expensive. At the same time, DISH TV is cheaper, but it doesn’t cover popular sports channels, such as NFL Sunday Ticket.

Can you convert an old satellite dish to an antenna?

Yes, you can convert your old satellite dish to an antenna. In this regard, you will need a special antenna Over-The-Air (OTA).

Can I connect my dish to my RV?

Yes, you can easily connect your dish to your RV. To do that, you have to find a clear line to the Southwest sky, then connect the receiver and satellite using a coax cable, and then connect the receiver to the plugged-in TV. Now, turn on the receiver and follow the on-screen prompts.

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