Forest River Work and Play Toy Hauler Reviews

Forest River Work and Play




Towing Capacity


Interior Design


Ramp Stability





  • Electrical awnings
  • Roller nightshades
  • Electric bed lift
  • Moveable space
  • Zero gravity ramp door


  • Bad customer supports
  • Repair support is poor

The name really speaks for itself. Work and Play Toy Haulers are one of the best inventions of Forest River. Are you looking for a camper that is very suitable for camping with kids? Then, you’ve managed to land on the right page.

Work and Play is a lightweight toy hauler by Forest River is possibly the best residence you need for camping with your family. With creative and thoughtful design and extremely flexible floorplans, Forest River brings you its incredible Work and Play camper line. Get ready to love your RV!

Forest River Work and Play Reviews

Forest River Work and Play

When you’re out purchasing something, the first thing you do is check the reviews. Well, you’re in luck. Forest River has brought you this incredible list of campers that are top-reviewed for being children-friendly.

The ramp gives you the sense of a porch, attached directly to the RV. Your children will be able to play outside on the ramp. The rest of the interior is well-equipped for a family. Everything is either wall, roof, or floor-mounted. Hence, there’s very little risk of any damage.

The work and play toy haulers have been reviewed for letting you choose the perfect design of your choice and being heavy-duty toy haulers where you can carry your motorcycles too.

Forest River Work and Play Features

Features of an RV are always important to take note of, just to make sure you know what you’re getting into. The Work and Play have five distinct campers with flexible floorplans and different features however, there are some ground realities each RV possesses. Here’s what you should know about them:

1. Glassdoor Entry

Each RV has doors that separate the rooms. Most RVs do not possess any doors. It’s highly unlikely for them to have doors to walk through. Most of them just have curtains.

There are some RVs out there that possess woodware doors. The main reason work and play have glassware doors is because you can keep in check the whole trailer. You wouldn’t have to worry about leaving a door open or a stove running when you have a transparent see-through.

2. Spare Parts

One good thing that you would look for in almost every RV is that if it has optional spare parts. Being on the road, you can encounter a lot of mishaps. To avoid those, there is the ultimate need for spares.

Not a lot of RVs have this feature but, work and play by Forest River have the incredible detail of carrying extra space for spare parts. The spare part is usually a tire which is obviously the most needed material out on a road.

Needless to say, you wouldn’t have to worry about any spare parts while having these spare tires and a few tricks up your sleeves to put them on.

3. Wingard AIR 360 TV Antenna

One of the important features is the optional placement on an entertainment center. The Work and Play have a lot of room and neat placement of TVs. While most RVs have Am/FM radios, the Work and Play RV has Wingard AIR 360 TV Antenna that gives you a powerful and omnidirectional field.

4. Safety Glass Windows

Another cool feature is that there are beautiful and big windows in every RV. These Tined glass windows give you an incredible view of your favorite journey. You can sit by them while reading a book, eating, etc.

In terms of any inconvenience or danger, you can always escape through these glass windows.

5. Stereo with App Control

Talk about being innovative; the Work and Play trailers have stereos already present inside the RV. Not only that, the stereo can be controlled through an application on your phone. You needn’t worry about your getting bored on your road trip, with the help of these great AM/FM radios.

Forest River Work and Play Floorplans

1. Forest River Work and Play 21LT

Work and Play 21LT

Two rolls out sofas and a master bedroom at the other end of the RV, the Queen bed and bathroom are in front of each other, quite possibly in the same room, just separated by doors and walls, there’s a dinette which can be customized as mentioned above. The camper proves itself to be a family camper and not to forget the roll-out ramp at the end.


Hitch Height 935 lb.
GVWR 9735 lb.
UVW 5750 lb.
CCC 3985 lb.
Exterior length 27’5’’
Height 11’5’’
Width 102’’
Freshwater Capacity 98 gal
Gray water Capacity 70 gals
Blackwater Capacity 35 gal

 2. Forest River Work and Play 23LT

Work and Play 23LT

Roll-out sofas/dinette is directly placed in front of the wall that has optional conditioning of a TV. The master bedroom is far off the other end for privacy and there’s a very spacious bathroom beside the kitchen kit. The camper is suited for families to live in.


Hitch Height 948 lb
GVWR 9600 lb
UVW 5812 lb
CCC 3788 lb
Exterior length 29’7’’
Height 11’3’’
Width 102’’
Freshwater Capacity 98 gal
Gray water Capacity 35 gal
Blackwater Capacity 35 gal

3. Forest River Work and Play 27KB

Work and Play 27KB

Fold-out ramp, two rolls out sofas and a simultaneous dinette, optional TV, a big master bedroom, flawless bathroom spacing, a small hallway, and the addition of two theatre seats. The whole idea is exceptional and ideal for any sort of family.


Hitch Height 1198 lb
GVWR 11000 lb
UVW 7488 lb
CCC 3512 lb
Exterior length 32’11’’
Height 12’0’’
Width 102’’
Freshwater Capacity 98 gal
Gray water Capacity 35 gal
Blackwater Capacity 35 gal

4. Forest River Work and Play 27LT

Work and Play 27LT

Two theatre seats, well-furnished kitchen, roll-out sofas, customizable dinette, far off the bedroom, well-fashioned bathroom, and much more in one single RV. The reason this RV is so manageable is that even though it’s filled with furniture, there’s a lot of room for comfortable walking around. This camper is perfect for families that enjoy cozy places. 


Hitch Height 1072 lb
GVWR 10500 lb
UVW 6970 lb
CCC 3710 lb
Exterior length 32’11’’
Height 11’3’’
Width 102’’
Freshwater Capacity 98 gal
Gray water Capacity 35 gal
Blackwater Capacity 35 gal

5. Forest River Work and Play 29SS

Work and Play 29SS

The kitchen and bathroom are parallel, just outside the bedroom door. There are roll-out sofas that can be customized into a dinette. Other than that, there are two particular theatre seats and two other seats for the whole family to enjoy their time together. The master bedroom is perfect and cozy. The whole trailer is fit for larger families.


Hitch Height 1312 lb
GVWR 12500 lb
UVW 8642 lb
CCC 3858 lb
Exterior length 36’4’’
Height 12’4’’
Width 102’’
Freshwater Capacity 98 gal
Gray water Capacity 50 gal
Blackwater Capacity 35 gal

Forest River Work and Play Price

The price of Work and Play toy haulers can vary when it comes to condition or dealership. Most dealers would offer you trailers at lesser prices. The prices aren’t fixed but the Work and Play trailers can be bought at a maximum of $46,000.

Forest River Work and Play Ratings

  • Quality: 7/10
  • Towing capacity: 6.5/10
  • Interior design: 10/10
  • Ramp stability: 9/10
  • Exterior: 8/10
  • Capacity: 8/10
  • Damage while driving: 2/10
  • Liveability: 9/10
  • Electrical awnings.
  • Roller nightshades.
  • Comfortable bedroom designs.
  • Moveable space.
  • Zero gravity ramp door.
  • Electric bed lift.
  • LED lighting.
  • Skylight placements.
  • Roll-out sofas.
  • Flush mount sink covers.
  • Bad customer supports.
  • Repair support is poor.


Even though there are many RVs that provide friendly environments for your children, the Work and Play toy haulers are very exceptional. Not only do they provide a good and friendly environment, but there’s also room for you to relax.

Hence, while searching for a toy hauler, you ought to check the Forest River’s camper line of Work and Play trailers.


1. Are the Forest River Work and Play worth buying?

Many people have termed the Work and Play toy haulers as perfect trailers to keep you and your family intact while enjoying a weekend or a vacation out in the wild.

2. What is the warranty of a Forest River Work and Play?

Most trailers have a warranty for 12 months which is the same as Forest River’s work and play toy haulers. The trailer’s parts will work excellent for more than 12 months.

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